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Best Free Inventory Management Software are the specific application designed to manage the business task. These applications enable you to manage and track inventory of your business easily. All these software applications are free of cost and you can easily download them to your Windows computers. Best Free Inventory Management Software provide you multiple features such as keep a track of your goods and inventory, make invoices and orders, maintain the inventory of business products, keep track of receipts, contacts and customers, help trade owners to manager smart purchasing, promotions management, easy inventory management, manage credit accounts and applied credit limits, as well as organize business process, stock and sales.

1. Fakturama

Fakturama is a lightweight software application that enables the user to create and print orders, manage accounts, invoices and delivery notes. This powerful application can help you to manage your company’s finance allowing you to keep track of your inventory, customers, and services. Plus, you can generate orders, invoices, expense, delivery notes, and receipt vouchers. You have the facility to add any type of products or services, organize them according to their type, and specify their price, current stock, and VAT. Moreover, you can add a product photo which will help you to recognize them in the future. The application facilitates the user to add any number of contacts and put information related to processed orders or deliveries. Further, he can use it to manage his deliveries and payments, as the order can be categorized as ‘pending’, ‘shipped’, or ‘processing’.


2. inFlow Inventory

inFlow Inventory is a comprehensive and handy software application that can help business owners to keep track of their orders, purchases, inventory and more. It is useful for individuals to organize their small businesses in an efficient manner and they can easily manage their purchases or sales orders, vendors, customers, and inventories. The Setting panel enables you to add company info, like logo, name, city, address, phone, country, website, e-mail, alter currency and configure taxes. The application has an intuitive interface with a modern design enabling you to multi-task. The Help contents are helpful and allow you to access a setup wizard and watch a tutorial video. You have the facility to import products, orders, vendors, and customers in a CSV or IIF file format and you can generate and export sales, inventory, and purchasing in PDF, DOC, XLS, and RTF.

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3. 2BizBox ERP

2BizBox ERP is a reliable and complex software application that enables you to create an ERP business model by providing every working platform that composes it. This program is helpful to store critical and important data for easy management. The application allows you to create a layout of your business, by arranging and managing each department, just like sales or human resources. Moreover, you can create diagrams to show connections between every department. You have the facility to manage the data stored in every section because 2BizBox ERP will store any saved data into the primary database. The application has two main components, the server, and the client. The server component is used to store data and create any present connections between different fields of interest. Plus, various clients can connect to the same database, means multiple users can access your business layout for working purpose.


4. Rightcontrol

Rightcontrol is a flexible software application for managing your small business by allowing you to keep track of purchasing orders, credit returns, and invoices. In this app, the user can define both suppliers and customers, which can facilitate a close surveillance of both sales and purchases. The program contains a built-in “Search” function to locate potential problems quickly. The application has the ability to store both pending and completed purchases. Moreover, it can store a large amount of information, from model name to batch codes and specifications. You have the possibility to organize the stocks and specify and customize their status such as new, second hand, and refurbished. For new stocks booking, the application allows you to enter barcodes as well. Rightcontrol enables you to use more than one active working window, however, the primary window can become severely cluttered.

5. Bhansali Inventory Management software

Bhansali Inventory Management software is a straightforward and handy software application that allows the user to manage his small business by organizing business information in this app. The application enables you to add a new inventory item by putting general details such a unique number, location, quantity, name, owner, and description. Moreover, you can add images from your system and assign documents to the current entry. Bhansali Inventory Management software allows the user to manage customers, suppliers, units, category, products, employees, shippers, sales, transaction, purchase transaction, sales receipt, purchase receipt, sales report, purchase report and much more. The application has a simple to use and user-friendly interface. It uses a moderate amount of system resources and has a quick response time.

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6. ABInventory Control

ABInventory Control is an inventory control software application that allows you to manage your business work with ease. The application enables you to set up vendor details and stock record details. Moreover, you can keep track of stock transaction details and can create stock analysis. You have the facility to create a compacted version of ABStock.mdb and you can repairs databases if structure becomes faulty. Plus, you can set a password to secure your information from unauthorized users. ABInventory Control facilitates the user to enable the remapping of database paths to network server mapped drives. The application has a simple and intuitive interface which helps you to work in a smooth way. it uses a low amount of system resources and has a fast response time.

7. Lecprog stock management

Lecprog stock management is a lightweight software application that enables the user to create inventory databases and organizes categories, suppliers, products, and entrances. It is a Java-based application that provides a simple to use environment for managing inventories. The outdated interface of Lecprog stock management has a large window with a plain appearance and you have the facility to set up various databases in specific locations. The program provides you a list of sample categories of products and you have the possibility to change or delete them. Moreover, you can create new ones on the spot by setting up the group name and parent folder as well as a set up a basic search tool for finding a particular category quickly. You have the possibility to create and manage a list with suppliers, where you can put the information related to suppliers such as name and code, physical and email address, as well as landline and mobile number.

8. Household Register

Household Register is an efficient software application can keep track of your home or office objects, set up a primary password and assign permissions to other clients, generate a detailed inventory, as well as create reports. It is a comprehensive Windows program having the aim to create and organize the items that you own. The application contains dedicated parameters that can help you to tweak the process in details. You can additional information about each function through the Help Manual. You can add a new inventory item by putting general detail, value, data, warranty, and custom comments. Moreover, you can add pictures from your PC and assign documents to the recent entry. It enables you to an create an account for accessing the app by giving information about the name and setting up a primary password. Moreover, you can insert additional members and set the access permissions for all members individually.

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9. Monely

Monely is a reliable and lightweight software program that allows the user to manage his business and keep track of his business accounts. It is a management and accounting application that is helpful for managing the small, medium and large business. Monely has a very intuitive interface which is suitable for all types of users. The application can help you to streamline all business tasks related to your company. This program allows you to manage your inventory, keep track of all your customers and partners, send and receive e-mails, organize incoming and outgoing invoices and goods, and view detailed statistics about your finance. In addition, Monely can help you to upload your inventory to a website easily. The application has a reporting feature that can help you to easily generate detailed reports about sales, inventory, and profit.

10. Vladovsoft Sklad

Vladovsoft Sklad is a managing software application that can help you to keep track of your business information like employees and products, different reports and issue transaction forms. The application has a compact interface with only multiple buttons that can take you to targeted tools. Each tool has its own window and set of configuration options. At the start, you should visit the “Database” tool if you want to set up company and stock details. The primary categories of this tool are operators, sales, products, and employee that hold multiple entries. You have the facility to export data to different common formats like HTM or XLS and you can use print option to do work fast. To boost up your work, the application support for plugins, with a large online database and few already connected to Vladovsoft Sklad.

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