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Sometimes you have a wired connection on your system and you need an Internet connection for your smartphones or tabs. In a similar way, in a friend group, you have a single wifi connection and you want to provide connections to your friends through wireless communication. For this purpose, Wifi hotspot is created using Virtual Router technique. Virtual Router is a simple way of sharing the Internet with other wifi enabled devices. For this purpose, multiple programs are present in the market that can convert your system into Virtual WiFi Router and use your dial-up, cable modem, or cellular internet connection for sharing a purpose. Using these programs, you can share your Internet with other Internet-enabled devices like laptops, smartphones, wireless printers, or netbooks. Here is the list of Best Free Virtual Router Software applications that can make your computer a Virtual Router for sharing the Internet. Most of these programs are providing security using WPA2 PSK technique so that an unauthorized person can’t access your Internet.

1. VirtualRouter Plus

VirtualRouter Plus is a comprehensive program that allows you to utilize your system as a method to connect other devices to the Internet. So you can share your Internet connection with any Wi-Fi enabled device like a tablet or a smartphone. The primary interface of VirtualRouter Plus facilitates you to configure the connection by furnishing the name of the network, the password that users have to insert to get the new wireless network, as well as choose the connection you need to share. You have to press the ‘Start’ button and your Wi-Fi network is ready to use. After completion of the setup process, you will get a notification message and the program will start running in the system tray silently. The program is using the WPA2 protocol for the security of connections, providing you surety that the data transfer is secure.

2. My WiFi

My WiFi is a handy and reliable software program that facilitates you to create a virtual router through your system or laptop. My WiFi is a portable application, so it works without installation and you can save anywhere on the system. Using your laptop or system, you can create and deploy Wi-Fi hotspot to share your internet to utilize it in smart devices if you don’t contain any physical Wi-Fi router. In addition, you have the option to configure how many time you need. The interface of My WiFi is plain and intuitive where you can work smoothly.


3. Connectme – (Hotspot)

Connectme – (Hotspot) is a lightweight software program that can help the user to change his system or laptop into a Wi-Fi router. You should have .Net Framework installed on your system if you want to work properly with this program. So, you can share your broadband or dial-up Internet connection with Wireless devices like smartphones, tabs, etc. it provides you the opportunity to create a customized virtual Wifi router by selecting a broadcast name and a password for your virtual router. The application is using WPA2-PSK method for encrypting the password, which is one of the most secure methods for encryption. It furnishes you with valuable statistics about the status of your virtual router. You have the option to check the channel used, the BSSID of your network, and the number of devices connected to your network. Plus, the program can save your current router configuration, so that you don’t have to create virtual wireless network again and again.


4. Virtual WiFi Router

Virtual WiFi Router is easy to manage a program that allows the user to convert his system into a WiFi hotspot and connect to other people. So, the user can easily transform his system into Virtual Network and share the Internet connection with other devices. The intuitive interface of Virtual WiFi Router contains few configuration options and you can access the Interface by left clicking on the system tray icon. To create a virtual network, you have to specify the name of the wireless network, as well as choose the connection you need to share from the available ones. Clicking the ‘Configure’ button display a new window, where you can insert and confirm the password that other devices have to use to connect to the virtual network. After completion of the process, the activates the new WiFi connection and work silently in the system tray.

5. MO Virtual Router

MO Virtual Router is a small and lightweight software program that can easily transform your computer or laptop into a virtual access point, facilitating other wireless devices to connect to the Internet through a shared connection. The plain interface of MO Virtual Router contains all the necessary configuration options in a single window. You have to insert the name of the new virtual network, as well as the password for others who want to use Wi-Fi connection on their wireless devices. Only you have to press the ‘Create Wi-Fi Point’ to create and activate a wireless network. A Wi-Fi enabled device like tablets, phones and laptops can detect it and connect to the Internet through the new hotspot. It works without installation, so you can run it through a removable drive directly. Overall, it is a more intuitive way of creating a virtual Wi-Fi network and sharing the internet with other wireless devices.

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6. MyPublicWiFi

MyPublicWiFi is an intuitive and reliable program that has the facility to convert a computer into a WiFi Access Point, facilitating the user to share his Internet connection with other users having wireless devices. It is the best program for home use, as well as in large environments like meeting rooms, cafes, hotels, and virtually anywhere you need a wireless Internet connection. The simple interface of MyPublicWiFi enables you to setup the network in just a few clicks. To create a virtual router, you have to use the default network name and key that the program furnishes at startup. You should select a stronger password for authentication and a more portable name so that you can easily recognize your network without facing any problem. In addition, you have the option to block file sharing programs and Peer 2 Peer clients like BitTorrent, Donkey, and other programs inside the WiFi hotspot.

7. Winhotspot

Winhotspot is an efficient program that provides you an easy way to create a virtual Wi-Fi hotspot. The program uses a single Internet connection to create a network that shares its resources with anyone that contains the right authentication login and password. Winhotspot is one of the popular Virtual router programs due to its ease of use and accessibility. To create a virtual network, you have to select the Internet connection you want to share, then set a name and password for other users to access the Internet connection. By pressing the ‘Start’ button, your connection will become available to users having a device with WiFi support. It shows all connected clients in another window, with some additional details like MAC and IP address, as well as you can get Wifi stats in a separate window like channel, SSID , and signal. In addition, it contains upload or download statistics and shortcuts to Window’s Network Diagnostics program.

8. Virtual Router Manager

Virtual Router Manager is a comprehensive virtual Router program that can easily convert your home or work system into a Wi-Fi hotspot, allowing you to share one of the available networks. This program is very easy to configure, with few details necessary to successfully create the wireless hotspot. To create a new Virtual wifi network, you have to input the network name and the password, which are necessary for the security of your new wireless connection. Moreover, you can choose one shared connection and provides the Internet to the connected peers. Virtual Router Manager is using WPA2 encryption method for extra security and requires a password of at least 8 characters. It works fast on Windows 7 and requires administrator privileges to share a specific network. Overall, Virtual Router Manger a handy program if you want to create a wireless hotspot using minimum configuration options.

9. mhotspot

mhotspot is a free and handy software program that can convert your Windows 7 & 8 laptop into a virtual router and set up a secure wifi hotspot. You have the option to share single internet connection such as Ethernet, LAN, 3G/4G, Data-Card, Wifi) for multiple devices like Android phones, iPhones, Laptops, PDAs, and iPads. This program allows you to connect up to 10 devices to the virtual network as well as you can view the details of the connected devices like IP address, Name, and Mac Address. In addition, view the network usage like Transfer rates, Download and Upload Speed, as well as secure wireless connection with the help of WPA2 PSK password security. You have the facility to extend your Wifi range and you can set the maximum number of devices to be connected.

10. Maryfi

Maryfi is a straightforward software program that facilitates you to utilize your system to create a wireless network to furnish Internet access to any Wifi enabled devices such as phones, tabs, gaming systems, and laptops. Using virtual wifi router, you can share an Internet connection with your friends in coffee shops, hotels, or airports. However, you should have Microsoft Virtual Wi-Fi Adapter installed on your computer if you want to work properly with Maryfi. The simplistic interface of Maryfi contains all the settings in plain view which makes accessible to all the categories in the Audience. Only you have to insert the Wi-Fi name, along with a password and to click the ‘Start Hotspot’ button. After completion of the setup process, you can start sharing your connection. Provide a password to your friends or colleagues so that they can access the Internet using your virtual wifi router.

11. WiFi HotSpot Creator

WiFi HotSpot Creator is a comprehensive software program that allows you to get access to the Internet from your mobile device by utilizing your system as wireless router hotspot. WiFi HotSpot Creator is easy to configure solution having the aim to convert your system or laptop into a portable Wifi hotspot. This program relies on .NET Framework for working, so make sure that it is present on your computer. The application contains a default set of features in modern Windows iterations. WiFi HotSpot Creator offers support for an unlimited number of users and contains all configuration options in a single window, so you can set up the whole process in no time. To create a Virtual Router Network, insert the name of the network or SSID, the passphrase or password, and the NIC that shows the network connection you want to share with wireless devices. After that click the “Start” button to share your personal Internet connection.

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12. Perfect Hotspot

Perfect Hotspot is easy to use program that provides you the facility to convert your system into a Wireless hotspot. It works as a virtual router, enabling you to connect to the web through a number of devices like smartphones, tablets, cameras or wireless printers, and much more. In this way, you can use your social media account or access different websites without sitting in the front of your system. after initializing the program, you have to insert many ‘HotSpot Information’ elements such as set a ‘Wifi Name’ and insert a password to secure your Internet connection from unauthorized people. Plus, you have the option to choose the share point if you have multiple internet connections. After configuring all the details, just press the ‘Start Hotspot’ button present in the lower part of the of application’s window.

13. Easy Wi-Fi

Easy Wi-Fi is a powerful and handy software program that can help any type of person to transform his system into a Wifi hotspot. So, you have the facility to share your Internet connection with other devices by converting your system into a wireless hotspot. To work with this program, you have to change the Internet Connection Sharing to enables others to utilize your network through Easy Wi-Fi. After finishing this process, go to the “Create/Modify” pane to insert a network name (SSID) and security key. The interface of Easy Wi-Fi has a minimal design and contains to tabs that can help you to browse through Wifi hotspot configurations and details related your network. The latter one shows information just like SSID name, the name of the network, the maximum number of users, type of authentication, as well as a number of sent and received bytes. Moreover, you can export all the data present in the program to a TXT file format as well as can show or hide the security key using a click.

14. Wi-Host

Wi-Host is an effective program that facilitates you to share your Internet connection and set up a wireless hotspot using few clicks. To create a hosted network with wireless connectivity, you will have to assign a name or SSID, a password, and choose the authentication type. After that press the ‘Start’ Hosted Network’ button to share your Internet connection. All the commands present in the simple interface of Wi-Host are easily accessible and you can customize them on the spot. This application provides you a way to the necessary settings and shows the procedure in details. The primary window of Wi-Host enables you to set up the hosted network and see its current status all times. The extra, neat and clean tool of Wi-Host can read and show the wireless adapter settings, so you can check out all the capabilities of your device.

15. Virtual Router Simplicity

Virtual Router Simplicity is a stable virtual router software application which enables the user to create a virtual Wifi hotspot without using any configuration. It is handy program when you want to share your Internet access through wireless. This simplistic GUI tool helps you to create such Wifi router just in one click. It is a portable program present in the zip package and you can extract it anywhere on the system. the program provides you full control over the Virtual Router because it contains advanced configurations which allow you to alter settings like SSID and password. After initializing the program, you can start a Wifi hotspot immediately. If any error occurs in the virtual network, a pure English explanation will describe the reason of cause.

16. WifiSpot

WifiSpot is handy and efficient software program that enables the user to turn his computer into a wireless hotspot on the fly. This program can help you to easily set up a wireless access point for wifi enabled devices to connect to right on your system. WifiSpot is a simple and lighter program with an elementary graphical user interface where you can make your configuration settings with ease. To create a virtual Wifi Network, you have to provide the name of the connection, password, and select the Internet connection you want to share with other wireless devices. Overall, WifiSpot is the light solution for those who want to share their Internet connection without using any configuration options.

17. MyRouter

MyRouter is a handy and reliable virtual Wifi Router that is the best program for those who are finding a fast, simple and reliable way of creating a hotspot. This application facilitates you to create a virtual Wifi router using your personal computer and shares your Internet connection with many users at the same time. MyRouter has a comprehensive interface that can help you to easily configure routing options. To create a new network, insert a name for the connection, select the network, set a password, and set the maximum number of users that are allowed to access your network. In addition to Internet sharing, you have the option to share files across the created network. This program can easily handle files up to 2GB and makes it the best solution for mobile offices and small business. You can use this application to send presentations, work documents, reports, and invoices. Using MyRouter, you can send multimedia content to different devices for playback.

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18. Connectify Hotspot

Connectify Hotspot is a simple to use Virtual Wi-Fi router that allows you to create a Wifi hotspot with the help of a large range of settings for connection sharing. By turning your wireless-capable system into a virtual router, you can use the same Internet connection on different devices. The interface of Connectify Hotspot is clean and intuitive where you can perform the whole process without any trouble. You can do the configuration process in a minute, just select the hotspot name, the password, the security mode, the WiFi connection to be used, and select whether to enable Internet sharing or not. The program provides you full control over your wireless network, so you will know who is using your Wifi Internet connection. With the help of advanced features, you have the facility to explore shared resources from the devices that are connected to your computer.

19. Free WiFi Hotspot

Free WiFi Hotspot is a comprehensive program that enables you to share your wireless connection with your colleagues or friends. The clean and intuitive and clean interface of Free WiFi Hotspot helps you to configure the dedicated parameters using minimum effort. You have the facility to create a wireless hotspot by furnishing details about the hotspot name and encryption password. You can select from different network connection types supported by the program, view details about the Internet connection, check the status of the hotspot, as well as start or stop the process. Free WiFi Hotspot performs the tasks very quickly and does not require much system resources to work with.

20. SDR Free Virtual Wifi Router

SDR Free Virtual Wifi Router is a lightweight software program that has the ability to convert your Wifi-enabled system into a Virtual Wifi Router. The basic-looking interface of the program makes it approachable for even inexperienced people. If you want to work properly with SDR Free Virtual Wifi Router, you should have a Wireless adapter, either integrated or connected through a USB. To start working, insert the name of the network you want to share and the password to prevent unauthorized people from connecting to it. You can select the Internet source from the dedicated drop & down menu if multiple options are present. In addition, you can set the maximum number of accepted users, if you don’t want to put much pressure on your Internet connection. Finally, click on the ‘Start Virtual Router’ button to allow people to share your connection.

21. PCTuneUp WiFi Hotspot Creator

PCTuneUp WiFi Hotspot Creator is a lightweight virtual router application that facilitates you to quickly turn your system or laptop into a wireless hotspot without having any professional or existing level experience. This free network program can help you to create a Wi-Fi connection using your laptop or system as a wireless router, so you can access the Internet on your smartphone using this hotspot. The application also provides security to your Wireless internet sharing and keep it away from the people who want to use the Internet for free. This program enables you to set your SSID & password using industry standard WPA2 PSK security to secure your hotspot from unauthorized people. The application shows detailed network information of the hosted network status & settings and you can view easily the hosted network settings like hosted network status, hostname, Windows IP configuration, and the password.

22. Internet Sharing

Internet Sharing is a reliable plugin for Accurate Printer Monitor that facilitates you to send and receive data easily and quickly to an FTP server or an e-mail account. This program is compatible with SFTP, SMTP, HTTP, FTP, and HTTPS protocols and provides you the opportunity to send the data in a secure manner gathered by Accurate Printer Monitor, to avoid unauthorized interceptions. This program can send data to multiple recipients at the same time, enabling individual configurations for each connection you initiate such as you can change the host address and port number, set the connection name and type, as well as configure the sender’ e-mail credentials. In addition, you have the option to insert a custom message body and subject or utilize a custom e-mail template. The Internet Sharing plugin helps the user to rename the files and compress the data optionally, as well as save the output to ZIP format, to reduce size.

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