The Complete Guide to PS4 MTU Settings in 2023


Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU) specifies the maximum size of a data packet that may be sent between two network nodes. If a package is larger than the maximum allowed by your settings, it will be broken up and delivered in many smaller boxes. We may expect a rise in latency and a drop in throughput.

Your MTU may change depending on the router’s speed, the QoS settings in place, and whether or not you’re using a wired connection to push traffic. Read on as we go through what we think are the optimal best mtu settings for ps4.

Explain MTU

The largest allowable size for a data packet is the Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU). The maximum transmission unit (MTU) is a packet header field specifying the maximum number of bytes a package can include.


Performance might be affected by the best mtu settings for ps4. Having an MTU that is too little can limit your bandwidth while having an MTU that is too big will cause packet loss and latency issues.

What Exactly Do The MTU Settings Do On The PS4?

The MTU settings control the maximum transmission unit (MTU) that your PS4 will allow. The Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU) is a parameter that determines the total size of data packets that may be sent and received across a network interface.

The maximum transmission unit (MTU) may be adjusted in the PlayStation 4’s system settings. The Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU) is a parameter that determines the maximum size of data packets that may be sent and received through a network interface.


This parameter determines the PlayStation 4’s maximum packet size for sending and receiving.

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What Role Does MTU Play

The maximum transmission unit (MTU) setting is an essential indicator of how heavily you rely on the internet. The top transmission unit (MTU) value specifies the total size of a data unit that may be sent from one computer to another.

Routers rely on it to determine which network connection is most reliable for sending and receiving data and discard any faults during this process. Yet, what exactly is transpiring behind the scenes? We’ll review a few of the most salient arguments for why the best mtu settings for ps4 matter.

Boosts Network Efficiency

If the Maximum Transmission Unit is set too high, data packets may be lost or fragmented in transit. Insufficient bandwidth for your devices might result from an incorrectly configured MTU.

Risks to Security Increase

All nodes in a network need to agree on what a packet is for packet switching to function, which increases security and prevents assaults and intrusions. The maximum transmission unit (MTU) determines the largest packet size that may be accepted before it must be broken up and delivered over the network in various segments using alternative paths and faked IP addresses.

All devices on your network will have no means of knowing who is sending them what and where it is going, making it impossible for them to judge whether or not the data is safe. This can create security vulnerabilities that let hackers and other bad actors steal or exploit your private data.

Helpful in Preventing Splitting Apart

Data packet fragmentation occurs if data from several sources is broken into independent pieces. In the absence of a reliable solution, this can lead to packet loss, delay, and other problems. Fragmentation is a significant network connectivity issue that has to be addressed when configuring your MTU.

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Fantastic tool for Traffic Relief

If you let network congestion go unchecked for too long, it could slow down traffic going through your routers and switches, which might cause severe problems for your company or home network connection. Setting an MTU that’s too low may cause more data to be transferred in individual packets, exacerbating any congestion on your network links.

Download Rate vs. MTU on PS4

If you’re having connection problems like sluggish download speeds or high latency, adjusting your MTU settings may help. The default of the best mtu settings for ps4 is sufficient for most users.

I’ll be honest with you: there is no “ideal” MTU configuration that will benefit everyone equally. Network latency, router settings, data flow patterns, etc., are some variables that might affect this.

However, if you’re looking to experiment with your PS4’s MTU settings, here are a few ideas to explore.


In most cases, it’s best to stick with the PS4’s default MTU of 1500. True, especially if your router is top-notch and your connection has little latency.


If you wish to reduce your latency (ping), 1473 is an excellent option, albeit it will result in slower downloads. If you’re interested in experimenting with different MTU values, 1473 is a perfect place to begin.


If you’d rather have more consistent pings than slightly faster downloads, 1450 is a suitable option. This is fantastic for first-person shooters like Call of Duty.

Online Gaming on PS4 Prioritizes Low Latency

To repeat, your options are limited to a handful of configurations. It’s not recommended that most individuals alter their best mtu settings for ps4 unless necessary. Commonly, factory defaults are the best option.

Some Additional Methods to Quicken PS4 Downloads

It’s safe to say that the PS4 is one of the most successful game systems ever. Depending on the file, PS4 downloads might be rather hefty. You may speed up your downloads by using the methods presented below.

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Disable Automatic Downloading

Turning off background downloads in the PS4’s Settings Services & Support menu is another approach to speed up downloads. Playing games or viewing shows on Netflix or Hulu Plus without interruptions is now possible (if you use those services).

If you’re downloading things from a USB drive and don’t want them downloading in the background while you play games or watch movies/TV episodes on Netflix or Hulu Plus, you may disable background downloads (if you use those services).

Use a hardwired Ethernet link instead

The PlayStation 4’s Wi-Fi chipset is known for being very sluggish. There are PS4 models that do not work with the 5 GHz Wi-Fi spectrum since they were released before its widespread use. Unfortunately, this might significantly slow down your downloads. An Ethernet connection to link your PlayStation 4 to the internet is a viable alternative. Faster downloads and reduced lag time in online games are the end effect.

Get in touch with Your Internet Service Provider

An issue with your internet connection is possible. If the signal strength reaching your modem is satisfactory, your Internet service provider can tell you so. This can significantly slow down your downloads. Talk to your internet service provider about upgrading your plan’s bandwidth if you need more space on the web. Many providers provide speed increases for a negligible (or zero) extra monthly fee.


Your internet speed will determine the best mtu settings for ps4. In most cases, the defaults are the optimal selection. When experimenting with different MTU settings, it’s recommended to pick a range of numbers and observe which one yields the most stable results.

If you’ve tried these and cannot set up an MTU that works, it may be time to contact your internet service provider (ISP).