14 Best Ram Cleaner for Windows

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RAM stands for random access memory. It means with every function, a specific memory is randomly used and generates a performance-based model to run the computer. It provides a quick read and writes access to the storage device. All the interactions are carried out because of RAM.

Boosting up the performance of the computer depends on a straightforward feature, enhancing and increasing RAM capacity will result in a boost-up. Older the software, lesser the RAM, it results in memory loss, system halting, slow performance, and much more.

Multiple platforms allow you to boost up your RAM. They consist of many exciting features such as, enhancing the performance, boosting the start-up, preventing memory loss, get rid of junk files, extra software, privacy setup, system optimization, and much more. These programs are easy to use and come with a user-friendly module and guide.


The advantage of installing the software in your computer will result in fast speed, more control over computer cleaning tools, background optimization, and use of memory. Here is a list of some best RAM cleaning software for Windows operating system.

1. Advanced System Optimizer

Advanced System Optimizer is a Windows platform based RAM cleaning software that speeds up the working of a computer and enhances your work performance. It is affordable for RAM optimization cache memory that allows your computer to work faster. The software is available on the Windows operating system and consists of various functionalities.

The software includes multiple options like stopping the ads when you are playing games, so it doesn’t put a load on your computer’s performance. It comes with the built-in driver update configuration that keeps your driver update and cleans the RAM, and it also comes with the effective distribution of RAM, blocks all the annoying notification, so you do not suffer any lag in your PC’s performance.


The software also comes with the best optimization feature that keeps your disk defragmented and managed. The interface is easy to navigate and offers a simple layout design.

2. Iolo System Mechanic

Iolo System Mechanic is a rain meaning that supports only the Windows operating system. The purpose of this program is to eliminate all the bad performance of a computer and clear the logs that are affecting the RAM.

It consists of various features like automatic memory optimization, fixes issues that are related to your software, keeps the driver’s update from time to time, and delivers the best computing experience. Iolo System Mechanic supports all Windows versions.

The software also has a fantastic option for privacy protection. Another feature that makes this system remarkable in its ability is that the program comes with the trial version. The subscription starts from about $50, which further includes patented performance technology, fixes frustrating errors, crashes and freezes, and restores maximum speed, power, and stability.


3. Ashampoo Win Optimizer

Ashampoo Win Optimizer is another RAM cleaning software support Windows operating system. This software has a very intriguing theme that adds an intuitive interface that lets the user navigate the software quickly and constructively.

The features of the software offer the best maintenance tools to help in boosting the RAM and computer performance. The software is unable to scan and clean all the cookies, temp files, broken registry in just one click.

The best part of Ashampoo Win Optimizer includes of optimization module that configures the settings according to your requirements and system needs. The software is easy to use and consists of a user navigating module, and the paid version offers advanced tools.

4. Tenorshare Windows Care Genius

Tenorshare Windows Care Genius is a free memory optimization tool that allows your RAM to be cleaned and work fast. Its smart software which only runs on Windows operating system. At first glance, the interface has a new function that checks your hardware and software quickly and gives you a result in less time.

That monitor your memory usage manage background apps that become a problem a computer performance. The unique feature of Tenorshare Windows Care Genius includes is that it decrease the boot-up time of your computer.

The interface consists of a user-friendly module, constructive layout, smart GUI layer, and much more. The software is entirely free to use and does not include other versions.

5. IObit Advanced SystemCare

IObit Advanced SystemCare is a remarkable memory cleaning software that consists of many features and runs on the Windows operating system. The primary function is to offer different to enhance the performance of your computer, cache memory, cookies, and by eliminating the threats that are affecting the computer speed.

The program comes in two tiers, free and paid. The free version has a limited set of tools, and the paid version offers advanced tools like increasing internet speed, boosting optimization in real-time, privacy protection, registry cleaning, technical support that is available 24/7, and much more.

The interface is clean, simple to use, and offers a user-friendly experience. IObit Advanced SystemCare can easily deep clean your RAM, and provide a visible change in the computer performance.

6. CleanMem Free

CleanMem Free is a smart Windows operating system application that runs different functions of cleaning up your RAM. This software has a unique feature that allows you to automatically run and scan excessive cache memory, detect unwanted software, update drivers, and much more.

The application only requires a one-time run scanner, your hardware, and software till you manually close it. It registers all the logs defected files and updated drivers. It consists of a straightforward interface, a user navigating protocols, and a smart GUI structure.

CleanMem Free is entirely free to use, and do not offer any other version or purchased modules.

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7. RAMRush

RAMRush is a simple program that consists of RAM cleaning abilities. The application contains various features and only supports the Windows operating system. The software efficiently optimizes your memory usage and allows you to view the scan logs.

It enhances the performance by eliminating the virus, unnecessary software cache memory, and boosting the RAM of your system. RAMRush consists of features like increasing the quantity of mind obtainable, defragment system physical memory remove memory leaks prevent system crashes, and much more.

The interface is simple to use and offers a constructive design in which it guides the user and assists him in every step of the program.

8. Memory Cleaner X

Memory Cleaner X is a small space taking the program that consists of memory cleaner and provides the facility to clean your RAM. The software includes exciting features and supports multiple platforms. The purpose of this program is to provide the necessary tools and faster your PC’s performance.

The core features include feeling performance clear cache memory to remove unwanted software to update your driver and monitor your memory status. The interface is easy to navigate user-friendly divider experience.

The program runs automatically after just one click, it runs its course, and manage all the things to give you the required output. The meter on the interface allows you to see how much RAM you have utilized. Memory Cleaner X provides a constructive layout and smart GUI structure.

9. Wise Memory Optimizer

Wise Memory Optimizer is beautiful and smart software that runs on the Windows operating system and consists of capability that can clean your RAM. It possesses functionality that improves your computer performance.

It clear the cache memory, update drivers, protect the mind, recover memory leaks, defragment system physical memory, optimism your memory in a beautiful way, and much more. The interface is straightforward to navigate and offer a smart GUI structure.

The software is very comfortable and does not take a lot of space in your memory. Wise Memory Optimizer additionally features a moveable version. It is a fine-tuned program to enhance the performance of your computer.

10. Mem Reduct

Mem Reduct is a lightweight and sophisticated application that runs on the Windows OS. The primary purpose of this program is to provide functions that will enhance the speed and performance of a computer.

It is dedicated and consists of features like preventing memory leaks, update drivers, freeing RAM, and much more. It optimizes your memory and includes internal system options to clear the cache memory by doing that. It will enhance the speed of boot-up.

The interfaces are full of opportunities and customization modes. Mem Reduct is easy to use and guides the user on every step of the program and consists of a solid GUI structure.

11. Mz RAM Booster

Mz RAM Booster, as the name, suggests this program is designed to enhance the performance of your RAM. It is only available on Windows operating system and consists of many exciting features. The central aspect of this software includes auto-recovering RAM and exceptional standardization for the windows system.

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The purpose of the program is to provide free RAM by eliminating unwanted software, update drivers, and manage memory leaks. The interface consists of a remarkable module, a secure interaction module, a smart GUI structure, and many more aspects.

Mz RAM Booster can quickly boost up the performance of any laptop or desktop and increase free RAM.

12. MemPlus

MemPlus is a smart RAM clearing application setting, which runs on only Windows operating system. The primary function of this program is to assist you in clearing your RAM and boosting up the speed and performance of a computer.

The core feature of this software includes RAM optimization, getting rid of non-essential processes monitoring the memory, preventing memory leaks, easy configuration, intuitive interface, and much more.

The main window of the MemPlus consists of a clear memory button that gets rid of any unwanted, cache memory, disabled drivers, and other small processes that are affecting the speed and performance of your system. The interfaces have a user-friendly layout, smart GUI structure, and the program is free to use.

13. SuperRam by PGWare

SuperRam by PGWare is another smart software that consists of many options that allow you to free your RAM. The best part of this program is that it only runs on Windows operating system. SuperRam by PGWare offers exciting features that can enhance your computer performance and update the speed.

The central aspect of this software is that you can easily install it and use it without having worried about memory loss. It monitors the memory and keeps on working until you have sufficient free memory to boost your work.

The interface is merely intuitive and user-friendly. SuperRam by PGWare runs in the background on your machine, continuously, and cleans the memory for you.

14. Koshy John (DiskMax)

Koshy John (DiskMax) is an excellent RAM cleaning program and consists of exciting features like providing you with tools that can clean your memory and speed up your computer’s performance. The useless junk files and unnecessary software from the computer to free the space. The platform consists of four analysis types, a quick standard detailed complete.

All these modules work according to the user’s requirements. The interface is intuitive, and the layout is designed separately for executions of these modules.

Koshy John (DiskMax) key feature includes automated emptying of your recycle bin, clean up of user history and temporary files or cookies, clearing cache, removal of registry entries, clearing out event logs, deep scanning, and file rearrangement, and much more.

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