Augmented Reality Games Like Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go takes place in the real world populated with thousands of Pokemon to capture, battle and train. Players can dive into the role of the virtual avatar, and their main objective is to reach the actual place to capture monsters using mobile’s GPS. To get into the world, the player has to establish an account and create and customize his virtual avatar. Once the player completes his avatar, the character is shown on a map using the reallocation of the player. The game features both Pokemon Gyms and poker stops. Players can get lots of items such as Poke Balls, eggs and potions from PokeStops, while players can battle against each other in different matches in Gyms. The avatar of the player moves within a map, as the player moves in the real world. Rare species of Pokemon reside in different locations around the world. Explore the game world, find rare Pokemon, capture, and train them to battle against another player and prove himself as the best trainer.

1. The Denpa Men: They Came by Wave

The Denpa Men: They Came by Wave offers the similar gameplay like Pokemon Go and lets the player explore a set of dungeons to capture Denpa Men. It takes place in the real world and uses the Nintendo’s camera to show the Denpa Men on the screen. Each Denpa Men differ by abilities, name, appearance and color. It offers an auto-battle system with traditional role-playing elements and lets the player fight against NPCs and defeat them using abilities. Buy items, goods, and different things from the shop and use them during gameplay to enhance the abilities. As the player progress through the game, it will unlock a museum of Denpa Men, QR Code, and a Bonus Building.

Nintendo 3DS

2. Parallel Kingdom

Parallel Kingdom takes place in the real world and available to play on Android and iOS. It places the player in a virtual world based on the location of device’s GPS. The main task of the player is to select his terrain and start exploring the game world using GPS and build flag on unclaimed land. It lets the player focus on different sorts of gameplay such as PvP, PvE, Socialite, and Merchant. Interact with other players, make friends and invite them to traverse through new places. Parallel Kingdom is full of NPCs, and each has unique behavior, some of them are friendly, while others will try to attack you. Navigate the environment, complete different tasks, fulfill the requirements and immerse himself in an Augmented Reality gameplay experience. There are lots of items to collect and trade with other to earn money. The player can explore the area surrounding him and encounters new players.

Android iOS

3. SpecTrek

SpecTrek uses your device’s GPS and Camera to your location and environment. You can assume the role of the hunter, and your goal is to visit different locations to capture the ghost. In the start, it is just a navigation game, but as you progress and level up, it becomes a fitness game. There are lots of records, titles, awards, statistics, and a lot of fun for you. The game takes place in the real world around you filled with ghosts. Explore the unseen areas, find the ghost, and capture them to gain points and use them to unlock further content in the game. The game is available to play on Android platform only. Play in open area if GPS is not working, and reset the compass if the ghost doesn’t appear at the correct time.


4. Temple Treasure Hunt Game

Temple Treasure Hunt Game supports multiplayer mode and turns the real world into an ancient Temple. The main goal is to navigate the environment, find ancient treasures and complete different tasks. It embarks you on an epic adventure to locate treasure with role-playing elements. It has two different modes such as Indoor and Outdoor. You have to complete the challenge within the time limit, encounter guardians, and unearth the mysteries of Shiva Temple. The game uses mobile’s GPS to show your locations on the map. As you travel in the real world, your virtual avatar moves on the map as you. There are lots of features, missions, and mythological characters as Treasure Guardians. Progress through the game to level up and score the highest points by finding ancient treasure from temple within time. Explore Treasure Trails, Play in different Modes, Tips and Tricks, Special Notes, etc. are the core features of the game.


5. Landlord

Landlord supports Multiplayer mode and takes place in the real world and turns the world into a property game. Create and customize your avatar to dive into the world where you have to visit different places near your location and buy property that you like. Your ultimate goal is to earn money and become the business tycoon. People visits your property and pay for it if they like. Collect monthly rent from those people who lived in your property and trade with other to earn more money. The game offers you the power to sell, buy and trade virtual property based on real locations surround you. The strategy is the most important key to becoming successful, as you take a decision which property will earn lots of money. Buy small coffee shop, and restaurant offers the best servers and attracts more customers to make the most money. The game world consists of New York, Paris, Dubai, Sydney, and Real-building from any city.

Android iOS

6. Parallel Mafia

Parallel Mafia takes place in the real world and turns your area into crime-ridden world invading with chaos, Mafia controls, and corruption. Take on the role of the criminal, start from small, and raise up yourself to become the nest massive Mafia Boss. To enter into the world, you’ve to establish your account, create and customize your avatar, select your gear and become the great criminal. Navigate the environment, complete illegal jobs, sell contraband, and loot your local banks to gain reputation points. You are allowed by the game to rob banks, fight against other players, and conquer another area in your style. Once you gain enough reputation points, you can conquer hometown or city. As you travel in the real world, your avatar moves on the map. Complete challenging missions on different locations and collect points. Upgrade weapons, gear, and items using points and level-up by accomplishing tasks.

Android iOS

7. Night Terrors: The Beginning

Night Terrors: The Beginning turns your house into a terrifying environment invading with ghosts and dead people. It uses your device’s camera and flashlight. Turn off your house light and survive as long as possible and uses your headphone for thrilling sounds. Navigate the environment, explore rooms and another part of your house and survive to progress through the game. Immerse yourself in breathtaking gameplay experience and complete a set of tasks. You hear terrific sounds when the lights of your house go off. It’s too difficult to survive in darkness when suddenly ghost appears at your mobile screen when the flashlight on.


8. AR Invaders

AR Invaders is an exciting game that you’ve never played before. It takes place in the realistic world and turns your area into a war zone with invading alien factions. You can take on the role of the protagonist, who is a member of resistance force with a task to destroy alien ships attacking in your city, beaches, forests and deserts. The world needs your help, and you have a chance to show off your abilities. There are over nine alien factions and hundreds of other players to team up in multiplayer mode and defend the world together. Use different weapons against alien invasions and upgrade them using experience points. The game uses your device’s camera to show your surrounding area and alien ships. AR Invaders offers key features such as Augmented Reality, Two Modes, Build your Army, Defend Earth, etc.

Android iOS

9. Clandestine Anomaly

Clandestine Anomaly takes place in the real world surrounding and allows you defend your city and save the Planet Earth from a mysterious alien faction. To enter into the game world, you’ve to establish your account, create and customize your avatar. As you travel in the real world, your character moves on the map. Navigate the areas surround you, seek enemies and destroy them to save the world. Earn experience points by completing objectives and upgrade and equip advanced technology. Act quickly after receiving a mayday hail and build structures to attacks aliens and defend your neighborhood. The game uses your device’s camera to show you alien factions, and GPS to locate your location. Become the hero, use advanced weapons and eliminate aliens from Earth. Clandestine Anomaly offers core features such as Action-packed Location-based Gameplay, Battle for your Life, Interact with NPCs, etc.

Android iOS

10. Real Strike

Real Strike focuses on FPS element and lets you get into the role of the protagonist and navigate the world around you. Eliminate hordes of foes that appear on your mobile screen and earn experience points. There are lots of missions that you’ve to perform and unlock other areas and sets of weapons. Navigate the environment from the first-person view and defend your area from various enemies. Show off your shooting abilities in front of your fellows and impress them all. The game is designed for hardcore players who love playing shooting games. It has a variety of cool features such as Thermal and Night vision elements, perks, lots of weapons, and upgrades, etc.

Android iOS

11. Pokémon Dream Radar

Pokémon Dream Radar lacks GPS features and uses closed location uses Nintendo’s camera. You can get into the role of the monster hunter with the main objective to catch lots of Pokemon that appears in the closed location using motion controls. Navigate the environment surrounding you, find different Pokemon and catch them to create your awesome collection and use them in the battle to eliminate other trainers. You can locate lots of Pokemon in this game, including those who are very hard to get. It offers lots of features and mechanics like Pokemon Go that you enjoy. If pointing your camera at Pokemon to capturing them is your favorite part of the most popular Augmented Reality game Pokemon Go, the Pokemon Dream Radar is a wonderful game with dozens of rich features to enjoy.

Nintendo 3DS

12. Zombies, Run!

Zombies, Run! is available to play Android and iOS and takes place in the zombie-apocalyptic world known as Abel Township filled with zombies. The player takes on the role of the protagonist named Runner 5, and his main task is to complete a series of missions through levels. He can collect various items during running to assist the town in surviving and can listen to lots of audio music to unearth mysteries. The ultimate goal of the player is to run, and items and points are automatically gathered. The game uses the mobile camera and GPS to record distance, pace, time and calories burned on each mission. When the player uses GPS element, he can participate in zombie chase, and he has to run faster than zombies to survive for a short period or be caught by deadly zombies and lose his all progress and supplies.

Android iOS

13. Zombies Everywhere

Zombies Everywhere is available to play on iOS platform only and created by Useless Creations Pty Ltd. It takes place in the real world surrounding you and puts thousands of zombies to make it challenging and complicated. You can assume the role of the survivor, and your main task is to survive as long as possible to prove yourself as the best hero. To get into the world, you’ve to establish an account and create your avatar. The main task of the game is to fight against zombies using lots of weapons and eliminate them to earn points that you can use to unlock further items in the game. There are various weapons such as Sniper Rifles, Mini-Guns, 44 Magnum, AK-47, and others to use. Navigate the area surrounding you and save the people who aren’t affected. Immersive Augmented Reality, Fight against Zombies, Different Foes, Weapons, Upgrades, etc. are the prominent features of the game.


14. Ingress

Ingress supports Multiplayer mode created and published by Niantic for mobile platforms Android and iOS. It takes place in the real world and turns it into the landscapes of intrigue, mystery, and competition. According to the plot, a team of scientists has uncovered a mysterious energy in Europe. No one knew the purpose and origin of this force, most of the researchers think it is affecting the way we think. There is a need to control it, or it will take over us. Players cast to the role of the defender and their main objective is to find the resource of the energy by moving in the real world, use their wits to complete objectives, and deploy tech to take over territory. Rescue the world from devastation, and play as a team for better result and experience. The game uses GPS of the player’s device to show his location on the map. The avatar moves on the map, as the player travel in the real world.

Android iOS

15. Invizimals: The Resistance

Invizimals: The Resistance takes place in the real world around you and offers a superb story, in which dangerous robots called Xtractor overruns the Alliance HQ, and the world is being destroyed. The leader of the Alliance named Keni has been captured. It lets you a chance to become a hero and defend the world. Create your alliance with Resistance and start fighting against Xtractors in various missions. Grab your device and go on an epic journey to capture up to 150 Invizimals hidden in the secret areas around you. Use camera to detect and capture the rare species, raise and train them to become fighters and use them in battles against Xtractors or other players. Navigate different locations, complete different missions and save your world from robots. Capture Xtractor, Create your Alliance, Protect and Train your Invizimals, etc. are the key features of the game.

PS Vita

16. Resources Game

Resources Game offers a massive map and takes place in the real world around you. The ultimate task is to explore areas surrounded you and find the rare items on the map and use them to build mines. Build different structures, expand your mine further and further and earn lots of money to rank-up. Upgrade your headquarters to stay in the competition. Find the weakness of your competitors and gain their extra resources attacking them. Gather freight and use them to recycle, invest or sell into upgrading specific buildings. The game uses your device’s GPS to show your location on the map. Use your wits and make strategies to defeat your competitors. The main objective is to become the business tycoon by taking over all resources of competitors.


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