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The most important component of getting a fitness based body and a healthy life is running on the daily basis for some time in the morning. People often are confused and emerge the concept of running, jogging and walking, whereas all of these are way much more different stuff and have their own importance. A beginner who has not been out for a run in the morning should not start directly the pace running as this can be having a negative effect on health and will cause problems such as cramps and heart beat issues as they does not have built a proper stamina before. The beginners should start from simple walking than later on shift to slight pace jogging and then when they are ready enough and got up on the routine they can switch to the running. Common people out there who are not the athletes or sports person often find running useless as they do not have to compete with other on a platform but that is a completely wrong concept as running is one of the most utmost and important element that enables every sort of individual in gaining a healthy physic and maintain their top class fitness level. People often are quite lazy and prefer not to leave their beds that early for running and jogging whereas doing such deeds they are not just causing their lifestyle to be unhealthy and dull but they are risking their health and lives too. There is a gigantic variety of running apps that not only is useful for motivating the professional runners but let the common people follow the healthy routine and track their improving progress and performance on the same time. Best running apps are listed here.

1. RockMyRun- Best Workout Music

Running or working out in a gym or home without listening to the music a normal person cannot even think of such boring and dull stuff. Music has the special kind of tendency of influencing individuals and providing them with a refreshing and positive energy and mental strength a person require for doing all the health related stuff including running, working out or any the other activity. RockMyRun is the ultimate running and working out app that with its rocking back ground music does not only motivate the user for running and early morning workout but also provide them the mental soothing and enchanting pleases they want while doing all such stuff. The app is developed and released by Rock My World and so far it is ranked as one of the best running app of all times as it is very different in nature as compare to the rest of running apps and on the same time being different it has even a great impact. The app is equipped with specialized musical beats that drive the person towards motivation and make them work hard and help them in setting their proper tempo of running and exercising. The app is in short a whole DJ in its self and make the user hip hop on the beats and enable them to run in a much better way. The app is free of cost and yes it can be downloaded for free from the Play store.



2. Get Running

It is a very special kind of app and especially for those users who are way too much lazy for waking up early in the morning and do a healthy workout and run or jog in the morning. This pure quality based astounding and bewildering app will surely enable such sort of individuals to wake up early in the morning no matter how lazy they are and will ensure their healthy routine all over on the daily basis. All the individuals who really wants themselves to be fit and healthy and want to follow a healthy routine and wants to live a healthy life style, this app will surely help them as it motivates as physical personal trainer does when you hire one. The app is composed of a beginner barriers mode in which the starters and newbies are accelerated a bit slow but on regular basis and slowly after they gain some of the momentum they are accelerated more to the advanced and then to the professional running expertise level too. It totally depends upon the user himself that from which level he or she wants to start. As the app commands the users with the human voice recordings it really provides the experience of being tranined and commanded by a real life professional kind of health and running instructor. The app is developed and proposed as a product of Splendid Things and can be downloaded for free from the Google Play store for Android.




Here it comes one of the best and my personal favorite running and tracking app that not only motivates the users to left their beds and run or jog outside early in the morning but also keep a very keen and precise record of their progress and track the run and all the other exercises and activities that are performed by users. As from the name and its logo it’s crystal clear, it is the official app from worldwide famous and renowned sports company PUMA and it is developed and published under the PUMA SE. The app was initially launched on iTunes for the iOS users and with its immense success in such a short time and due to great user demand it is now also released for the Android users and can be downloaded from the Google Play store for free. The app is quite compatible with almost every kind of smart device either it is hand held smartphone or a gadget like tablet and even it provides immense support of the smart watches known as Android wears and gears commonly. The app has various exciting features in it that helps in motivating the users in a lot better way. The users can now listen to the music while running as this app enables them to play their favorite beats. The app shows the complete track record of the run of the users and show the minor progresses and weather condition bonuses due to which the users are even much more motivated seeing their achievements.


4. Run with Map My Run

Run with Map My Run is another tremendously outstanding and premium quality app that has splendid multiple functionality features that let the users to be fit and healthy as the app is in short a complete fitness app that tracks the run and all other activities that are health and fitness related of the user and even motivate the users to do more well. As the app is all in one kind, so the users now not need to worry about having various apps for their running, jogging, walking, working out in home or a gym or finding the healthy fitness tips, looking for a calorie counting app or the app that tracks their activities, as this app all alone does perform all the above mentioned stuff and is completely responsible for the daily healthy routine of the users and ensure to give its all users a complete healthy lifestyle as a whole. The premium and top-class features of the app includes the options of gear and wear tracking, it helps to track the stuff and its condition that are required and necessary for running and working out and keep aware the user of their condition before they are of no more use. The app itself contains a huge and detailed data of more than 600 hundred healthy activities and workouts, the user can choose from it and select those for the daily base work out for improving their fitness.

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5. Nike+ Run Club

The name of the app and name of its vendor is enough for knowing about the ability and quality of the app as none of the other app could compete with the product of Nike, Inc. in terms of sports, running and physical health fitness apps. Nike is the brand that is the God of physical sports and is worldwide known by almost every single person because of its premium and way much better products. Nike is involved in enhancing the outdoor and physical sports and is working for providing more exposure to health related activities and sports so that everyone could follow up such things and routine and could be on top of their health. This special app is gift from Nike for the runners by the professional level famous runners of the world as it motivates the users and let them run leaving their warm beds so that they can be on top of their physical fitness and stamina and can take best out of them. The app keeps a complete and full fledge record and track of the runs of the user and keep them notified and aware of their performance either they are progressing with the time or not. Tutorial and video messages including the guidance and motivation lessons are included inside the app by world’s famous athletes so that the users can inspire by them and perform better.


6. Runkeeper – GPS Track Run Walk

Runkeeper is another amazing and outstanding running app that let the users to follow up the daily healthy routine so that they can be on the top of their physical health and can perform their rest of the daily based tasks well and in much better than before. Running early in the morning on the daily basis for even few minutes let the users to be enhancing their stamina and later on they start enjoying and loving to run and some of them can’t even live without running and working out. The app motivates those individual who are very much lazy and cant left their beloved bed early in the morning at any cost. Even they are ready to cost their health, fitness and physic and in short they risk their entire life. Such lazy lads are soon become the fitness freaks and they can live without running and all such credit goes to this mastery app. The app not only motivates the users but also track their runs and other working out activities. The app tracks the live performance of the user and also provides them with the stats of their own progress and always keep them aware of their performance either they are improving or not. The users can set small goals on the daily basis and try to achieve them and later on can increase the intensity of the goals. The app is developed and proposed by FitnessKeeper, Inc. and can be downloaded from the Google Play store for Android based smart devices and gadgets.

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7. Wahoo Fitness: Workout Tracker

Wahoo Fitness is a simple yet way too much effective sort of fitness app that let the users to work hard on their fitness by motivating them in all possible manner and keeping a keen record of their performance. The app is developed and published under the flag of Wahoo Fitness. Although the app is not that much famous among the people from all around the world as it is new to the market as compare to many of the rest similar sort of apps yet despite of facing such swear competition this very astounding and brave app still manages to retain its own unique spot in the market and it is leaping forward to the success but slowly. The app is a amazing in terms of in-depth tracking analysis and is specifically built for tracking and monitoring the running and cycling of the users whereas it do possess the multiple ability of tracking various other fitness based exercises and activities. The app is highly compatible with the Android smart watches known as smart wear or gears. The users can download this app free of cost from the Google Play store for Android based smart devices and gadgets.


8. Charity Miles

Charity Miles, as the name of the app states it is a very different sort of running app that motivates the users in a whole new different way and that too better than ever. What if a person earns something while his morning run or jog on daily basis? Yes it is the real offer given by the app to its users for motivating them to leave their warm beds and go outside and run for gaining a fitness based healthy physic and so that they can set up their healthy routine which can further led them to a healthy lifestyle. The app possess a very charming and initiative user interface and overall setup and outlook that is way much more attractive and is super convenient on the very same time. The users of the app has now to track their daily basis running and they will be rewarded money based on their daily stats, that money is further given into the charity purpose through proper channel. What else could be better than gaining a healthy fitness physic and on the same time helping the poor and needy people all around the globe too. The idea of the app is brilliant and is tremendously effective in terms of motivating and engaging more and more users that run and track their fitness. The app is developed by Charity Miles and can be downloaded free of cost from the Google Play store for Android.

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9. RunGo – Voice Guided Running

Cannot afford a personal running coach or the trainer who can guide you who to work out and be on top of your fitness, now no need to worry at all about it, as this very app works a personal trainer for every users and with its recorded voice commands it totally provides the experience that one is being trained by real life professional trainers. The app is developed and proposed by Leaping Coyote Interactive. The most impressive and prominent feature of the app rather than the voice commands, includes its massive support of the running routes and maps, the app possess a gigantic database of running routes around the location of the user can enables them to access the nearest and most suitable of all so that they can go there on the daily basis with ease and can run without wasting any of the extra time. The app also works very well when offline, the users of the app once can download and save all the routes and can later use whoever they wanted to use them. The app keeps the details record in form of graphical statistics that provides the users a clear cut image of their daily running and they can view their progress and improvement in much better way. The app is equipped with the calorie counting facility too, it also keeps the tracks of calories intake and burning as well. The app is free of cost but offers in app purchase for some of the additional features. The users can download the app from the Google Play store for Android based smartphones and gadgets.


10. Argus Health & Calorie Counter

Argus Health & Calorie Counter is although not a specified running app but it is surely concerned of the fitness and health of the users so that one can be fit and healthy physically. The app is a complete tracking guide that keeps the track of the users’ health and health based activities such as exercising, running, jogging and variety of other health related exercises too. The app is equipped with a tremendously marvelous and intelligent calorie counter that maintains the in details and exact record of the users daily calorie intake and keep the user aware of the calorie level of they exceed the limit or they are way below the required level. The app also tracks the record of daily calorie burned by the users and motivates them for maintaining their daily life routine so that they are able to achieve the desired ideal level of fitness and can led to live a proper healthy lifestyle. The app is designed and proposed by Azumio Inc. and it can be downloaded from the Google Play store for the Android based smart devices such as smartphones and tablets. The app is also quite compatible with the Android smart watches commonly known as Android gears or Android wears.

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11. Couch to 5K by RunDouble

Couch to 5K by RunDouble is the amazing and astonishing piece of brilliance that is never the less a gift of heaven for the professional racers and athletes who wants their laziness to bug off and want to be fit, stable and ready for 5K professional race. As the name of the app denotes, it is specially designed for the persons so that they can no more remain attach to their couches in the home and motivate them to practice more and more and be on the top in the 5K running race module. Couch to 5K by RunDouble is the fitness app that is developed and published by RunDouble C25K and it is designed for the runners and athletes so that they get motivated by this app and set their proper and healthy workout and practice routine to get the goal in 5K run. The app is absolutely free of cost and can be downloaded from Google Play for Android.


12. Endomondo – Running & Walking

Endomondo – Running & Walking is another bewildering fitness and workout motivation and routine managing app which enables its users to set their proper healthy workout and running routine, so that they can be on the top of their health and be fit always. Endomondo – Running & Walking is designed and released as a product of The app is ranked among the top apps for workout and fitness apps of all times. It possess millions of loyal and satisfied users from all around the world and is still counting more and more as the time passes. The app has won various international performance awards and is quite useful and effective in terms of long term result. It is basically a fitness tracking app that keeps the track of all running, workout, jogging, and walks, rides etc. all sort of record of the users workout and enables them to be aware of their fitness level time to time. The best part of the app is that it is directly in connection with the GPS system and provides the support to more than 40 different kinds of sports including cycling, jogging, running etc. The audio feed back system provided with in the app makes it quite convenient for the users.


13. Progression Fitness Tracker

It is such a premium and pure quality based fitness and workout managing and tracking app that will surly blow your mind and take your fitness to the whole new next level. Progression Fitness Tracker is marvelous and splendid sort of fitness tracking app that is developed and proposed by Zoltan Demant. This app primarily focuses upon the fitness level of the users and keeps the full record of it. It always keeps the users aware of all its fitness and health level and provide various chances to improve and make it better than before. The exercises mentioned inside the app are classified on the basis of their genre, body parts etc. the users can choose a suitable program from the app or can maintain its own customizable program which suits him or her in the best possible way so that they can manage all other routine things and life too. More and more effective and useful exercises are added in the app on regular basis so that the working out of the user can be always new, challenging and inspiring. The tracking of the fitness level where aware the users from their fitness level, it also manage to motivate them as well so they can do much better than before and tend to be more fit and hale. It is present on Google Play without any cost for Android devices.

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14. adidas train & run

There is not a single doubt about the extraordinary performance and sheer brilliance of the app. As it name speaks for itself all alone. adidas train & run is the official running and fitness app developed and published by the adidas itself. The app is specially proposed on the great demand from the professional runners, athletes and the young runners, who wants to learn all the basic stuff about running. Adidas is already a quite famous brand in terms of sports related gadgets, wear, goods etc. and now it is stepping towards the virtual training sessions of the sports and athletes so that they can get pure quality based training. Despite of being new to the market and facing such a swear competition from the rival apps, this app successfully manages to make its unique identity in the market. It already possess thousands of satisfied and happy users and the number is increasing quite rapidly and soon it will passes the million spot. The variety of exercises and modes of training introduced inside the app proves the ravishing efficiency and utter smartness of the app. The users can select what they want to use this app for, either it is losing weight, getting a toned and shaped body, improving the run and endurance, building muscle strength etc. The special focus of the app is to train the runners for the marathon races and other 5k races. This dazzling app does not costs a single penny and can be easily get from Google Play store for compatible Android devices.


15. Sports Tracker Running Cycling

Cycling is just not an ordinary sport or an entertainment source, in fact it is one of the most important exercise regarding the complete fitness, enhancing the stamina and strength and for the hale and healthy physic. Most of the people thought cycling as a passive sport and does not bother it much, rather than it they prefer running and other physical sports for being fit. But the matter of fact is that cycling is way much more useful and effective in terms of getting desired top level fitness and health. Sports Tracker Running Cycling is the fitness tracking and workout managing app that primarily focuses upon the running and cycling of the users and keep them aware of their current body fitness level. This is one of the highest rated health and fitness app with millions of loyal and satisfied users from all around the globe and it is still counting for more and more with the passage of time. It provides the tracking support for various activities and exercises such as running, walking, cycling, hiking, skiing, mountain biking and many of the similar kinds of sporty workouts based exercises. Pedometer provided within the app keeps the record of all the steps taken by the users while an activity. The users can capture their workout photos and can instantly share with their friends and family members on social media such as on Facebook, twitter etc. It is also available for free on Google Play.


16. Strava Running and Cycling GPS

It is another GPS navigation based fitness and other activity tracking and monitoring app that is quite effective in terms of fitness and is quite simple to use as compare to the other similar sort of apps present in the market for the same purpose. The app moreover keenly focuses upon the running and cycling activities of the users and enable them to aware of their daily fitness level from the in depth tracking and fitness monitoring record. Other than tracking the workouts, the app allows the users to get notified of their daily calorie intake level and the app tells the users that how much workout and exercise is requited to burn the best possible calorie amount to achieve the top fitness state. The stats of the users are demonstrated clearly on the graphs and pie charts so that the users can have better view and look on their own stats. The app is used regularly by millions of runners and professionals athletes and cyclists to achieve their desired fitness goals. The app is free and can be simply downloaded from Google Play store for Android based devices.


17. Couch to 5K®

Couch to 5K® is a premium kind of immensely determined app that is specially designed for the lazy lads so that they can left their couches and start a proper healthy workout and running so that they can be fit and quick. The app is developed from ACTIVE Network, LLC and it moreover emphasize on the runners and athletes that become useless and dull because of laziness and lack of motivation. Being a rapid runner and a good athlete is not a piece of cake, it requires a lot of training, motivation and self-determination. The app does each of the above mentioned thing for a user so that he or she can be again in to the tracks and be able to achieve their goals. The best and most promising thing about the app is its audio based commands and cues that enables the users to motivate and work in a better way. The app challenges that a user with a normal physic but dull and lazy routine can achieve to clear 5K or 3 miles race by using the app 20 to 30 minutes daily for 9 weeks.


18. Moves

Moves is an intelligent and very much effective health maintaining and fitness tracking app that enables the users to monitor every single movement of them. The app is designed and published by ProtoGeo Inc. The app mainly emphasize on monitoring the daily life traveling and routine walking of an individual. The app is intelligent in the way that it can easily distinguish between the walk and run of a person and track them separately. It possess the ability of tracking all sorts of exercise and can determined their time and effectiveness as well. In short the app keeps the track of every single move taken by its users as the name of the app states that too. The user just have to put the smartphone in the pocket and enable the app to start monitoring. It is also free of cost available on Google Play.


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