7 Best Free JFIF To JPG Converter Software for Windows

The JFIF image format is a private type of format and is encrypted by particular methods that the user can view and download the image from a website but is not able to upload the picture in his/her website. This makes the JFIF format very tricky to handle as most of the images are just what the content or a writer requires and it is protected by JFIF format. This is the reason why some software are made which are used to convert JFIF Images into many other formats like JPG, PNG, RAW, TIFF, TGA, RAS and some other formats. This eliminates the need for creating a whole new Image for your content, and you can just convert the image and upload it to your Website or any other online storage Website. Some software packages which are used to convert JFIF images to other image formats are given in the list below.


GIMP is a free open-source raster graphic editing software which is loaded with features. The software can be used to alter GIF’s, Create free-form Drawings, Drawing animations and much more. It has a simple user interface which is easy to understand for new users as well as professional users. You can also use it to convert various types of image formats like JPG,PNG, JFIF, TGA etc. So if you are looking for more than GIF creating or speed changing, go for this one, it can do a lot more work for you. It is available on Mac OS, Linux and Microsoft Windows.


2. PhoXo

PhoXo is a simple to use program that comprises multiple effects and image adjustments, ASCII art, batch watermark, and more. The clean and intuitive interface of PhoXo provides easy to understand options and configuration settings. The program contains a library of clip art, numerous effects, and frames to enhance the image. You can add text, crop, and rotate images, draw shapes with a paint brush or pen, zoom in or out, make different types of selections and more. For image adjustments, tweak the levels for hue, brightness, saturation, contrast, borders, color tone, and canvas size. Apply watermarks to different images in batch mode and save them to multiple formats. Apply multiple layers to your images according to your preferences. Add new layers and hide the existing ones or make them transparent. The software supports PSD format and can be used as a photo conversion too which support various formats.


3. Paint.NET

Paint.NET is freeware graphics editor for Microsoft Windows. It is useful for the adjustment of picture graphics. It is free photo editor software that runs window. It supports plugins such as 3Dshapes. It is a tool that can also be used for Cropping, Converting Image, Resizing, or Erasing. It is a free manipulation software that allows adding extra effects and themes. Exciting tools are given in the latest version like change text color changer, Picture graphic changer, cool presentation. It readily supports PSD files and is good to work with them. Converting photo is also a possibility with this software and it supports various formats readily.


4. AVS Free Image Converter

AVS Free Image Converter is a simple, straightforward converter in which you can convert multiple image formats into many available image formats. The software is a very reliable one as it is made by one of the very big software houses and it has features like converting between Various Formats, Selecting Image Resize Presets, Applying Effects, Watermarking your Pictures and even using Command Line mode. The software is available in many languages and can be downloaded free from its official website freely and safely.


5. Image Glass

Image Glass Is one of the best free image processing software in which you can easily view and edit Image files. The software is loaded with exquisite features and can also be used for converting images. The software is open source and can be downloaded free from its official website. You can convert and edit about 2o type of image formats in this software and convert them in about ten formats. The software is also very lightweight as it runs even on the very old generation and low spec PCs.


6. Rent A Soft Image Converter

Rent A Soft Image Converter is a freeware which lets you convert different type of image formats into other formats with just some simple clicks. The softwares user interface is pretty simple as you just have to select the image to be converted, choose the required format in which you want to convert the file and click on convert. Your file will be converted in no time, and you can also batch convert in this softaware. The link to download the software is given.


7. JFIF to JPG Online

This is an online JFIF to JPG converter which runs through your browser and does not require any software installation. This is a quick way to convert small images, and you don’t have to specially install software for converting to convert an only limited quantity of images. It can be used as disposable but useable again and again. You can visit the website to convert your required images with the given link. Your browser must support the latest software to use this website to full. In case the website doesn’t work, you should change or update your browser.

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