Best Free P2P File Sharing Software


Best Free P2P File Sharing Software are the specific software programs that enable you to download and share files with other users on the Internet. You have the facility to search, download, and share a large variety of files on different peer to peer networks quickly. All these P2P file sharing applications are free of cost and you can easily download them on your computers. These programs offers different important features like sharing of different directories and files, safe and secure file sharing, share large folders and files, preview files when downloading, download multiple files simultaneously, download data from different hosts, and quickly download images, ebooks, audio, video, software and other documents from numerous peer to peer networks like Gnutella, eDonkey, Gnutella 2, and BetTorrent networks.

1. Ares

Ares is a simple and reliable piece of software that enables the user to share pictures, music, videos and other multimedia files with friends, chat and download other items. It provides a way to share information over the Internet by offering a comprehensive interface, improvements in file availability and fast downloading speed. The application has a simple rule: users get to download files as long as they share their own. Its first noticeable function is the Search tool, which can be used to find images, audio, video, software, document, or other types of files. This function enables you to put different criteria like Title, Category, Author, Length, Date or Resolution. This program also contains a Library function that facilitates you to organize your files depending on their types like Audio, video, image, software, and document. So you can easily sort content and browse it in a more comfortable manner. Plus, you can view downloads in the shared folder in the Library.


2. GigaTribe

GigaTribe is a comprehensive peer-to-peer software program that allows you to download and share data, communicate with friends and create blog entries. This program provides a simple means of sharing files with other users through P2P network. It has a modern and well-organized interface which contains a tabbed pane enabling you to access few buttons, available options, and a pane to easily view all your contacts. First, you have to create an account and later add information to your profile just like the name, country, description, sex, hobbies, age, movies, and music, as well as upload your picture. The application has a blog which allows you to easily create posts with your thoughts and select which groups are allowed to view them. In addition, you can chat with your connections, search through the files and folders shared by them.


3. Sharest

Sharest is a straightforward and lightweight software application that enables the user to share files with friends and chat with them. Sharest is a fast, reliable, and wide-ranging file sharing client. You will find the basic Limewire structure at its core and it is developed further to boost up downloading and connecting facilities and overall better performance. You have the facility to share movies, software, music, and other types of files with rapid and extensive results. For songs searching over the P2P networks, the application allows you to specify fields for artist, title, track number, album, genre, track number, length, year, and bitrate. Sharest uses the very low amount of system resources and has a fast response time.

4. Lphant

Lphant is a free Peer to Peer file sharing software application that enables you to download files quickly. The application has a variety to features to manage your media library. Moreover, you can optimize different downloads occurring simultaneously. It has an attractive and slick interface. This program contains social networking features like friends, profiles, and status updates. You can search YouTube videos and you can click the Download button to add these videos to your library. Moreover, you can chat with friends and share files with your buddies like music, movies, and other files. Lphant works with a low amount of system resources and has a quick response time.

5. File Transfer

File Transfer is a simple and reliable piece of software that enable the user to transfer any file or folder in a fast and secure way using a p2p technology. So you can easily send and receive data files between two systems. The application has easy to figure out the interface and non-advanced users can easily operate it. A status box in File Transfer enables you to view detailed information about the application’s activity, fails, and successes of the transfer process. Moreover, you can use a network traffic monitor in order to check the speed of the download or upload tasks. It uses a direct p2p connection and facilitates you to safely transfer files between two systems. It is necessary that File Transfer should be installed on both computers if you want to exchange files. To generate a p2p link, one computer work as the server while the other has to connection to it with File Transfer. Furthermore, you have the ability to send and receive text messages from others connected users.

6. SoMud

SoMud is a powerful P2P downloading application that enables you to share and download files of all types and sizes using a P2P network. It contains a comprehensive interface that is similar to other P2P apps. You have the facility to use the built-in search engine to find files on P2P websites. Moreover, the application has video playback capabilities so you have the possibility to view clips before you download them. It can show active downloads along with information about their progress, total size, queue, download speed, and remaining time. Moreover, you can get information about the user comments, peers, and other statistics of downloading file. It allows you to speed up the download process and set the program to resume a transfer without using an integrity check. Plus, you can download only specific items present in the torrent file. The application supports DHT protocols, HTTP and UDP trackers, task query management, as well as NAT and UPnP routers.

7. PeerProject

PeerProject is a lightweight and handy software application that allows you to share files with your friends using P2P networks. It is full-featured P2P file sharing program having the aim to help you find any sort of files such as music, software, books, and other multimedia files. the application offers support for different networks and protocols just like Gnutella, BitTorrent, DC++, eDonkey, FTP, and more. PeerProject contains the integrated file library that can help you to organize your programs, books, archives, images, documents, and videos. Moreover, the application has a built-in multimedia player that allows you to play audio and watch video files, as well as chat tool helpful to access IRX chat rooms. This program has a simple and user-friendly interface that enables you to work in a smooth way.

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8. Koolwire

Koolwire is a sharing software application that enables the user to download any type of file anytime he want. It is a simple and fast program that supports the Gnutella file-sharing protocol. Koolwire enables you to connect with any user running a Gnutella-compatible program automatically. The application has a good looking and very intuitive interface. It contains two search bars and two slide bars, the uppermost search bar can be used for the global search that checks the files shared by users over the P2P network and the second one is used for searches your library. Moreover, it has a full-page connection monitor that is useful to track incoming searches of your own shared folders. You have the facility to have a preview of any file during the downloading process.

9. Movie Torrent

Movie Torrent is a reliable and powerful software application that enables you to search, download and share any type of file like Music, Movies, Software, and others. The application is compatible with BitTorrent that facilitates you to add multi-tracker data to the torrent and bears download queue, fast-resume, simultaneous downloads, choose downloads in torrent package, disk cache, mapping, speed limits, ip-filter, and proxy. Moreover, you can view a detailed graph of your download activity, cache, transfers or database at any time. It can connect you with your friends and enables you to make new ones by a send to friend button. You have the possibility to add priority for a torrent and to limit both the download speed and the upload speed. The application offers disk cache, peer exchange, speed limits, a proxy for both IP filtering and peer communications.

10. DBGO P2P

DBGO P2P is the Korea’s most powerful P2P software application that allows you to transfer high-speed file and download large data files. it transfers files in high speed only if you have a good Internet connection. Moreover, it categorized search results of high speed and normal files separately and enables you to download files more quickly. The application features a 3-tier organization that can display the download status of normal files, high-speed files, and current files separately. Best thing is that DBGO P2P updates itself on a regular basis automatically enabling you to enjoy fast and stable downloads. DBGO P2P has a user-friendly and intuitive interface with different tabs. Moreover, this application uses a few system resources and has a fast response time.

11. Tixati

Tixati is an intuitive BitTorrent client that helps you to process *.torrent and *.magnet links with very little effort. It is an easy to use and flexible software program that enables you to share Peer to Peer files. Moreover, it contains advanced transfer properties and charting capabilities. The primary interface of the app enables you to manage downloads easily and view a variety of transfer monitoring statistics just like the download time and the upload ratio, detailed transfer graphs, the download source for each file piece, and incoming and outgoing bandwidth usage charts. Moreover, it shows a list of the connected peers, their location, address, and status. Fully DHT implementation for PEX trackerless torrents facilitates you to monitor incoming and outgoing packets, originated and processed transactions, and view node tables. Tixati’s dedicated features help you to configure bandwidth throttling, such as seeding and trading limiters. Moreover, you can set a number of upload slots, adjust transfer trackers, set download location and configure upload ratio limits.

12. LimeZilla

LimeZilla is a file sharing software program that offers support to the Gnutella file-sharing protocol and creates connections between millions of peers with turbo-charged downloads. LimeZilla is a Limewire based application and it is similar to frost wire due to its specifications. Its interface is simple and easy to use which contains a library, search, download, and monitor sections. The application has a complex library organizer and it supports magnet torrent links. LimeZilla has a fast downloading speed and it is currently offering turbocharged connections. The application can easily handle torrent file magnets. LimeZilla utilizes the moderate amount of computer resources and has a fast response time.

13. TurboWire

TurboWire is a peer to peer and Gnutella client that enables you to download files easily and quickly. This application is available for Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux. When you use TurboWire for the first time, it provides you a prompt that enables you to select the location for download saving, instructs you to unblock TurboWire if the firewall shows a prompt, choose the speed of your internet connection and launch a hardware scan. TurboWire has the facility to scan your hard disk for media files and invites you to select the folders you want to share with others. The application has a user-friendly interface and it supports themes. You can easily switch from one theme to another through the View Menu. Overall, TurboWire is easy to use and free file sharing application and you can search for documents, images, videos, audio files, and programs.

14. Torrent Monster

Torrent Monster is a reliable file sharing software application that enables you to download any digital file like music, images, movies, documents, and applications accurately. The application has a fast downloading process because it is using Gnutella file sharing network. It enables you to easily locate and download any type of file available on the Peer to Peer network. Latest technology and architecture is used for creating this file sharing application and it helps the user to download the file at maximum speed of the connection. Torrent Monster is containing multiple options which are present in separate tabs. The searching function is an important feature of Torrent Monster and it provides you searching result in seconds. Latest version of the app contains multiple enhancements and new features such as complex library organizer, faster multisource downloads, download mesh to boost search results, better active blasting, and magnet links to share files on web pages easily,

15. SharinHood

SharinHood is a simple, powerful and efficient management application which is developed for Peer to Peer file sharing. The application contains the best tools for its peers along with new options, fresh look, and better performance. You have the facility to download content from multiple networks simultaneously and you can also get data from other P2P networks such as Gnutella2, Gnutella, BitTorrent, or eDonkey. It provides the search results with extreme speed and includes a built-in media player where you can preview everything you want to download. SharinHood can manage the download queue automatically but it also facilitates you to operate it manually if you select to and alter the status of files yourself. This program has a neat, clean, and well-organized interface will clearly arranged icons and uncluttered structure. Overall, SharinHood is a best file management system and an excellent way to keep your hard drive tidy.

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16. ShareGhost

ShareGhost is one of the most important P2P file sharing applications. It provides you some useful features like ghost ratings, multinetwork support, and a queue area easily to figure out. Moreover, it offers support for others peer to peer applications like Gnutella, Gnutella2, and BitTorrent. You have the facility to find all types of files such as movies, games, books, music and other documents and download them quickly. ShareGhost has a built-in media player that enables you to preview the downloaded files. This application contains one of the most well-organized file management systems for peer to peer file sharing program. It helps you to keep track and organized any type of file in a file on your hard drive. The application has a simple and beautiful interface which displays an upper and lower toolbar.

17. Hermes P2P

Hermes P2P is a straightforward and handy software application that allows the user to download and share files such as music, movies, MP3, documents, software, and games using peer to peer file sharing. You have the facility to get the advantage of the BitTorrent network to share and download any file you want. It enables you to add multitracker information to your torrents and hashes for other networks like eDonkey and Gnutella as well as connect to different networks at the same time. It provides multiple standard features such as fast download resume, file previewing, bandwidth management, disk caching, and advance searching.

18. Shareaza

Shareaza is a well-rounded application that facilitates you to connect to eDonkey, Gnutella 1, Gnutella 2, and DC++ networks. So you have the ability to download and share files, and contains a library, a media player, and chat. It has a well-organized interface which shows a menu bar, some tabs and an overview of your connection status, download, uploads, library, and seeding torrents. It contains a simple search tool that enables you to insert a keyword and choose the type of file of your interest. It can show the results fairly quickly and you can stop the process at any point. Plus, you can view the results in the primary window along with details like name, size, extension type, rating, client, status, time, host, and country. You have the facility to download files or search all the shared files from a specific user. It also contains a download queue where you can easily pause, resume, or cancel the downloading process and preview multimedia files using the built-in media player. Plus, you can create playlists and save them to the hard disk with an M3U format.

19. Vuze

Vuze is Java based program that facilitates you to use a peer to peer connection for downloading files. it helps you to download files at fast speed. The application has a pretty clean and simple to handle interface that contains a menu bar, a customizable navigation pane to easily access all important options and a panel to show chosen details. This utility facilitates the user to start downloading torrent files, as well as pause, resume and stop the process with a click of the button. If you want to find a specific torrent you can use its powerful built-in search tool. It offers support to RSS subscriptions so you can be notified automatically when new content appears. Moreover, you can filter these feeds using custom keywords and user-defined file size. This application can block IP addressed according to your specifications and you can view client stats and a graphical overview of the upload and download speed.

20. eMule Plus

eMule Plus is an eDonkey compatible client that allows you to download files fast using IRC channels support. Moreover, it has an advanced search function and backup capabilities. The application has a well-organized design and you can view the primary functions at the top of the screen. You have the facility to connect to multiple servers at the same time and utilize a pretty advanced search function. Moreover, you can choose the type of file, maximize and minimize file size, input a keyword, and create an exclusive set. Moreover, you can view the results in a timely manner, along with other information like name, source, size, hash algorithm, codec, and bitrate. It enables you to view shared files and add friends by inserting their user name, IP address, and port, and start communicating with them and boost up your download speed.

21. BitHit

BitHit is a simple multi-capable peer to peer file sharing software application and it is created for fast and potent torrent downloading. It is an Azureus code based application and it can be easily accessed by inexperienced users. Moreover, it enables savvy users to indulge in searching its capabilities deeper with the help of advanced plug-in system. The application has the facility to download files efficiently and quickly with the intelligent queue, bandwidth, and speed management. You have the possibility to run it in the background and configure its most basic tasks. Moreover, the application provides detailed information about the Download or Upload process from the number of seeders and peers and other options. Moreover, you can open new tabs for multiple tasks and easily manage a cleanly structured tab list to select the info window you want.

22. VIP Torrent

VIP Torrent is a simple and easy to use file sharing application and it uses BitTorrent protocol for file sharing. It can connect you to hundreds of different peer to peer network at the same time. It is a Java-based program but still it manages to be fairly light on CPU power. You have the facility to preview downloading files and you can chat and e-mail other users. The application has useful health button which facilitates you to view the status of each downloading file and s send-to-friend button which allows this option through e-mail, web page, or blog entry. The application has a user-friendly and clean interface which enables the user to work in a smooth way. So you can download and share files in very fast way.

23. Limerunner

Limerunner is new created a peer to peer file sharing application based on the famous Limewire software but it has its own personality. Because it contains a mixture of features for the excellent downloading process. This program is totally safe to download because it blocks spyware and adware. It is the best option to find specific songs on peer to peer networks and other files such as movies, games, applications and other documents. Moreover, you can share any type of data with other users. It has a revamped interface where you can monitor your incoming and outgoing connections and get bandwidth information. The application provides many other important features such as an advanced system for searching rare files, dynamic querying, simultaneous downloads ability and neat and clean interface.

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24. Torrent Captor

Torrent Captor is a powerful torrent downloading application that provides some of the basic functions for an improved functionality. The application offers many convenient features like handy start/stop seeding options, multiple simultaneous downloads, queuing or priority systems for both files and torrents, and instant access to detailed information about your torrents. Torrent Captor has two primary windows, options to create the perfect environment for downloading, useful display of tabs, and large suggestive icons. This program enables upload and download speed limiting and offers advanced configuration settings. Torrent Captor utilize a low amount of computer resources and has a fast response time.

25. FeyTorrents

FeyTorrents is a file sharing software application that allows you to download and upload files in an efficient way. It contains a large range of configuration settings and enables beginners to start downloading right after the installation. You can download any type of large-size files like MP3s, movies, games, applications and documents using features like a queue, intelligent bandwidth, and speed management. The application provides multiple downloads capability, priority control feature, and multi-file torrents. Moreover, this application enables you to track and specify maximum download and upload speeds and view files from within an incomplete downloaded torrent. It offers multiple informative displays and sub-displays and provides you the opportunity to set other tabs for other functions. So, this application allows you to manage a cleanly organized tab list where you can choose the data window.

26. BitDrom

BitDrom is a Java based BitTorrent application that provides numerous functions and options to make your downloading smooth. Moreover, it provides plug-in facilities to expand the download experience according to your desires. It contains a large range of customizable settings and enables you to navigate through the basic functions of the application. The application has a simple interface where two windows are shown below the primary toolbar and top window works with tracking the files you are downloading. It provides you the facility to seeding rules, the ability to set download and upload speed on individual files, and the opportunity to configure your disk cache. Further, you have the facility to access transfers, activities, cache, and the distributed database.

27. LittleShoot

LittleShoot is a simple and reliable software program that allows you to find images, audio, and video files with the help of special browser plug-in. this application is compatible with the popular web browsers like Opera, Firefox, and Internet Explorer and enables you to search different types of files like photos, documents, audio files, videos, and apps. The application has the facility to work with a peer to peer network Limewire and websites like YouTube and Flickr. It features a handy “Safe search” filter, which stops unwanted items from appearing in your search results. Moreover, you can upload and share your own content.

28. Yet Another uTorrent

Yet Another uTorrent is easy to use a software program that facilitates the user to download and share different files like movies, videos, audio tracks, applications, and documents. Yet Another uTorrent is a simple and effective torrent download and uploader that helps you to grab files from the Internet quickly. This application does not put a strain on your system performance and consumes a low amount of system resources. Yet Another uTorrent has a simple and intuitive interface where you can find different tabs to get a better experience. You can view all information related to your downloading and perform all tasks in very fast way.

29. qBittorrent

qBittorrent is a handy and powerful application that allows you to download and create torrents, create download queues, search for files and alter task priorities. This application is designed for bot downloading and creating torrents. It facilitates you to download numerous files simultaneously but you have to choose the bandwidth of your Internet connection before downloading. It displays the files in a list along with the name, download status, size, number of peers and seeds and the download speed. Moreover, you can add other columns from the right click menu as well as you can pause or resume the process. It enables you to limit the upload and download speed, as well as the share ratio. You can view old and new torrents through the interface and view all the files or the completed downloading. It contains a default output folder and you can modify it through the “Options” menu. Further, you can modify a maximum number of connections and the upload slots per torrent.

30. Ruby P2P OutBreak

Ruby P2P OutBreak is a lightweight and reliable software application that enables you to download different file types like videos, music, and photos from other user’s shared collections. Ruby P2P OutBreak has an easy to use and intuitive interface where everything is organized in multiple tabs. Moreover, the application has the facility to connect to and find 4 primary peer to peer networks such as Gnutella, Gnutella 1, BitTorrent, and eDonkey. Moreover, Ruby P2P OutBreak consumes the very low amount of system resources and enables you to perform every task quickly. Due to availability of four networks, you can get fast speed and download data from more users from all four networks. Moreover, it can organize your media files into Video, Applications, Music, Images and Books. Further, you can organize your files in terms of Genre, Artist, and Album (for music) and Music Videos, Film or TV shows.

31. Sharetastic

Sharetastic is a solid straightforward file sharing application and offers support to Gnutella, Gnutella2, BitTorrent, and eDonkey networks. The application enables you to manage to search and checking the network status. It provides you to quick search results and enables you to preview downloading files with the aid of built-in media player for common audio and video formats. Sharetastic manages the download queue automatically but you can select to operate manually and alter the status of files themselves. It is a neat interface which contains an upper and lower toolbar. Further, the application provides more information about the machines and files on the peer to peer network.

32. WireStack

WireStack is a new peer to peer file sharing client that contains multiple characteristics that provide you better downloading experience. You have the facility to download files related to games, music, images, documents, and movies. Further, you can access a large number of user sharing files around the world with the aid of the Gnutella protocol. It has a group feature to classify users according to the data they are searching for. The application contains a simple and user-friendly interface which can show your results in no time. Moreover, WireStack contains file previews, an advanced system for locating rare files, and dynamic querying.

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