Review of Spy Agent Software 2023: Do You Watch Your Kids Online?

Edited by Sanam Nayab • By Rumman Zahid • Updated on Apr 18, 2023
Spy Agent is a powerful tool that can help parents keep their children safe online, but it should be used responsibly and with the child's knowledge and consent.

Do you believe your children can use a computer safely and responsibly at all times, even when you’re not around? Do you think they can be trusted with unrestricted Internet access yet use it responsibly? Many parents have said “No” to both of these questions. If you answered yes, then you are considering parental monitoring and restrictions.

Spy Agent software is parental control and monitoring software for the Internet. Here is the Spy Agent software review; I’ll explain how this program works and why it’s essential for parents to use it to monitor their children’s internet activity.

Indicators of Danger

There is a higher risk of inappropriate or harmful use of technology when children have their gadgets, especially those connected to the Internet. Among the difficulties, you’ll need to overcome the following:

  • Your children may access malicious websites that infect their devices and potentially spread to others.
  • Your children may be exposed to pornographic and other inappropriate material.
  • There is a risk that your children will have online interactions with those who intend to harm them, such as cyberbullies or predators.
  • Your children may use apps that aren’t appropriate for children.
  • Your children may be exposed to adult or otherwise inappropriate material online.
  • Your children may send and receive inappropriate content, such as sexual or nasty messages, which may cause you concern.
  • Your children can spend too much time on their electronic gadgets.
  • Your children may use their electronic gadgets wherever they are without your interference.
  • Your children may have more freedom than you’d like because of the built-in parental restrictions on their gadgets and applications.

How to Keep Your Children Safe

A surveillance and Internet filtering program with some parental control capabilities, Spy Agent software is an excellent choice for any household. Contrasted with other parental control apps, it lacks features.

Keystrokes (typed text), apps utilized, windows opened, websites viewed, and chat discussions are just some of the various actions that may be configured to be recorded by SpyAgent. Furthermore, it can prevent access to specific websites and Windows programs, such as instant messaging clients.


SpyAgent software has a “stealth” mode that makes it undetectable, but rather than hiding the fact that it is watching your children, I advise being open and honest about it. I think it’s essential for parents and kids to have open lines of communication about the standards and norms in the home.

SpyAgent Video Guide: A Look Inside the Monitoring Program

Which Platforms Does Spyagent Support?

It is compatible with the latest and previous versions of Windows. Microsoft has stopped providing security information for Windows versions before 8.1, so you shouldn’t use them.

Unfortunately, Spy Agent software is only compatible with iOS. Use Screen Time (iOS), Kaspersky Safe Kids, Norton Family Premier, or another parental control app for devices that don’t run Windows.

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As well as selling SpyAgent, Spytech also offers SentryPC, a Mac-compatible product with comparable features.

Can I Use Spyagent Away From Home?

Yes. The app is installed and runs locally on the target device, so it can keep tabs on your children whether they’re using your Wi-Fi, a friend’s Wi-Fi, or even mobile data.

How Fine-Grained Is Spyagent’s Filtering Ability?

It applies filters based on how SpyAgent has arranged various web pages. Words in the URL can also be used as filtering criteria. The filter’s level of sensitivity allows you to ban sites based on their content alone.

All websites except those you choose in the Allow will be blocked. This may be helpful if your children are incredibly young and require access to a few sites.

If a blocked website is visited, SpyAgent can either return the user to the home page or force them to quit the browser, depending on your preferences.

Which Kind Of Content May Spy agent software Block On The Web?

The website’s content can also be filtered in three different ways:

  • Mature Subjects
  • Racism
  • Profanity

The level of detection by this filter is adjustable.

How Can I Keep Tabs On My Children’s Whereabouts?

There are five methods for keeping tabs on things:

  • Logs may be seen in Spy Agent software on the computer where it was installed.
  • Follow-up emails
  • Notifications by text message
  • Sending logs through FTP
  • A program for accessing the World Wide Web (if you use SpyAnywhere Cloud, a free companion service)

Launching SpyAgent’s Primary Interface

Notifications of events can be sent instantly by email or text message. Emails can include both written and graphical explanations of an occurrence.

You may get a report detailing the actions of monitored users on a given day, presented in reverse chronological order.

SpyAgent’s SmartLogging functionality allows you to configure the application to begin recording only when you specify trigger words (typed or included in the name of an application, window title, or URL).

When using Spy Agent software, you may go through all the logs for a specific term or information. With SpyAgent’s integrated cross-referencing features, you can rapidly locate relevant information across many records.

Access logs and reports from anywhere, pause and restart monitoring, and explore more with the free SpyAnywhere Cloud companion service. Additional functionality, such as examining live screenshots, is available with a paid subscription to SpyAnywhere.

SpyAgent logs the addresses of the sites that its user accesses. Capturing Webmail content and all site content are also options. SpyAgent records the contents of the pages you view when you utilize them.

Can I Limit My Child’s Time In Front Of The TV With Spyagent?

This is true. However, the controls are relatively simplistic. It allows you to schedule automatic computer lockdowns in one-hour increments at specific periods throughout the day Daily, and it will be the same. You can’t customize your timetable so that it changes daily.

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There is no method to selectively allow some apps while blocking others based on the time of day while using SpyAgent to lock the computer.

When installed, SpyAgent secretly monitors and logs all activity on your computer. This monitoring software contains everything you need to keep tabs on a laptop, plus the ability to censor websites and content, prevent the use of chat clients, and send logs to you by email or FTP.

There is no extra cost to you, but if you click this link and make a purchase, we may receive a commission.

Which Browsers Are Supported By Spyagent?

SpyAgent boasts support for “All Popular Web-Browsers” and includes icons for Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. It functioned with Edge in my tests.

If you don’t need your kids to be lured into using a non-supported browser, you should remove all except the required ones. Use a non-Administrator user account on Windows to block your youngster from installing additional browsers.

Can You Tell Me How To Control Spyagent’s Preferences?

The settings for SpyAgent are altered on the computer where it is installed. The process requires you to suspend monitoring while you do it. Upon completing the modifications, the monitoring process can resume.

Remotely adjust preferences, pause and restart monitoring, delete logs, and remove SpyAgent with the help of SpyAnywhere Cloud, a free companion service.

In What Ways Is Spyagent Maintained And Updated?

According to the spy agent software, the changelog receives substantial upgrades from once to four times per year.

I have no idea how frequently the web filtering database is updated.

How Complicated Is It For My Child To Use Spyagent?

SpyAgent requires a password you create to turn off monitoring, alter its settings, or remove it.

How Many Computers And Email Addresses Does Spyagent Protect?

Either a single-PC or three-PC license may be purchased.

What Else Should I Know About Spy agent?

I think a few additional tidbits of information concerning Spy agent software are essential for you too.

It’s important to note that Spytech, the firm behind SpyAgent, is careful to clarify that their product is not malware. It shows how spyware may be secretly installed on a computer and how the information it gathers is then sold to advertisers. According to Spytech, the purchaser of SpyAgent is the only one with access to the acquired data, and the program is installed on the target computer by the owner.

As described by the firm, Splash Warning is a feature of the program that may be activated to notify users that their activity is being watched. This feature should remind your children that their actions are being monitored constantly. I would advise being open and honest with your children about the monitoring rather than using the program in “stealth” mode to spy on them.


Absolute Invisibility When Configuring a SpyAgent

If the buyer installs the program on a computer they own, as Spytech claims, then it is entirely lawful. Consumers may be breaking local, state, and federal laws if they use the purchased software on a device that is not their own.

You may restrict SpyAgent’s monitoring to specific users on your computer, protecting your account and any others you may have access to as an adult.

One of the many ways SpyAgent may be to use it as a keylogger or piece of software that keeps track of keystrokes. As a result, it can save the text entered into any program.

Some antivirus programs will detect SpyAgent as malicious since it is a keylogger. This is because keyloggers may be misused for covert surveillance purposes. SpyAgent must be allowed to be listed or ignored by antivirus software if detected.

  • SpyAgent can record conversations from various instant messaging services (WhatsApp, Skype, etc.).
  • SpyAgent can record sound using a computer’s microphone.
  • The PC’s camera may be used to snap pictures at predetermined intervals.
  • SpyAgent incorporates a remote desktop client that grants remote access to the computer.
  • Although the technology behind SpyAgent isn’t ancient, the interface has seen better days.
  • SpyAgent provides remote support through a help desk and in-depth online documentation.
  • SpyAgent was created by the Minnesota-based company Spytech. The company’s history dates back to 1998.

What Is The Price Tag For Spyagent?

If you wish to upgrade to a newer version of Spy Agent software, you will have to pay the difference in price between the older version and the one you are now licensed to use. To access premium services, such as seeing screenshots in real-time, you will need to subscribe to the SpyAnywhere Cloud companion service. The yearly fee is $19.95 per device.

Who Is SpyAgent Best For?

SpyAgent is best utilized if you wish to monitor and limit access to a Windows PC by minors. Since it is not compatible with any other hardware, it is of no use in any of the situations mentioned above. Kaspersky Safe Kids, Norton Family Premier, and other parental control software may be preferable if your children use gadgets outside a Windows PC (which they very likely do!). Even if your kids are the only ones in the house that use Windows, you’ll be more satisfied with any of the alternatives to Spy Agent software.

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