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Best Free DJ Software for Windows is the list of specific programs that are developed to remix audio tracks. A DJ (deejay or Disk Jockey) is a person which has a task to play music by mixing various type of tracks with the help of different effects and ways. If you want to become a DJ, you should have a good knowledge of music and different equipment used by DJ’s. You can also become a DJ by using different DJ applications. So you have the facility to use DJ applications to create remixes of different songs with ease. These applications provide you many important features like Sync, Reloop, Turntable, Cue Points, and Manage Music Speed. These applications offer support for many popular audio file formats and some of these applications are available in full-screen mode.

1. Blaze

Blaze is a comprehensive and useful software application that enables you to mix audio files by adjusting tempo, volume, and pitch. The application contains most important DJ tools. The interface of Blaze is an intuitive design which provides quality and reliability for creating amazing mixes. Moreover, it has integration with Soundcloud so you have access to millions of tracks and you can add them into your mix instantly. You have the possibility to control the application with your favorite digital Vinyl system. You can connect and control the application with the help of your favorite DJ Controller. So you can easily create your own custom mapping and utilize many presets for your certain DJ hardware. Plus, the application contains all features of modern digital mixing program like Cues, Loops, Filters, 3-Band Equalizer, and much more.

2. Zulu DJ Software

Zulu DJ Software is a simple music software application that enables the user to create his own playlist. The application contains two desks and a panel for your playlist. You can drop and drag MP3 files onto the interface directly. Tracks are analyzed after loading, so when you play these tracks you will get information about the beats per minute. The interface of Zulu DJ Software is pretty basic and self-explanatory so you can start playing music without any problem. It is the great app for amateurs who just want to mess around. It provides you the facility to set up your own hot keys for the features of Zulu DJ Software. The application offers support for most common formats like AVI, MPEG, ASF, WMV, MPG, MPGA, WMA, AU, FLAC, AAC, M4A, DSS, ACT, AMR, and more.


3. KraMixer

KraMixer is a free and handy DJ software application that is created with the latest technology to develop the best DJing experience. KraMixer is using FMOD sound engine which is one of the fastest sound engines available nowadays. The application contains fast sound processing capabilities and some advanced features. KraMixer can match the beats per minutes automatically and supports from WAV, MP3, and OGG file format. This interesting program contains 8 built-in sound effects like Flange, Echo, Compressor, and Reverb. Moreover, it offers real time recording to MP3 format and contains a high-speed sound engine having 2 modes of operation. The application enables you to loop manually with many loop points per channel.

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4. MRT Mixer

MRT Mixer is a lightweight software application which enables you to mix audio files by adjusting the tempo, pitch, and volume. It has a simple and clean interface which provides quick access to four channels and each channel contains the same features. You can upload a song for each pane only using the browse function because it does not support for the drag and drop option. You have the possibility to create a playlist and choose one of the available channels with a double click on any track. Moreover, it enables you to adjust sample rate, tempo, pitch, and volume, as well as enable or disable equalizer. You can apply specific effects like rotate, echo, backward, and flanger, as well as you have the possibility to reset the configured settings to the actual values. The application contains four built-in players that let you stop, pause, or play the current selection. MRT Mixer can work with three file formats like WAV, MP3, and WMA.



VIRTUALDJ is an MP3 mixing application that offers full Karaoke support, pitch control, and many other interesting features. It is not a composition program but you can use it to remix the track already created. So you can give your own touch to the latest hits released by your favorite singers. The interface of VIRTUALDJ is complex where everything is organized in such a way that you can work with many tunes at the same time. The interface provides you pitch controls, standard controls, a BPM calculator, a dynamic beat visualizer, and a virtual scratch. Moreover, it has integration with real scratch simulation, 3 band equalizers, karaoke support, OSC network synchronization, a BeatLock engine, and Master Tempo pitch algorithm. Professional DJs can perform live remixes with the help of the synchronized sampler and automatic seamless loop.

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6. Cross DJ Free

Cross DJ Free is a powerful and user-friendly software application that provides support for dual decks, and multiple audio effects like a chopper, flanger, and echo. It is a professional audio program that can help you to mix your favorite audio tracks with the aid of a dual deck and different special effects. The layout of Cross DJ Free is intuitive and clean which consists of many dedicated parameters. If you are unable to use each built audio parameter, you can get help from the tooltips and an extensive help manual. Cross DJ Free offers support for a large range of file formats like WMV, WAV, MP3, MOV, AAC, OGG, MP4, MKV, FLV, MPG, and others. You can get access to the folders and files present on your computer for your important work. After adding the files into the working environment, you can allow the application to analyze all of them in terms of peak, gain, BPM, and beat

7. tactile12000

tactile12000 is a comprehensive 3-D DJ application and has an interactive simulation of a JD setup, a mixer, and two turntables. The application facilitates you to backspin, crossfade, and speed up or slow down music on your computer. tactile12000 is a cross-platform application for both Macintosh and Windows. You can use this app to mix tracks like a DJ or enables the software to mix your MP3 playlist automatically. The application provides keyboard controls of the mixer and turntables, as well as more precise control of the records and mixer. It can mix your playlist automatically and provides you the facility to play back the cue record on the left channel. The interface of tactile12000 is simple and user-friendly where options are organized in different tabs.

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8. Mixxx

Mixxx is a reliable and lightweight open source DJ software application that enables the user to mix his MP3 collection together, for clubs, parties, or just for fun. App installation process is quite easy, only you have to specify music library. Then it will import your music collection which will take some time if you have a number of files. It contains two channels and each channel has its own controls, from play and pause to the tone control. Global controls are at the center of the interface, with balance, volume, and the cross-fader which facilitates you to mix between the two channels. You can control Mixxx with a mouse or hotkeys, which are specified in the manual. Each channel has a “sync” button for beginners which will help them to synchronize the BPM.

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