15 Best Recipe Apps for Android and iOS

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There is a variety of foods and millions of recipes, and they are all made around the world. Every person who loves food understands its taste. Different kinds of American food right and some of them represent meals based on their diet. But to combine all of them under one platform is a big challenge.

There are cross-platform apps that contain millions of recipes for you to make. They are easily accessible on your smartphones and guide you step by step on preparing a delicious meal. Some of these apps contain supporting videos and photos of your recipes with the community on them. They also allow you to prawn recipes with the rest of the world.

Virtually assist you and guide you and if you’re missing any ingredients, they also allow you the groceries and have them delivered right at your doorstep. These apps help you get rid of sticky notes, loose-leaf papers, old family recipes, a disorganized routine, and so much fun to use, which teaches us new ways to cook food.


Best Recipe Apps for Android and iOS

Here is a list of best recipes applications for smartphones, so whenever you go hungry, these apps help you make a healthy, delicious meal.

1. BBC Good Food

BBC food is a cross-platform application that is used to get recipes on your smartphones. It consists of a vast database and contains 10,000 recipes that will cook you a delicious meal. The interface of this application comma responsive it has a GUI structure only user-friendly and is driven from the British TV, but it includes from the users to.

All the recipes here are legitimate tasty and full of vitamins and nutrition. It is easy to create an account and start using the methods you can also read them and save them into your custom collections. The app’s interface displays a step-by-step guide to make you a beautiful dish. BBC Ford is free and does not contain any ads or any in-app purchases.


Download: BBC Good Food for Android | iOS

2. Tasty

Tasty is a smart-interfaced recipe application for cross-platform smartphone phones. It contains thousands of recipes that are very tasty and very delicious. The app provides step by step instructions to the user, and the guide helps where needed.

The interface is user-friendly and offers a great GUI structure, which guides the user in navigating the application you can customize the menu requirements. It has a core feature that keeps the phone screen awake. It contains many categories of food, like vegan, low carbs, and full of proteins.

It can easily be used as a startup app for children who are interested in the cooking meal when they are alone at home. This application also allows you to personalize recommendations for your next mail based on the day of the week of your holidays.

Download: Tasty for Android | iOS

3. Food Network in the Kitchen

Food Network in the Kitchen is another cross-platform free application which is suitable for making food with provided recipes. It collects the recipes from TV channel chefs who have made their way into the world of cooking. The app contains 70000 methods that have multiple categories like breakfast, lunch, brunch, and especially dinner.

It provides various features such as diet plans, sharing the recipe with your friends and family, access to the food community, and much more. The interface of the Food Network in the Kitchen is very interactive and has a constructive layout that quickly guides the user.

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It also allows you to save recipes directly in the application where you can share it with the rest of the community. Food Network in the Kitchen keeps you updated on the news. The app is free but contains ads and no other paid version.

Download: Food Network in the Kitchen for Android | iOS

4. Cookpad

Cookpad is a free cross-platform application that contains mostly the features of social media, multiple varieties of different recipes from all around the world. It also offers features to exchange method with your friends and family, and with the other people in the community.

You can click the picture of the dish with scoped and upload it directly to the app, and the app will share the image among the population. In reality, this platform is for people who like to share their views on the food and exchange different recipes.

The interface of the app is convincing and container responsive GUI layout. Cookpad is free to use, but if you want to access additional features, utilize the in-app purchase and get rid of the ads.

Download: Cookpad for Android | iOS

5. Weber Grills

Weber Grills, it is a free multi-platform application with an attractive interface and includes over 30000 recipes for all categories of school. The app is compatible with many electric ovens and kitchen appliances.

The interface is straight forward and consists of a responsive layout. It is supported and maintained by Weber Inc. Features of this app contain simplified grilling setup, grilling by temperature range custom and preset temperatures in the app feedback form, ability to set up multiple timers, advanced customize the setting according to the user’s needs, multiple language support, and much more. The application is free and does not contain any ads or purchases, but it requires you to purchase the product first.

Download: Weber Grills for Android | iOS

6. Kitchen Stories

Kitchen Stories is an app with millions of users around the world and sharing the content of this application. It works on both iOS and Android smartphones, and also the winner of the Google play design award interface is user-friendly for new users.

The layout of the app is designed carefully, and the user faces no issue in navigating the tool. It includes various features like sharing photos with friends and family over social-media sites. The app allows you to saves your recipes for later use, which contains 153 vegan food recipes, will enable you to rate and share your favorite recipe, become a Pro in cooking, and give you a diet plan for healthy eating.

The best function office application that it can set up your whole kitchen in an entirely standard atmosphere.

Download: Kitchen Stories for Android | iOS

7. ChefTap

ChefTap is an interactive-interfaced application that contains recipes from all over the world and works on multiple platforms. The app allows you to share your recipes with the community. The core feature of this application is that it can automatically clip recipes from any website. It easily just share any cooking related web page and sync indirectly with your mobile browser and take care of the rest.

ChefTap consists of many features like automatically set your entire recipe box, adjustable text size for easy reading, save pictures and recipes from web, cocktails, vegetarian gluten-free, and so on. The interface is very much friendly and provides help on every step. To use this app, make a free account save up to a hundred recipes start cooking.

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Download: ChefTap for Android | iOS

8. KptnCook

KptnCool is a free recipe application for Android devices which contain a lot of recipes and different kind of meal for you to cook and enjoy. The functions of this app are more intimate in different ways than other cooking apps. The food categories are differentiated according to tastes.

The interface has a beautiful design which attracts the user. You can see pictures of dishes, live food plans, a list of ingredients, step-by-step instruction, photo and video help, application navigation, and much more.

It contains a unique feature that allows you to order groceries and have them delivered at your home. KptnCool is entirely free and offers no purchase and no ads.

Download: KptnCook for Android | iOS

9. My CookBook Recipe Manager

My CookBook Recipe Manager is an essential application for recipes and offers different dishes that contain methods to cook and allow you to build your database of recipes. It provides the feature of search with which you can add your own recipes brochure for recipes. It will enable you to upload photos and videos of your recipes, which are viewed by millions of users.

The interface of the app is user-friendly and straightforward, a menu option is on the top left corner of the application, and all the other interactive features on the right side. My CookBook Recipe Manager comes in two tiers. The free version includes many essential functions, and the pro version cost about $20 per year add offer additional features

Download: My CookBook Recipe Manager for Android | iOS

10. Paprika Recipe Manager

Paprika Recipe Manager is a cutting edge feature-full application for Android and iOS smartphones. It has built-in web browser recipes from different websites. It is known as the best cooking website for beginners and pros alike. You can have a brilliant method of every type of dish on this application.

It syncs with all your phones and computer and tablets and has an interactive interface which is easy to use and user-friendly. Also, many features like the app allow you to edit your downloaded recipes and change them according to your ideas and save them in your profile.

The GUI layout of the Paprika Recipe Manager is attractive and provide step by step instruction of recipe and plan of the full-day meal. The app comes free, but if you want to unlock additional features, it will cost about $5.

Download: Paprika Recipe Manager for Android | iOS

11. Oh She Glows

Oh She Glows a beautiful application that comes to making recipes unhealthy and presentation. It contains more than 140 plant-based recipes, including many other gluten-free recipes and many others with that of just. It holds diet meal plans, and other health plans for you to maintain the shape of your body from sizzling Steak to Mexican food and continental exhausted exotic food, the app contains all.

It has a responsive self-explanatory interface and has a beautiful layout that attracts the users. Oh She Glows consists of recipes that have a brief description, simple directions, a list of tips, and much more. You can save the most favorite recipe, and you want some to cook the app is free and do not offer any purchase or ads.

Download: Oh She Glows for Android | iOS

12. SideChef

SideChef is a cross-platform application for food lovers, which contains thousands of recipes from all over the world and includes a local community of food bloggers and chefs. The main focus of this app is on the process of cooking and to make it easier for everyone by just following a few steps.

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Each of the recipes comes with step by step instructions and the set of photos videos and voice commands that guide you of the meal preparation. It is highly customizable and also adjusts the serving size for the recipe, which automatically converts the number of ingredients you need to make the dish.

The app includes a feature where you can purchase online groceries and have them delivered at your doorstep. The interface is interactive, attractive, and provides a straight forward layout. SideChef is one of a kind, and to access more features, and it offers you an in-app purchase.

Download: SideChef for Android | iOS

13. BigOven

BigOven is a free multi-platform application that represents you with a long list of delicious recipes. This unique app 50000 methods and healthy. The structure is revised and arranged in such a way that the user has no issue in navigating it. The interface has a unique design, which is according to the users’ requirements.

It is easily customizable, and the GUI structure user-friendly experience. There are many features in this app like you can make your recipes, share it with the community, and much more. Another feature of BigOven let you enter any three ingredients you have in your fridge and tell me what we can make from them.

It also includes social functionality and allows you to check into your friends and family. The application is free to use but contains ads.

Download: BigOven for Android | iOS

14. Yummly

Yummly, as the name suggests, is a cross-platform application that contains thousands of delicious recipes. The core feature of the app is its interface. It is attractive and user-friendly. It allows you to search for recipes, collect and share your favorite recipes, provide you step-by-step instructions on how to create it. It also shows you how to cut vegetables in different shapes, and also allow you to discover recipes that are suggested by the application for you.

Yummly contains over 2 million best recipes from European foods to local dishes. It also will enable you to create your meal plan for healthy living for a healthy life. It is full of features that facilitate a gorgeous interface. It is free to use and does not contain any ads or any purchase.

Download: Yummly for Android | iOS

15. Allrecipes Dinner Spinner

Allrecipes Dinner Spinner, a fancy name for an elegant application that offers delicious food and thousands of recipes from all over the world. This app contains an interactive interface, which is suitable for a new user and includes a beautiful structural layout. It extends to the rating and reviews of the photo, which is given by the particular social feeds.

The app contains 50 million pictures of meals that are just freely available for all users, including recipes. The features this application includes a list of ingredients, different recipes, serving your best recipes from sharing your recipes with the community, and much more.

It consists of an image of the recipe and sometimes videos to provide you easy-to-cook and a delicious dish. Allrecipes Dinner Spinner is free for all users but contains ads with no paid version.

Download: Allrecipes Dinner Spinner for Android | iOS

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