10 Best Free Christmas Countdown Clocks for Windows

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People are anxious about the holidays just before they arrive. They start to count the remaining days. Christmas holidays are celebrated all over the world, and some software contains countdown for Julian Christmas and New Year. There is much software that can help ease their minds when users see this application running on their screen.

They know how many days, hours, and minutes left until the holidays. All the software below are windows supported and designed to appear on top of the screen. Some software consists of tunes and themes like jingle bells and Santa to make it more Christmassy.

Elements of snow falling, blinking lights, and different colors of fonts make this application tempting. There are a few top Christmas countdown software listed below.


Best Free Christmas Countdown Clocks for Windows

We have closely reviewed each of the following recommendations. If you carefully read individual descriptions, you will see which one requires you to install. So here the Top 10 Free Christmas Countdown Clocks for Windows in 2020.

1. The Christmas Countdown

The Christmas countdown is a software that allows the user to count the time remaining for the Christmas. It is a lovely program and simple to install. It has many features, including configurable Christmas date to user preference with respect to its cultural background. The user can change the background image, and it is available on Microsoft Windows.


With the simple user-interface, it allows the user to interact and change the application settings according to his desire. The Christmas Countdown is free and weighs about 29.11MB. The program contains images and funny videos which will be changed every day with the clock.


2. Christmas Countdown

Christmas countdown is free software that runs on Windows. A Christmas countdown clock that allows the user to keep track of the days left until Christmas. It shows current time with month, days, hours, minutes, and seconds. The interface is easy to navigate and can be extended by clicking on the small square button.

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It is specially designed for desktop, which means it does not require proper installation, .exe file will run, and the software will start working. Videos and images aren’t available to set, which means it just displays the details of the clock and the time remaining at Christmas.

3. Santa Countdown

Santa countdown is free for Microsoft Windows that comes with a Christmas countdown clock. It is a simple clock that displays how many hours and days remaining until Christmas. The program has impressive features and can be customized according to user requirements. This software has different skins like Santa, Santa-caps, Santa-chimney, Santa with bells, and more.

Besides the skin changes, the application can be customized to ring jingle bells and Chime sound. The software does not require an extensive download; its .exe file can be run in administration windows, and easily installed.

4. Snow Globe Countdown

Snow Globe Countdown is a free Christmas countdown clock that runs on Windows. The GUI of this software has a beautiful design, and the interface is customizable. It shows the days and time remaining until Christmas. It plays different Christmas sounds every hour to give a user a little Christmassy feel.

The interface allows the user to change the font color, font size, and font style of timer. It has various skin changes and all of the globe. The user cannot attach new images to this program. Snow Globe countdown has a .exe file that is small in size and easy to install.

5. Real Christmas Globe

Real Christmas Globe is a free, glass-globe shaped Christmas countdown software that runs on Windows only. This application has lots of menu options, and the GUI can be customized. The speed of snowfall animation inside the globe can be adjusted from slow to fast. The top features and the transparency of the countdown clock can be changed.

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The timer allows the user to track the remaining days in the New Year and Christmas. However, it does not show the exact hours and minutes left until the date. Real Christmas Globe is full of features but does not contain exact hours and minutes.

6. Christmas Fireplace

Christmas Fireplace is a free Windows Software that has the Christmas countdown timer. It has a timer of Julian Christmas, Christmas and New Year, and shows remaining days. This software does not show countdown by default you need to enable it from the menu. The user interface is easy to interact with, and it has beautiful fireplace animations.

It comes with adjustable animation speed control, and you can change the transparency of the clock. On the screen, using the right-click, you can view the open the menu that comprises various menu options. You can easily download the Christmas Fireplace and install it because it has a .exe extension file format, which shows the application is portable.

7. Desktop Xmas Tree

Desktop Xmas Tree is a free Christmas countdown timer for PC. The Software introduces quite a simple clock and timer that shows you how many days are left in Christmas. It has not many customization options, but it features transparency control, loading at startup, different themes of the software.

The software is portable, which means it has a .exe extension that runs in the command prompt. The software shows the days only, but if you want time too, then you can open the menu and can select the time feature. Desktop Xmas Tree comes with only one skin and has no other features that change the graphics look.

8. Christmas Snow Globe Countdown

Christmas Snow Globe Countdown is a portable Christmas countdown timer that runs only on Windows. It is a simple software that shows the number of days, hours, minutes, and seconds remaining until the holidays.

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The software comes with a lot of adjustable features, and the globe interface has multi-color options such as the placement button, transparency control, shadow enabler, hue shift controller, and other accessibility features. On startup, the snow globe appears on the screen, which shows date, time, but not hours and minutes, but they can be customized to show.

The file has an extension of .exe, which means it does not require large installation, just the runs file in the command prompt, and the application will be live.

9. Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree is a software for Windows that shows a beautiful Christmas countdown timer. It shows the countdown of Christmas, Julian Christmas and New Year. The user can change the appearance from the menu, which has various Christmas tree-based skins like three-dog, tree bid, Greentree, snow.

Users can also use this software as an hourly timer that plays Christmas tunes like jingle bells, chime, and more. The program has a .exe extension, which means it is portable and easy to download and install. Christmas Tree has a font menu where the user can change the color, style, and size of the font, in which the digits are shown.

10. Christmas Snowball

Christmas Snowball is a countdown timer that shows the time, remaining in the Christmas. The software is limited to Windows only and has a .exe extension, which is easy to run on command prompt. The timer consists of snowball globes like interface, which displays days and a countdown timer.

Using the customization feature, users can change the color of the Globe and can control the speed of snow. To access, the user can right-click on the tree in the application and open the menu. The user interface is friendly, and the program can be customizable.

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