10 Best Donation Management Software

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Many religious and helping organizations are working in the world that collects money from donors and spends it on poor people and for some religious purposes. These organizations are working worldwide and get donations from different geographical places.

It is quite difficult to manage information of all donors and received money. Every organization needs a platform for many all such tasks.

What is the Donation Management Software?

Some online websites are providing solutions to assist organizations in managing their donations and other tasks. They keep records of all donors and arrange them in specific orders.


They are offering mobile apps for helping donors to donate money from their smartphones. They capture checks and online payments and keep a record of them.

Best Donation Management Software

Here is the list of Best Donation Management Software that includes all the tools for managing fundraising tasks.

1. Donor Tools

Donor Tools helps in online giving and donation management for NGO’s and non-profits. A user-friendly interface and instant customer service make it easy to manage donations. You can get online in-kind gifts, checks, and more donations instantly. It captures all donations and records them automatically in seconds.

This branded web page allows organizations to fill the form field, insert your logo, and start working online. It can receive donations from mobile devices, desktop computers, and kiosks. It offers low processing fees and a flat monthly fee for your plans. It does not provide complex feature comparison charts to increase complexity. It has integration with WePay to solve all solutions.



  • Simple charts
  • A branded web page


  • Receive donations
  • Get donations online


  • Errors in importing files


  • Start: Free
  • Pro: $9/month

Visit: Donor Tools

2. ClubRunner

ClubRunner is a powerful suite of tools to streamline processes and increase productivity. You can design a mobile-friendly website according to your style. You can synchronize district and club records in real-time and remove duplicate entries. Better manage your members by maintaining an updated secure directory.

Get reports to stay up-to-date about information about the organization. You can create registration forms with custom options and fields with the help of an online form designer. Besides, the program allows you to keep records do meetings, exemptions, and makeups and leaves of absences. It process member dues, online donations, event registrations, and accept credit card payments.

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  • District Version
  • Assistant Governor


  • Grants Module
  • Dues & Billing


  • Bit confusing navigation


  • Trial: Free
  • Lite: $18/month
  • Standard: $24.50/month
  • Admin: $19/month

Visit: ClubRunner

3. QuickBooks Non-Profit

QuickBooks Non-Profit is providing non-profit accounting solutions to facilitating in invoicing, donations, accounting, and bookkeeping. You can generate custom reports and organize revenue expenditures by program or fund. This fully customizable solution helps in tracking budgets in real-time. You can track financial reporting, grant management, donor management, bank reconciliations, and more.

The program facilitates you to access and store unlimited vendors, donors, and items. You can give permissions to users for over 115 numerous activities. Other useful features are church management, financial management, and donation management. You can integrate the solution with Kindful, Donorpath, and NeonCRM.


  • Future growth
  • Increase protection


  • Complete accounting
  • Automat program


  • Unlimited options to handle


  • Trial: Free
  • Start: $8/month
  • Essentials: $12/month
  • Plus: $21/month
  • Advanced: $45/month
  • Self-Employed: $1/month

Visit: QuickBooks Non-Profit

4. Givelify

Givelify is an advanced application that offers three tap experience for organizing the donations. The application helps you to use a donation app for managing your contributions. You can add a custom logo and image into the donation management dashboard. You have the option to set donation goals and start custom fundraising campaigns instantly.

It provides sophisticated and luxurious insights into giving patterns and track donations and fundraising campaigns. You can view your donation project on the monitor screen and get details of donors like their names and photos. Donations sent through mobile apps are deposited into your bank account automatically. Besides, you can integrate this solution with your financial management tool.


  • Customize branding
  • integrations


  • custom fundraising campaigns
  • multiple administration accounts


  • Fake accounts handling


  • Pro: 2.9% + $0.30 transaction fee

Visit: Givelify

5. Sustain

Sustain is one of the best donation management solution to enhance your experience. You can create constituent profiles and add new donations. It helps you to increase contributions, increase productivity, complete daily tasks, and streamline organization success. It has an intelligently created database for engaging and managing your donors.

You can create marketing campaigns and execute them to determine overall success. Use the Sustain sync function to manage your web donations. An SQL database engine is behind the program for flexible and fast reporting and data storage services. Besides, it offers custom report features, custom portals, custom email forms, and custom home pages.

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  • Custom portals
  • Marketing campaigns


  • SQL database
  • Reporting services


  • Limited control


  • Trial: Free
  • Pro: Get a quote

Visit: Sustain

6. FundRaiser Family

FundRaiser Family is an affordable and intuitive solution created to fit any budget. You can install the database on your local network or access your data online. The program includes powerful tools like customizable interface, unlimited donors, and built-in letter templates.

It helps organizations to create stronger relationships with donors, make more effective campaigns, get more money, and growing constituency. It has an advanced customer service and technical support to strengthen, expand, and improve your mission. This efficient program is providing services to more than 5000 non-profit organizations worldwide. It includes a built-in growth path and low prices for organizations.


  • Integrated growth path
  • Extensive standard features


  • Unrivaled customer service
  • Multiple installation options


  • Limited functionality in design functions


  • Trial: Free
  • Spark: $69/month
  • Select: $179/month
  • Professional: $349/month

Visit: FundRaiser Family

7. Fundly CRM

Fundly CRM is providing an easy and fast solution for fundraising to non-profit organizations. It is offering mobile apps for Android and iOS users to accept online donations from smartphones. Create and market your campaigns using their tips, guides, and tutorials. You can generate a website page for your organization and share it instantly to collect the online donation.

Make a Facebook page to spread your fundraising on the social network. You can get the help of your family, friends, and colleagues for raising campaigns for you using the guidance given by Fundly CRM. You can add images, videos, or fundraising ideas to your campaign page to share with your family and friends.


  • Mobile fundraising
  • Customize the donation page


  • Facebook page
  • Non-profit organizations


  • Hard to learn reporting feature


  • Trail: Free
  • Pro: Contact the vendor

Visit: Fundly CRM

8. Givily

Givily is an attractive donation management solution to get new ideas and streamline your processes. You can track critical data and uncover the best opportunities. It can maximize brand recognition, increase community engagement, increase transparency, and built trust. You can find the impactful giving opportunities related to your business and mission goals.

You can manage and track corporate giving data and engage donors more strategically. The program allows you to make relationships and carry out the company’s mission with ease and clarity. You can build your brand credibility and open a manageable inbox.

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  • Spot marketing opportunities
  • Create brand creditability


  • Real-time dashboard
  • Maximize brand recognition


  • Short on reporting


  • Demo: Free
  • Pro: Ask the vendor

Visit: Givily

9. CrowdChange

CrowdChange is a fast and reliable solution for managing donation details. The application facilitates users to integrate with available CRM to send donor details to an existing database. You can combine this solution with popular platforms like RE, salesforce, and donorperfect. You have the option to turn on or off the given features according to your requirements.

The program provides popular tools for fundraising like general donations, recurring donations, gift matching, team and personal pages, and event registration. Besides, it helps organizations regarding sponsorships, merchandise sales, tribute cards, and peer to peer fundraising. Work with detailed donor reports, custom email templates, social media sharing, and CRM platforms


  • Bilingual
  • Automatic tax receipting


  • Detailed donor reports
  • Email templates


  • Difficulty in navigation


  • Demo: Free
  • Pro: Call the vendor

Visit: CrowdChange

10. DonorStudio

DonorStudio is an advanced donation management platform that connects organizations with donors and creates relationships. Their excellent CRM experience helps organizations to engage donors in a friendly manner. It provides new reports, utilization audits, custom entities, custom actions, and custom file processing.

It offers solutions for IT related tasks like IT planning, general and special IT Projects, IT best practice audits, and Hosted Office 365. It helps in implementing new features, creating integrations, and offers onsite and remote training. It has a cloud hosting service of Microsoft Azure to provide you secure access and provide functions like virtual networks, azure automation, and storage blobs.


  • Make integrations
  • Remote training


  • Custom development


  • Some periodical issue


  • Demo: Free
  • Pro: $50,000

Visit: DonorStudio

The Verdict

These top ten donation management applications are offering tools to create marketing campaigns and spread them on social networks to get more donations.

They allow users to create personalized web pages and mobile apps with their brand name and logo. They track donations, keep a record of them, and provide audit reports related to funds and donations.

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