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For remaining healthy and fit, the most necessary thing beside of exercising and workouts is being aware of the quantity and quality of food taken on the daily basis. The best way to start living a proper fitness based healthy life style is to be aware of the amount of the calories we need on the daily basis as an individual. Calories are the standards of energy measurement that how much metabolic energy a particular food possess. The food that is healthy and full of nutrition possess a stable calorie level in it that enables the users to maintain a proper level of calorie in them despite of increasing and decreasing. The calorie intake varies from person to person on the basis of their age, environment, profession etc. An adult with normal routine that works 9 to 5 in office and jog a bit in morning has different level of calorie demand as compare to a school going child or a track running athlete. So the diet chart or food table developed for a normal adult will be way different containing variety of different foods then of a wrestler or boxer. Obesity is another heck people are suffering from previous times, it is a chronic disorder and the obese people are never accepted as normal people in the society. So to lose weight and get proper shape with health and fitness an individual must know about his or her daily calorie intake and make sure that it does not increase and decrease as well. Manual calorie counting is quite time consuming and does not give proper result that why most of the people don’t use such methods. There are numerous smartphone apps that helps in accurate calorie counting and assures the fitness level of its users. Best are mentioned here.

1. Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker

Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker is a very effective and useful app for the people who are looking for a complete dieting app, which makes them aware of every single thing they are eating and let them sure that it is healthy and full of nutrition or if it is junk food. The app is developed and published by SparkPeople. Although the app is not that much popular as it is a new addition in the list of calorie counter and diet apps that are available in the market, but surely this app is pure quality based, very much effective and satisfying. So far all of its customers are quite satisfy by the app’s performance. The app is quite helpful in maintaining a proper exercise schedule and diet plan. It is free of cost and can be downloaded from Google Play store.



2. Calorie Counter by FatSecret

Calorie Counter by FatSecret is an amazing and astonishing calorie counting, diet tracking and fitness app that assures the proper diet and physic of the users. The app is a product of FatSecret Inc. The best part of the app is it is referred towards the pure healthy and fitness physic. Unlike most of the similar kind of calorie determining app that are quite dumb in real and are not able to maintain the actual track of the users calorie intake and food. They usually cause extra bit of dieting which cause weakness and other disorders related to the health and fitness. Whereas this very app is an intelligent one and works through a proper channel. It is free of cost available on Google Play Store.



3. Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal

Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal is a premium sort of quite popular and famous calorie counting, fitness tracking and diet managing app, which is quite effective and gives best results in not time. The app is developed and published by MyFitnessPal, Inc. The vendors of the app are already quite famous and well-reputed regarding the fitness methods, techniques and variety of different kinds of fitness related products. This app is one of the most widely used calorie counter app as compare to the most of similar sort of apps that are currently present in the market. It already possess millions of satisfied customers all over the globe and by the time being the numbers are increasing quite rapidly. The app possess the largest food data base more than any of the other app, which contains more than 6,000,000 variety of healthy and nutritious food, that help the users to choose the most suitable for them. Just download the app for free from Google Play store and start getting fit from today.


4. Calorie Counter PRO MyNetDiary

Calorie Counter PRO MyNetDiary is massive diet and nutrition guide app with the ability of counting the daily intake of calories and healthy food suggestions and tips. The app is in short a complete personal fitness trainer that makes sure that its users follow the tips and techniques told in the app and can be fit and healthy. The app is developed and released by It is a full-fledged fitness app that assures the proper training, exercise, help the users to make their healthy routine, helps in choosing healthy food, tells the users what is good for him and when, makes sure the calories intake of the user is according to the fitness standard etc. The app more emphasize on losing the weight and getting fit and smart. The users who wants to lose their weight quickly and with proper fitness and effectiveness should surly consider this app. It is available for free on Google Play store for Android based devices.


5. Diet Point • Weight Loss

Looking for something that helps out in losing the weight? Need proper assistance and guidance about the diet? Want to know what is best for you to eat? The answers of all these questions are present inside this app. Diet Point · Weight Loss is an extraordinary and way much influential and effective sort of diet planning and fitness app ever. The app is developed and proposed by DietPoint Ltd. It is referred as their master product and it is surely a master one indeed. The app possess more than 130 different kinds of the diet plans from which the users can easily choose one which will be most suitable and convenient for them. The app is totally free of cost and can be downloaded from Google Play Store for the Android based devices and gadgets too.

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6. Diet Watchers Diary

Diet Watchers Diary is elite and high profile diet planning, fitness and healthy food tips and techniques recommending app. The app is thought to be quite difficult and complicated to use, as most of the users perceive it from its interface and avoids it. This concept about the app is totally wrong. It is one of the most effective and satisfying result producing diet app of all times. Yes the interface of the app is a bit weird and is kinky and glossy like the other similar diet apps but this is thing referred with pure effectiveness and results. Maybe in the near future looking on the customers reviews the developers of the app Croc Software Solutions change the user interface or update it into a better one. The app calculates each single minor detail of the calorie intake of its users can enable them to follow the diet plan punctually. The app costs $2.19 and can be downloaded from Google Play.


7. Fooducate Weight Loss Coach

Losing weight is now not a heck any more with this app. The users can lose their a lot more pounds in quite less time and that too remaining healthy and proper fit. Fooducate Weight Loss Coach is a kind of personal assistance or we can say diet trainer that monitors all the health related activities of the users, keep the proper record of its tracking and make the users to do healthy changes in their lifestyles so that they can be fit, smart and healthy. This is one of the rare diet related app that also focuses upon the hygienic habits and make sure that its users avoid unhygienic conditions and environment. The app is capable of telling the in depth detail of the food that what actually it is made up of and how much it is healthy in real. This fascinating app is free of cost available on Google Play store.


8. Lose It!

Lose It! is an astonishing and bewildering diet planning and fitness maintaining app that is never the less a gift of heaven for the people who are obese, fat and overweight. Being corpulent is never accepted by anyone and nor by the society we live in, so the app is quite useful and effective in losing weight in a proper step by step manner making sure that dieting does not affect the fitness and health of the users. The app is equipped with variety of some modern features that is attracting the people from all around the world towards it. The most promising and unique feature of the app includes Snapping and Tracking technique, in which the users just simply have to capture the photo of the food they are going to have and the app will track every single in-depth detail about that food. It is available for free on Google Play store.

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9. Lose weight without dieting

For losing the weight and getting properly fit, smart and healthy dieting is not the solution always. The regular diet plans that are available globally are not suitable for most of the people and cause even negative effects on the health of the users following such plans. Lose weight without dieting is the app that is specially designed for covering and coping by such inconvenience. The app is developed and published by Harmonic Soft. The main focus of the app is to help the users losing their weight and that is too without being on the diet. The app propose hygienic tips and tricks to the users by following which the users can be healthy and fit. Food recommended by the app is full of nutrition and is according of the physical state of its users. The app can be downloaded from Google Play for Android.


10. My Diet Coach – Weight Loss

My Diet Coach – Weight Loss is one of the most astonishing and extraordinarily effective and useful dieting and fitness app that make sure its users are not over weight at any cost. The app keeps on motivating its users as a real life coach or trainer and enables them to follow the complete healthy hygienic lifestyle and eat the proper nutrias food that is best suitable for them. The app has won variety of different awards and currently it is ranked as the best weight loss tracker app. It possess millions of satisfied customers from all around the globe, who are living a proper healthy life and are following healthy lifestyle. The app not only enables the users to lose their weight but also make sure that they follow a proper routine so that they cannot gain the lost weight again. It can be downloaded from Google Play for free of cost.


11. Easy Fit Calorie Counter

Another amazing and astonishing app that primarily focuses upon the strength of the users at the start of their use, and then keep a proper and full-fledged track of their fitness, monitoring their calorie intake and suggesting best and easy exercise for being fit, smart and healthy. Easy Fit Calorie Counter is a widely used calorie counting and diet planning app that possess thousands of fit users all around the world and is counting more and more of them. The app is used by various famous fitness models of the world and they highly recommend the app for common people so that they can also implement a healthy lifestyle in their daily routine. The app is quite rapid and quick in terms of counting the calories and is able to count the whole day calorie intake at once in no time. The app not only save the time of the users but make sure that the users are not under any burden of getting fit. It can be downloaded from Google Play store for free.

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12. Lifesum – The Health Movement

Start getting healthy and fit with an immense quality extraordinary health and fitness app. Lifesum – The Health Movement, as the name of the app referred it as a moment, it is a movement in real whose motto is to give proper and fully hygienic healthy and fit lifestyle to everyone in the world. The app possess a unique quality and some quite useful and effective daily life techniques that are quite essential for everyone in a proper healthy lifestyle and routine. And these things are missed by most of the similar kind of apps available in the market right now as they just emphasize of counting the calorie intake and helping in losing the weight. The most promising and ravishing feature of the app is that it keeps the track of water intake in the body of the user and keep them reminding whenever the body needs water. In this way the users are able to get enough water for daily healthy life and chances of dehydration are minimized.


13. MyPlate Calorie Tracker

MyPlate Calorie Tracker is a calorie counting and fitness tracking app that is developed and published by LIVESTRONG. The main focus of the app is to provide real-time assistance and guidance to its users so that they can strictly follow the healthy fitness based lifestyle and avoid unhealthy stuff. The app always keep its users aware and notified by the daily intake of their calories, and also mention when the intake is exceed or decreased to an alarming situation. As the name of the app states, the app is moreover in the individual level and enables every single individual using the app to track the routine accordingly. The app works according to the kind of user’s fitness is who is using the app. The users can download the app for free from Google Play Store for Android based devices.


14. Calorie Calculator Burn Diet

Keeping the record of the diet and managing a proper diet is now quite simple and way much easy with this very app.Calorie Calculator Burn Diet is the app that enables the users to easily and efficiently maintain, record and track the daily calorie intake of its users and make sure to diver the users on a fitness based healthy lifestyle. This app is the most simple and easy to use app of all as compare other apps available in the market nowadays for the same purpose. The app possess a glossy and catchy outlook that captures the attention of its users at the very first glance towards the app. The simple and easy to use user interface of the app makes sure that the users from every walk of life can easily operate it and can use it for counting their daily dose of calorie and can be healthy. It can be downloaded for free from Google Play.


15. Calories in food

Calories in food is a simple but quite useful and effective app for tracking and keeping the record of daily calorie intake of the users. It is developed and published by Alexey Korobov. The developer of the app is itself quite health conscious and moreover focuses upon providing fast and rapid solutions upon which the users can work and can implement them in their lives making the part of their daily routine. The simplicity of the app refers to the thing that it does not possess any digital calorie counting technique or an automatic calorie counter, it has a usual calorie table which possess the nutrition detail and amount of calorie of variety of different kinds of foods. The users have to manually select what is good and most suitable for them to be fit and healthy according to the daily calorie intake of their age group.


16. Google Fit – Fitness Tracking

Google Fit – Fitness Tracking is another premium kind of astonishing and extra ordinary app developed and published by Google Inc. This times Google hits the deck really hard with an alluring and quite effective fitness tracking and proper healthy lifestyle maintaining app. This app possess each and every single and minor thing that should be present in a full-fledged fitness guide. It is the only fitness app available in the market that possess the ability of tracking each and every single activity done by a user in the whole day. Whether it is running, cycling, swimming etc. The app is world’s only all in one app that track the whole body activity of an individual including the track of weight, sleep, fitness and nutrition. The app is compatible with almost all new and modern Android wears and smart watches providing the health tracking in a better and more effective manner. It can be downloaded for free from Google Play.


17. S Health

S Health is another popular and worldwide famous health tracking and fitness maintaining app that is a product of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. Samsung are one of the leading smartphone making company and possess a great high profile and elite kind of reputation among the users all around the world. The app was initially the part of Samsung’s Galaxy S series new model referred as S3 and later as it gain huge appreciation and become a heartthrob, it was released as a full-fledged individual app. The app supports all the Samsung’s Android devices higher than the S3 and it is also compatible with the other high profile smartphones of other companies too. The app helps the users for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, enables them to exercise properly, add hygienic habits, eat health and full of nutrition food etc. The app keeps the record of users heart beat rate as well and make sure that user it aware of its own health level. It is compatible with Android wears and Samsung gears too.

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18. Calorie, Carb & Fat Counter

The usual and regular sort of diet plans that are generally recommended by the nutritionist or the dietitian are not suitable for every kind of person. The needs and body stability of an individual varies from person to person. Calorie, Carb & Fat Counter is the fitness tracking, diet managing and healthy food planning app that is specially designed for giving the users best and most suitable diet plans that are compatible with their body and health state. These plans are customizable and vary on the basis of the health of a particular individual. The app is developed and published by Virtuagym. It contains a massive data base that contains a large variety of different kinds of foods recommended by elite and expert nutritionists and dietitians. The data base is highly customizable the users can add their own healthy food it in too. It is free of cost available on Google Play.


19. Water Drink Reminder

No one can be healthy and proper fit if he or she does not take a proper portion of water on daily basis. Water is the most essential element of the body and all the health and other things are totally dependent on water. Nowadays people preferring healthy life style remember everything to have but forget the most important thing and that is water. Water Drink Reminder is the app that is specially designed to remind the users to drink water so that they can be completely fit and healthy. The best and most promising thing about the app is that it keeps the proper record and track of the water consumption of the user and tracks the amount of water level inside the body so that it can surly prevent its users from dehydration and other worse disorders caused due to not proper intake of water on regular basis. The app is developed and published by NorthPark.Android. It can be downloaded for free from Google Play.


20. Pedometer & Weight Loss Coach

Pedometer is a health maintaining device that keeps the track of every single step taken by the user and also keep aware the user from the amount of calories burned while walking or by any other activity. Pedometer & Weight Loss Coach is the app that possess the full-fledged technical support of a pedometer and a dietitian in it. The app which is developed and released Pacer Health possess a complete dual functionality in it. It helps the users in losing their weight in a step by step manner following a complete and best suitable diet plan and on the other hand the app possess the ability to keep the track of all the activities linked with walking of the users. It not only keeps the record of how much distance is covered by an individual through walking but also calculate the most accurate amount calories that are burned in the whole activity in particular. It is available for free on Google Play.


21. Couch to 5K®

Couch to 5K® is a premium kind of immensely determined app that is specially designed for the lazy lads so that they can left their couches and start a proper healthy workout and running so that they can be fit and quick. The app is developed from ACTIVE Network, LLC and it moreover emphasize on the runners and athletes that become useless and dull because of laziness and lack of motivation. Being a rapid runner and a good athlete is not a piece of cake, it requires a lot of training, motivation and self-determination. The app does each of the above mentioned thing for a user so that he or she can be again in to the tracks and be able to achieve their goals. The best and most promising thing about the app is its audio based commands and cues that enables the users to motivate and work in a better way. The app challenges that a user with a normal physic but dull and lazy routine can achieve to clear 5K or 3 miles race by using the app 20 to 30 minutes daily for 9 weeks.


22. Moves

Moves is an intelligent and very much effective health maintaining and fitness tracking app that enables the users to monitor every single movement of them. The app is designed and published by ProtoGeo Inc. The app mainly emphasize on monitoring the daily life traveling and routine walking of an individual. The app is intelligent in the way that it can easily distinguish between the walk and run of a person and track them separately. It possess the ability of tracking all sorts of exercise and can determined their time and effectiveness as well. In short the app keeps the track of every single move taken by its users as the name of the app states that too. The user just have to put the smartphone in the pocket and enable the app to start monitoring. It is also free of cost available on Google Play.


23. 30 Day Fitness Challenge

It is the app referred as home trainer or a personal fitness trainer and motivator. It is a kind of fitness maintaining app that challenges the users to follow its rules and commands strictly and be fit in no time. The app is developed and published by NorthPark.Android. As like the other fitness and health related apps proposed by the vendor, this app is also of premium quality and sheer brilliance. The app is based on fitness training that is divided in the 30 days of time period. The users of the app have to follow the daily exercise, workout mentioned in the app and also have to take proper diet according to the app, and 30 days of training will surely gives the users useful and effective result. For more satisfaction other modes of training that are specialized for specific body parts and areas are to be followed if the users want a perfect fit body. It is available for free on Google Play for Android based devices.


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