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There was a time when the salesman and shopkeepers use to overcharge the customers by setting up their own desired rates of the products and gaining illegal profit from them. Even still in most of the countries such sort of trend is followed where there is not a full fledge system of determining the prices and rates of the products and the owners or the merchants are selling the things on their own desired prices, thus betraying the customers and overcharging them to hell. As Information technology leaps towards the excellence and glory it also revolutionized the shopping and purchasing as well. Now it is not that much easy to fool the customers as everyone is smart enough owning the smart devices and gadgets along them. Bar codes were the revolutionary invention that totally changed the shopping culture as whole. The users are no more unaware of the actual prices of the products. The bar codes are attached on the products by the manufactures or the companies who are distributing the products in markets. All the shopping malls and even usual grocery stores do possess the facility of bar code scanning and they sold the products after scanning from the bar code scanner. The users can now scan every sort of product’s bar code on their own using bar code scanning apps on their iOS devices either the iPhone or iPad. Some of the best bar code scanning apps are listed here for you.

1. pic2shop – Barcode Scanner and QR Reader

Now never pay extra with this outstanding functionality and pure quality bar code scanning app. pic2shop is an amazing and bewildering app that possess dual functionality features at the same time and is a complete real time QR code reading and Bar code scanning app that possess the ability of scanning all the products that possess the bar codes. The app is already quite famous among the iOS users all around the globe and is becoming more and more common to people with the passage of time. Already thousands of users all around the world are using this fascinating and pure quality based app for scanning the bar codes and QR codes. The users can scan the barcodes even if they are not in good and clean condition or are not that much clear. The bar code reading sense of the app is way too much strong and it readily reads and display the result of any of the particular barcode. The user also can instantly compare the prices with millions of the products online and will get to know that whether the product is cost effective to buy or not. QR code reading and scanning is to fully support the users can scan the QR code from the newspapers or anywhere else they want to do without wasting any time and the app readily saves all the data that is scanned from the QR code. It is fully compatible with the iPhone and iPad both. It can be downloaded for free from Apple App store.



2. Barcodas

Barcodas is another quite simple and crystal clear functionality app with simple and easy to use on the go controls. The app is also quite famous and is quite widely used in US and Canada. The app is getting fame in the Europe too and soon it will be managing the users from the whole world. The best thing about the app is that it is a real bar code scanning app with no additional controls and complexities. The one simply get the app from Apple app store for $0.99 on their iPhone or iPad as it is compatible with both and just start scanning on the go. Unlike other apps that has various boring stories to tell and the users have to deal with a long mess for scanning, nothing is like that in this very app as it totally is simple with automatic functionality and no controls to divert and make it more complex. The users belonging from any walk of life can easily use the app for scanning the bar codes no matter from wherever they are doing this. The app is created and proposed as a product of nr37 and is widely in demand because of its simplicity and to the point functionality.

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3. Quick Scan – Barcode Scanner & Best Shopping Companion

Quick Scan – Barcode Scanner & Best Shopping Companion is another premium sort of app that possess a wide range of features and options provided for the assistance of the users. It is one of the most widely used bar code scanning app that is a complete and full fledge optical character reader in it is own having the ability of scanning various other kinds of optical image based codes such as QR code etc. One the other hand the app is not a mastery in terms of scanning every kind of bar code and other optical character codes but it is way too much effective in terms of real time and online comparison of the products on the basis of their quality and rates. The users can now compare the rates of the products scan with thousands of other products online so this way they will never be over charged and would able to buy the best product in the best price. The app also provides various suggestions about the products that what will suit the user most depending on their own. QuickScan is the sign of smart consumers who are well aware of the scams of evil shop keepers and keep themselves way ahead of them in the race of technology. The app is compatible for both iPhone and iPad and can be downloaded for free from the Apple App store.


4. Amazon App: shop, scan, compare, and read reviews

Everyone out here would be defiantly aware of the Amazon store and from even its app. But most of you would not be fully aware of the contents and features of this extraordinary and premium potential based app. Most of the people from all around the globe prefer the Amazon store for shopping and buying the online products. For this purpose either they access the Amazon website or use this app for shopping etc. But the app has some hidden features in it that are of mastery quality and are not known by many people. The users not only can shop and look for their desired products on the Amazon store but they can also browse the bar codes of the products and can scan them for getting the accurate and exact estimate of the prices. Similarly this app can be used while shopping physically in the market as it let the users to scan any of the bar code they want to scan and know about the price of the products. The app enables the users to readily compare the prices of the products with millions of other products online standing at the same spot so that they could buy the best suitable product for them that suits to their budget as well. Thousands of users review helps in getting a rough idea about the product. This outstanding app is often pre-installed as essential app on iOS devices but if not it can be downloaded for free from the Apple app store for both iPhone and iPad.

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5. Purchx Reviews Product Barcode Scanner

Purchx is an outstanding and marvelous app that is basically designed for guiding the users about the products online so that they can never be betrayed and make them able to buy the best suitable products in the best possible price. This app is in basic a product guide that guides the users about more than 3 million various kinds of products. The users can use the app for searching for their required products and can look for the replacements and substitutions of the products and go for the similar ones too. Along with all this app is very smart in terms of scanning the barcodes as well, the users can use this very app for scanning any sort of bar codes they want to scan while buying a product online or physically shopping in the market. The app enables the users too readily at the spot compare the scanned detail and price of the product with millions of other online and helps the users to buy the most appropriate one for them. The app is developed and proposed by Consmr and is compatible for using on both the iPhone and iPad. The users can download the app free of cost from the Apple App store.


6. NeoReader® – QR & Mobile Barcode Scanner

NeoReader is another bar code and other optical character based code scanning app that possess the immense functionality of scanning multiple codes together at the same time. The app is equipped with some pure quality based features that let the app to be more specific and a kind of universal code scanning app. The best and most outstanding thing that I personally even inspired of is its mastery support to variety of different sort of optical character based codes and is way quite efficient and intelligent even differentiating between different kinds of codes. The users can now scan any sort of code they want to that too with 100 percent mastery accuracy and with minimum time. This app is one of the most quick and fastest app of all the rest in terms of scanning the codes as it scans any of the code that is compatible of and that too in micro seconds without wasting the precious time of its users. The users can now scan any kind of one dimensional and 2D codes using this very app. Some of the standard codes that can be scanned using this app includes the Data Matrix, Bar codes, QR codes, UPC, Aztec, EAN, code 128, code 39, PDF, PDF 417 and many more others too. This universal scanning app is designed and published by NeoMedia Technologies for both iPhone and iPad. It can be downloaded for free from the Apple App store.

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7. ScanLife Barcode & QR Reader

ScanLife Barcode & QR Reader is another premium and tremendous potential based app that is used by thousands of iOS users all around the globe for scanning and reading the details from the bar codes and QR codes. The app is developed and proposed as a product of Scanbuy and is one of the oldest apps in terms of scanning the bar codes on iOS. The users can now be never over charged as they have the mastery app due to which they can rapidly check the prices and can compare them with millions of other products online. The app provides the users access towards the latest discounts, deals and various other shopping based offer so that the users can get advantage of them and save handsome amount and can maintain their budget in more better way. The users are able to scan any of the products bar code by simply starting up that app and using the camera of their iOS device they are able to scan the code and track the information out of it and view. Other than bar codes the users can also scan all kinds of QR codes as well. It means the users now can save the information by scanning the QR code from the newspaper or anywhere else and can view it later in free time. It is designed for both iPhone and iPad, and can be downloaded for free of cost from the Apple App store.


8. ShopSavvy – Scan Barcodes, Shop Sales, & Get Deals

This app opens the doors of a mega mall for the users. The users enters the world of products via this very app where they can look and search among millions of products of all kinds and can buy the best offers and deals provided. The logo of the app is that it surely save the money of the users by providing them the possible discounted offers and other cheap deals as well. The users can now enter various lucky draws and mega price draws and can participates in variety of other rewarding activities while they are looking for the products and shopping. The app is best in terms of scanning the bar codes of millions of the products, by doing which the users can be aware of the current price of the product and on the very same time they can compare the prices also from millions of other products offered on more than 40,000 famous branded stores online. The gets the data from all over the world and let the user to shop in the best suitable time so that they can avail the maximum discount and could save few bucks for other activities as well. The design of the app is compatible with both iPhone and iPad, and it can be downloaded for free from the Apple App store.


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