10 Best Campaign Management Software

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Unlimited marketing campaigns are running in the world, such as print campaigns, trade show campaigns, ad campaigns, and email campaigns. But all these feel confusing sometimes. Some management is necessary to run all these campaigns. Campaign management needs timely execution, diligent planning, and excellent knowledge about the campaign. Generally, campaign management is the planning, tracking, and implementation of marketing tasks.

The campaign requires many pushes to buyers through social media, email, print media, surveys, and giveaways. Campaign management is necessary to boost up your advertisement projects. Most of the famous companies do not advertise their products themselves. But they work with different advertising companies for such purpose, and these companies only get projects from different companies to promote their products.

These companies have to manage projects given by various companies, and it is challenging and time taking task. For such purpose, Campaign management is an essential thing for such companies. Then these companies collaborate with campaign management applications to run their systems. These campaign management apps work with advertising teams to manage their different projects automatically.


What is Campaign Management Software?

Campaign Management Software are specific cloud-based applications designed to help advertising companies to increase their business and save time for their projects. These campaign management programs also provide aggregate reports about your advertisements. In some applications, you can share data like images, files, links, and videos to share with your colleagues and teammates. These applications are also offering iOS and Android apps for smartphone users so you can manage your work directly from your smartphone.

Plus, you can synchronize your data on all devices to make the program up-to-date. These programs provide real-time reports about the performance of your business and also offer suggestions to make your business faster. They assist users in getting emails directly on your websites and answering them right from your workplace. Some applications are also giving plugins for web browsers to share information directly from the browser. Most advanced campaign management applications have integration with Dropbox and Google Docs to boost up advertisements.


Best Campaign Management Software

Here is the list of Best Campaign Management Software that are providing effective services for marketing and internal management online and offers advanced tools and features for campaign management.

1. Adobe Campaign

Adobe Campaign is a robust, practical, and fabulous application for self-management of a business. It is providing an efficient area for internal management and marketing. This application offers administration, optimization, and automation of internal and external electronic mails. It enables the user to monitor reports and create customized maps in real-time. The program provides all data and information of your clients on a single screen to optimize your work time.

The free version is excellent for small companies, but the large organization should get the paid version. It is a completely personalize application that facilitates users to send emails to customers with the flexibility to boost sales. You can analyze each client and his needs to make his satisfy and build solid relationships with him. This program is for a marketing specialist to work with comfort and full efficiency.

A campaign automation system is there to view an increase in sales in a short time. Adobe Campaign’s apps are also available for iOS and Android users so they can access its service all the time and get information when necessary. Multiple templates are part of it to design the campaigns. Understandable and easy to use interface provide fast response all the time.


  • Adobe environment
  • Multi-channel experience
  • Attract new customers


  • Personalized service
  • Analyze each client
  • Campaign automation system
  • iOS and Android versions


  • Hard to use for new users


  • Demo: Free
  • Pro: Ask the vendor

Visit: Adobe Campaign

2. Wrike

Wrike is an award-winning application for online project management. This program can increase the efficiency and speed of work in distributed and co-located groups. It has the functionality to allow multifunctional groups to work together from a single platform. Professionals can prioritize, discuss, schedule, and keep track of progress and collaborate in real-time. It is managing the working of world-famous companies like Stanford University, Google, HTC, EA Sports, and Adobe.

Enterprise-grade audit reports enable the admin to monitor group and individual activities to prevent any malicious activity. Enterprise customers can launch audit reports to check external and internal threats and protect operations and data. Work with its features to make marketing teams to manage tasks accurately and rapidly. A complete list of useful integrations to make the work fast. Email integration facilitates you to produce, assign, and documents from your email account directly.

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Work with Google Drive connection to collaborate with your partners, send and share files. The program works flawlessly with Dropbox, Jira, Zapier, Salesforce, and MS Project, and many other apps for the best workflow. It assists you in creating Global Reports that display project information in eight categories. The Performance Chart can show upcoming project tasks with their deadlines. Besides, you can divide your projects into small tasks and manage these tasks by performing them in specific activities.


  • Task management
  • Interactive timeline
  • Real-time newsfeed
  • Document collaboration
  • Android and iPhone apps


  • Task prioritization
  • Customized reports
  • Time-tracking
  • Email-integration
  • Workload management


  • Expensive
  • The interface is not intuitive


  • Free Plan: Free
  • Professional Plan: $9.80/user/month
  • Business Plan: $24.80/user/month
  • Wrike for Marketers: $34.60/user/month
  • Enterprise Plan: By quote

Visit: Wrike

3. Zoho Campaigns

Zoho Campaigns is an email marketing application created to create, monitor, and deliver email campaigns to boost the customer base and sales. The application can expand your business performance because it has integration with multiple third-party applications like G Suite, WordPress, YouTube, SurveyMonkey, and Facebook. A drag-and-drop editor and pre-designed templates allow you to make campaigns instantly.

Moreover, this online solution can follow up emails and optimizes email marketing for autoresponders, workflows, and trigger-based emails. Zoho is providing an instant solution for personalizing email interactions and increasing engagement for more effective campaigns. It uses automation to perform your tasks automatically so that you can only focus on more important things for your campaign. Autoresponders are there to respond to a new subscriber or new purchase.

You can work with reminders for special events and use subscription renewals to make a connection with subscribers. Besides, the admin can get subscriber information from Excel or Zoho CRM, and create incorporate signup forms and segments. This open-source application has a drag and drop interface with a customizable layout. The admin can insert visual elements into the newsletter and work with an image editor to crop, adjust, and enhance images.


  • Social statistics
  • Sync from Zoho CRM
  • Sync contacts
  • Measure engagements
  • Chain campaigns
  • Scheduled sending
  • Newsletter templates


  • Track recipient activity
  • Drag and drop editor
  • Customizable layout


  • No custom reports
  • Glitchy Personalization


  • Trial: Free
  • Email-based Plan: $32/year
  • Subscriber-based Plan: $54/year
  • Pay by email credits: $6

Visit: Zoho Campaigns

4. Postalytics

Postalytics is a cloud-based campaign management application that can insert direct mail to your marketing automatically. It will rout your mail instantly, and digital commercial printers are there for bar-coding, postage, printing, and delivery to USPS. It will assist your CRM And marketing automation with automated workflow. Besides, the program performs onboarding, event registrations, email non-responders, and dormant accounts automatically.

Integrated mailing lists of occupants, businesses and consumers will grow your business instantly. You will send messages with personalized postcards and letters. Besides, you can work with favorite Adobe tools, use professionally designed and free templates as well as track personalized content. This online system includes real-time dashboards to view complete details of emails.

You can keep track of delivered emails and responses to your mails. Postalytics will synchronize the information into the Marketing Automation Platform or CRM. Moreover, it contains the Mail template library, High res images, full asset manager, arrangement, style, alignment, and effects. It can save unlimited contact lists, multi-user access rights, as well as conversation and status change notifications.


  • Behavioral segmentation
  • User change logging
  • Contact lists
  • Asset manager
  • High result images
  • Standard mail options
  • Logic personalization


  • Print charts
  • Page personalization tools
  • Conversion notifications
  • Multi-drop campaigns


  • Few bugs within the platform


  • Free Plan: Free
  • Parketer Plan: $199/month
  • Pro & Agency Plans: $399/month

Visit: Postalytics


TUNE is a partner marketing platform designed to create, manage, and boost up networks. This flexible and customizable SaaS platform increase marketing collaborations across web and mobile. It assists advertisers and networks to get the right set of tools to grow businesses. Some popular brands, advertising networks, and affiliate marketers are using this program to boost up their work. It has the aim to provide 100% security for tracking.

The application can facilitate the admin to export and compare reliable and accurate information to the database for better business decisions. It enables agents to communicate with customers and clients efficiently. This cloud-based system can offer online support, share support documentation, and organize live training. It tracks different devices, platforms, and metrics as well as provide support for both desktop and mobile data.

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Besides, it offers integration for unlimited third-party applications. The understandable interface helps users to make campaigns instantly and customize performance advertising in a great manner. This advanced hub can tracks, manages, and measure thousands of publishers. Work with it to get real-time customer feedback for design innovations and decisions. It has a full feature development cycle and reliable customer support.


  • Lead generation
  • Campaign optimization
  • Full customization
  • Fraud detection
  • Offer exchange
  • Ad networks


  • Email management
  • Real-time reports
  • Customer support
  • Links tracking
  • Employee management
  • Advertiser management


  • Poor product
  • High price


  • Trial: Free
  • Professional: $279/month
  • Enterprise: $799/month
  • Elite: Contact the vendor

Visit: Tune

6. AdHawk

AdHawk is a digital advertising optimization platform that enables you to get real-time updates from a clutter-free and beautiful dashboard. The application connects with your Google AdWord and Facebook Ads account to manage them from a single platform. The program read out the trends in your data to know “what is effecting your campaign performance.” It gets a piece of complete information about your advertising tasks to make a roadmap to increase your business.

Work with it to increase ROI and maximize advertising investments. The program includes a team of advertising experts to take care of all your advertising accounts. They work with optimization platform to maximize your advertising investments. It keeps track of your web and mobile app dashboards and provides a full view of your activities.

Powerful machine algorithms are behind this program to analyze your data to create knowledge about your advertising tasks. Then it offers suggestions to apply to your advertising campaign. It sends weekly basis reports in your email, facilitating you to analyze changes in your performance. You can print this PDF-format file and share it with your colleagues for the next strategy. An appealing dashboard is there to analyze complex spreadsheets.


  • Dayparting
  • Optimize keywords
  • Relocate budgets
  • Audience locator
  • Device delivery


  • Dashboard for Mobile app
  • Customizable Dashboard
  • Weekly reports
  • Weekly news and trends
  • Aggregate reporting


  • Missing account manager


  • AdHawk Assistant: Contact the vendor
  • AdHawk Managed Services: Contact vendor

Visit: AdHawk

7. Workfront

Workfront or AtTask is a great project management application for project management and work management. This scalable, comprehensive, and effective solution provides a 360-degree view of your targets. This program can spot trends and issues, take total control, and optimize projects. This program helps sales specialists, executives, and administrative personals to become aware of every condition. It uses a grassroots approach and offers a single platform of management.

The program allows you to perform tasks by working robust methodologies like Agile and Waterfall. Workfront combines these two tools along many other social collaboration features to provide the best performance for your advertisements. A timesheet management portal assists the admin in making and managing timesheets of team members. These timesheets capture hours of tasks, issues, and projects.

Team members can perform their jobs and time, as well as managers can approve their timesheets. Managers and project teams can work with unlimited configurable reports and 80 standard reports to get complete information about their work and to make better decisions. Interactive Gantt chart and real-time reporting provide full visibility on the project progress. Other exciting tools are a portfolio, time, and resource management. Admins can get the alerting, reporting, and routing of process events.


  • Resource management
  • GANTT charts
  • Capacity planning
  • Request management
  • Workflow automation
  • Approvals


  • Document management
  • Online proofing
  • Time tracking
  • Updates and notifications
  • Outlook integrations
  • Mobile access


  • Too many attributes
  • The interface is not intuitive


  • Workfront Team Plan: By quote
  • Workfront Pro Plan: By quote
  • Workfront Business Plan: By quote
  • Workfront Enterprise Plan: By quote

Visit: Workfront

8. SocialPilot

SocialPilot is a social media marketing and scheduling cloud-based application for social media professionals and agencies. Over 40,000 social media teams and agencies have the experience to work with this fast platform. It facilitates professionals to boost up the efficiency of efforts and strategies. The program is easily accessible for businesses of all industries. The starter plan offers three connected profiles to examine the features of this application.

From a single account, a professional can share 500 posts and link these posts to over 2000 social profiles. He can create and share unlimited messages with his audience. It provides a browser extension for Safari, Firefox, and chrome, enabling the user to share anything from the internet. Use this browser extension to share posts to Twitter or Facebook timeline. Social media calendar helps to visualize social media sharing strategies.

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With this platform, an admin can invite his team to share ideas, communicate, and work in collaboration. Besides, he can make great posts by uploading a CSV file. Work with SocialPilot to insert your branding on Facebook with flexibility and customization. It offers robust social media analytics to boost social media marketing. Client management tool allows you to manage accounts of your clients instantly.


  • Post scheduler
  • Single interface
  • Scheduling calendar
  • Collaboration
  • Bulk scheduling


  • URL shortening integration
  • Client management
  • Social media analytics
  • Native apps
  • Browser extension


  • Only for small businesses


  • SocialPilot Lite Plan: Free
  • Individual Plan: $10/month
  • Professional Plan: $24/month
  • Small Team Plan: $40/month
  • Agency Plan: $80/month

Visit: SocialPilot

9. TapClicks

TapClicks is a cloud-based solution for branding, media, and marketing companies. It offers all in one marketing platform with management, analytics, and reporting tools. The program has integration with over 150 third party programs to enhance its functionality. The customizable cloud-based interface facilitates organizations and companies to monitor their marketing campaign’s performance. It automates the marketing efforts using reports and data analytics.

More than 500 popular marketing companies and media houses are working with TapClicks to promote their work. The data visualization tools like geo-mapping, graphs, and charts are to represent market data in a good manner. The advertising agencies work with this program to improve their marketing efforts. Admins can share stats and reports of customers to enhance customer loyalty. Marketers can personalize their dashboards according to the requirements of clients.

This user-friendly solution assists business managers and professionals to boost their advertising performance and ensure better ROI. With a customized dashboard, managers can take over of thousands of clients. The program is useful for client management and marketing management. Data visualization and limiting client viewing are also its basic tools. The program provides automated reports as well as notifications and alerts for your important tasks.


  • Import and export data
  • Scheduling
  • Integrations
  • Limited client viewing
  • Notifications and alerts
  • Automated reports
  • Data visualization


  • Manage clients
  • Manage markets
  • Customizable dashboards
  • Reporting
  • Statistics and analytics


  • Difficult to use for beginners


  • Trial: Free
  • Quote-base Plan: Contact the vendor

Visit: TapClicks

10. Folloze

Folloze is an online management and content curation application for business use. The program engages clients and colleagues with great content like images, links, files, and videos. Beautiful content boards allow you to get in touch with groups and monitor the content of your work. Salespersons work with Folloze to track the competition. Your team can engage clients with mood boards and curate data for different projects.

This application can monitor the activity level by companies, customers, or users over different periods. It allows you to evaluate the propagation pattern of content. It provides the Stats to display prospect engagement. Work with this cloud-based platform to organize content for fast-moving tasks, deals, research, or projects. You will get activity and level of engagement on each content board. Besides, you can share content with a certain group.

You have the chance to cooperate with certain people inside or outside the organization. You can insert files from any source such as local folders, file-sharing systems, or enterprise systems such as SharePoint, Jive, and as well as websites like LinkedIn, SlideShare or YouTube. You can monitor the details of your shared content and make notes to work with multiple people.


  • Send content
  • Measure propagation patterns
  • Analyze activity level
  • Monitor shared content


  • View content engagement
  • Enables guests to access content
  • Curate files
  • Collaborate with specific persons


  • Limited campaign management features


  • Quote-based Plan: Contact vendor

Visit: Folloze

The Verdict

Above mentioned applications are providing all the necessary features and tools for online project management. These applications can improve the efficiency of work. Most of these applications offer integrations with unlimited third-party applications to boost up the functionality of applications and facilitate you to work fast. Most of these applications are providing customizable dashboards, and you can view all the details of your ongoing advertising projects instantly.

These programs allow you to share your data on social websites to advertise your business more efficiently. Most of these programs offer pre-designed templates for efficient workflows. Some platforms allow you to manage your multiple accounts from the dashboard instantly.

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