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Communication is the primary structure for building any relationship. In last few years, calling on the phone make it easier. Now you can call anyone or make video calls from your mobile device when you want. But calling from mobile is little much costlier. For this purpose, you can use free video calling applications for a computer which provides multiple important features free of cost. Connect with your family, friends, and colleagues from your computer without any charges. Every free calling program contains both audio and video calling. Video calling program is the best way of interaction with people online. Here is the list of Best Free Video Chat Software. Now you can run your business from a remote area and connect with other business partners from your computer. Conference calling is the best feature of Video chat applications. Send or receive files, chat with friends, communicate with friends securely and privately, use emoticons, and generate special effects. Some of the programs offer support for social networks such as Yahoo, MSN, Facebook, GTalk, AIM and more.

1. Trillian

Trillian is an instant messaging program that allows you to connect with a large number of social network accounts. You can easily make audio and video calls with your friends. The program has the power to gather all your friends from different messengers in a single interface including Yahoo! Messenger, AOL Instant Messenger, Skype, ICQ, and Google Talk. Trillian can also access social networks such as Foursquare, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. It comprises important features like other messengers. Open a new window and chat, or send a message to a friend who has signed in. Save friends in the list through different ways. Perform different actions during conversation such as insert a screen capture, change the font to code style, and flag text as important. Organize chat history in a better manner and use numerous emoticons including objects, smiley faces, and symbols. You can sync your chat history between your computer and smartphone.

2. inSpeak – the Voice Chat communicator

Join different chat rooms or create your own and invite family, friends, or business associates to discuss and share files. The application provides support for audio and video calls. It furnishes a large range of tools to start chatting and sharing files. The decent interface of inSpeak contains all features and different color themes you can select from according to your taste. It allows you to populate your contacts list and organize contacts into custom groups. For personal information, set a profile image, share a status message, and furnish in-depth details including a personal website or email address. Choose who can view your details or can contact you. Make audio or video calls at the press of a button. Set up custom hotkeys for enhanced accessibility. Create your chat room and invite your friends. Specify few details, including types such as temporary, regular or private, greeting message and room name.


3. QQ International

Make connections with your family, friends and business partners in a fully customizable environment. You can make audio and video calls easily. It is a fully customizable program and comprises the rich theme content. A built-in tool allows you to drag the main window over a chosen image to crop out a custom skin. Easily resize or drag the primary window anywhere the on the desktop and attach it to one of the borders. Populate the contacts with friends using the similar protocol to chat online. Store contacts in groups. There are few groups present by default including family, friends, acquaintances, classmates, or even strangers. An incredibly rich setting menu helps you to manage nearly everything such as file management, hotkeys, sign-in options, language, status messages, and even a translator. Allow the program to run at system startup and connect to your account automatically.

4. Tango

Use Tango to stay connected with family and friends by making calls to other PCs or phone numbers. Call your friends on their laptop or mobile phone just like using a landline. The application is easy to set up, only enter the email address, phone number, and username. The program saves these details in the global database and allows other users to add you to their contact list. The application asks you to turn on your camera during the call to view your family, friends or business partners. If your friends are not using Tango, you can invite them through SMS directly from the main window. It helps you to communicate between computers and smartphones by using Internet connection. To use it on a mobile phone, you have to install the mobile versions of Tango available for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone devices.


5. IM2 Instant Messenger

IM2 Instant Messenger is a multi-protocol messaging program that enables the user to chat with his friends through Yahoo! Messenger, ICQ, AIM, or Windows Live Messenger networks. The user-friendly interface of IM2 Instant Messenger provides support for multiple protocols. Set up an account on the program for further process. You have to know the username and password for each supported protocol you need to configure. It provides all the important features of your needs such as emoticons support, file sharing capabilities, privacy features, webcam tools for an enhanced chatting experience and theme support for a fully customizable look. Configuration options related to supported protocols facilitates you to setup messaging, events, contact lists, languages, skins, proxy, multimedia, file transfer and sharing, email, and plugin settings. Overall, it is a nice program to chat with your friends over the Internet.

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6. iSpQ VideoChat

iSpQ VideoChat is a straightforward program that facilitates you to communicate with your friends or meet new people in a live chat community. It offers support for video calls and allows you to send and receive messages through an Internet connection. You have to provide details about your account such as username and password if you want to access all functions of the application. If you don’t have any account, you can create it with an easy process. During account creation process, choose the type of room that you need to connect to, such as Meeting Place, Friends & Family, and Couples Room. The clean and straightforward interface of iSpQ VideoChat allows you to view a gallery of images with the members of the chosen community. Record and send video messages to friends or a certain email address, take snapshots and send them to community members.

7. Paltalk Messenger

See, hear, chat, and share documents with anyone, anywhere in the world. Use thousands of video chat rooms and meet unlimited friendly members. Before working with the application, choose a nickname, e-mail address, password, and security question. It creates a link for you through SuperIM, based on your nickname. Simply send a link to someone, and he can chat with you in the web browser window instantly. User-friendly interface of Paltalk Messenger helps you to view featured chat rooms under the friend’s list or create your own. The setting section enables you to configure general options, SuperIM, the output directory to transfer files, and the SuperIM URL. Moreover, configure webcam setup, audio setup, privacy options, slider notifications, sound tuning, alerts and sounds, and parental controls. Access other instant messaging services after installing them including Yahoo, MSN, AIM, Google Talk, and Facebook.

8. Indoona

Indoona is a free and open source application that allows you to make audio and video calls and send messages to other Indoona users through the Internet, from a computer or a smartphone. Easily send messages to your friends, colleagues, and relatives free of cost. Make video calls to your family, friends and share the memorable moments of your day. The application furnishes the Smart address book where you can sort and synchronize all the contacts in your computer and smartphone address books. Using this app, you can call non- Indoona clients at exceptional rates. Call landlines and mobiles for less than 2 cents per minute worldwide, with no connection. Indoona is a national number, and anyone can call on this number at local rates.

9. ooVoo

Connect with your family, friends or business partners and start a video conference with many people. The primary window of the program allows you to view contacts separately that use the program or your Facebook Friends. Video communication helps you to put in motion a conference either from your laptop or a preferred mobile device. The most entertainment feature allows you to quickly look up desired videos on YouTube in a specific window. It is a useful application for business environments. Using a few mouse clicks, you can have your desktop screen viewed by all participants, making conferences and presentations fun, quickly and easily accessible. Distribute files to the group members easily. Perform all useful actions including, messaging, video calls, and file sharing run in separate windows. An integrated function helps you to log in with your Facebook username and password while still getting access to all present features.

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10. Nimbuzz Messenger

Nimbuzz Messenger is a straightforward and handy application that helps you to get in touch with family, friends, or business associates and connect to different social media networks. Nimbuzz allows you to connect from a large collection of devices and chat with friends that use various social networks. Create an account using your number and easily connect with a mobile device with enhanced security. By providing general info, including name, gender, and contact details, personalize your account with a profile photo that suits you and a personal message for others to view. The simple and visually appealing interface can show as much info as possible. A list displays all contacts you add, and you can save contacts in groups. You can connect to most commonly used social networks to chat with close friends without running the web browser. Opening the message window allows you to personalize it using a custom background image and use different emoticons or stickers to make conversation fun.

11. ICQ

ICQ is a comprehensive chat application with support for voice and video calls for enhanced communication. You can run it on all mobile devices and computers, so stay connected virtually anywhere you are. The ordinary interface of ICQ comprises customization options for your help. You can apply a decent list of skins and choose any color according to your desire. Using ICQ, get in touch with friends from most popular social media networks such as Yahoo! Messenger, Facebook, or Google Mail. Set up these accounts to easily connect to one of them without inserting your credentials each time. You can easily adjust the size of text fields and can enhance conversation with a lot of toons and emoticons. Use the program to set up video or audio calls for more possibilities. The integrated support for games helps you to switch to or from the conversation window easily.

12. Camfrog Video Chat

A handful program that enables the user to chat with friends through instant messaging or video calls, access different public and private chat rooms and transfer files. You can join live video chat rooms and take part in multi-user video conferences. Communicate through audio, video or VOIP sessions. Create a new profile by furnishing details about the nickname, password, birthday, gender, location and email address. Allow the program to sign in automatically, save your passwords, and sign in as invisible. You have the freedom to join the primary Camfrog room or select between different chat rooms. Refresh the chat rooms list and perform search tasks. It shows a list of all present users for the current chat room and displays the number of total users in real-time. Deny new nickname additions and registrations, and block different functions including broadcasting and video viewing, text chat, audio listening, instant messaging and more. Activate tabbed IM windows, show local time to buddies, accept incoming calls with a password, and set the talk time limit.

13. ManyCam

ManyCam is a simple and handy program that enables you to utilize your webcam with many IM programs at the same time and apply special effects. The nice looking interface has a well-thought layout which is easy to use by beginners and professionals. Apply tons of effects to images, transitions, backgrounds, date and time or drawings. It has the facility to help users to personalize the camera picture by directly drawing onto it. For customizing the application’s settings, you can configure the audio and video source options individually. The support for playlists is the nice addition to the function list that you can create by adding videos that can be broadcast rather than a live feed from the webcam. You have the option to take snapshots and save them to a user-defined directory, specify file naming rules and apply a delay. Record videos and export them to AVI, MP4, or GIF file format.

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14. VoxOx

VoxOx is a reliable and efficient instant messaging program that facilitates you to connect to different protocols to stay in touch with family and friends. The upper part of the primary window comprises your personal details and status message, while the rest of the space is for your contacts. Get advantage of the VoxOx’s features on any platform out there including mobile ones. VoxOx can import data from different protocols and social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Yahoo! Messenger, Skype, Jabber and more. Send common text messages, make audio or video calls and use the program to send and receive emails. Make calls to and from mobile phones anywhere in the world and create custom dial number. Personalize the contacts list according to your needs and also create custom groups. You can connect to multiple protocols simultaneously and sort out your all contacts.

15. iCall

iCall is a simple and powerful program for audio, video and messaging. Stay in touch with your family and friends from anywhere in the world. Change the way of communication with instant messaging and phone calling possibilities. After installation, insert username and password, and start chatting and making calls. The “Setup Assistant” guides you through every step to configure your accounts and perform video and audio tests. It provides you a cost effective method to make international phone calls through your computer. View account balance and credit in the ‘MY iCall’ section. Citizens of Canada and the USA can get a free access number, which friends can use to call them through iCall. The simplistic interface of the program helps you to view a list of the offline and online contacts and organize them into different groups. Customize your image avatar and status message. Get a menu by right clicking on any contact name to start a new private conversation, change the contact details or send a file. Type text messages, start a video call or conference and preview URLs and videos inside the conversation window.

16. iVisit

Stay in contact with your family and friends through messaging, text chat, and multi-party audio and video calls. It meets your needs and provides the latest technology of communication. iVisit video conferencing application comprises chat, messaging, audio, video, file sharing and collaboration into a powerful package. iVisit works on broadband connections and dial-up, PC and Mac computers. Meet face to face with colleagues, family, and friends, across the largest assortment of connections and computers. Experience the largest international video community on the Internet. The application can turn your computer into a virtual living room, videophone, café, or conference room using the power of your computer and Internet connection. iVisit does not put a strain on computer resources and remains light during the working process.

17. Beyluxe Messenger

Beyluxe Messenger is one of the most popular instant messaging programs with audio and video chat possibilities. The simplistic user interface of the application comprises many features just like many other messaging programs. View offline and online friends, chat through a microphone and allow webcam, add contacts, view time stamps, send and receive files, switch to invisible mode, set a custom or predefined status, and manage “custom away” messages. Change them and account password, create a private room or join a public chatting room, change the interface theme and access the message archive. You can insert the “Preferences” menu to configure “General,” “Message Archive,” “Appearance,” “Privacy Options,” “Favorite Manager,” “Audio Setup,” “Webcam Setup,” and “Account Manager.” To sign in to your account, you have to insert the password using a virtual keyboard. Beyluxe Messenger comprises a help manual and uses a moderate to high amount of computer resources.

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