Best Free Internet Usage Monitor Software For Windows

When we are working on the internet, we don’t know how much data we use while surfing on it. This is a big problem for the people with limited data and to know about data usage; you need to get some software to perform this operation. With the help of the software, you will be able to keep track of how much data you are using and also keep track of how much data you used in the day, hour, week or month. Some software also allows you to limit data usage which is a convenient feature. With all these features, the software gives you full control over your internet, and you don’t need to worry about overuse of data. We have found some software in this category in which, some are free, and you can get them with just clicking on the given download link. However, some from them are commercial and comes with exquisite features which should be purchased for full functionality. Take look on the list and find what suits you best.

1. Bit Meter II

Bit Meter II is the more advanced version of the normal Bit Meter version 1 and the software is now equipped with more features. The compatibility has also increased of the software. You can view the data usage in real-time for both upload and download and the data is shown in both numerical and graphical form. You can also view historical statistical data of past hours, days or weeks. Feature of exporting the analysis data to a spreadsheet is also very intuitive and is about an additional feature for the users.


2. DU Meter

DU Meter is a professional level commercial software which is free in the trial version, and the user who has a bit of knowledge of internet can get a full hold overs his bandwidth using this software. The software is loaded with features, and all the features are unique in themselves. You can view the statistical data of your data usage which shows you the data used in both downloading and uploading. You can use it at home and is equally beneficial for business users. It is good to give it a try, and you can purchase the software later with a chunk of money.


3. Bandwidthd

Bandwidthd is a simple software which gives you analysis of your bandwidth usage. The software creates a spreadsheet of data used in each hour, day and week which you can access at any time in historical data analysis. Also, the software gives you the statistical data of your data usage in real-time in graphical as well as numerical form. The software is freeware by Sourceforge, and it is a good one to be used in small offices and home usage. Multi plate-form support makes this software more reliable and satisfactory for the user.


4. Glass Wire

Glass Wire is a highly equipped software which lets you perform many more operations along with giving you the data on your data usage. The software gives priority to privacy and security, and its atmosphere gives you very great privacy tools. The package is a bandwidth monitor as well as anti-spyware and malware software. Glass Wire is a cross-platform software which makes it more worthy of a companion for your devices. You can get all the features this software provides after you purchase it. However, the software is still available in a trial version for free to try.


5. ShaPlus Bandwidth Meter

ShaPlus Bandwidth Meter is a simple Bandwidth Meter which gives you data on your data usage in real-time accurately and efficiently. The software can be used as a tray bar which continuously gives you information on your data usage, and you can plan your work accordingly. The tray is customizable and does not disturb system workflows very much. The software keeps track of your data in both by day and by month intervals. The software is in continuous development, and the developers are working on the new features which will be available in the feature updates.


6. PRTG Bandwidth Monitor

PRTG Bandwidth Monitor is one of the best available monitoring software around the internet. Although it’s not very named, the features that the software provides are exceptional and are reliable enough to be dependent on the software. You can easily check the bandwidth and data usage of your network any time in real time and also limit the data usage over it. It can also tell you that who is hogging your network connection so that no extra participant can exist and slow your data connection. It also has some feature to aid you like Quick troubleshooting, Identify shortages and promptly diagnose capacity. This is a commercial app and is available in trial only for free.


7. Rokario Bandwidth Monitor

Rokario Bandwidth Monitor is a free tool for network monitoring and limiting by Rokario. The software is equipped with features which are good to have for daily life, and the software does not consume a lot of size on your hard drive, so it’s good to keep it installed in your desktop for instant use. It can keep track of your data usage, limit the data usage and also show you the speed of your network connection. The software is a freeware and readily Supports Microsoft Windows.


8. Net Worx

Net Worx is a professional level software which is available in full version only by paying but comes in free trial version. The software is equipped with the latest features which let you keep track of your data usage in live time and can show you the data usage in graph chart forms. With this software, you can find out and monitor how fast your Internet connection is and how much Internet traffic you consume. It also lets you limit the traffic usage by day, by week, by month or an hour. It is available for Microsoft Windows, Linux and Macintosh.

Windows Mac Linux

9. Net Traffic

Net Traffic is a software which keeps track of your data usage I real time and shows you data in the graphical form of charts. The software has many features regarding internet bandwidth such ash Network traffic, network monitoring, network data rate, network throughput, network bandwidth, network activity, network speed meter, network usage history and network usage predictions. You can use it to limit the data usage while keeping track of your data by hour, day or month. The software comes with a free license and can be downloaded from the given website.


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