10 Best Zoho One Alternatives


Zoho One is an operating system for any sort of business. It is the proper apartment of Zoho applications. Zoho One is a vast and determining set of applications that can run a whole business entirely on the cloud. There are 35 web applications and a proper amount of mobile apps in Zoho One.

Under a single sign-on, A Well managed and provisioning administration makes it a true operating system for any business. It collectively delivers a knockout punch to the applications which punch above their weight against a competition.

The applications that are included in it are sales, marketing, support, communication, collaboration, productivity, finance, and business process. The price of this software is about 30$ per month or just about a dollar per day per employee.


Why Users Want Zoho One Alternatives?

Although Zoho One is sophisticated software and an extraordinary way of getting the work done, Yet it has some limitations or drawbacks and decause of them, most of the users need their alternatives to get things done in a more appropriate way.

Some major shortcomings are that it only has a recording capacity of 25000 records per employee, the storage capacity is only 5GB per employee, receiving and sending capacity of Emails is only 500 mails per employee.

Also, it can record only 500 schedules/employees per month, and a calling capacity of only 500 calls per employee. You can only use Zoho mail either in Zoho One or as a bundled application. It’s not possible to do both on the same domain.


Zoho One doesn’t include everything firms do and you might be looking for an alternative to overcome these issues. Here are the 10 ten best Zoho One alternatives with their feature, pros, and cons.

10 Best Zoho One Alternatives

1. Nintex

Nintex is leading the market in end-to-end process management and workflow automation. It can easily manage, automate, and optimize one’s processes without any code. It is a dominant platform for process improvement, workflow, and automation.

One can say that it helps businesses to optimize and streamline their processes and operations to grow their business rapidly and wisely. This succeeding software is under the ownership of Nintex Inc, A US-based organization established in 2006.

This organization claims to be a leading process management platform for multinational firms. Generally, it is considered as a dominant workflow and Automation platform along with Microsoft’s power platform.

Nintex is very nubile and its features are for a rich platform that comprises a vast number of tools and products. It oversees and plans its approach for the process management and workflow by using a mapping tool that can be shared with the groups for feedback.

It can generate relevant workflows through forms, mobile apps, and integration. With the help of reporting and analytics suite, it can enhance process management and automation.


  • Nintex Promapp
  • Nintex Forms
  • Nintex Mobile
  • Workflow
  • Nintex Robot Process Automation
  • Document Generation and E-Signing
  • Nintex Analytics


  • User-Driven
  • Easy to Operate
  • Powerful Automation Platform
  • Flexible Pricing


  • Cloud Service Price is High.
  • Bugged Debugger Design.
  • Error Notifications
  • Hard to Use.
  • Need on Delete Trigger.

2. Dapulse

Dapulse is a very well-known communication and collaboration solution through which you can synchronize your employees working in one place. Definitely, it is one of the best project management systems in the market. It helps you to streamline the contributions and discussions.

It offers your quality performance by synchronizing all the employees on the same page. The best part of it is that it ensures visible progress, which makes your employees keep their track up to date.

Dapulse has a clear and easily understandable interface that reminds you of all the social links and networks. So, all the employees can easily interact with each other as they all have their profiles. It keeps your learning curve very short, so you can easily learn it effectively.

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It also prioritizes your status and company’s health while keeping employees motivated to contribute their mite. Its vendors provide you a training material to help beginners and to solve their problems quickly and effectively.


  • A Collaboration Tool
  • An Execution Board
  • Platform Integrations
  • Copy and Paste from Adobe
  • Zero Emails and Meetings Overhead
  • Auto-Generated Knowledge base
  • Motivational Tool
  • Communication Tool


  • Streamlined Access and Tracking
  • Sophisticated Customization
  • Effortless Collaboration
  • Reliable End-User Service


  • No Assigned Comments
  • Cannot Setup Dynamic Recurring Tasks
  • No Mind Mapping

3. Zapier

Zapier is the simplest available tool that is used for the automation of a work whose aim is to make your cross-functional systems and work processes more effective and streamlined as you may pay heed to your other core tasks.

It performs its function by connecting the various applications together and sharing the information between them automatically. This tool gives its users easy access to their task history. Also, it integrates with other platforms to streamline your project management.

Zapier is an online automation tool available that can do your work in a more appropriate way, so the users get the time to focus on the important tasks at hand.

You can get your work done in less time by using it. Instead of automation, you can import and export data through google sheets and connect accounts.


  • Task Management
  • Connected Accounts
  • Import/Export through Google Sheets
  • Zaps Creation
  • Task History
  • Navigation Dashboard


  • Powerful Automation
  • Convenient for Users
  • Extensive Task History
  • Flexible Pricing


  • Tricky to Learn
  • Vauge Error Management
  • Complex Interface
  • Fewer Integration

4. Bizagi

Bizagi is an absolute or extensive tool that is used for business process management. It gives its users three tools for the automation of business processes. These tools are named as Bizagi Studio, Bizagi Engine, Bizagi BPMN modeler.

It provides a solution for the different processes such as case management, BPM, Process Automation, Process modeling, low code app development, and Business transformation.

Bizagi offers the most valuable solutions for business processes. It boosts the digital transformation. It offers an incredible cost-to-benefit ratio, fast development, security, and flexibility. It helps its users to take their businesses to a competitive edge.

It is equally capable of creating high-quality and competitive applications. The comprehensive range of its features makes it a valuable and helpful tool for small to big enterprises.


  • Dashboard
  • Form Builder
  • Social Collaboration Tool
  • Content Management
  • Business Rules Engine
  • Custom Reports
  • Model Execution
  • Standard Reports
  • Process Simulation
  • Process Designer
  • SOA Report


  • Multiple Functionalities
  • Gives Competitive Edge in Business
  • Low Code Application Development
  • Flexibility and Versatility


  • Customization of Forms
  • Localization of Exporting Files
  • Cannot Handle Several Elements At Once

5. Rentec direct

Rentec direct is a web-based property management software for landlords, property managers, and associations. It helps its users to manage properties. It provides advanced tenant screening ability within the platform to offer its clients credit, criminal and eviction history reports to ensure the best tenant.

This app provides its users a complete property and general ledger accounting, which helps them in maintaining the bank, property, and tenant records. It provides an option to collect tenant rent payments online via e-Check or debit, or credit cards.

This software helps its users to manage their records of property and managers and associations in the easiest and appropriate way. It has the functionality of complete general ledger accounting that helps its users in tracking their income and expenses.

One of the most appealing features of this software is that it offers its clients a personal property management website that enables the user to publish their listings online so that they can easily track the tenant’s leads.

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  • ACH Payment Processing
  • Access Controls/Permissions
  • Audit Trail
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Background Screening
  • Billing and Invoicing
  • Client Portal
  • Customer Database
  • Electronic Payments
  • Owner Portal
  • Real-Time Reporting


  • User Friendly
  • Online Rent Collection
  • Pay Owner by ACH
  • Tenant Screening Ability
  • Provides Personal Property Management


  • Inability to Integrate
  • Strictly Operator Error
  • Time Consuming Process
  • Not Available Mobile Application

6. Replicon

Replicon is an award-winning and comprehensive suite of cloud-based business management solutions. It enables its users to handle the employees within an organization. It automates your workflows by applying appealing ways and tools.

It is capable of tracking the employee’s work hours within an organization. You can streamline your payroll management tasks with the help of this tool. This tool can manage the time and monitor the tasks and projects of the employees.

The most appealing feature of this tool is comprehensive reporting, and with its flexible nature, it can generate insights in real-time. The project and tasks management features are already built in the replicon.

Replicon enables you to apply all these features without any need to set up and manage servers and without purchasing any extra hardware for your work environment. It doesn’t matter how many projects and customers you are dealing with; it enables you to handle all of them with proper ease.

Another compaling benefit of using it that it provides 100 percent accurate time sheets and you does have to double check them for any sort of errors and ommisions.


  • Project Management
  • Cloud Clock
  • Custom Sheets
  • Cost Control
  • Automated Vacation Management
  • Workforce Management
  • Real-Time Expense capture
  • Payroll Management
  • Reporting and Analytics


  • Monitor Employees with Flexibility
  • Easy Project and Task Management
  • Accurate and Compliant Payroll Handling
  • Generate Better Business Decisions


  • Harder to Update Rejected Timesheets
  • Issues with Comment Addition
  • Hard to Add New Hiring


Kissflow is one of the leading End to End workflow software that supports both structured workflows and unstructured workflows. It is a no-code workflow where anyone can generate an automated process, build a project board, handle a case flow, and can collaborate on work topics.

It is, all in all, an intelligent and easily integrated platform. Kissflow is a cloud-based tool that assists its users in creating, designing and personalizing applications for business purposes.

This platform gives an easy approach to BPM and provides the power to business managers to control the workflow of the process. This platform provides businesses 50 pre-installed apps to enhance their businesses.

The most appealing feature of this platform is that users can easily install the applications and can edit them according to their preferences. Many other features are included in this platform, such as Data capturing form, System consequence workflow, Notifications, Reports, and Human Tasks.


  • Unique 5-Step App Wizard
  • Hands-Off Workflows
  • Progress Tracking
  • Single Sign ON
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Prebuilt Reports
  • Attaching Google Docs
  • Collaboration Features


  • Simple Interface
  • Stable Functionalities
  • A People-Centric Approach
  • Create Forms


  • Need Localization
  • Cannot Convert Tables into PDF
  • Migration is not Possible

8. ETO Software

ETO software is another alternative to the Zoho One. It is a case management platform that is cloud-based, which is used to manage the workflows, share the information, and track the work processes.

This tool is designed for large nonprofits, government agencies, and community collaborations in the child or human services and workforce sectors. It is an emerging tool that chases the activities of the workplace, collaborates with ease, and creates an impact on the growing organizations.

The most appealing and emerging features of this platform are workflows, service planning, outcomes measurement and management, approval and alerts, system integration, configurable dashboards, and class reporting.

The system integration tool of this platform enables the user to share their data and integrate it between the systems to automate and customize the file transfers. The service planning module tracks the business and manages the client data and service delivery.

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  • Manage the Workflows
  • Shares the Information
  • Tracks the Employees and Workflows
  • Collaboration Tool
  • System Integration Tool


  • Highly Configurable
  • System Integration Tool
  • Advanced Reporting Engine


  • Not for Small Organizations
  • Slow Development
  • N0 Competent Administrator
  • Vauge Client Orgtanisation Portal

9. LiveImpact

LiveImpact is another alternative to Zoho One. It is a platform for organizations of all sizes, missions, budgets, and locations that is fully integrated and very handy to use. It is a platform that is built for increased engagement and improved efficiency.

It has an unparalleled feature of illustrating the impact. It covers all the intellectual apps to enhance online fundraising, marketing, volunteering, and automation. All these features are brought together by one of the best nonprofit CRMs.

This platform always empowers nonprofits of all sizes with its cloud-based cutting edge technology, affordable pricing, super easy interface, and unparalleled customer support. This platform streamlines your workflow by virtual collaboration. Their aim is to amplify their mission seamlessly.

Their onboard faculty and experts customize the platform for basic needs by working closely with the nonprofits. Overall, it is definitely a go-to platform to integrate all your business function with least possible trouble.


  • Super Easy Interface
  • System Integrated Tool
  • Increased Engagement
  • Empowers the Non-Profits
  • Donor Management feature
  • Accessible Mobile Interface


  • User Friendly
  • Excellent Solution for Non-Profits
  • Efficient and Cost-Effective
  • Improved Efficiency
  • Good Customer Serivce


  • The E-store has some Limitations
  • Shortcuts are not Easy to Find
  • Hard to Navigate
  • Complex Saleforce
  • Complex Shortcuts

10. Anaplan

Anaplan is another alternative to Zoho One. It is an extensive and vigorous organization planning platform that helps many big companies and organizations in giving important and intellectual business plans and decisions by accumulating and accessing the data easily.

This software comprehends the performance data first, and then the managers employ them to others. Generally, it holds up on enterprise-wide processing and usages.

With this software, everyone is involved in the decision-making of an organization. It enables the decision-makers to collaborate with ease. This tool helps its users in analyzing and accessing the processing data to make plans and decisions to put them into action.

This collaborating tool makes their users collaborate with others in every decision making and executing the plan. Unlike, other platforms it offer you connetcted planning with your clients. This way you can avoid over lapping scheduling.


  • Model Building
  • Model Versioning
  • Model Replication
  • Calculation Engine
  • Data Synchronization


  • Informed Decisions
  • Supports Collaborative Planning
  • Hyper Block
  • Easy to Use


  • Highly Formatted Reporting
  • Functionality for Translations
  • Formula Editor
  • New UX Reports


Overall, Zoho One is the best open-source software in the market. It supports multiple operating systems and permits the users to customize the software as per their requirements. It uses integrated ways to transform your business into a well-organized organization.

It has all the features which make it the world’s number one software for all organizations. Zoho One is available under a simple unit contract with one service agreement that covers the whole suite. Once the software is procured, it must be set up, administrated, and provisioned.

It represents a unit administrative approach for all the account management and administration.Zoho One can save you a huge amount of time and money so you can pay heed to the actions needed to grow your business.

Zoho One does more than you need it to do, and that’s a good thing. In Zoho One everything is in the same place, which helps you to manage everything in a coordinated way. However, it is not technically an ERP but a business operating system as it serves small to medium businesses.

All the alternatives to the Zoho One serve the same features but in a more integrated way. They supports multiple operating systems and allows the user to customize the software as per their requirements.