10 Best CDG Player Software for Windows, Mac, and Linux

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CDG is an audio format that is the abbreviation of Compact Disc Plus Graphics. This format contains an image with a low resolution having an attached audio file. The image in CDG always has low resolution and used to show lyrics and graphics for working with Karaoke programs. Karaoke is a type of interactive entertainment in which beginners or amateur singers sing songs with recorded playback music using a microphone.

This playback music could be an instrumental version of a popular song. In Karaoke, the program will show lyrics on the video screen, along with changing colors, moving symbols, video images to train the singer. Generally, in Asian countries, a Karaoke box is known as KTV. Most of the Karaoke music is present in MIDI format having lyrics on a background video.

In the old days, just famous singers could sing any song using a large number of music instruments by spending a large number of amounts. Nowadays, this work is too much easy. Karaoke instruments have done the job so efficiently. You don’t need to remember the lyrics of any song because you can see the lyrics on the Karaoke program screen.


What is CDG Player Software?

A large number of programs are present in the market that can run CDG formats efficiently. Most of these programs offer unlimited features and tools to work with CDG formats. These programs are beneficial for people who want to sing songs without using real instruments. CDG formats in Karaoke music help them to read the lyrics of songs and run the audio track in the background as instrumental music. Playback options of these programs offer quick access and control to playlists.

These programs work with other file formats like KM3, MP3, WMA, and AVI. The user can get information about the chosen songs like author, album, duration, and artist. Some of these programs provide the facility to get music tracks from the online database. He can create a personal playlist and save configurations for later use. These apps have a preview section to see the lyrics of the song.


Best CDG Player Software for Windows, Mac, and Linux

In this list of programs, you will see the CDG Player applications that are available for famous operating systems like Windows, Mac, and Linux. Free versions of these programs have limited options to control the background music and sound quality. However, you can get an advantage by using purchased versions of these applications.

1. KaraFun Player

KaraFun Player is a user-friendly Karaoke player for people having a deep interest in music and singing. This music player supports multiple songs, playlists, adjustable tempo, and dual-screen configurations. It provides the option to organize a karaoke session to boost it up. This program offers the right environment for any party. It has a fresh and modern design for any environment. An upper toolbar of KaraFun Player has some playback options to give fast access and control to playlists.

The other part of the interface includes a tree view, a preview section, and a detailed list to choose better tracks. The rich online content is the key feature of the program having more than 18,000 customized records. It contains different categories to organize these tracks according to any taste and party. This application enables you to select all songs or choose according to the new release, jazz, rock, disco, rock, love song, country, and world music. The user has the facility to import his songs and make a list according to his choice.

However, he doesn’t have the option to customize the songs according to lyrics. You can switch to a dual-screen display for better management of your songs. It will provide a new window having a preview section where you can put a secondary monitor and work with the main window as the primary window to manage your playlist. KaraFun Player helps you to adjust the Playback from the central window. Besides, you can increase or decrease the key and tempo and change the overall volume.


  • Display lyrics on multiple monitors
  • Several customization options
  • Rich library of customized songs
  • Playback options


  • Preview section
  • Customized tracks
  • Import songs
  • Secondary monitor


  • Only for Windows

Download: KaraFun Player for Windows

2. KaraokeMedia Home

KaraokeMedia Home is a stunning program having unlimited Karaoke options. The straightforward interface of the program facilitates you to choose the directory having the video and audio files. The software can scan the chosen folder and show the items automatically. The built-in player of KaraokeMedia Home enables you to play, pause or stop the music, adjust the volume, and find a position in the audio or video stream.

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Some other exciting features of the program allow the user to make playlists, use a built-in equalizer, and perform search operations. He can also make a list with favorite music, make file associations, switch to full-screen mode, and get the information about the chosen song like the album, artist, duration, author, or country. You have the choice to embed special effects like laughter or applause, change the tone of the music, and also add custom tracks.

Besides, you have the facility to find online songs present in the database and add them to the cart list. Work with recording operations using a microphone, and set the recording volume with ease. By using screen capture options, get the snap of the only selected region, or complete desktop. KaraokeMedia Home provides fantastic sound quality and does not disturb the entire process.


  • Built-in player
  • Adjust the volume
  • Capturing options
  • Create playlists
  • Switch to full-screen mode


  • Change the tone
  • Find online songs
  • View complete information
  • Built-in equalizer


  • Errors sometimes
  • Trial version

Download: KaraokeMedia Home for Windows

3. Walaoke

Walaoke is easy to use Karaoke player having the features to use their camera or add background video display. A smooth layout of the program enables you to upload music files having MP3, LRC, KAR, ZIP, or WMA file formats. Besides, you can add the data of the complete folder to the list. This software allows the user to play or pause the music selection, have some searches, adjust the volume or move to the previous or next song.

Plus, he can also make a list of files he wants to play during the Karaoke show. In configuration settings, you can customize the lyrics regarding size and font, choose user-defined colors for the voice of any gender, enable or disable the shadow effect. It allows you to select the video file to play in the background like MKV, AVI or FLV or switch to full-screen mode

. You can also get the default audio track and channel, work with a solid color or keep the aspect ratio. Without specifying any dedicated parameters, rookies can also make the complete process with low effort. The program performs every task every quickly and does not show an error during the whole process. It is the ideal karaoke player for both beginners and professionals.


  • Support multiple file formats
  • Adjust the volume
  • Customize lyrics
  • Perform searches


  • Choose a male or female voice
  • Keep the aspect ratio
  • Switch to full-screen mode


  • Need enhancement

Download: Walaoke for Windows

4. VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player is a practical and powerful media player having fully customizable features. VLC Media Player has a wide reputation in existing industry giants with a lot of options. Because it is a simple music player with powerful tools inside it. It has the most straightforward interface with no shiny buttons or elements. However, the ‘Options’ menu contains all the features you want to manage your music files.

Using this menu, you can change the skin entirely or customize the layout. This program enables you to play both audio and video music files. Working as the playlist editor, it can manage your data quickly. The program allows you to save the configurations for later use as well as combine both music and movies. You can also choose your favorite available radio stations. This program will take your time and will help you to move through every corner for hidden features

Each button of the VLC Media Player has new possibilities. A 12-band equalizer is part of this software to adjust frequency sliders carefully to fine-tune the sound. It provides you the option to work with the available presets. However, it does not allow saving custom configurations. The program includes a large number of categories for motion pictures like Geometry, Colors, Crop, AtmoLight, and many more. Some audio visualization options are part of it and help the user to move to full screen for a clear view.


  • Change the skin completely
  • Customize layout
  • Playlist editor
  • Save configurations
  • Tune radio stations
  • 12-band equalizer


  • Adjust frequency
  • Slider adjustments
  • Use presets


  • Few options missing

Download: VLC Media Player for Windows | Mac | Linux

5. Karaoke Builder Studio

Karaoke Builder Studio is a feature-rich program that is useful to create commercial quality MP3+G and CD+G karaoke music tracks. This stunning program includes a slideshow to create the module. The interface of this application is confusing for beginners but is quick to handle after some time. However, it provides some templates for beginners to start their work. Use the file browser to insert audio files into the workspace.

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Karaoke Builder Studio supports popular formats like WAV, MP3, WMA, AAC, FLAC, and OGG. The program allows you to write lyrics in the main panel directly and load files with the MID, TXT, or KAR format. You can preview the display mode in the main screen with word splitting and wiping.

The program has the option to change the text alignment, edit track settings regarding the artist, title, detail level, comments, intro and outro, and use symbol to split words. Besides, it can also customize styles such as wipe type, shadow, outline, and font. The program provides the option to save projects for further process, build CUE files, and export lyrics to a simple text document.

You can also preview the track with the lyrics on screen, synchronize the lyrics and edit sync points. A slideshow creator is part of it, and you can customize it for alignment, special effects, font, cropping, and color palette. It helps the user to make BIN files from CD+G, and WAV.


  • Extract tracks from BINs
  • Preview the track with lyrics
  • Export lyrics to the simple text document
  • Save projects
  • Edit track settings


  • Supports major formats
  • Preview the display mode
  • Write lyrics
  • Change text alignment


  • Drag and drop option is not a part of it

Download: Karaoke Builder Studio for Windows

6. Winlive Free

Winlive Free is a program designed to work as a Karaoke player to handle a large number of audio files. The program enables the user to play CD+G, MP3, Kar, and MIDI files and view the lyrics in a large font. Besides, he can make a database to store all your tracks and make their groups by different categories to handle these tracks easily.

An easy-to-handle interface helps you to load different songs and change the rhythm of the tracks. a large number of playback buttons are there to play, stop, pause, and jump to the next music. It includes indicators to elapsed and total time, and a progress bar to get info about running music. You have the chance to adjust the tempo and pitch of the tracks as well as distort the vocals. This straightforward program has easy to control functions and allows you to control Playback using keyboard buttons and select the song of your choice with the keyboard.

Work with a mixer to get full control over songs and choose instruments to enable and disable Playback. You can also adjust mid, high, and low frequencies with the help of a three-band equalizer. Overall, it is a practical karaoke player to manage songs.


  • View lyrics in large fonts
  • Create a database
  • Make categories
  • Playback buttons
  • Indicators

Progress bar


  • Adjust the tempo and pitch
  • Control playback using the keyboard
  • Use a mixer


  • Few options

Download: Winlive Free for Windows | Mac

7. OpenKJ Tools

OpenKJ Tools includes all the tools necessary to make Karaoke music. A modern and fresh design of the program contains a clean environment. Unlimited options provide you quick access and control to a playlist. The following capabilities are part of OpenKJ Tools. It has a clean wrapper that facilitates the user to apply ReplayGain changings to your audio collection.

Zip feature of the program enables the user to search any matching pairs of the audio file and create a zip file. Plus, he can delete the original mp3 and cdg files after zipping. For new enhancements, the user can unzip mp3 zip files into different cdg and mp3 files. He can also delete the zip file after decompression.

Search for any zip files that do not having DEFLATE634 compression and decompress it using 7zip and compress it again to standard zip files. It has the fixing compatibility of zip files for older versions of Karaoke programs having zip64 or deflate64 zip compression. OpenKJ Tools enables you to rename zip files to a simple title case format. This program can manage your library’s capitalization. However, if your library is in good condition, it can make it a mess.


  • KaroakeRG
  • Zip
  • Unzip


  • ZipFix
  • CaseFix


  • Under construction
  • Need some enhancement

Download: OpenKJ Tools for Window | Mac

8. KantoPlayer

KantoPlayer is a lightweight application that can fulfill your desire to make Karaoke music. It can create your karaoke playlist instantly and save your time. Easy to understand interface and useful features allows you to start work immediately without any effort. You can add multiple files to make a playlist from the main window and can save these files with names you want.

It does not have only audio music rendering capabilities, but it also works with video formats like MKV, MPEG, AVI, and MPG formats. So you can work with both audio and video files without worrying about compatibility problems. KantoPlayer facilitates the user to adjust the tempo and key of the track using the assigned sliders and manage the sixteen MIDI channels. He can also adapt their values as well as turn the Melody channel off.

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A Recorder component is part of the program enabling you to choose the input and source like microphone. You can set the chorus, input audio volume, and reverb values. An exciting feature ‘MIDI Converter’ is here to convert KAR, MID, or MIDI to MP3 format few mouse clicks. Overall, KantoPlayer is an interesting program to assist you in designing your Karaoke concerts.


  • Clean and simple looks
  • Add multiple files
  • Create a playlist
  • Rendering capabilities


  • Adjust key and tempo
  • Configure channels
  • Recorder
  • MIDI converter


  • The free version contains limited features


  • Standard Version (Personal): $45
  • Professional Version: $69.95

Download: KantoPlayer for Windows | Mac

9. Karaoke 5

Karaoke 5 is a lightweight and straightforward program that can help you to enjoy your Karaoke concerts with your friends. This exciting Karaoke player supports both audio and video. The Lite Freeware version of the application contains limited features to play music of your choice. All the settings are present in one window, allowing you to enjoy singing with your friends and make enhancements in your music.

The video playback channel is the major part of the interface to show the lyrics of the music. The program enables you to make different playlists and manage them from the primary window. With a few clicks, you can add and remove new songs from the playlists. However, you can arrange songs from recently added to the oldest one. Work with few audio-related settings present in the left panel.

You can apply fade effects between songs and save the time rate and pitch. Besides, it helps you to toggle the melody CH5 and CH4 on or off. Excellent sound quality does not require additional sound banks. You can upgrade Karaoke 5 to professional or Home edition to get some more enhancements. Add a song to the playlist using the drag and drop option. It offers the real-time management of mixing, crossfading between tracks, and musical playlist.


  • Crossfading between tracks
  • Manage musical playlist
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Create different playlists


  • View lyrics of songs
  • Audio-related settings
  • Toggle the melody CH4 and CH5


  • Limited options

Download: Karaoke 5 for Windows | Mac

10. PyKaraoke

PyKaraoke is an exciting program having the aim to provide the best quality Karaoke shows using minimum efforts. It is an open-source and cross-platform Karaoke player. The program supports many audio and video song formats like MIDI, KAR, MPEG, AVI, and CDG. However, you can play MPEG2 files within the PyKaraoke framework. Plus, this program can also handle most exotic codecs XviD.

It is a free application for multiple operating systems like Windows, FreeBSD, OSX, GP2X, NetBSD, and Linux. You have the facility to convert KAR and CDG files to MPG files, and it can also play standard CDG karaoke files. You can also play Karaoke having MIDI format. By working with external media players, you can also videos having other video formats. The program enables you to search songs from its database.

In the start, Linux was the original OS from this program, but now it is available for all other operating systems. The latest version of the PyKaraoke includes exciting features. The user can attach performer names with songs and can use the Kamikze button to add a random track to the playlist. It has support to get title/artist data from the track filenames. The user has the option to show the Karaoke window without any frame.


  • CDG playback
  • MIDI playback
  • MPEG playback
  • Cross-platform
  • Mini Fronted
  • Export to MPEG


  • Time progress indicator
  • New configuration options
  • Display Karaoke without a frame


  • Tightly integrated
  • Few options work with the external program

Download: PyKaraoke for Windows | Mac | Linux


Now, everyone can sing a song using Karaoke music. Using social media programs like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tiktok, everyone can be famous by singing with his beautiful voice. Everyone can sing songs easily using original music on the background.

Using these programs, the user can add special effects and export the music to multiple formats. He can add and remove the songs from the track’s playlist. These programs include audio-related settings and provide the best Karaoke music for beginners. Purchase versions of these programs offer unlimited features to make high-quality sound and music. However, free versions have limited options to adjust the music.

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