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Manga is a big piece of interest here as a lot of kids, teens, as well as adults read it. Reading manga is a way to kill time in a creative way while it is sometimes a passion. A lot of people marathons manga and even they make contests of it with rewards. However, it is a big pain to read manga online as it kills your momentum of reading if your net speed is slow. Your page takes time in loading and all the fun goes in vain, so it is best that you download it and read it at any time of leisure. To download a manga, you have to do a lot if you are to download any manga manually which will take time as well as data. So for this service, some manga downloading software are available on the internet nowadays. With the software, you can easily search and download any manga you like in no time at all. Just type the name of manga, and software will show you the websites which have that manga available, then you can download it directly from the software, or you can just visit the website and download it from there. You can also read the manga in the software as well with good feature sets supportive. Take a look at the list down below and choose your manga partner yourself.

1. Manga Downloader

Manga Downloader is a freeware software which is good for reading manga online as well as downloading it. The software has a very friendly user interface, and you can easily download and read any manga in it. It allows you to create a favourite list so that you don’t have to search for the manga every time you need to read it. It also shows you the most popular manga’s of the time which are just a click away to be downloaded and read. It is multilingual and supports about 40+ languages, and you can change the language of the software intentively.


2. Manga Bot

Manga Bot is just like a torrent for downloading mangas. The software can download up to 10 manga’s at a time, and you can download an unlimited number of them if you use to add to Queue function. You can create ZIP or PDF files of your downloaded manga from the within the software. Also, you can set the software to shut down automatically after all your mangas are downloaded. This auto shut down feature is useful for those who go for the overnight downloading process. The software is freeware and is very lightweight so that it can support most of the systems available.

3. Manga Z

Manga Z is a PC only manga downloading and reading software which supports Microsoft Windows 8.1 and RT. The software allows you to simultaneously read the manga and download it. While you are reading a chapter, the next chapter will be downloaded in the background, and just like this, you can continue reading many chapters in a row without a break. So this is a good software if you want to marathon a manga. History to let you track manga series you have read so that you don’t lose track of your list. The software is downloadable from the Microsoft Store, and it is free software.


4. Manga Crawler

Manga Crawler is a simple software which gives you the ability to search for mangas online. The software is linked to many popular manga websites, and it fetches the data of your required manga from all of the websites. If a manga is available on multiple sites, it will show you the name of the site next to its name, and you can choose from which site you want to have it downloaded. The software currently supports these sites Anime Source, Manga Fox, Manga Run, Manga Share, Manga Toshokan, Manga Volume, Otaku Works and some more.

5. Eden Batch

The software is great in performance if you are looking for a software to download and read the manga. The backend engine of software is robust, and t gives a good boost to your downloads so that they complete in lesser time and you get more time to read em. The software is linked with many popular anime manga websites, and you get the result from every website which has that manga registered in its library. You just need to have java to operate this software. It supports both Linux and Microsoft Windows.


6. Manga Ripper

Manga Ripper is another simple manga downloader which can be downloaded for free. The software is also linked to some popular websites, and you get the results from all the websites simultaneously when you perform a search. The software supports multi download and bookmark function to register your favorite manga’s. Another useful feature is that it auto updates the manga list and you’re always getting the latest data which is available on any popular website. This software is freeware and is readily available on the internet, so download it and start reading your manga.

7. Manga Blaze

Manga Blaze is specific software for Windows only, and the software is very cool to be used. It is rich with features, and its user interface is also very great as any user can understand it easily and read the manga. You can configure the app as it gives you control over multiple settings and you can create a custom profile to suit your needs. You can keep track of your favourite manga as it gives you all the info about the latest releases and also set it to auto download so that it can download the newest release automatically.


8. Dom Dom Soft Manga Downloader

Dom Dom Soft Manga Downloader is also in the list of free manga downloaders and is good in its work. So far, the reviews of the users are satisfying, and it continues to improve. The software as like most of the other manga downloading softwares is linked with many popular manga sites and you can directly download many mangas from it. When you search for a manga, it shows all the available websites on which it is available; then you can select from which website you want your manga to be downloaded. It is freeware and can be found easily through google.

9. Haku Neko S

Haku Neko S is freeware for downloading g manga in high quality and fast speed. If you want an all in one package like reader, downloader, favourite checker, etc., then you have our package here. The software is top rated on source forge and is downloaded about the most in this category. Like most of the other manga downloading software, this software is also linked to many popular manga websites, and you can download your manga from any website available. This software offers some unique feature, and this is the reason why it is downloaded the most.

10. Manga Crazy

Manga Crazy is an excellent software to use at Windows for downloading and reading the manga. The software is rich with features and has been customized for the ease of the user. It has a dedicated area for the description of the manga, and it supports partial name search of the manga. With just one simple click, you can download all chapters of a manga or add all chapters to queue. It is updated at regular intervals and may come with more features with the latest update. You can download it easily from the given link which directs you to the official site of the software.

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