8 Best Free Internet Booster for Windows

The Internet is a need for people nowadays and not for just recreation and knowledge, also for business and more professional reasons. To work on the internet, you should have a stable and high-speed connection of internet with high speed. Though most of the high-speed internet packages are very expensive, and most of the people cannot afford such a high-speed internet connection, and it creates an impact on their work related to the internet. This is the reason some of the developers created the internet booster software, and these software helps drastically in increasing your overall internet speed. Some of these software create a proxy over your connection and increase ping rate and others adjust your internal Windows settings which limit your internet speed to boost the speed of your internet. The better way of boosting speed is to alter the settings of Windows through software and then to use the proxy software to give it a combo boost. By changing the internal settings of the Windows, the restriction made on your internet by Windows is removed, and it can pick more speed over your available internet connection with the help of proxy software. Some of the software are given in the list below, find the one which suits you the best and download it freely with the given link.

1. Best Free Internet Booster

Best Free Internet Booster is a simple software which is used to boost the internet speed of PC by altering some administrative settings by the permission of the user. It lacks any other features to Aid the user, but it is straightforward in its work and boosts the speed of internet for which the user used it. It is a lightweight software which uses just the necessary resources for the work and does not put a lot of workload on your system. The software is a fully free software and can be downloaded from the given link.


2. Internet Speed Booster 2

Internet Speed Booster 2 is a simple, straightforward internet boosting software which is mostly automatic and does not require much effort from the user. You don’t have to alter different configurations or settings to increase the speed, just install, run and click on the boost button, and your work is done. It also shows you the performance of the internet in real time in a graphical form. The software is free to download and install and readily supports any Windows platform on any device, i.e. PC, Laptop or mobile.


3. Internet Accelerator

Internet Accelerator is a Windows registry optimizer software which alters the unreachable setting of your windows and makes your internet connection way faster and reliable. The parameters of this software adjust, are mostly the settings which are settled to limit the internet speed when the Windows is installed, and it does not involve any third party. The software is a freeware and can be easily downloaded from its official website making it more reliable in terms of performance and money cost.


4. Throttle

Throttle is a high quality software which instantly upgrades your modem and enhances your browsing and downloading speed. With its fast speed support, you don’t have to worry even when you are playing online multiplayer games. It is compatible with Compatible with Microsoft Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP & Windows Server 2012, 2008, 2003. 32-BIT/64-BIT ready. It drastically improves the performance of your computer and internet simultaneously, thus making it more reliable. The software is available in both free and paid version differing in features. Paid version gives you access to more useable profiting features while free version only gives you access to only basic functions.


5. Tweak MASTER

Tweak MASTER is a simple to use software, but still, it is loaded with many helpful features to help the user. The software is not a proxy server, and it alters your PC’s secret configuration which is not usually available to be edited without this software and boosts your internet and PC without any third party intervention. It has features like DNS Accelerator, Connection Optimization Wizard, Advanced Ping and Trace Route, Clock synchronization and many more. The software is a free to install and try in non-commercial version and guarantees safe and clean install and uninstall.


6. MZ XP Tweak

A person named Michael Zacharias designs MZ tools, and there are various tweaking tools available by this name. A tool for boosting internet and PC speed is designed by the company and is named MZ XP Tweak. This software is loaded with features and helps you boost both the computer and internet performance. It is freeware and can be downloaded from its official website. Some features of MZ XP Tweak tool are Tweaking and personalizing Windows, Smart memory & processor management, Increasing network performance and download speeds, Optimizing & backing up your registry, removing unused and temporary files from your system.


7. Tool Net

Tool Net is a proxy server which limits your data spent on traffic and boost your Internet speed. It is readily compatible with almost all of Operating systems. You can download it free and install it on Linux, Sun Solaris, Windows and Macintosh as well. The software is also available for Windows Mobile in app version. Tool Net is full freeware software and is low in size and does not put very much weight on your system’s resources, this way it also does not slows your device while boosting your internet speed.


8. Opera Web Browser

Opera Web Browser is a reliable program that furnishes practical, efficient and simple ways for exploring the web. The browser contains download and bookmark managers, add-ons, mouse gestures, private data deletion options, pop-up blocker and more. The elegant interface of Opera Web Browser delivers an intuitive working environment with key features to ensure a seamless browsing session. Work with pinned tabs and access your favorite sites using ‘Speed Dials.’ Change the appearance of your web browser applying multiple themes. Create custom themes using images uploaded from your PC. Add extra functions to the browser by installing extensions so you can block advertisements, translate web pages, save passwords and more. A heart shaped icon helps you to save your favorite URLs to the preset category. Create a custom folder to dump bookmarks and insert the current bookmark to the Speed Dial. Use the ‘Discover’ feature to find bloggers and journalists with ease. Active anonymous mode to browse the Internet without leaving any traces behind. It also has a turbo boost option which boosts your internet speed in a pinch.

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