17 Best Free Java Compilers for Windows and Mac

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Best Free Java Compiler programs are the special applications that are created to help software programmers, developers, consultants, and educators. These applications are helpful to create and compile multiple useful Java software easily. Best Free Java Compiler programs are completely free and you can easily download them for your computers. These programs can provide you many important features like lets you build Java programs, code assistance, code inspection, testing for JUnit, TestNG, support for multiple refactorings, visual GUI builder and code editor for Java, XML, Maven build tools, ant, builds classes in Java and convert tables into objects in Java, do data modeling and build queries, allow you to build professional and cross-platform web, desktop, mobile, and enterprise applications.

1. Java Inventor

Java Inventor is a reliable and simple piece of software and it is a compiler specially designed for Java, Swing, and JavaFX. In this application, you have the facility to create a project or create a database. In addition, you can add records manually and import the existing data. You can get an auto-generating app page to input and run as a stand-alone app. Moreover, the app has the facility of auto-generating a report page and running as a stand-alone app. Moreover, you can customize the input page to link to the report page. This program has a user-friendly and easy to use interface enabling you to work in the smooth environment. Java Inventor consumes a low amount of system resources and has a fast response time.

2. NaviCoder IDE for Java

NaviCoder IDE for Java is a lightweight Java compiler application that allows programmers to create and debug code faster. This program enables you to create, modify, navigate, and debug code accurately and faster. Moreover, you can use it in conjunction with multiple Java Developer Kits. The intuitive interface of the program provides you many interesting features like rapid response times, fast opening, customizable user interface, class viewer, project management, package viewer, wizards, remote debugging, and tabbed documents. You can get a wide range of code editor tools to rapidly create sophisticated Java applets or applications with some other facilities such as smart code completion, syntax highlighting, formatting, automatic indentation, and more. For changes, it enables you to start NaviCoder, makes edits, and close down in less time.


3. SkyIDE

SkyIDE is a comprehensive and free Compiler application for Java, C++, JavaScript, PHP, and other languages. This program contains a large number of features such as compiler profiles, macros, and an environment manager. The primary window has a professional layout and enables you to create projects using multiple sources, reload the current file, set bookmarks, control the file structure with functions and classes, record and play macros for repetitive tasks, as well as create compiler profiles. You can use a simple task manager with basic notes to monitor the evolution of tasks. Moreover, you have the facility to use the environment manager to add new project files and external documents before the compiling the data. You can export data in HTML format and execute a search and replace function using advanced options like regular expression mode, selected text only, and case sensitivity. Moreover, the application provides you the opportunity to merge multiple lines into one, indent and outdent text, trim spaces from left or right, insert or delete text from the start or end of each line and convert text to uppercase or lowercase.

4. ObjectScript

ObjectScript is a general purpose object-oriented programming language designed for Java. It is developed to be easy to use, simple to learn, but very powerful, joining the convenience of an interactive interpreter with multiple features of Java. The application also contains an integrated editor or debugger. External plugins are used in the new version of ObjectScript and new array methods are added such as some(fxn), map(fxn), every(fxn), forEach(fxn), and filter(fxn). The interface of ObjectScript is very simple and intuitive and you can compile your data in a quick way. Plus, it consumes a moderate amount of PC resources and has a fast response time.


5. BlueJ

BlueJ is an extraordinary Java Compiler software application that contains many important features like a built-in editor, graphical and textual editing, debugger, virtual machine, and interactive object creation. Moreover, it has an easy to use interface which is ideal for inexperienced people including a PDF instruction manual. You have the facility to work in a smooth environment but if you do get stuck at any step, you can use a Google discussion forum for issues and problems related to BlueJ. BlueJ uses a few computer resources and has a quick response time.

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6. Eclipse

Eclipse is a useful, practical and effective Java Compiler application specially designed for developers. Eclipse is a reliable way of creating rich clients programs within integrated development environment. Java is the base programming language of Eclipse, but it also supports for many top-rated languages like Python, C++, or PHP. When you launch the program for the first time, a new dialog will display, enabling you to select where the workspace should be saved. You have to set the location where you can save all your projects and settings before actually using the program. After the selection of workspace, you can view a single workbench where you can change the perspective easily, according to your requirements. But, if you want to alter the Java perspective, you can easily move to the Window menu and start a new editor or customize the current perspective simply. Moreover, you have the facility to use different features that support the development process of servers like GlassFish or Tomcat. This program contains a large collection of editors and powerful tools enabling you to run, test and deploy Java and Web EE applications quickly.

7. jEdit

jEdit is a straightforward and simple software application that allows you to edit your text and source code. The application is written in Java but you can use it on other operating systems. Large space of primary window is occupied by the text editing area. You can start a new project in different edit modes like syntax highlighting rules and automatic indentation, depending on the type of written code. The application has extensive search capabilities that are useful for modifying selection, searching and replacing data in files stored in a specific location, and looking for regular expressions. Moreover, you have the facility to record macros and stored them temporarily or permanently. You can extend the functionality to jEdit using different plug-ins as well as the built-in manager helps you to handle all the add-on and use a hefty list that can be installed in the editing program.

8. JSource

JSource is a handy and lightweight software program specially designed for Java programmers. It is a small Java compiler written in Java with the aid of whole Swing components. JSource is considered as a powerful editor that allows the user to create, edit, compile, and run Java files. Moreover, this application offers support for syntax highlighting for other programming languages. JSource has a user-friendly and intuitive interface enabling you to work quickly. Furthermore, JSource consumes a moderate amount of system resources and has a quick response time.

9. Asterix IDE

Asterix IDE is a fast and easy to use software application that has a collection of basic editing tools. This application is written in Java language so it is easy for Java and Web programmers to write, compile, and run their code. Furthermore, the application offers support for many other programming languages like HTML. This program has a collection of JavaDoc generation features as well as text to speech tools. Asterix IDE has a handy compiler that enables the user to work with Java and HTML. The interface of Asterix IDE is very simple and user-friendly where everything is organized tabs. Asterix IDE consumes a low amount of system resources and has a fast response time.

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10. IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition

IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition is a straightforward and practical software program specially designed for a programmer who want to create and debug mobile and web applications. The primary purpose of this reliable application is to help users for developing of Scala, Java, Groovy, or Android programs with ease. It offers a complete set of features and has integration with the most modern frameworks and technologies in order to improve efficiency and productivity. After launching the app, you have to create a new project or simply use an existing one. Moreover, you can select the Configure option, if you want to change the compiler, the file colors, and the HTTP proxy. The primary window of the program is user-friendly and shows a default navigation toolbar and “Project” section that enables the user to access all the files. if you want to work with many projects in separate windows, simply drag the editor tab out of the window and begun editing only the necessary files.

11. NetBeans IDE

NetBeans IDE is an open-source integrated development software application for software developers. The application has a well-organized GUI which enables you to access and group its functions carefully. This program is written in Java programming language and primarily developed to create Java programs for desktop, the web, and mobile environments. But it can also work with HTML5 development, as well as C/C++ and PHP projects. This cross-platform application can be extended through plugins and provides a large number of resources for the people interested in programming. Moreover, it contains dedicated editors that can be used for Java, JavaScript, Groovy, XML, and HTML. NetBeans IDE offers support for collaboration and repository management and provides extensive customization possibilities. Such as formatting, code completion, issue tracking, and versioning systems. NetBeans IDE allows the user to select the most appropriate settings for his projects and adapt everything to the present hardware resources.

12. Jcoder Java IDE and Compiler

Jcoder Java IDE and Compiler is a handy and lightweight Java Compiler program that runs on Windows. This application facilitates programmers to create, navigate, modify and debug code accurately and faster. Moreover, you have the facility to use Jcoder Java IDE and Compiler in conjunction with multiple Java Developer Kits by configuring JDK profiles. Jcoder Java IDE and Compiler contains an intuitive interface and offers a large range of tools like project management, customizable user interface, code-completion, class or package viewer, an editor with syntax highlighting, debugger interface, useful wizards, and more. In addition, this program contains multiple project wizards to move into actual coding quickly by automating project set-up steps. Jcoder Java IDE and Compiler consumes a low amount of computer resources and has a fast response time.

13. Enide Studio 2014

Enide Studio 2014 is fast and lightweight software program that based on Eclipse Luna Standard and contains multiple plugins for JavaScript, Node.js, and Eclipse development with git and GitHub. You can get all plugins through update site and the primary plugins for Enide Studio 2014 are Nodeclipse, MarkeDown Editor, Eclipse 4.x Chrome Theme, GitHub Flavored Markdown Viewer, JSHint Eclipse Integration, Black Moonrise UI theme, Git Addon, StartExplorer, Gradle, Nodeclipse Plugin List, Maven, and Minimalist Gradle Editor. This Eclipse Luna based application can work with multiple programming languages like HTML, Java, and JavaScript. Enide Studio 2014 has a simple interface which enables the developer to work quickly in the smooth environment. Moreover, this program takes a moderate amount of system resources.

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14. DrJava

DrJava is a useful, simple and effective software application created for developers who want to quickly create and compile different Java programs. Its primary purpose is to help beginners focus on the development process. Moreover, it contains a set of advanced features to fulfill the requirements of more advanced users. The primary interface of the application is intuitive and enables you to access all present tools and configure the tabbed panes layout. You have the facility to write, test and debug code interactively with the help of source code editor. Plus, the application contains automatic indentation, syntax coloring and brace matching, line numbering, comment insertion, auto-completion, syntax highlighting, and clipboard history support. You can use all these characteristics to simplify your work, identify errors, and understand the document structure easily. It facilitates you to work with multiple documents simultaneously and switch between them quickly. Other major advantages of this app are notifications, regular expression support, a source level debugger, and remote control, as well as DrJava, provides support for the JUnit framework.

15. Java Development Kit

Java Development Kit is a basic resource if you want to create apps in Java, such as the libraries, demo apps, code samples, and Java runtime environment. This program provides one environment to create an application for multiple operating systems just like Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, or Linux distributions. It enables you to execute Java applications, applets, and components and use a comprehensive set of features for developers to build, run, debug, and document the Java code. Moreover, you have the opportunity to access the Java Virtual Machine component of JRE. Moreover, the app contains demonstrative source codes and particular APIs with the help of Foundation Classes such as Swing and the Java Platform Debugger Architecture. The major components of Java Development Kit are the loader of Java application, the applet viewer for executing and debugging java applets, as well as the interpreter of class files created by the compiler. Other important tools of this program are a launcher, a disassembler, a debugger, management utility and a Java command line script shell.

16. jGRASP

jGRASP is a lightweight and reliable software program that provides you with Complexity Profile Graphs, Control Structure Diagrams, and dynamic object viewers. The primary window of jGRASP allows the user to browse to the file easily he wants to modify or create a new project from scratch such as plain text, C, Java, C++, Ada95, Objective-C, or Python. The application has integration with dynamic object viewers as well as viewer canvas that can work together with a built-in Java workbench and debugger. The programmer can begin creating control structure diagrams for all languages present in this software, Ada or UML class diagrams solely for Java, and Complexity Profile Graphs for Java. The application has a dedicated identifier mechanism that has the ability to correctly read traditional data structures like stacks, binary trees, or hash tables in different objects and then creates a representation of all the information in a user-friendly textbook-like presentation view.

17. Javelin

Javelin is a high productivity and lightweight development application that enables analysts, software developers, mentors, consultants, educators to work with any Java development with the help of a set of “live” class diagrams. The application provides management of code, synchronized generation, and the meta-data necessary for persisting your object model to JDO or Hibernate persistence technologies. Moreover, the application enables you to view new sample persistence projects for a quick start in the interesting new world of transparent persistence. Javelin has a handy and user interface that enables programmers to work in the smooth environment. Moreover, Javelin uses a few computer resources and has a fast response time. Overall, Javelin is non-invasive, lightweight, modeling or coding productive tool that contains Java code management assistance.

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