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A stopwatch is a tool used to record the time elapsed from the starting some activity till its end. Stopwatch helps you to record the exact amount of time in units of hours, minutes, and seconds. Mostly, SpeedRunners use Stopwatches to calculate their running time. Nowadays, this tool is present in all iOS and Android smartphones. However, if you want to use the stopwatch on your desktop screen, what will you do? Some specific programs are also present for Desktop PCs. There are tons of free Stopwatch applications are present on the Market. However, it is difficult to choose the best Stopwatch program according to your requirement. Some programs are also containing countdown timer tool also for further help. So measure the time interval of any event, save the recorded values to the clipboard, and log multiple time durations.

1. LYZ Stopwatch & Timer

Work with LYZ Stopwatch & Timer to adjust the time and management unit. This time management application provides support for a countdown timer and stopwatch. It helps you to use booth tools right from your screen. It is a portable application so you can work with it without installation. The program has a simplistic and clean layout that facilitates you to perform most operations using minimum effort. You have the option to switch between the countdown timer and stopwatch. It allows the user to choose from different preset time values or choose a user-defined time for the built-in timer. The user can start or pause the stopwatch or countdown timer and pick the measurement units just like minutes, seconds, deciseconds, and centiseconds. Reset the information, choose the clock style, select the color from preset options and switch to a full-screen mode for better focus on the task. It is an efficient clock and management program with a handy set of tools.


2. LightStopWatch

LightStopWatch is a simple to use program that facilitates runners to time their laps and finds the total duration of the performed exercises. The user-friendly interface of LightStopWatch contains approachable settings that you can configure without any issue. You should have Java Installed on your computer if you want to work properly with the program. The application does not modify system registry setting or create files without your permission. The simplistic interface has a large window with neatly structured layout, and its options are easy to spot. You can start the stopwatch using a click of a button. LightStopWatch can record many entries with laps, so if you add a new lap to the list, you can’t replace the old one. After stopping watch, you can check out the duration, lap number, and total duration. Moreover, clear the list to restart the stopwatch. It offers a straightforward solution for runners help.


3. HoubyWatch

HoubyWatch is a reliable program that offers tools for counting down time, setting alarms, and running a stopwatch. The interface of HoubyWatch has a small window with a neatly structured layout which helps you to view the current time 24 clock format and configure stopwatch, alarm, and timer settings. Regarding the timer and alarm, you can instruct the program to ring once, show a personalized message, keep ringing until stopped, execute a custom command, play a Wave file, shutdown, log off or restart the PC when time’s up. You have the possibility to mark two or more laps for the stopwatch, for keeping track of many checkpoints. The program lefts a small footprint on computer resources and uses a low amount of RAM and CPU to work properly.

4. Desktop Stopwatch

Desktop Stopwatch is a totally portable stopwatch program that can set time intervals down to centiseconds. However, it lacks many important options such as interface options and countdown mode. It is a portable application so you can work with it without installation. It has four buttons, Start, Stop, Reset, and Hide. Right, click on the interface to get a menu with program’s only options, Hide Centiseconds, and Hide Stopwatch, plus Online Help. You can drag the program’s interface anywhere on the screen as well as you can hide and recall the clock display.

5. TinyStopWatch

TinyStopWatch is an addition to the saturated desktop clock market. A tiny interface of TinyStopWatch appears on your computer screen after installation that resembles a digital clock. Three buttons are present on the interface, Start, Stop, and Reset. You can access application’s settings menu from a Taskbar icon. The basic settings allow you to set the clock’s position on the PC screen, and selecting ether civilian or military time. The program comprises two languages, Japanese and English.

6. SnapTimePro

SnapTimePro is a useful program for calculating the time for your daily activities. It is one of the most useful and flexible Digital Stopwatch programs for Windows computers. Change the time resolution at any time, choosing between 1/100 seconds and 1 second. The program comprises cycle-rate and speed measurement modules. The program has the facility to ‘snap’ the time at any moments, for example, the split or lap control of a conventional stopwatch. In the program report, the user can add a comment to each snapped time to show what the time means. He can mark which time he would like excluded from calculations. Moreover, the user can rewind the stopwatch back and start timing from that point. You have the option to start, stop, reset the stopwatch and invoke the SnapTimePro menu from within any other program using keyboard hotkeys of your selection. Produce a CSV text file of the raw timing data, a formatted Word document of the timing results, or formatted text file of the timing results. Moreover, save and load Timing Sessions.

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7. MeStopwatch

MeStopwatch is an intuitive program that facilitates the user to use a stopwatch while enabling him to print or save the list with the laps to a plain text file. Use a stopwatch for timing multiple activities. The intuitive and clean interface helps you to configure the specific parameters using minimum effort. You can start or stop the stopwatch, add a new lap or clear the chosen one, reset the current information, and specify a name for each lap. Furthermore, print or save the list and use an additional stopwatch, which shows the time in a small panel. You can move it any area of PC screen. The program provides you the possibility to allow it to remain on top. The user can view information about each lap including time, name, and the current time and date when the lap was registered. It carries out tasks quickly and shows the time accurately.

8. E-Tech Timer

E-Tech Timer is a simple to use program that contains two smart tools including a countdown timer and stopwatch. You can check how much time you spend on different activities using these tools. The intuitive interface of E-Tech Timer provides you full control over the features. You can switch between the countdown timer and stopwatch display using a click of a button. It provides support for system tray actions, and you can check the elapsed time. By right-clicking on the tray icon, you can open interface, pause or restart the timing, or log the time. Many smart buttons are present in the interface of both the countdown timer and stopwatch for the smooth control. Start, pause, resume, or reset the timers, log the time, and hide or show the log panels. The application provides support for flexible time input to countdown from a specific time value or start the count from a custom time. Moreover, set up alerts to receive popup messages when the timer reaches a specific value. Record different time values and rename start or delete the entries.

9. Calendar Magic

Calendar Magic is a small program that shows numerous types of calendars and contains some additional tools. You can examine different calendar related information such as global holidays, conversations, and Olympiad schedules. Get advantage of the mathematical features present in the program. This straightforward program has a plain interface. You can view useful tips at application startup. Moreover, instantly backup and restore files such as quick notes, initialization, and reminders by using one click. View year calendars of any type from any era. Use dual, month, planning or special calendars, analyze the Gregorian calendar, compare calendars, concert dates, New Year’s days, view Easter or regnal dates, the primary event of the current day in all countries, Winter and Summer Olympic Games and more. Moreover, you can use countdown times, a time calculator, and stopwatch, set an alarm clock, view world clocks, use mathematical tools, add reminders, and take quick notes. Convert currency, customize text font, password-protect Calendar Magic, and save information as text. The program uses low system resources.

10. StopWatch

StopWatch is a comprehensive program that enables the user to check his activities using a stopwatch. Moreover, he can pause or restart the timer. The simplistic interface of StopWatch provides some basic features. The program shows the amount of time that has passed, furnishing the exact time in seconds, minutes, and hours. The program contains only some useful buttons. For example, you can pause and resume the timer at any time and exclude the breaks you need while completing the task you set on to. Moreover, you can restart the program at any time. You can enable the program to be shown on top of other tools.

11. Simple Stopwatch

Work with this little stopwatch which provides on pause and reset options. Simple Stopwatch is a timer with Hrs: Mins: Secs: Milliseconds, Start, Pause, Resume, and Reset. The application facilitates you to check the passing time right from your desktop screen. All commands are in plain sight so you can check the time in style.

12. FreeWatch

Check out how much time spent on multiple activities using a countdown timer. FreeWatch helps you to record two-time laps and reset the information using single click. You can deploy the program on all Windows versions out there. It is a portable program so you can store it on USB device and run it without administrative privileges. The simple and intuitive layout of FreeWatch comprises all dedicated parameters in a single window. Its configuration settings are easy to decode so you can easily work with it. The user has the facility to start or stop the timer easily and reset the information using a single click of a mouse. You can set up a custom description for the current session of a stopwatch and reset the time lap information shown in the main panel. It carries out the tasks quickly and does not put the burden on system resources.

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13. Egg Timer Plus

Egg Timer Plus is an efficient and easy to use a timer which helps you to evaluate your productivity. The simplistic interface of Egg Timer Plus has a clean layout, easy to figure out by all users. The application contains multiple functions such as stopwatch and timer. You can start, delete or reset any of the tasks at any time. You can set up presets for easy access. Moreover, you can select the desired preset from the list if you need to set the timer to a specific value. Add a custom sound to the preset, set the seconds, minutes, and hours, and name the task according to your choice. Use specific display options from the Setting Area. For example, display the preset name in the Windows, and adjust the time format.

14. My Alarm Clock

The basic purpose of the program is to assist you to avoid missing events or appointments. My Alarm Clock promises to push everything to an entirely new level. The application contains two basic tools alarm clock and stopwatch. Stopwatch can help you for measuring specific distance time and other shots time. The dull interface of My Alarm Clock perfectly brings all features in the spotlight, allowing you to set up a new alarm using minimum effort. You can insert the alarm date and time, as well as write down a message that should be shown together with the alarm. Some important settings are part of it such as sound configuration tool can enable a sound file that should be played while launching the alarm. The help manual comprises a decent amount of information for the users.

15. Alarm Clock Pro

Alarm Clock Pro is a user-friendly tool that can easily work as a stopwatch, iTunes alarm clock, and timer. The primary purpose of the program is to organize your daily schedule and stop you from missing an important event or meeting. The intuitive interface of Alarm Clock Pro helps you to quickly create different alarms that can perform different functions including show an alert, adjust the system volume, play an iTunes song, perform an AppleScript, or even open a URL address. You can perform many other tasks when an alarm rings such as ping a URL, play a multimedia file, send an email or text file and shutdown your system. Alarm Clock Pro can take a screenshot or a webcam shot automatically at a specific moment. Moreover, create an exclusion list of certain days or moments, when no alarms should go off, like on Monday. The application also provides you a Calendar, a Time Zone Calculator, a Stopwatch, and a Computer Uptime function.

16. Stopwatch Timer

It is simple stopwatch timer created in Flash Player. The program enables the user to start, resume, pause, and restart the timer. The application provides basic control options for starting, pausing, resuming, looping and rewinding the clock. The program comprises approachable preferences, and all types of users can customize them easily. The user-friendly graphic interface of Stopwatch Timer has a small window that has a stopwatch. The user can start, pause, or reset the timer using one click from the primary window as well as step backward or forward from the menu bar. He can zoom into the clock to fit the current window size, disable the loop mode, adjust the quality, insert full-screen mode, and print information. Through Adobe Flash Player Setting, the user can disable hardware acceleration. Stopwatch Timer is a portable application so you can save to a custom directory or copy it to the removable storage unit. The application remains stable throughout its runtime. Only basic stopwatch features are part of it without no settings for more experienced users.

17. Free Stopwatch Portable

Free Stopwatch Portable is a reliable solution that furnishes a timer for multiple activities with an export feature. This intuitive program helps you to track the time spent during working hours, sports competitions, and other activities using a stopwatch. It is a portable version so you can put it on USB flash drive or other devices. The application has a clean layout that facilitates you to start or stop the timer, and reset the current value. There is a useful feature that allows you to add many laps, and view or delete them directly from the primary panel. Save the generated information to a simple text file, copy to the Clipboard or print it. You can move stopwatch to any area of the PC screen and can change its size using the mouse cursor. Moreover, you can switch to full-screen mode for a nice control over the whole process. Free Stopwatch Portable does not burden system performance and works fast. It provides an intuitive environment to measure the time for different activities with ease.

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18. Stopwatch & Timer

Stopwatch & Timer is a simple and reliable software program that facilitates you to set up a countdown timer and stopwatch. It has the purpose to measure the time spent on multiple projects or workout sessions using stopwatch or timer. The application is a portable program so you can place it anywhere on the system and run it without installation. It allows you to start or stop the countdown timer, view the current time shown in the primary panel and reset the current information using one click. For the configuration of the countdown timer, you can insert time in seconds, minutes and hours, and view the remaining time in the main panel. Moreover, enable or disable the alarm. However, the application does not contain some important features. This simplistic layout helps you to perform all tasks quickly.

19. Timer

Timer is a small on-screen stopwatch that comprises a few handy utilities. The minimal interface of Timer only shows the timer, but it is easy to figure out how to use it. Timer does not provide help manual, and there are no specific time controls in the primary window of the program. Simply click on the timer to start the stopwatch. Click it again to pause the timer, as well as use another click to reset the click and restart again. The amazing thing is that you can control the entire program through the keyboard. Screen options help you to configure specific hotkeys used for starting and stopping the timer. Configure the format and allow the program to stay on top all the time. Timer uses very low resources and does not effect computer performance.

20. TimeLeft

TimeLeft is a reliable and easy to use software application that helps you to create different clock-related functions just like reminder and timer. It is a portable application so you can use it without installation and can store TimeLeft on an external device. The application has a standard and intuitive layout. TimeLeft facilitates you to add or modify an existing reminder, timer, clock, countdown, auction watch, stopwatch, and sticker. Further, you can synchronize time with the one from online servers. Many customization features are present in this application. So, you have the possibility to enable sound and different actions, add borders and effects, as well as change the layout and skin of the clock’s frame. Moreover, you can use this application to run at system startup, create a taskbar button, enable transparency mode, stay on top of other windows, and stop the frames from being dragged on the desktop.

21. WatchMe

WatchMe is a simple timer application that allows you to monitor your multiple tasks and events using plenty of options and configuration settings. This portable software program helps you to start various timers and countdowns that run independently or at the same time. It does not create new entries in the Windows registry or Start menu and leave the clean HDD after removal. The application has a simple and plain interface that contains five preset timers. The application enables you to swap time between multiple counters, reset counters, add visual or sound alerts, add, copy and subtract time, as well as set hotkeys for starting and stopping timers. Further, you can add new countdowns and tabs, manage configuration files, rename or delete the active tabs, export all countdowns, and cycle through all time formats.

22. PC Chrono

PC Chrono is a simple to use software application that enables you to work with a timer, clock, and stopwatch. The application provides support for custom audio notifications and synthesis options. The application has a simple and easy to navigate interface where the current time and date is shown in a large and clear font. As using it as a timer, you can set the relative and absolute time, increase remind frequency automatically, and use voice synthesis as a reminder. For the stopwatch, you use to start, reset, pause, and cancel buttons. As configuration settings, you have the facility to set PC Chrono to minimize to system tray, change the time format, specify a WAV, MP3, or OGG file to play, display a message box, and enable voice synthesis.

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