31 Best Free History Cleaner for Windows


You have a personal computer, and you have no privacy on it. Your all passwords, directories, and browsing history are present in the system. If you have to share your computer with another user, then what will you do. How will secure private data? For this purpose, you can get the help of a specific application knows as History Cleaner. It will delete your all browsing history and saved passwords on the browsers. A large number of history cleaners are present in the software market which are easy to use and provides multiple tools for privacy protection. We have also collected some of the best history cleaner programs which are available free of cost. Use these programs to clean Browsers history; Windows files history and third party programs history. Make selections for files you need to delete and exclude the files you don’t want to remove. Some of these programs also work as System Optimizers because they can clean up your system from unnecessary files and boost up computer performance.

Best Free History Cleaner Software for Windows

1. Disk CleanUp 2000

Remove all traces of recently deleted files and block recovery applications that may try to get back the data. Delete all history of computer and web browser with the help of Disk CleanUp 2000. The tabbed GUI of Disk CleanUp 2000 comprises all configuration options in groups. It offers support for FAT16, FAT32, and NTFS file systems, so choose the drive you need to clean and initiate the main process. Adjust the background process priority and the size of the disk buffer. You have the option to remove files from user-defined folders automatically. Hotkeys help you to clean all data quickly without launching the program. The cleaning task time depends on the overall size of the chosen drive. A user-friendly approach ad a comprehensive help manual of Disk CleanUp 2000 assists you throughout the process. The application still lacks some important features.


2. Privacy Eraser Free

Use Privacy Eraser Free to clean up typed URL addresses, browsing history, password, and temporary files in a secure manner. Protect your privacy by deleting all the traces and other activities quickly. The application scans the whole computer for leftover files, memorized passwords, typed URL addresses, memory dumps, and log files. The program offers support for popular web browsers including Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, or Opera. So you can easily clean up the browsing history. Also, remove files from FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, or exFAT file systems. After launching it for the first time, perform a scanning task within seconds. The scanning task will show all found register keys and you can remove them easily. Access the Windows section to select the files and objects you need to remove from your computer. It is useful when you want to delete specific information including clipboard, search history, temporary files, Recycle Bin entries, credentials, Windows log files, Event logs, and invalid desktop shortcuts.


3. Clear all History

Clear history of multiple browsers such as Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, or Mozilla Firefox with the help of Clear all History. Use it to remove tracks you leave in your system related to Windows, web browsers, and programs. The simple and plain interface of Clear all History allows you to trash browsing history, cache, passwords, last session list, famous sites list, and web page views in web browsers. Clear recent documents and items list, the swap file, Recycle Bin, Windows temporary folders and the Clipboard. You can clean the Microsoft Office, toolbar search history, Windows Media Player, Skype call and chat history, Google Desktop and others. Access the “Settings” area to enable the program to open at system startup automatically and run in invisible mode, encrypt the application with a password, and disable recent documents. Configure keyboard shortcuts and set a schedule. A comprehensive help file with snapshots can assist you throughout the process.

4. System Cleanup

Search and remove cache, temporary, history and backup files on local drives with the help of System Cleanup. Free up space by getting rid of unnecessary files. It is a portable product so place it on an external device and use it on any computer. The application starts to read disk information automatically when you start it and free up space. The minimalistic interface of System Cleanup helps you to clean the Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer cache, network history, history and cookies, and RealOne Player history. Clear WinRar history, recently used file lists in Accessories, and Window Media Player history. The application delete created help-related files and backup files automatically. Remove saved lost clusters and Scandisk log files, Windows Update uninstall information, temporary Word, and thumbnails cache files. Clear prefetch programs cache, Outlook Secure Temporary File folder, user temporary directory, Windows temporary directory and Recycle Bin. Set up Windows disk cleanup and exclude directories from the cleanup task.

5. PrivaZer

An innovative cleaner that helps you to erase unused files from HDD and boost up computer performance. The simplistic interface of PrivaZer can easily optimize your system. The application performs in-depth scans and cleans the computer securely. It can scan different areas of the system, check and trash all the useless browser cookies, desktop or Quick Launch and invalid shortcuts in the start menu. Delete office and picture editing applications histories, Microsoft games history, autocomplete logs in Internet browsers and thumbnails cache. The application can remove the unnecessary files left by the last version of windows, installers and system updates. The application enables you to specify which device you need to scan; you can select from the computer, external storage device, storage drive, iPod, USB flash drive, SD memory card, MP3 Player, and network storage. PrivaZer can scan the whole computer, facilitating you to know exactly how many problem it detected for different sectors.

6. UnCleaner

A cleaning program that can speed up your system by removing unnecessary files on your local disks. The application has the power to decide which files are slowing down your computer performance. The program tries to trash Windows Updated downloaded files, Windows Installer temp files, Windows Prefetch cache data, Windows Offline web pages, Shell cached files and icons and Windows temporary files. Means, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and other important data will remain untouched. The user-friendly interface can take care of the whole job. Just open the application and enable it to perform a quick analysis. It Uses the primary windows to display the current status, total number and the size of the files you want to remove. A “File Report” section displays you the files that it will remove after scanning. Perform a clean using a simple click and schedule one scan at the next system boot.

7. Wise Disk Cleaner

If you want to find and remove junk files, then use Wise Disk Cleaner for this purpose. The modern and flat interface of Wise Disk Cleaner has a pretty visually appealing layout, with elements present in the primary window and clearly visible. An upper toolbar helps you to access all of its four primary features including Common Cleaner, Slimming System, Advanced Cleaner, and Disk Defrag. After a fast deployment process, you can scan your hard drives for junk files. The application can take several minutes, depending on your total space and chosen elements. It shows detected files next to each of the dedicated categories and the amount of space eaten by them. After completion of the cleaning process, an indicator shows how much space you got back. Perform in-depth scan by accessing the Advanced Cleaner. It use less time for configuration; only you have to choose drives to be put under the scope.

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8. Moo0 Disk Cleaner

Free up disk space by trashing unnecessary files from your computer. A sleek and easy to use interface of Moo0 Disk Cleaner performs a scan job on your PC automatically. The application can get rid of history data in Paint, Office tools, Registry Editor, Recent Documents, WinRar, and others. You can remove memory dump, log, prefetch, temporary folder, and update system files. Add a custom target by writing a title and description, and specify the target you need to clean. After cleaning task, check the total number and size of items erased successful and the items it will delete the next time. Select or deselect items, and allows the program to run at system startup automatically. Customize the interface of the program by changing the skin, cell height, transparency level, font size, and language. The improved version uses a low amount of computer resources.

9. DriveTidy

Remove unused and unnecessary files such as browsing history and temporary files from different entertainment programs. It is a portable program so you can use it without installation. Click the “Quick Cleanup” button to scan the whole system or get a list of all areas to choose only the ones of interest. The application can remove history files and error reports of Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome, Java, Flash Player, Adobe Reader, Steam, and IMVU. DriveTidy displays the scanning process in real-time, and a small graph shows you how much space is present on your hard disk and the amount you get back by cleaning your PC. It manages quickly to get rid of junk files. You have the possibility to create a report which opens up your default text editor will files searched and deleted from your system.

10. CleverCleaner

CleverCleaner is a straightforward program that facilitates you to delete history, cookies, and cache data saved in web browsers, recently used documents and temporary files. Free up some space on the disk and boost up the system performance. Get the benefit of the program’s portability status and run it on the computer without installation. It shows a small panel that comprises only a few control parameters for the deletion task. You can choose the target partition for removing unnecessary files. The minimalistic GUI of CleverCleaner furnishes a large number of tweaking parameters which are hidden under the hood. Apply cleaning task to different browsers such as Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, Opera, and Firefox and you can choose the items you need to remove. In addition, you can trash temporary directories, file search masks, recently used documents, Recycle Bin items, system logs and old update files. Implement an advanced set of parameters to search files on the disk using wildcards, exclude directories from the search task and create an exclusion list based on file extensions.

11. WinUtilities History Cleaner

Improve computer performance and protect privacy by washing unwanted files and Internet trashes. It comprises all types of features and tools that can facilitate you to free up more space on the system. The clean and intuitive GUI helps you to work in a smooth environment. The application enables you to browse through all types of directories on your system and choose the files that you need to clear. WinUtilities History Cleaner choose the folders automatically that comprises autocomplete form data, Internet temporary files, recycle bin, document history and more. The application secure your privacy by removing all traces of the Internet and other computer activities. Deleting these traces may be specifically important if you need to share a computer without others. Overall, WinUtilities History Cleaner is a nice program to remove unwanted files from the computer.

12. Sweepi

Make your computer faster and efficient, protect privacy and remove useless files with the help of Sweepi. Simple and easy to navigate interface enables you to choose between classic mode and cleanup wizard. The second one performs the scanning cleaning task automatically. To start the scanning process, choose the profile between standard, fast and complete cleanup. Sweepi finds the junk files in the registry such as password auto-completion, visited Internet addresses, recently browsed files, Run history, and performed searches. The program can remove cookies, temporary folders, temporary Internet and Windows log files, help files, and thumbnails. Get rid of recent documents, downloaded installations, check disk file fragments, memory dump, history, Recycle Bin, and specific programs. The application works with low to moderate amount of computer resources. It comprises a complete help file with snapshots. It can easily integrate into the Explorer context menu.

13. BleachBit

Maintain your privacy and free up disk space by removing temporary and unwanted files using BleachBit. The application allows you to clean your system ad delete privacy-related data. It is helpful when you have to share your PC with other people. The well-organized interface of BleachBit makes it possible to perform cleaning operations easily. So trash backup, Thumbs.Db, DS_Store, temporary files, along with system items, such as memory dump, Clipboard content, MUI cache, logs, Prefetch, temporary files, and Recycle Bin. You can delete files related to web browsers including crash reports, cookies, cache, session restore, DOM storage, site preferences, and URL history. BleachBit has the possibility to clear Flash, Microsoft Office, Windows Explorer, WinRAR, and VLC media player. Preview the scanning results and check out how much storage space is available after deleting the chosen files. Shred folders and files to stop them from being recovered by specific programs.

14. MindStick Cleaner

Remove temporary files, cookies or history from installed web browsers with the help of MindStick Cleaner. Clean up space, improve, the computer performance, and protect privacy by removing unnecessary files. The application offers support for Windows objects, Internet Explorer, and other web browsers. If you want to work properly with MindStick Cleaner, you have to install .NET Framework. The user-friendly interface of MindStick Cleaner has a large window with a neatly organized structure, where you can select objects to trash. For Internet Explorer, it can remove temporary Internet files, cookies, history, Index.Dat files, recently typed URLs, the last download location, saved passwords, and autocomplete form. Trash Windows items such as recent documents, thumbnail cache, Run history, taskbar jump lists, and other Explorer MRUs/. The program can remove the Recycle Bin items and Clipboard contents. Get rid of memory dumps, temporary memory files, broken shortcuts in the desktop and Start Menu, DNS and font cache, error reporting files and Windows logs.

15. ClearProg

A small sized program that offers you a good method of deleting all your Internet tracks and junk files. The simplistic interface of ClearProg has standard windows where you can access cleaning options for Opera, Internet Explorer, Windows, Firefox, Microsoft Office applications and other programs. You can trash temporary Internet files, cookies, history, the index.dat file on reboot, autocomplete entries in web forms, and the download list. It checks out the Windows temporary folders, the Recycle Bin, Media Player, open/save files list, OpenOffice, WinZip, Google Toolbar, and WordPad file list. Choose all items, check out the results and start the cleaning process. Save settings, and export them o an INI file, disable delete options, save the Windows position, and install shortcuts. It finishes the cleaning task quickly and has a good response time.

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16. UPCleaner

Erase unwanted and useless data from your computer and boost up system performance with the help of UPCleaner. The user-friendly interface helps you to choose the Windows registry, history, Internet cache, Start menu, temporary files, registry entries, and specific folders. In the next step, view more specific parts of each category. Remove the HTML section and the shared DLLs in the “Registry Cleaner.” Delete the media player’s recent file list in the “History Cleaner” and command lines from the Run menu. After completion of the cleaning task, a message box pops up and shows the total number of files removed from your computer and elapsed time. Run the “Disk Clean Wizard” to choose the drive you need to clean, insert the file filter and select additional tasks. Keep the Shift button pressed when you start the cleaning process, in order to run a simulation. A backup and restore system is present in the Windows registry.

17. PCWinBooster Free

PCWinBooster Free is a reliable and intuitive program that can allow the user to get rid of duplicate, redundant, and obsolete files. So he can save disk space and boost up computer performance. The application can handle all the areas that can harm your computers such as empty folders, temporary Internet files, the Recycle Bin, junk data, browser toolbars, and broken shortcuts. Create a selection of the system sections for the cleaning process. The program scans common PC areas quickly and provides a full report of the issues identified during it. You have the option to choose the files to delete manually during the fix-up stage. In addition, get benefits from a program uninstaller that can remove applications installed on the PC. A duplicate file finder helps you to find duplicate content quickly and remove it to get more free space. It is easy to use a computer optimizer for increasing the speed of your computer.

18. Indo Cleaner

Indo Cleaner is a straightforward application that allows you to trash recent file lists and browsing data and clean up your computer. It deletes cookies, history, unused and unnecessary files that occupy a large space on your system. It supports a built-in wizard which assists you throughout the cleaning tasks. Choose the categories you need to scan before removing data including Windows Explorer and Windows Applets such as recent lists in Wordpad, Paint, and Registry Editor. Remove unwanted files from Systems such as Clipboard content, Temporary files, Log files, and Recycle Bin. Trash Internet, Explorer items, browsing data for Firefox, recent lists from Microsoft Office, Windows Media Player, and Macromedia programs. Indo Cleaner performs a cleaning process very fast and shows the number of searched items for each category. You can choose the category you need to delete.

19. Free History Eraser

Free History Eraser is a comprehensive and efficient application that can erase the history and remove traces of your last browsing sessions. The application allows the user to remove cookies or temporary internet files within the browser. The simplistic interface of Free History Eraser has a more appealing look for beginners. The erasing task targets the index.dat files, Internet history, and address bar AutoComplete files. It is a useful program when you need to hide the web pages you have been visiting. The primary window has an “Erase” button for erasing the file automatically. Free History Eraser uses a low to moderate amount of computer resources, and the scanning process takes a few seconds for completion. It shows all files removed from the computer in the primary window. Overall, it is the best solution for removing all traces of browsing sessions.

20. ZeroTracks 2005

ZeroTracks 2005 is a simple to use and handy program that comprises the features like other popular cleaning applications. The application has the possibility to decrypt and delete data from hidden files in the Registry. If you think your computer is ‘clean,’ download this app and get the user assist feature. ZeroTracks 2005 enables the user to WIPE all the Index.dat files on your computer. Some files are locked when Windows is running. However, the program writes directly to your hard drive platters, by-passing windows. The simplistic interface of ZeroTracks 2005 helps you to work in a smooth environment. Protect your privacy and delete files with an auto-complete password. This feature is helpful when you want to share your computer with other users.


21. History Clean

Use History Clean to clean all private and bugging information from Windows and many other programs. It is a handful tool when you have to share your computer with many users and want to maintain a specific level of privacy. You can allow the application to clean Windows elements such as clipboard, Recycle Bin, recent document history, and temporary files. You can work with it to eliminate web browsing data such as auto-complete forms, cookies, typed URLs, passwords, cache, and others. Use it to trash files and folders safely from your system and allow automatic cleaning system startup. Manage URLs, cookies, and plugins in Internet Explorer. A complete help file with images is part of it for further assistance. It performs cleaning operations very fast and without any issues.

22. CleanAfterMe

Remove any unnecessary, invalid registry entries and unnecessary junk files and improve computer performance with the help of CleanAfterMe. It is a portable program so place it anywhere on the system and run it without installation. The user-friendly interface of CleanAfterMe comprises a standard window where you can allow the program to look into items revolving Windows Explorer such as UserAssist, recent folder, event log, Recycle Bin, the MUICache list, clipboard, and last RegEdit key. The program looks into web browsers and removes cookies, temporary Internet files; last 20 typed URLs, history and form history. It also checks other Microsoft programs including Acrobat Reader, Word temporary folder, and Outlook 2003 temporary folder. Allow the program to remember the last settings, choose the deleting method, view the cleaning report, and allows the option to ask you before trashing a temporary folder. It works with a low amount of computer resources and performs its task quickly.

23. Baidu Cleaner

Baidu Cleaner is a straightforward program that helps you to search and remove junk files and other useless data. The application can help you to optimize your computer and improve its performance significantly. The simple and user-friendly interface of Baidu Cleaner is easy to handle by beginners. The primary window comprises different tabs such as Full Scan and Clean Genius. A customizable Setting section allows you to define its functioning parameters. To start working, press, the Full Scan button on the primary screen. It shows the results in categories such as Privacy clean, Junk Clean, Memory Clean, System Optimization, Startup Clean, and Plugin Clean. The program compares the files from your computer with a cloud database for identifying junk files quickly. It constantly works on improving its detection abilities. The file removal operation is not automatic. First, view the scan results and select or deselect the items manually you do not want to get rid of. Press on “Clean” and free up valuable space on your computer instantly.

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24. ATF Cleaner

ATF Cleaner is a simple to use program that enables you to clean temporary directories for different applications such as different supported web browsers. You can delete the cookies, remove temporary files, empty the Recycle Bin, and a clean history. It provides an efficient way of cleaning the cutters of your computers. The intuitive interface of ATF Cleaner comprises only a few parameters to work with. It is a portable program so you can work with it without installation. Choose the files you need to trash such as temporary Internet files, cookies, Windows temporary files, Prefetch traces, and Java cache. Click the Empty Select button and get rid of useless files. If you are working with Opera or Firefox, it will clean up after them as well.

25. CleanCache

CleanCache enables you to remove private information present in the web browsers. The user interface of CleanCache comprises a standard window where you can access a few tabs. Clean temporary Internet files, cookies, history, Form AutoComplete, and typed URLs. Clean outbox and move items to Outlook Express, Internet Explorer, and OE items at Windows startup, shutdown. Choose a Mozilla profile and trash cache, AutoComplete, history, saved username and passwords, cookies, download history and typed URLs. Get rid of windows content related to a temporary user directory, start run and search history, recent documents, clipboard, MRU registry entries, UserAssist registry entries, Word Pad, Media Player, and Office applications. You can manage applications that run on system startup automatically, uninstall apps, wipe files, all stealth mode for CleanCache, reboot or turn off the computer after a manual clean, create log files and use a secure cleaning.

26. PC Bean & Clean

Easy to use application which facilitates you to optimize your system quickly and significantly improve running speed. Get rid of unnecessary and old files or other data that clutters your computer. The primary window of PC Bean & Clean comprises four distinct sections for working such as Computer Speed, Startup Browser, Disk Speed, and System Clean. Work with the Compute Speed section to remove ActiveX and Com components, empty software keys, and invalid file types. Clean wrong autostart and uninstall entries, obsolete database drivers, or missing addons. The Disk Speed section helps you to optimize computer drives and boost up their responsiveness. Use the Startup Browser to view and manage the applications that automatically launch after you login to your Windows account. Remove the programs that you have no need to run and delete them from the list using a single click of a mouse. The System Clean function can remove temporary and backup files, cache data, reports, and logs, restore points or history lists. A detailed view of each section helps you to view their total size.

27. Xleaner

Xleaner is a simple to use a software program that allows you to clear Internet and Windows garbage from your hard disk. So you can free up space on your hard drive by removing useless data. It has a plain and intuitive interface where you can work smoothly. You can enable the program to look into recent documents, the file and system search list, Windows clipboard, user tempo folder, temp folder, Run and UserAssist history, and old prefetch data. Moreover, this program can take care of cookies, web browser history, browser cache, Microsoft Office components, downloaded program files, offline websites, and others. In addition, create a custom list of files, folders and registry keys to clean, get the latest plugins and apps, check volume disks, as well as clean the memory and registry after purging. You can allow the program to run at system startup and start to minimize to tray.

28. SlimCleaner

SlimCleaner is a community-based program that is useful to optimize system performance. Now you the facility to boost up system’s performance level by getting rid of junk files. The simple and pretty intuitive interface of SlimCleaner provides a large number of useful options. You have the facility to manage applications and services which run at Windows startup automatically, change the homepage of web browsers and create a log file on the startup, uninstall programs and use a search function and more. SlimCleaner can clean your system, Windows history, and Windows Utilities like remote Desktop and WordPad recent file list. Moreover, you can take care of installed programs, web browser, Windows Update, Notification tray, as well as the Registry such as shared DLLs, services, file extensions, and application paths. View a disk summary, use a file shredder, analyze and wipe the disk, as well as access different Windows tools.

29. Glary Utilities

Glary Utilities is a set of powerful features and it is designed to increase your computer performance and maintain your computer in shape, providing you full control over its resources. The interface of Glary Utilities is straightforward and easy to follow and provides you three tabs to access the current status of the application updates and license, five modules, and one-click maintenance functions. It has a “1-Click Maintenance” tool that can configure the registry cleaner, startup manager, shortcuts fixer, tracks eraser, temporary files cleaner, and spyware remover. If you choose all features, this program performs a rapid scan and shows the number of problems, under each function. “Modules” section enables you to delete junk data to clear up space, uninstall applications, fix to start menu and desktop shortcuts, monitor and optimize free memory, shred files, defrag the Windows registry, split and join files, retrieve deleted files and others.

30. Soft Cleaner

Soft Cleaner is a reliable and handy software program that enables you to scan your system for obsolete temporary folders and files, later delete them to boost up and protect your computer. This program works as a Window within a Window when it first started, a design selection that comes across a strange. A second launch button shows the interface within the nonresizable Window. The Options menu is the only way to configure the program, does not contains its own certain tab or area within Soft Cleaner. When you choose the options, it appears as a floating menu that shows over existing areas. The Options menu is a series of additional areas that can be enabled to yes automatically, with a click turning them to a no. the layout of Soft Cleaner is extremely awkward and you can easily improve it with a more conventional display.

31. BeClean

BeClean is a simple to use program that comprises a complete suite of system cleaning features. It can erase any unwanted files from different drives that may harm your computer. The user-friendly interface of BeClean helps you to choose the Windows registry, history, Internet cache, temporary files, desktop, Recycle Bin, Start menu, or famous folders and registry entries. View more specific parts of each category such as remove the shared HTML and DLLs help section in “Registry Cleaner.” Get rid of command lines from the media player and Run menu in the “History Cleaner.” Work with the “Disk Clean Wizard” to choose drives you need to clean, insert the file filter and select additional tasks. From the Setting menu, choose the sections of each category. Add specific folders, files, and registry keys, and import last created BeClean custom files to create your personalized category of cleaning purpose.

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