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XML file is a web file with .xml extension. This file extension contains codes which are readable by both human and machine. There are a large number of web documents which are based on XML such as Atom, MathXML, SMIL, SOAP, RSS, SVG, or XHTML. So, this web extension is a very helpful file in the field of web designing. Most of the programmers work on XML files to create different programs and for this purpose they use different software. A large number of applications are present in the world which allow you to create XML documents and make edits to these documents. You can use different programming languages for your work and make some modifications to your work. Here is the list of Best Free XML Editor Software for Windows. List contains some interesting applications which can assist you during your work. These programs offer support for multiple programming languages and help you to perform editing functions such as spell checking, undo or redo actions, and more. These programs are small in size and allow you to edit XML files quickly.

1. XML Notepad

XML Notepad is a simple to use a software program that facilitates you to view and edit XML codes. The intuitive interface of XML Notepad provides a user-friendly environment for users with some experience in web design. You can load XML into the working environment by using file browser or drag and drop function. In addition, you can insert attributes, elements, comments, text, CDATA and processing instructions, compare XML files, view the source code in the plain text document, as well as create XML schemes. You have the possibility to insert, duplicate or rename the chosen node, expand the Xlncludes area, convert the node into another type, use a search and replace function, as well as export errors to external files to perform further analysis. You can change multiple customization settings from the Options screen like background, attribute, comment colors, font name and update location.


2. DtPad

DtPad is a complicated software program that provides you a way to create all types of text documents on your system and navigate through them with the help of tabs and many other features. This program is a modern and very complex text editor which contain proxy settings and the option to input all types of elements in your text files. You can choose the interface from Standard or Classic Windows and set the program to stay on top or minimize it on the tray icon. You have the option to select the destination path and generate a link into Windows Explorer context menu. Simply start typing for creating text documents on your system as well as work on multiple documents simultaneously as this program contains tabbing tools. Moreover, import files from your system, load a file stored on Dropbox or open a web page source. You can insert different elements, align text, append files, view clipboard history, use a spell checker and use a built-in calendar.


3. Notepad X

Notepad X is a simple and powerful tabbed text editor program that can replace the old fashioned built in Windows Notepad. The tabbed layout of Notepad X provides an easier document management system, facilitating you to work with multiple files simultaneously. The clean and well-organized interface furnish all important features at a one-click distance. Moreover, it contains syntax highlighting, providing support for the common programming languages like PHP, Java, and HTML. A favorite manager enables you to always bookmark the files you mostly use for a seamless editing process. In addition, Notepad X provides plenty of settings for hotkeys, means you can access most of the features through a keyboard shortcut. You have the possibility to open a new tab, highlight a syntax, save the document or allow line numbers from the comfort of your keyboard. It furnishes configurable parameters related to the icons, toolbars, and highlighters.

4. Treebeard

Treebeard is one of the most straightforward IDEs to learn XSLT. This simple to use text editor helps you to edit and load an XSLT document and an XML document simultaneously. This application can apply the XSLT to the XML and show the output for further editing or saving. You can get XML tree view or plain text view as well as find with regular expression support. You have the facility to load files from a URL as well as export documents in text, HTML, or PDF format. The application contains Xerces2-J, Xalan2-J, and Saxon and offers support for ISO-8859-1, UTF-8, and UTF-16. This program is specially created for small business owners who just want get start with XSLT/XML. Treebeard uses XSLT in a background process.

5. Open Freely

Open Freely is a comprehensive software program that allows you to open more than 100 different file extensions, resize pictures, play videos, and edit text content. The application facilitates you to open a large variety of images, Microsoft Office documents, Windows files, media files, archives, spreadsheets, and code files. The program acts as a viewer, allowing you to edit the documents that you are analyzing. Moreover, you can alter the format, style, size, and the color of the text content. Plus, you can format it bay adding bullets, numbers, and by increasing or decreasing the indent. You can open audio media files with different formats like MPEG, WMA, AVI, FLV, MKV, MP3, or MP4 as well as have the facility to preview the videos or listen to the tracks. The application can open more file formats than the standard Windows Media Player and allows the user to make some modifications to media files.

6. TextEdit

TextEdit is a comprehensive software program that allows the user to view and edit text files, use Text to Speech function, highlight syntax, and record macros. This freeware text editor offers support for the most famous programming languages. The clean interface of TextEdit contains multiple buttons placed everywhere in the main window. The program has a multi-panel layout where you can easily search the local disks for compatible files and view them on the go, without hitting the “Open file” button every time. It can handle CSS, HTML, PERL, PHP, SQL, C, C++, JavaScript, Delphi, and other languages. That’s why it contains line numbers, syntax highlighting, a special replace and search tool, unlimited text size, and bookmarks. You have the option to compare two different text files, extract or open files straight from archives, preview all modifications in your default web browser, and convert text documents to PDF. The configuration menu provides dedicated settings for the editor, separate full-screen options, keyboard shortcuts, and other general tools.

7. Tea

Tea is a lightweight software program that enables the user to check his text, insert images, change the case letter, and input the current date into his project. This application provides a powerful set of tools for easy manipulation, quick identification, and multiple export possibilities. It has the capability of opening a lot of files and allows you to export your files to the same number of formats, which stretches from unknown to unlimited. You can enable the program to identify spelling errors in an attempt to eliminate them. However, it does not provide an option to leave it on by default, so the user has to run it for each new word present in your project. In addition, the user can allow a syntax highlighter for over twenty types of code.

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8. gedit

gedit is an official text editor of the GNOME desktop environment with support for multiple text formats and plugins. Syntax highlighting is supported for CSS, plain text, INI and changelog files, C#, R, Octave, JavaScript, and so on. You have the possibility to insert the current date and time, switch to full-screen mode, show a sidebar to choose documents quickly, check spelling and allow an automatic spellchecker, and more. Furthermore, you can show line numbers, disable text wrapping mode, enable automatic indentation, highlight the current line and matching bracket, insert spaces instead of tabs, as well as ask the program to create a file backup before saving. You have the option to format font settings and alter the UI color scheme, as well as manage plugins and configure properties for each. It support for PHP, TXT, XML, HTML, and CSS formats.

9. HTML-Kit

HTML-Kit is a simple to use program that provides an intuitive development environment for the HTML language. The application provides all the tools and options for creating compelling web pages. The user-friendly workplace of HTML-Kit contains a bunch of intuitive and advanced functions and configurable settings. You have the facility to exclude any components from setup related to help reference, different tools, tag helpers, online tools, HTML Tidy tools, along with default templates and code snippets. The interface of HTML-Kit based on a large window, where you can allow highlighting support for the code editor, explore resources in an Explorer-based folder structure, preview the design with the main frame, as well as switch to the split view mode. Apply different types of actions in batch mode, activate spellchecker, insert images, create bookmarks, consult a thesaurus, create tables and forms, run external programs, as well as save the current project to file to resume it later.

10. XML Copy Editor

XML Copy Editor is a reliable software program that allows you to edit documents, check spelling, and highlight syntax. The plain and simple interface of XML Copy Editor provides a few shortcut buttons for quick access to the important actions, a panel to open files, as well as a list for viewing all the built-in ones. This program support import and export from multiple formats like HTML, RNG, XML, DTD, DOC, and XSL and contains a small search tool that allows you to search items by inserting keywords. In addition, you can input symbols from a built-in list and validate your document according to the DOCBOOK XHTML, RELAXING, XSLT, and DTD/XML Scheme. The application provides multiple types of encoding methods and allows people to lock tags, use a word counter, check spelling and style such as Hyphenation, Disability, Ize, White Space and Gender.

11. XMLFox

XMLFox is a lightweight software program that allows you to view the complete structure of your scheme and edit its lines. It can open an XML file and provides you the ability to edit each string from a node, create new structures, as well as modify the script lines. Moreover, this program can translate the UTF-16 language to other types of encoding like ISO-8859-1, UTF-8, or WINDOWS-1250. XMLFox has the ability to detect the current XML encoding and facilitates you to choose another type of encryption for the schema of your work. Plus, you can perform the transformation in opposite direction, from other encoding types to UTF-16. Moreover, export the information present in a schema as CSV, TXT, PDF, HTML, or as a spreadsheet that is compatible with Access, Excel, and SQL Server. You can compare and validate an XML schema against an XSD structure, create a new XSD file or extract if from the XML schema.

12. OpenEditor

OpenEditor is a user-friendly text editor program specially created for programmers. This program offers support for C++, PL SQL, XML, SQR, text, Shell, Java, and Perl files. The user-friendly interface of OpenEditor has a built-in file explorer which allows you to browse disk directories and find the programming files you want to edit. You have the possibility to find and replace text, use regular expressions, transform backlash expressions, look across all opened windows, and show messages on EOF. Furthermore, sort the chosen text or whole file and remove duplicates, set bookmarks, indent or undent chose text, convert text to uppercase or lowercase, add or remove comments, as well as capitalize words. You can enable multiple instances, overwrite read-only files, and keep the files locked while editing them. OpenEditor has the capacity to create backups automatically when saving docs. In addition, the program allows you to modify the default word delimiters and manage templates.

13. Peter’s XML Editor

Peter’s XML Editor is a clean program for editing your XML files using tree view and a large number of features and tools. Peter’s XML Editor has a clean and simple graphical interface, with multiple sections that you can check out. The simple search facility enables the user to search for specific files on your network or local drive as well as specify a wildcard just as ‘*xml’. You have the option to re-open a file recently used by going to the file menu and choosing Recent files. You have the facility to open one of the 5 most recently used files. It provides you the option to clear the list of recent files and remove any files which no longer exists from the list. In addition, you have the possibility to add items as an element or as a child in your XML file.

14. Caderno

Caderno is an intuitive text editor program that allows you to work on your web projects with the help of configurable syntax highlighter, find and replace function, as well as tab support. The visual design of Caderno enables users of all levels to get the hang of things quickly. The interesting tool of tab support helps you to save project states and get a separate window for each. File support enables you to work on projects with different formats like XLST, XML, XSL, XSD, PHP, DTS, CSS, JAVA, HTML, and INI configuration files. Every support format contains its own syntax highlighting feature and you can utilize the manager to configure all of them, in terms of colors and character attributes like italic, bold, strikeout or underline. You have the opportunity to access additional navigation options to quickly jump to specific lines as well as find anything using a dedicated component.

15. Webocton Scriptly

Webocton Scriptly is easy to use a software program that allows you to write HTML and program with PHP. This extensive application is created to help programmers for writing codes in different languages. the interface of Webocton Scriptly is plain and intuitive which allows you to work in a clean environment. This program offers a reliable search and replaces facility to find words quickly. This interesting program contains syntax highlighting for different script languages and file types. You have the facility to add code snippets and complex tables to your documents quickly and easily. Webocton Scriptly does not put a strain on system resources and works faster.

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16. SuperEdi

SuperEdi is a reliable and efficient XML Editor that enables you to create your projects using the language of your selection. You have the facility to load existing projects with formats like CSS, CS, BAT, HPP, CMD, MAK, ISS, IDL, HHP, SYN, XML, PN, PROJ, JavaScript, and more. You can load files directly through the sidebar explorer. It provides syntax highlighter for most of the supported languages and allows you to enable line numbering and word wrapping for more help when editing code. In addition, you can insert snippets and bits of code directly to eliminate lengthy writing operations, and to minimize the risk of errors. The edit menu contains options for match bracket, find and replace, and jump to a specific line. Moreover, you can upload projects to an FTP server by simply providing connection details and credentials without saving the files.

17. Notepad++

Notepad++ is a source code and text editor which offers support for different languages and provide a large range of productivity tools for assistance. It is one of the complex text editors which contains extra features as compared to the Standard Notepad. The clean and simple interface of Notepad++ contains a large variety of functions which are grouped into specific menus. This program supports multiple programming languages and contains syntax highlighting for most of them. It has the capability to work with multiple documents simultaneously, with remaining friendly with hardware resources. You can utilize plugins to enhance the functionality of Notepad++ as well as use different tools like spell checker, FPT support, or a HEX to ASCII and vice-versa converter. Moreover, you can add extra tools using third party plugins.

18. A Notepad

A Notepad is a multi-tabbed program which contains syntax highlighting capabilities for different programming languages. The comfortable interface of A Notepad allows you to open all files in new tabs. the left side of the primary window has two panes for listing a tree view of all directories, along with containing files and subfolders. In addition, you can split the text viewing mode, delete empty lines, alter the format of selected text to uppercase or lowercase, undo and redo changes, insert the current date and time, as well as compare the content of two files to spot any differences. Moreover, search and replace content in the current file or multiple ones, check the syntax for errors, compile and execute code, edit hexadecimal code, switch to another color scheme, tab length and font size, view a function list, and so on.

19. Araneae

Araneae is a comprehensive application that furnishes the user with advanced text editing tools and allows him to work on multiple document types. It helps you to pick the default document type for working on your files as well as adjust syntax highlighters. Simply start typing to create a document or load files from your system. it offers support for many formats like JavaScript, HTML, CSS, PHP, XHTML, and more. It provides you the option to turn on word wrap and syntax highlighting, drag and drop text around, choose columns of text, and view line numbers and hidden characters. You can edit many documents simultaneously as well as navigate through them using tabs. Word wrap helps you to create template text documents to easily work with your files. It contains printing option, so you can print line numbers, page header, page number or in color.

20. AkelPad

AkelPad is a comprehensive and handy XML editor that has the aim to replace Windows Notepad. The approachable and minimalistic interface of AkelPad contains all the options in the menu bar. The standard functions of this program are, redo, undo, copy, paste, cut, and select all, along with search and replace. You have the possibility to insert specific characters and the current date and time, as well as perform modifications to the currently chosen text, just like trimming the trailing whitespace or converting characters to uppercase or lowercase. In addition, customize the font and color, split the window, wrap words, switch to read-only mode, disable the status bar, switch to a different language for the Interface as well as make the frame stay on top of other windows. It provides full Unicode and syntax-highlighting support for programming languages and allows you to save settings to an Initialization file(INI) or Windows Registry.

21. iXedit – XML Editor

iXedit – XML Editor is a user-friendly software program that has the facility to edit your XML files in the fast and easy way. This simple to use program has the aim to help programmers to create programs using different programming languages. This application contains interesting tools like syntax highlighting, templates, and auto-completion for XML and scripting languages. XML coding and authoring is a tedious process, however, iXedit – XML Editor can facilitate you to speed up the XML coding task. iXedit – XML Editor offers support for user defined forms, validations, and converters like excel, text, and database. You can also use this program as an XML editor in Delphi projects. The plain interface of iXedit – XML Editor allows the user to work in a smooth way.

22. AEdiX Suite

AEdiX Suite is a straightforward code editor that provides support for multiple programming languages, multi-tabbed environment, syntax highlighting, and HEX editor. It has a multi-tabbed environment, enabling you to edit multiple documents simultaneously and switch between them quickly it can work with various programming languages like C, Java, JavaScript, HTML, SQL, ASM, XML, ASP, Visual Basic, VBScript, Perl, Pascal, and more. You can import files by dragging and dropping them directly into the primary window. It has support for an Explorer-like panel which furnishes you access to the folders and files present in your system. moreover, it keeps a list with all your working projects. You can add Predefined HTML code snippets in your files quickly and make the chosen text strings uppercase or lowercase. In addition, make use of syntax highlighting options, wrap words, perform searches, employ scripts, print data, delete info, undo or redo your actions, generate bookmarks, as well as perform clipboard-related tasks.

23. SciTE

SciTE is a portable Scintilla based text processing application that offers support for syntax highlighting for different programming languages. It is a portable utility so you can work with it without installation. The comfortable interface of SciTE has a regular window with a minimalistic layout. You have the possibility to copy text as RTF, complete a word, set bookmarks, block comments, insert or expand abbreviations, as well as block comments. Moreover, enable whitespace mode, use a find and replace or incremental function, switch to full screen mode, set parameters, activate read-only mode, specify line end characters, change indentation settings, and choose the programming language for syntax highlighting like MATLAB, Pascal, JavaScript, Java, C#, C++, PHP, and Perl. SciTE works fast and has a good response time. It uses a low amount of RAM and CPU.

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24. Code Browser

Code Browser is a lightweight software program that can the help the user to edit and browse through source code files efficiently. It provides support for a multitude of programming languages which is helpful for users who want to work with more than one language. You have the possibility to use a syntax highlighting feature that can easily spot and correct errors present in documents. In addition, it contains a search or replaces option that contains match case, match entire word, and regular expressions. Code Browser furnishes a global and an interactive search type, so you can search the whole code for all occurrences or only for repetitive lines. You have the option to cut chunks of code and reference it as a link or as an individual page. Moreover, you can customize how you view the code with different layouts that manage how the levels are shown within.

25. Architag XRay XML Editor

Architag XRay XML Editor is a useful and simplistic XML editing program that has an XSLT processing capabilities and real-time schema validation. You can open and work with many documents simultaneously and save the session for later reference. The program has the capacity to process XSLT documents and handle multiple types of XML structures. It offers support for many types of schemes like W3C, XSD, XDR, and DTD. It contains interesting tools like line numbering, syntax highlighting, and text wrapping, for making the code writing much easier. Moreover, you can access the advanced indentation options to select the attributes to display each attribute on a new line. Real-time schema validation function is designed to identify and show errors and mistakes during your typing, so you can view and correct syntax errors instantly. Moreover, it can create approximate counts of words, characters, and elements in your documents and enables you to use search functionality, formatting options, and printing capabilities.

26. Ynote Classic

Ynote Classic is a comprehensive software program that helps the user to create and edit text documents and compile BAT files into record macros and add bookmarks. It supports import and export using a large variety of formats like TXT, RTF, XSD, XML, HTML, LOG, CPP, PHP, VB, and more. The program provides you the facility to open different tabs at the same to time to perform multiple tasks. You have the possibility to add and manage bookmarks, view Clipboard history, insert comment prefix and initiate snippets for all types of scripts, use syntax highlighting for all types of formats as well as record macros and save them to hard drive as a YMC file. Furthermore, run a script, launch in your default browser, access online search engines using a click of a button, us a simple search function, view keyboard shortcuts, as well as change theme and color scheme.

27. WMHelp XMLPad

WMHelp XMLPad is compact editor program that allows the user to design XML files and convert data to DTD file format. The clean and straightforward layout of WMHelp XMLPad provides you the facility to work with many documents simultaneously. It offers support for many file formats like DTD, XML, CAB, JAR, DOCX, GZ, ZIP, CSV, and more. You can import information from HTML files, perform basic editing operations, open URLs from the primary panel directly, use a built-in web browser, undo or redo your actions, as well as search and replace different words. In addition, convert data to DTD file format, create or remove tags, utilize the color syntax highlighting option, insert comments, as well as preview and print the XML diagram. You have the capability to make file associations, generate XML samples, choose the background and foreground color for the Java and XML highlighting options.

28. Amaya

Amaya is a straightforward web browsing and authoring environment that contains a WYSIWYG style of interface. The easy to use interface of Programmer’s Notepad is divided into different panes for applying classes, elements, special characters, and attributes. The application provides support for HTML elements, mathematical symbols, standard drawing tools, XML, database, and WebDAV. You can switch to full screen, split the view into design and edit mode, edit CSS, enable program to check the spelling and clean up the code, add or update the table of contents, use a search function, change the document type, set namespace declarations and annotations, as well as add or update the table of contents. Amaya has a good response time and offers support for keyboard shortcuts.

29. MoreMotion Editor

MoreMotion Editor is a user-friendly software program that is created for editing and verifying XML structured files. You have the facility to edit the XML files easily and quickly as well as library files with an *.mm* extension. Syntax Highlighting is an important tool where the user can highlight structural elements with different font settings for a comfortable working environment. You can apply Pretty Format to XML structured files and view the sub-nodes of a node. You can verify XML structure and locate structure errors during the validation process. You have the option to choose an XML node and all its nested nodes from the starting tag to the end tag using one command for Cut, Copy, Paste, or Delete operations. It provides you the facility to save the file as UTF-8, UTF-16, and ANSI, as well as view documents in text or tree view.

30. Programmer’s Notepad

Programmer’s Notepad is a simple and powerful software program that features project management, syntax highlighting, a greater user interface and more. The application allows you to edit text and use different programming platforms like C, C++, C#, HTML, Matlab, Ruby, PHP, XML, JavaScript, and Assembler. The pretty intuitive interface of Programmer’s Notepad provides standard text processing functions like undo, cut, redo, and copy, as well as Clipboard Swap which helps the user to swap the Clipboard content with the chosen text. In addition, you can perform multiple operations on lines and selections like transpose, duplicate, compress, move, strip trailing blanks, and white space, as well as enable syntax highlighting and autocomplete features. You have the capability to transform chosen characters to uppercase or lowercase, use an extensive search and replace function, block comments, alter the UI scheme, show bookmarks, and show bookmarks. You can customize the toolbar to make modifications to the appearance of the program.

31. XMLSpear

XMLSpear is a user-friendly software program that helps the user to create and edit XML or text documents and validate them. The intuitive and easy to use interface of XMLSpear provides a file browser and a document editor for editing any XML documents quickly. The user can create new files instantly. You can browse files and folders from the left side panel of the primary window as well as can edit your XML documents in the upper right pane. In addition, view info on the performed tasks on the bottom right panel. The program contains series of instruments for further help like interactive schema resolving and treatable, which are helpful to view the structure of the XML file. Using this program, you can edit plain text files and get the benefit of an included MQSeries plugin, which allows you to insert and export MQSeries messages in your XML documents.

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