9 Best Candle Light Apps for Android and iOS


You can find tons of fun apps to use in your spare time to kill boredom. You have games, changing wallpapers, funny sounds, image editor, and millions of applications with different categories. There are apps that let you fire a virtual weapon in your phone with all the authentic noise, gesture, and vibration movement.

They can be used to pull a prank on our friends or for other entertainment purposes. Just like those apps, there is one sophisticated app that contains a virtual interfaced candlelight. It is responsive just like any other real candle, it moves when you move your phone, and it blows out when you blow into the microphone.

It feels like there is a real light inside your smartphone. Some candlelight application allows you to create an ambiance by playing a soft meditating melody or a romantic sound. So, if you forget about lighting a candle on a date, this app comes in handy. They also come convenient in the low light study.


You can turn off and on the flame according to your choice, and the fire can change color, flick according to the phone movement and, much more. Here is a list of applications for virtual candlelight; they are easy to install and fun to use.

1. Candle Ultra Real Blow Out

Candle Ultra Real Blow Out is a simple application that provides a virtual candle that is capable of dealing with motions and the momentum of devices. You can blow into the phone microphone to turn off the flame. The candle on the screen with just one tap you can light the candle up again.


It is hard to create an ambiance, but this app has done it, it provides soft music, pre-installed images of torches, never-ending candles, and ten different types of candles, motion detection, and much more. Candle Ultra Real Blow Out is suitable for a private meeting, and you don’t have to about the fire hazards. It is free to use and contains no ads and no purchases.

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2. Relaxing Candles

Relaxing candles is the most used Android app that provides a virtual candlelight display on your smartphones. It was created for aesthetics who want to highlight something in the dark. The interface of this application is user-friendly and straightforward. The primary purpose of this tool is to provide you are a comfortable environment where you can relax and take a break for a moment.

It creates a romantic atmosphere when you are with your soulmate, and you accidentally forgot the candle, here this app comes in handy and provide you a nice soft ambiance. Relaxing Candles contain multiple features like a different type of animations, a different kind of sound, Motion Control, and much more. It is free to use and content no ads and no purchases.


3. Candle Flashlight

Candle Flashlight is a virtual candle application which consists of candle flame adjusted and customizable as per user’s requirement. The app has a beautiful interface and consists of easy instructions to follow. It syncs with the flashlight of the device, which can be controlled by the app.

The functionality is not so much different than the other apps in this category. The interface of the constructive application layout and guides the user on every step. It consists of various features like changing background colors, any color of the flame, playing a sound. Candle Flashlight has over 6000 users, but it is free contains no ads and purchases.


4. Virtual Candle HD

Virtual Candle HD is a sophisticated application that contains a virtual candle interface and supports both iOS and Android devices. It is free for both the platform and provides many options. The primary purpose of this app is to give you are a soft and relaxing environment with a calm atmosphere. It is suitable for occasions like celebrating a birthday with your friends, or a date with your soulmate.

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The interface of the app is very straightforward can only contain easy access to the limited menu options. The menu only offers few options live changing colors, changing background, control, and different sounds. The application is free of cost and does not any ads or purchases.

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5. Magic Candle

Magic Candle is a different type of virtual candle application that runs on Android devices and contains many exciting features. The app is fun to use and consist of different candles. The interface of the tool includes a full process of the burning candle; it almost feels like if you move your hand near to the flame, you will feel the heat.

One-touch lighting, gesture control, and movement detection change color changing background, and much more. Magic Candle can easily use for low light reading. This application is free to use and offers an excellent eraser source of entertainment, which offers no ads and no purchase.


6. Romantic Candle Light Arora

Romantic Candle Light Arora is a beautiful virtual candle application for Android devices. It is comfortable to use and provide user navigation on every step of the way quickly and can change colors and also customize the background. Romantic Candle Light Arora offers a gesture movement that allows you to move the flame of the candle up, down, left, right with just one tab.

You can blow out the candle or light it up again. You can also customize the flame of the candle to change its color randomly. It turns your device into a cute and familiar light source. The interface of the application is self-exploratory and provides no purchase and no ads.


7. Red Candle

Red Candle is a beautiful interface application that offers a virtual candle that appears real on smartphones. It does not burn your hand. Developers have made the flame so real it looks like the candle is burning on your phone. It contains many features like turning your smartphone into a light source, sound detection, have a built-in timer, smart interface, and much more.

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The core features of the app consist of a free timer and let you burn the candle from 1 to 24 hours. The interactive feature container beautiful structure of menu provides modes of a candle and has a perfect purchase feature that lets you purchase a different type of candle from the store. Other than this feature, Red Candle is free and contains no ads or purchases.


8. NightCandle

NightCandle is a virtual application candle which is available for Android users and let them interact with it. The tool has many new effects, and features include blowing out the candle, flickering the flame, gesture control, and much more.

It is an exciting app to use in your free time, and if you want to relax, it can be easily lit again with just a tap. The animation feature of this application is of high quality, white frame, and white candle, beautiful look, and it gives a natural look to the background, which is dark a unique feature.

NightCandle consists of 6 relaxation melodies, which means you can choose a sound of rain, the music of the sea, and the other four remaining sounds. It offers three modes live fireplace, relaxation salt lamp, spa ambiance. The interface is very user-friendly and self-navigation, it is free for use and contains no ads and no purchase.


9. Candle

Candle is a virtual candle lighting app that only supports Android devices. The system lit the flame and follow the movement of the phone. The gesture movement of the fire provides a great experience and let you turn your phone to landscape mode, the light moves back and forth, which increase and decrease the size of the flame-like it’s real.

It also has a fantastic feature that lets you blow into the microphone and blow out the light. The tool has an interactive movement, navigating and straightforward interface, and many other options. The candle is free and contains no ads and fun to use.


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