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It is the list of best spreadsheets software which are available for windows free of cost. Best Free Spreadsheet software provides a lot of features such as data analysis, numbers crunching, create formulas, graphs and charts, complex calculations, data/time functions, making pivot tables, cell formatting, sum function, statistical functions, multiplication function, look up functions, main functions, division functions, data validation, data sorting, and data filtering. These applications are quite useful for creating spreadsheets according to your choice. Some of these utilities are useful for creating documents for home use and some are best for students and scholars for their research work.

1. Kingsoft Spreadsheets

Kingsoft Spreadsheets is a spreadsheet program which enables the users to create spreadsheets with great assistance. This application is a good alternative to Microsoft Excel and has compatibility to both read and edit .xls and .xlsx file formats. plus, this program can also produce other file formats such as .et, CSV, .txt, .pdf, and .dbf. it provides you the opportunity to send a Kingsoft Spreadsheets’s created file to someone who is using Microsoft Excel and he will open it on Microsoft Excel easily. The basic features of Kingsoft Spreadsheets are graphical tools, a calculator, multiple different spreadsheet template options and some others tools for complex data analysis. Further, the application has two different interface options for selection. Some new features are added to the new version of Kingsoft Spreadsheets. The application contains over 100 commonly used formulas and ability to encrypt documents to provide security.

2. Household Budget Worksheet

Household Budget Worksheet is a simple and reliable software application which contains a long list of budget categories and items specially designed for a family or household budgeting. This special application enables you to compare your Projected Budget with your Income and actual Expenses. You can use conditional formatting to highlight cells with negative values in red or green if positive. The summary table of Household Budget Worksheet totals up your income and expenses and further calculates the NET amount as income less expense. You can use the additional cell to use for recording balance of the previous month. If you have a negative value of the NET, it means that you have overspent your monthly budget. Its template has a bar chart which is useful to visually present totals taken from every budget category for both “Actual” and “Budget” columns.


3. Gnumeric

Gnumeric is an intuitive and simple software application that contains many useful tools which allow you to perform complex calculations, generate statistics, and insert charts. It is a window utility which facilitates the user to manipulate and analyze numerical data using spreadsheets, as well as create graphical plots with the help of line graphs, and radar or pie charts. The application contains many configuration settings and GUI of Gnumeric is clean and intuitive. It offers support for a large range of file formats such as XLS, DIF, HTML, CSV, DB, PLN, ODS, PX, DBF, plain text formats, and others. Further, you can print or export the generated information to the aforementioned file formats. the user has the facility to use many editing tools for cut, copy, paste and delete the information, add, delete, or merge cells and columns, embed comments and hyperlinks, as well as zoom in or out of the working area.

4. Myrtle

Myrtle is a simple and reliable programmable spreadsheet and statistical analyzing application. The application is specially designed for learning statistics. from this utility, you can get standard spreadsheet functionality such as multiple tabbed sheets, a large catalog of built-in functions, and relative and absolute row and column referencing in formulas. In this program, functions related to mathematics, statistics, computer science, logic, and probability are present. It allows the students to create, update and customize plots and graphical summaries of their analysis. The application contains a unique bookmarking facility for students to create and reuse named references to their specific cell ranges. The graphics and reporting features of Myrtle facilitates students to report back to their instructors their mastery of course content.


5. IBM Lotus Symphony Spreadsheets

IBM Lotus Symphony Spreadsheets is the product of IBM. It is the desktop suit, a complete alternative Microsoft Excel. Generally, IBM Lotus Symphony Spreadsheets contains three tools, presentations, spreadsheet, and word processor. The application contains a convenient and single-windowed interface for launching three different tools. IBM Lotus Symphony Spreadsheets has some basic tools for working such as pre-designed templates for presentations, spell checker and tables for documents, and charts for spreadsheets. Further, it contains the usual configuration options for fonts, colors, and the like. Overall, IBM Lotus Symphony Spreadsheets is a stable and highly functional productivity tool for working with spreadsheets. In the new version of IBM Lotus Symphony Spreadsheets, you can open files created using Microsoft Office 2007 and set a password for the protection of your documents.

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6. OOo4Kids Calc

OOo4Kids Calc is a simple and easy-to-use application specially designed for kids. You can make familiar your kids with word processors, spreadsheets, and the likes. It is the product of the famous open source OpenOffice tool for the children of age between 7 and 12. The application contains four different tools like a vector drawing program, a word processor, a spreadsheet, and a presentation Editor. Using this application, your kids can produce school papers and learn more about using computers and software. It is a kid-friendly software which contains colorful main menu and support for small graphics and smileys. It does not have an intuitive interface but enough to guide your kid’s first steps. OOo4Kids Calc is an attractive version of the popular OpenOffice suite.

7. OxygenOffice Professional Calc

OxygenOffice Professional Calc is an office suite which is based on the popular software, OpenOffice. But it contains more clipart, templates, fonts, and samples. The application has all the six tools which are part of OpenOffice but it offers ten new categories with a dozen of pre-formatted documents. In this way, you can save time and have more eye-catching works in minutes. The application is specially designed for business use because it contains different business categories. In each category, you will find templates for different files such as presentation, spreadsheet, and writing documents. The application has the improved the general GUI of the OpenOffice software and it is graphically more efficient. It offers many templates and clipart for creating personal or professional documents.

8. Accel Spreadsheet HD

Accel Spreadsheet HD is a powerful and straightforward software application which contains all the tools you need to analyses, calculate, summarize, and present your data in colorful graphics or numerical reports. It has a fully-integrated help system for entering complex formulas. You can use the chart wizard to select from eight or more categories of 2-D and 3-D charts such as line, column, area, XY, pie, stock, and with a dozen of variants. Using Accel Spreadsheet HD, you have the efficiency and flexibility to get your goals if you want to produce financial reports or manage personal expenses. It contains ODBC connectivity to query any database through SQL. You have the facility to reorganize your spreadsheet for displaying or hiding specific data ranges, or to quickly calculate subtotals and tools, or to format ranges according to specific conditions.

9. Sphygmic Software Spreadsheet

Sphygmic Software Spreadsheet is a handy and reliable software application which enable the user to create spreadsheet according to his requirement. The application contains all the functions necessary for your work in less than 4MB. You have the facility to build formulae with the help of 125 built-in functions such as statistical, handling, date/time, and financial functions. Worksheets can span 16,384 rows and 256 columns which are all most enough for any task. Further, you have the option to work with multiple sheets at once. The application enables the user to import industry-standard CSV files and read and write Excel 4.0 files. The Built-in charting module of Sphygmic Software Spreadsheet is simple to use and highly configurable which allows you to choose a chart range and get an instant chart.

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10. Calligra Sheets

Calligra Sheets is the project Of KDE community and you can download and install the Calligra Sheets free of cost. Calligra Sheets is a fully-featured spreadsheet and calculation application. You have the facility to create and calculate different business-related spreadsheets quickly such as employee working hours, income, and expenditures. You have the benefit of using a template from the application’s default templates for the most common use-cases. It enables the user to create balance sheets, invoices, credit card trackers, and vacation lists instantly and spend more time to really import things. Further, the user can create economic or scientific automatic formula through comprehensive formula list. It enables you to work in a familiar environment and use functions which are part of more expensive applications. You can use shapes for notes or create flowcharts and mindmaps during your work.

11. Simple Spreadsheet

Simple Spreadsheet is an easy to use and bare-bones spreadsheet software application. It is a useful tool for creating tables and spreadsheets without installing complex applications. The interface of Simple Spreadsheet is easy to use and user-friendly which allows you to edit the content of each table cell. The application supports formulas and it can perform basic calculations. Further, you can use this program to create spreadsheets which use some complex calculations, mathematical operators, and trigonometric functions. You can access the whole list of functions and instructions through the help file. Through editing features, you can insert or remove rows and columns to manage the structure of the spreadsheet. However, it does not provide undo option so you should backup your files before making changes. It is a lightweight application and uses insignificant resources to build your spreadsheet.

12. SoftMaker Office

SoftMaker Office is fast, powerful and compatible software application which allows you to handle documents, presentations, and calculations. It is the professional office alternative which works with your all Microsoft Office files. The application includes TextMaker 2016 which is a reliable word processor that reads and writes all Microsoft files quickly. Further, SoftMaker Office contains some great desktop publishing features such as PlanMaker for creating an Excel-compatible spreadsheet, Presentations 2016 for writing all PowerPoint files and BasicMaker 2016 for automating repetitive tasks in TextMaker and PlanMaker. The application has a modern and familiar user interface which enables you to create and edit extensive documents, beautiful presentations, and complex worksheets at a lower cost than Microsoft Office. The user has the option to zoom and scroll documents with his fingers on touchscreens.

13. LibreOffice Calc

LibreOffice Calc is an open source software application that offers all six features for your document production and data processing requirements like write, impress, calc, draw, base, and math. In this application, support and documentation is free. LibreOffice Calc also contains a PDF file creator which allows you to distribute documents that you are sure can be viewed and read by users of any operating system. The application allows you to create spreadsheets and make some mathematical calculations on it. You have the ability to use some scientific formulas during your work. The application has a simple and user-friendly interface which facilitate you to do your work in a quick way. LibreOffice Calc uses a moderate amount of system resources and has a quick response time.

14. Dolphinity Planner

Dolphinity Planner is a simple but a powerful spreadsheet software application that is specially designed for small businesses including one-man operations. The application includes complete project management, tasks, meetings, and arrangements utilities. The application displays all information in a very clear and concise way and it is classified into three groups such as tasks “to-do”, pending projects, and projects scheduled. It contains a handy roadmap to preview projects that you want to carry out during each period. Dolphinity Planner enables you to assign each project to a person through the list of resources. Further, you can view easily which tasks assigned to each employ using its filters. Overall, Dolphinity Planner is a remarkably good spreadsheet and planning application.

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15. CellPro

CellPro is an easy-to-use and powerful spreadsheet software application that enables you to calculate, manage and analyze your data. You have the facility to import and modify Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets. It offers amazing functions such as statistical and banking functions for creating formulas to perform some complex calculations on your data. The user can control the font size and attributes, use colored text and background files. You can use CellPro for opening and save Microsoft files. The application contains user-friendly interface which contains configurable toolbars and menus. The application enables you to use more than 200 built-in functions, pictures, and shapes. It supports for CSV, PDF, and HTML files and contains printing and print preview options. Further, you can use Office 2010 and 2013 themes and work with the help of find and replace options.

16. DhtmlxSpreadsheet

DhtmlxSpreadsheet is an open source embeddable spreadsheet software application written in JavaScript and PHP. The application facilitates you to quickly add an Excel-like and editable table on the web page. You can view the spreadsheets in edit or read-only mode. In this application, all changes you make in a table are saved to the database automatically. Furthermore, you have the facility to export your files to PDF, Excel, as well as a clipboard. You can also copy and paste data from Excel documents right into your browser-based table. After installation, you can get a data table with basic cell formatting keyboard navigation, and math functions in few minutes. Moreover, this application is available as a plugin for Joomla, WordPress, ModX, and Drupal. DhtmlxSpreadsheet loads the data on your own server, so your information will stay with you.

17. SSuite QT Calc Express

SSuite QT Calc Express is a very powerful and small spreadsheet software application that is useful for use at home or for students and scholars. The application provides all the tools you need to calculate, summarize, analyzes, and present your data in colorful graphics or numerical reports. You have the facility to recognize your spreadsheet to view or to format ranges according to specific conditions with few mouse clicks. So the application allows the students and scholars to create spreadsheets for their study and research work using some scientific formulas and mathematical terms. The interface of SSuite QT Calc Express is user-friendly and intuitive and everything is arranged in different tabs. The application uses a moderate amount of system resources and has a quick response time.

18. Accel Spreadsheet

Accel Spreadsheet is a powerful and handy spreadsheet application that enables the user to calculate, analyze, summarize and present data in numerical reports. This tool is helpful for making presentations, writing documents, or accounting much more accessible. Accel Spreadsheet is an office suite which allows you to create, manage different types of documents and apply your own personal style. It has a colorful interface which enables the user to identify specific tabs easily. Each group of buttons in Accel Spreadsheet is colored in a specific way. The application provides simple text writing and most advanced calculator options. Further, you can use it to create and manage statistics using different 2D and 3D charts. The user has the option to insert images, preset thumbnails or icons, and unleash his inner artist.

19. Open Office Calc

Open Office Calc is both an open-source product and a project. The application includes multiple desktop tools such as a word processor, a presentation manager, a spreadsheet program, and a drawing program. Further, it has a user-friendly interface similar to other office suites. Open Office Calc works transparently with a number of file formats, including those of Microsoft Office. The application is available in more than 27 languages such as English, French, Chinese, German, Italian, Spanish, and more. Further, the application runs on Linux, Solaris, and Windows. The application uses a moderate amount of system resources and has a quick response time.

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