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Shopping and buying the necessary stuff for ourselves and living is one of the main scenarios and its importance cannot be denied at any cost. Every individual has its own way of managing his or her shopping and everyone probably use a different way of doing it. The prevalent problem and inconvenience faced by almost everyone around the world regarding shopping is that they often forgot what to buy whenever they went out for shopping and usually miss very important and essential products that are must buy products in nature. Grocery items are the most important and indispensable of all sorts of products as they are necessary and are ranked among the basic necessities products. We can’t afford to skip or miss any of the important grocery products while shopping because it is very much difficult even to live with some of such basic items. For this purpose people prepare their shopping lists manually and use these lists while shopping and buying the products, but still as depending on the situation around and memory they often miss the important item and stuff. To cope with all such nuisance, there are numerous apps developed and are available in the market that not only manage the grocery shopping lists for the users but also let them to shop online directly using their smart devices. Best of these apps are mentioned here for you guys.

1. Out of Milk Shopping List

Never miss a single thing or important product that has to be shopped or bought urgently with this marvelous and astounding grocery shopping list managing and preparing app. Out of Milk Shopping List is one of the most widely used native sort of shopping list making and maintaining app that is developed and released as a product of Capigami, Inc. As the name of the app shows it is specifically build for providing the full-fledged and complete assistance to the domestic users who are unable to remember the shopping things and often forget the nessasory daily used products and other grocery stuff such as milk, flour or anything else. The users can now manage multiple shopping lists via this app, different lists for weekends and as according to the daily requirement or a different one for any special event in progress. This amazing app does not costs a single cent and can be freely downloaded from Google Play store.



2. Lister – Shopping List

Lister – Shopping List is the tremendously outstanding and quite effectual grocery shopping list making and managing all the shopping related stuff. The app is never the less a gift of heaven for those who often forget what they have to buy whenever they are in the market or went for shopping the basic grocery stuff. The app possess a ravishing and alluring outlook and imitative setup that not only attracts the users but also enable them to manage all their shopping related stuff and lists quite much easily and expediently. The users by using the frequent searching tools of this app can easily manages and look through variety of developed lists collectively. The tranquil synchronization options pre-loaded in the app let its users to share the developed lists between all their other smart devices and PCs even. The app provides full support for almost all sort of Android wears and gears, which makes this app more handy and convenient. Other spectacular features of the app includes auto completion facility due to which the shopping lists are manage much more quickly and competently. It is too free of cost and can be downloaded from the Google Play store.



3. Bring! Shopping List

With over more than 2 million users from every part of the world, this is one of the most widely used and the most recommended grocery shopping list making and managing app that possess some pure quality based premium and elites features in it that automatically done and complete everything for its users on just a simple go. Bring! Shopping List is a high profile shopping app that enables its users to create and edit shopping lists and various other lists too as according to the desire and requirement. The best part of the app is that despite of having such advanced features and multiple functionality based options, it is very much user friendly. Every kind of user that belongs from any of the age group and walk of life can use this app with full convenience and tranquility. The users of this amazing app can instantly share their developed shopping lists with their friends and family members either directly or via social media platforms as this app supports both sort of sharing. It is compatible with all Android wears and other gadgets too. This clever shopping list making and managing app is totally free of cost and can be easily downloaded from the Google Play store for Android based smartphones and tablets.

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4. Smart Shopping List – Listonic

Smart Shopping List – Listonic is the smartest grocery and other shopping list developing and managing app that let its users to make multiple lists at the same time and manage all of them collectively and that too more efficiently. The app aims to provide the users best possible listing experience so that the users of this app can never forget something important that has to be shopped. It is a milestone app in terms of saving the time of the users and their money as well. The app is quite intelligent and know what are the basic essential products that the users need to shop again and again, it automatically manages such items and always keep prominent and notifies its users regarding such repetitive used items. The app is developed and published by Listonic Sp. Zo.o. Although the app is absolutely free of cost but some very high profile and elites features of the app are to be purchased by the users via in-app purchase option. It is available on Google Play store for Android.


5. Kroger

Kroger is a different sort of shopping list managing and online shopping facility providing app that let its users to shop with freedom all around the world and buy their desired products directly from their smartphones and tablets via using this very app. The app provides various daily usage products and their lists, the users of the app can choose from the gigantic variety of products that are mentioned inside the app. A large variety of different online platforms are shown inside the app the users can access all of them and buy whatever they want to buy. Shopping from this very app enables the users to avail the facility of getting various discounted vouchers and other bonus coupons that will not help them in shopping more but saving their precious money also. The users can create their own customized shopping lists and can also update or edit them frequently. This marvelous and outstanding online shopping app does not require any additional stuff to be get started, the users just have to simple make free account and can start shopping on the go. The app is proposed as a product of The Kroger Co. and is free of cost present on the Google Play store for Android based smart devices and gadgets.


6. Meijer

The more you shop with this app the more you safe. Meijer is tremendously potential based outrageous online shopping managing app that provides its users variety of different and huge discounts on the vast range of all sort of products either the groceries or other household items and utensils. The users can earn various rewards on shopping the products via this app and even can find the discounts up to 80% on the daily used products. From the time a user starts using this app for shopping, he or she starts getting rewards in shape of discounted offers and digital coupons. Meijer is an intelligent shopping app that tracks all the savings of the users and enable them to shop remaining in their budget. The app really cares a lot for its users and provide every best possible facility as much it could provide. The app finds the nearest and most appropriate shopping malls and stores for the users so that they can go to them and shop whatever they want to. This app is also free of cost present on Google Play for Android based smartphones and tablets.

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7. ChefTap Recipes & Grocery List

Don’t know how to cook and want to learn it quickly and effectively, then this is the app that is designed for you. ChefTap Recipes & Grocery List is a dual functionality app that works as a recipe finder and cooking app and on the very same time helps the users to manage their daily life grocery shopping lists so that they can never forget any important grocery related product. This multiple functionality app is designed and developed by Mindframe Design, LLC, which have many other splendid apps on their credit. The app possess the mastery ability of automatically taking a shot of recipes that is present on any of the website on the internet and finds it for users and provide them. With this very app the users just cannot only cook whatever they want to and could become a good chef but also manage their shopping lists too. The app provides the facility of saving more than 100 recipes inside it. Furthermore the users of the app can synchronize all the saved stuff between their other smart devices, gadgets and even desktop PCs. Despite of being that much feature enriched, still the app is free of cost and can be easily downloaded from the Google Play store.


8. Target – Plan, Shop & Save

It is another bewildering and astounding online shopping, planning, list managing and budget maintaining app that do everything for the users related to shopping and savings. Target – Plan, Shop & Save is the multiple functionality app that performs variety of tasks collectively and that too more effectively and in a best possible way. The users of the app can locate the stores near to them on the map provided with in the app, it provide access to various online shopping platforms and moreover it manages and monitor the economical budget of the user too so that they cannot spend out of their budget. The easy to use smart interface and user friendly tools of the app make it more easy and handy app for the users. It is developed and released under the flag of Target Corporation and can be downloaded for free from the Google Play store. Some of its additional and elite features have to be purchased via in app purchase facility.


9. Organizy Grocery Shopping List

Organizy Grocery Shopping List is another shopping list and grocery product managing app that enables the users to instantly share and synchronize all the detailed stuff and list with friends and family and between all their other smart devices respectively. Although from its overall outlook and setup the app seems to be quite simple but it is quite effective and useful in terms of working effectually and creating grocery shopping lists more quickly and in a better way. The app is designed and proposed as product of Organizy Ltd. It contains a massive amount of features that helps the users of the app in creating the list for the shopping and does not skipping any single product that is essential. The products that are most important and are basic in the shopping lists are mentioned separately in the corner of “Must buy products”, so that the users can easily keep an eye on them and buy them whenever they shop. The app supports a large variety of online shopping platforms and let their users to buy the products directly via this app. It is totally free of cost and can be simply be downloaded from the Google Play store for all Android based smart devices.

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10. Grocery List – rShopping

Don’t go on the tiny size of the app, it is a must have app for the users as it is quite flexible and tranquil in terms of creating and managing the grocery based shopping lists and helps the users in buying the products online. The users of this app can frequently manage all sorts of to-do lists too via using this astounding app. With the size of only 3.1 MB’s, it is one of the handiest and convenient app in terms of grocery list making and shopping app as compare to almost all the rest similar kinds of apps that are present in the market for the very same purpose. The users can look for more than 300 different grocery items that are pre mentioned inside the app to provide all the possible hints and tools for managing their very own shopping lists so that they can never miss any important grocery product. This amazing shopping app is developed and released under the flag of ((RayDar)) Connected Inc. and is available for free on the Google Play store for Android based smartphones and tablets.


11. Remember The Milk

Remember The Milk is a pioneer app developed specially for the daily life reminders. Its core possession and incredible approach makes it one of the best reminding apps currently available in the market. The best part of the app is that it is for everyone. People from every walk of life, either students, business men, housewives etc. everyone can use it with ease and according to their own convenience. The app is specially designed so that the people who are very much busy in their daily routine never miss anything important or something they don’t want to miss. It is available for on Google Play.


12. Reminder – To-Do & Task List

Reminder – To-Do & Task List is a new and quite astonishing reminder and event managing app. The app is developed and published by Nithra. Although the app is new in the market and is not that much popular among the users but it is gaining attention and is getting more viral with the passage of time. It is an all in one app, it possess the features of a To-do list app, reminder app and even of the alarm clock app. The app is free of cost and is available on the Google Play store for Android based devices.


13. Wunderlist

Wunderlist is one of the most widely used To-do list making and reminder setting app developed and published by 6 Wunderkinder GmbH. The most prominent feature of the app includes it’s easy to use alluring interface and the ability of instant syncing between user’s tablet, phone, computer and various other electrical gadgets. The user can set any kind of reminder for any of the upcoming events. The lists can be created and shared at the same time. It also allow to attach photos and PDF documents too.


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