Best Free Album Art Changer Software for Windows

A list of many top-rated freely available audio editing software on the internet. With these software, you can do a lot of things with your music not just listen to it. The software are embedded with a lot of features each of em are unique. You can Change covers, edit metadata, Edit tags, create playlists and also convert files into different formats using these software. We are giving you a list of free available software on the internet so you can choose from them whichever suits you the best. These software make your music library more attractive, organized and much more comfortable to use. So just add your music, sit back and enjoy while software does the work for you. Change the art and completely change the way it looks.

1. VLC Media Player

The VLC media player is one of the leading free to download media player available On the market. It is a cross-platform software and can be used for multiple audio editing tasks like Playing an audio file, Cutting mp3 or audio format file, Tagging music, Changing covers and much more. It is frequently updated and is free from any major problems so you can use it carelessly and enjoy the time. You can download it from its official website freely for any platform.



AIMP is free to download software which can be used on both the Android and Windows. It can be used as an Mp3 player and is also usable as an Audio editor. You can use Last FM Scrobbler, Bookmark and Playback queue creation, Multiple playlists, One per tab Playlist and Tag editor, Audio library file organizer and search, Support for plug-ins and skins. Also, the user can edit the Cover for the music file and change it as desired.


3. MPTagThat

MPTagThat is a software by Media Portal which comes with a lot of other features than just Editing or Playing your music. You can Edit, Tag, Convert and also burn CD’s or DVD’s using this software efficiently. Using this software, you can freely create your Playlist in an organized way and Edit any music on it like changing the Cover of it, Renaming Title or Artist name and much more to enjoy your music while its being played comfortably. It is available only for windows.


4. Kid3 Audio Tagger

The Kid3 Audio Tagger is free to use software which comes with lots of music editing features. It is very lightweight and does not take a lot of cache memory from your computer. You can organize your large music data collection easily in this software cleanly and fastly. Prescribed features include Editing of synchronized lyrics and Event Timing Codes, Import and Export LRC files and automatically Convert Lower and Upper case and replace strings. Kid3 Audio Tagger is only available for windows at the moment.



MP3TAG is a universal audio editing software which has various features to edit Metadata of the data. It can change covers (album art), rename a file, inserted artist name or album name and much more like these. It is free to use software and is operated only on windows. You can download it from its website. It has a feature of getting tags online from named sites, and it saves your time of typing and searching for that data consequently making your library more attractive and useful.


6. Songbird

Songbird is a free to use software which is cross-platform. The software is loaded with features and is mostly used by iTunes users because of its integration in iTunes. The user interface is quite user-friendly and is easy to understand and use. If you are an iTunes user, then you can easily use it right on the go installing it. It automatically scans your folders and updates your music library to keep it up to date.

7. Media Monkey

Media Monkey is one of the top rated software regarding audio playing and editing. It comes with a built-in converter for Audio files, so if you want to convert any file, you can just select it from the playlist and convert it right there. It can also be used to change covers of your tracks. It automatically scans your PC for music files of almost any available format and automatically updates your media library upfront anytime. It also supports iTunes and is usable for Apple users as well as windows users.


8. Winamp

Win Amp is a free software with a large online community which helps it keep running on top. It is a cross-platform software which is used for most of the accessible audio features. It has many useful features like Win Amp Remote, Adding album art and track tags, Media Monitor and Pod catcher. It includes over 20,000 skins and can be embedded with a lots of plugins to help your cause. The software can also be used for changing album arts and tagging.


9. J Tagger

J Tagger is an Audio Editing software which is used for Tagging and Editing audio media files. It is only operate-able at Windows and uses Java Runtime environment. You can Edit covers, Rename files, and Create multiple playlists on this software with ease. It is free to use software and is easily downloadable from websites because of being a low space costing software. Easily organize your files so that you don’t mess up while playing your favorite music.


10. Creevity

Creevity is free to download software by which you can add images to you blank audio content like .mp3 or .aac files. You can surf through the internet and easily find Album arts for your record. With this software, you can Add Cover Images (album arts) to your Mp3 files Change or remove any cover, Instantly search over the internet for the right cover, Add your own images as covers for your mp3 files, Preview mp3 files while editing, Add or modify mp3 star ratings and many more helpful features.


11. Bee Music

Bee Music is one of the top ranking Audio Editing software which is only available on Windows platform. It is freely available to download and use. It is an excellent Music Manager which automatically fixes Tags, Finds Album Artwork (covers), Adds Lyrics and also has a Built-in Audio Converter. There are a lot of Plugins and Add-ons available at the official website for the player to help it create an amazing playlist. It supports iTunes and is very useful for apple users.


12. Foobar 2000

Foobar 2000 is an audio player which only focuses on quality and is extremely fast. If you want performance and just performance, this is the one for you. You can access music easily and fastly without any delay and organize in such a way that it gives optimum performance and save time. You cannot change covers in this player but it is a mention-able player in multimedia playlist category.


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