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TVs nowadays are becoming smart; they are no longer controlled with remotes and require a dish set up or any cable connection which offers you limited channels. When the dish disrupts, or the cable is damaged, it is hard to recover from it and a hectic routine to fix it again. As we move toward the era of technical ease and automation, we find there are many improvements in the entertainment industry, so are the gadgets that let us access the media on them. An organization like Netflix and Amazon have widened the user experience with surprising and shocking shows and movies. Not all countries offer access to free movies and TV shows or live sports, so developers have made applications and tools that let us see many new videos without going through so much wait and hustle. We can access hundreds of channels on these apps and can view live streaming of any supports. Features like recording, pausing, rewinding a live stream are fantastic. There are more functions like accessing the internet browse, syncing multiple devices, and much more. Here is a list of best apps for Android TV and Android Box, they are affordable, easy to use, configurable, provide HD quality, and much more.

1. TV Player

TV Player is an application that offers a wide range of TV guide on your smartphones; it supports Android and iOS devices. The app comes in two iterations; free and paid. The free version offers 75 live channels like Spike, CNN, Bloomberg, and many more. The paid version gives you 30 extra pay-TV channels, including MTV, Gold, and Eurosport. The interface is easy to understand, and the graphics representation has flexible customization. The TV Guide feature is easily accessible, and you can have channels on demand and save them to view later. TV Player allows the same account to stream subscribed content at the same time on multiple devices.

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2. Plex for Android

Plex for Android is another fantastic and bewildering media player and media managing app that possess an extreme level of multiple functionalities and can perform a variety of tasks at the same time. The app is a sort of all in one media managing and maintaining an app that manages all the media files of the users, including the audios, videos, and images, and provides the most efficient and quick access of these files to its users. This astounding all in one app is developed and published by popular Plex, Inc. The vendors are already quite famous for their digital media players and the products related to it. The users can now easily share all their media with their friends and family by using this app frequently and easily. It also allows the users to sync their media files and data between multiple digital devices and even PCs. For sync with the PCs desktops or laptops, the users have to install the Plex Media Server on them that downloads from the official website of Plex. The app is free, but for some of the additional premium features, the users have to pay via in-app purchase. It can be easily downloaded from the Google Play store.

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3. Netflix

Netflix is a growing Android application that contains millions of users and thousands of subscriptions. It is not a free application but offers a month trial period that will get its hook in you because the movie collection is fantastic, and not only they have a consolidated database of many movies, but they stream their films. Netflix provides all types of qualities like 1080p, and now they stream 4K videos. They offer easy access and a smooth self-explanatory interface. The dark theme and responsive layout add spice for more taste. It contains a wide variety of TV shows, movies to choose from, and all are in exceptional quality and presented with the option of the live stream and download.

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4. Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is a platform that offers services of Android TV and in a friendly way and provides the best experience of the Android TV app. It contains many movies and many TV shows which are the primary source of entertainment after a long hard day of work. Amazon has almost 20 million or subscribers in the US. The app interface is very tempting and has various options. The GUI structure provides a straightforward approach to the program. It allows you to watch the live stream; the user can pause it, record it, and do many other things. It also streams its original content like ‘The man in the High Castle,’ ‘Mozart in the Jungle,’ and many more. The app is not free and costs about $99 per year.

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5. Morpheus TV

Morpheus TV is a tool that provides access to multiple TV channels on a single platform. It is free and offers many options regarding viewership. Users can pause the live stream, record it on Android Box, and rewind it. Set a schedule and reminder of favorite and upcoming shows, so a notification appears on your phone when they are air, same with the sports channels, the app reminds you of the match updates and how to watch live match. Morpheus TV interface has crossed the slow and lagging features of other apps of the same category. The interface is initiative, fast, smart, interactive, and pure in navigation.

6. Kodi

Kodi is a free Android TV Box app that contains options to view movies on demand and TV shows. It streams life and can pause whenever users want them to; use can recode the shows and videos and share them with other Kodi users. The core feature of the app is that it lets you install third-party addons and plugins in the app, which help improve functionality. Kodi developers create most of the plugins and addons. The stunning interface of the app attracts the user, and the GUI structure is navigating, which provides an ease to the user. The addons grant you to access free content from CNET, the Food Network, CBC, and many others.

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7. Sling TV

Sling TV is an Android TV application which provides services of a TV channel and guides the use throughout the whole setup. It includes movies TV shows and TV drama and to be seen live on the app, or if you choose to record them or download them, that option is also available. The app works in the US, but if you are outside the US, you will require a good VPN for Android Box. The subscription plan starts from $20 a month, and it will increase if you want more features in the Andros Box. The interface is user-friendly and has multiple functions like remote control, help center, ability to connect to the iOS device. It offers channels like ESPN, Disney Channel, CNN, USA, SyFy, and many more.

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8. Haystack TV

HayStack TV, an Android platform application dedicated to providing you a wide range of movies and TV shows. It includes channels from all over the world, and the way it designs the interface is terrific. The app is very comfortable, and for new users, it provides a guide on how to set up the app with the TV or Android box. You can manipulate the live streaming of any show like pausing it, recording it rewinding it, and much more. It shows you the channel which is most recommended, and that is trending ton top, some results are given based on your research history. All the information you see on Haystack TV collects from 100 local and international channels.

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9. Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time is the most popular app for Android TV and android box; it contains a fantastic feature, and the interface is quite friendly, and the user faces no issue in navigating the app. It includes features like channels from all over the world, can interact with a live stream, record nay show, notify of you of new shows and movies, can subscribe to many free channels, and many others. The iOS version of the app is under development. If put in words, the app is an integrated version of BitTorrent but with a media player. The app has a guiding feature that lets the user set up the app and sync with their TVs.

10. Puffin TV

Puffin TV consists of a reliable internet connection, and with that strength, it can play live steam channels on your TV and Android devices. It syncs with your smartphone and acts as a media player, which is a rare feature in the apps of this category. The tile-based interface makes it easy for the user to navigate through the application. The GUI can change the background and color of the tiles. Puffin TV has features like scanning QR code, making bookmarks render websites unthinkably fast, and with significant security. Puffin TV gives you a little glimpse of the future of TV-based web browsing.

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11. Steam Link

Steam Link is a tool that syncs with your PC and connects with all your Android devices and enables streaming. It can link up 15 devices and do not lag in streaming. All the movies and TV shows air according to the time, and if you activate the feature of notification alerts, the app will notify you of the latest news, film and TV shoe release, sports matches, and much more. All the videos played in high quality like 4K and Ultra HD. The app has an intelligent interface which customizes according to users need and requirements. GUI structure is attractive and guides the user with small texts and alerts.

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12. AirScreen

AirScreen is an Android-based application which provides features and function of android Box and Android TV. It includes multiple sources to ensure your media from all over the world. The interface is configurable and has a guiding feature to help the user set up the account in this application. It syncs with all your Android devices over the internet and works as a media player if you should choose to plat anything from your Android device. AirScreen does not works on iOS devices because it doesn’t support Google Cast. This app creates an AirPlay server on your Android TV, which allows the toy to mirror your iPhone screen on an Android TV.


13. Twitch

Twitch Software is a free TV sync and Android Box. The core feature of the app is that it streams live channels, and all channels have a different subscription, and if recorded, they do not override the previous recording. On this platform, gamers post live video game streams. The primary audience on this app is gamers, an ordinary user can also have all the basic features of a typical TV app with live channels, recording feature, pausing feature, and notification alerts. The features of Twitch offers an interactive interface, easy navigation, quick setup, broad gaming audience, attractive layout, and much more.

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14. Ugoos TV

Ugoos TV, a free Android TV launcher that works on the principle of easy interface and enhancing user experience. The layout is attractive and provides an extensive list of channels from all over the world. It easily connects with the TV and can play your device files on the TV. Ugoos TV contains nine categories of features that are mention on the right side of the screen. It provides different themes, can play background music, adaptive remote control, and air mouse control. The customizable interface and quick start give an edge to this application. Ugoos TV gives you access to the internet from the Box, so you don’t have to use your phone to link with the TV.


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