How Can Hulu Be Streamed On Discord?

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Hulu screen sharing lets Discord members watch shows and movies together in real-time. This method only works for users on the same server and with a Hulu subscription.

To communicate with other players, download the free Discord software. It came out in May 2015, a little over a year ago. After a slow start, the app has amassed over 150 million users since its inception, making it the dominant gaming messaging platform.

But Discord is used by people outside the gaming community for various purposes. You may find others who share your interests and join thousands of groups on your site by watching stream Hulu on Discord.

The most prominent feature of Discord is the option to host your private servers, where you and your friends may chat privately or in groups, transfer files, and even make phone calls. Another one-of-a-kind function is the capacity to broadcast whatever is on your screen to other users on your server.


A function called “Go Live” lets you share what’s on your screen with other people online. This function was made with streaming video games in mind, and it works with a wide variety of titles, including Minecraft, Roblox, CS: GO, and more.

Join a Friend in Watching Hulu on Discord (2023)

We have several significant issues to fix before broadcasting Hulu on Discord. The main issue here is the DRM protection issue, which results in a blank screen being displayed to the audience. If you’re a Discord user, you’ve probably tried to stream anything from Hulu or another provider and been met with a blank screen.


Let’s troubleshoot the discord hulu black screen problem and find a solution.

The Discord App Is Available For PC And Mac Users To Download

You may access Discord on both Windows and macOS using its corresponding apps. You can’t watch Hulu using Discord if you’re using the online version on a computer. The application for either the PC or the Mac must be downloaded.

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Visit the Discord website, then get the appropriate Discord client for your device. Once you’ve downloaded and installed the app, you can sign up for or log in to Discord by scanning the QR code with your mobile device’s app or entering your username and password.

Hulu on Discord without Black Screens: Disable Browser Hardware Acceleration

The most common problem people have while watching stream Hulu on discord is a dark screen. Hulu’s streaming video cannot be seen on Discord; all that can be seen is a blank screen.

Turn off hardware hastening in your browser if you’re having trouble seeing the Hulu video on Discord. You’ll find information on how to disable hardware acceleration in the three most popular browsers today: Chrome, Edge, and Firefox. You can follow the steps with whichever web browser you choose. You can disable hardware acceleration in the preferences of any browser you’re using, even if it wasn’t one of the ones we listed above.

These are the most popular browsers, and how to stop hardware acceleration on each:

  • How to Stop Google Chrome from Using Hardware Acceleration
  • Chrome’s settings may be accessed via the three dots in the vertical menu bar at the top right of the browser’s interface

Discord for Netflix

If you want to restrict hardware acceleration, you may go to the ‘System’ tab in the left sidebar and then to the ‘Advanced setting’s section. Additionally, please restart Chrome after turning off the switch.

You May Turn Off Hardware Acceleration In Firefox

  • To access Firefox’s settings, click the hamburger menu (three horizontal lines) in the browser’s top right corner and then choose ‘Options.
  • Find the “Performance” section beneath “General” in the menu bar. A box called “Use suggested performance parameters” may be found here. If you uncheck it, a second box appears where you may choose to disable hardware acceleration. Ensure that the box labeled “Use hardware acceleration when available” is unchecked.
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Start Hulu in the Browser and Join a Streaming Discord Server

When you turn off hardware acceleration, you can share stream hulu on discord with friends. Follow these steps to begin configuring Discord for streaming:

  • Launch Hulu on your preferred web browser and enjoy your favorite television or movie. After that, you may pause your program or movie and start chatting on Discord.
  • To adjust your settings in Discord, tap the gear icon following your name in the app’s bottom left corner. By clicking this, you’ll be sent to the Discord preferences screen
  • To add your game, navigate to the ‘Activity Status’ tab on the left sidebar of the Settings page and click the ‘Add it!’ button.
  • After doing so, a pull-down menu revealing the currently active background programs will appear.

Choose a Browser and Add It to the Game List

  • Specify your browser by clicking the “Add This” button.
  • Click the “Stream” icon next to your login on the server where you want to watch the movie or TV show. Alternatively, you may pick the browser you’re using to watch Hulu from the drop-down menu labeled “Share screen” in the lower left corner of a speech channel.
  • Choose the video and audio settings for your movie night. Streaming at 720p at 30 frames per second requires the Discord Nitro add-on. If you want to watch Hulu in 1080p/60fps on Discord, you’ll need a Discord Nitro account.
  • When you’ve settled on the channel you want to broadcast from, use the “Go Live” button to begin broadcasting your movie or TV show.
  • Select the streaming voice channel and press the Go Live button.
  • Once you’re ready, server members may join your Hulu watch party by clicking the “Live” button in the voice channels.
  • When you’re done with the watch party, click the “end call” button on the voice channel, and the call will be disconnected for all participants.
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Briefly Summing Up

Hulu may be a better option than Netflix for those who want to share their passion for TV and movies with their loved ones. However, there are occasions when nothing is shown. If you’re thinking about watching stream hulu on discord, it’s best to go to the guides provided.

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