14 Best X Dine Alternatives


X Dine is a digital platform that creates links between a customer and the website of a restaurant. This app can save food buyers from many troubles because it keeps them away from wasting their time in a long line.

Nowadays, this app is most popular among students. There are many features of this platform, like the transformation of a manual system into digital, fair means of dealing, and simple processing methods.

A person orders food and gets it after a while through an online procedure. There is a wide range of restaurants and menus that are added to this platform. There are also some pros and cons of this service.


The main benefits of this platform are that it saves time, food can be ordered from home, the crowd will be decreased, there will be better hotel management, low pressure on hotel staff, and ease of online payment.

Why users want X Dine alternatives?

There are different reasons due to which users prefer other alternatives like, this platform only supports the English language, and delays might occur in food delivery, recreational activities being gone, and so on.

All these reasons combined might irritate users and would urge them to look for alternatives that are better in different terms as compared to this one.


Toast Take out, Toast Now, Chow Now, and many others are the alternatives for X Dine. Many restaurants do not have a policy of order cancellation, but Toast Take Out provides this facility.

Moreover, if there is a need for refunding of money, Toast Take out will also refund it. Similarly, a restaurant owner can get three months free trial on Toast Now, and customers can earn gift cards. Therefore, these alternatives can be preferred.

14 Best X Dine Alternatives

Although X Dine has the best food delivery services, yet there is a lack of advantages like free trial and a few others that are the basic demands of customers. So, some best X Dine alternatives are discussed below that will meet the requirements of users.

1. Toast take out

Toast take out is an app that can take orders and deliver food from the best restaurants in your city. A person can easily order food whenever he needs it. Its function is also similar to the X Dine, like the provision of food to the customers.

It is the best alternative for this platform that provides digital services, a mobile app, an effective point of sale system, and a proper android operating system.

There are many advantages of this app. The facilities of order cancellation and refunding are available in a few restaurants, but Toast Takeout provides both from a single platform.

Furthermore, there are a few other features as well, like a quick and fast system, online payment method, the inclusion of all favorite restaurants, gift cards, and a few others.


  • Online Services Provider
  • Strong Network
  • Point of Sale System
  • Android Operating System


  • Order Cancellation
  • Refund Policy
  • Easy Delivery Method
  • All Favorite Restaurants Coverage
  • Quick and Fast System
  • Online Payment Method
  • Gift Cards


  • Slow Response
  • Lengthy Refund Procedure
  • Complicated Quote Times
  • No Digital E-mail Receipts
  • Low Availability of Promo Codes
  • Not Connected with Famous Social Media Platforms

2. Toast Now

It is a food order website similar to X Dine, but there is a difference in its operation. It was opened in the days of the pandemic of Covid-19 to remove the bad impacts on the restaurant industry.

Governments across the world imposed a lockdown on the restaurants, and owners were on the verge of destruction.

Toast Now proves to be a boon in these hours of difficulty. There are two types of services. The first one gives three months of free trials to the customers. As it provides the best opportunity to find out whether a business will be successful or a failure.

In comparison, other of its services are similar to the other online food delivery apps. Currently, the share of Toast now in this industry is very small as compared to other similar platforms.

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  • Digital Ordering System
  • E-Gift Cards


  • Three Months Free Trial
  • 25$ Per Month on E-Gift Card
  • 75$ after 3 Months
  • Online Payment


  • A Very Short Detail of The Items
  • No E-mail System
  • Weak Feedback System
  • Few Sorting Options
  • Not Redeemable E-Gift Cards

3. Chow Now

Chow Now is an app similar to X Dine through which a restaurant can take food order and deliver it on its own. Using this platform, a restaurant owner can easily grow his business.

Direct contact is created between a customer and the management of restaurants that works like a bridge. This alternative of X Dine has many features like uploaded business profile, margin-free marketplace, and a few others.

A businessman can take multiple advantages from this app; for example, it is a non-stop and widely connected business. Often, a third party cuts down the margin of the owner, but Chow Now does not work as a third party. It only provides support to the restaurants for growth in the market.


  • Uploaded Business Profiles on Famous Websites
  • Margin-free Marketplace


  • Non-stop Business
  • Widely Connected
  • No Third-party Involvement
  • Fastest Growing Business


  • No Valuable Customer Service
  • No Safety of Information
  • Slow Delivery of Items
  • Difficult Use
  • Algorithm Mistakes
  • Absence of Accountability

4. Hunger rush

Like X Dine, it also manages the delivery of food items from restaurants through end-to-end interaction. It is the best app to decrease the issues like third-party delivery charges, increasing expenses, and many others.

A number of restaurants are available on this app, and it is working as a unifying ordering channel. This app is fruitful for fast food restaurants because of quick service. Cloud, SaaS, web-based, desktop windows, and mobile operating systems are included in the features of this alternative for X Dine.

There are many pros of this platform; for example, it has an e-mail support system and comprehensive information about the business. A few restaurants provide 24 hours services, and Hunger Rush is one of them.

A person can use this app on his android phone. Moreover, experienced staff is also available for better services.


  • Web-based
  • Desktop Windows
  • One Premise of both Linus and Windows
  • Use on Mobiles and iPads


  • E-mail Support System
  • Comprehensive Information
  • 24 Hours Service
  • Operational on a Mobile Phone
  • Proper Training of Staff


  • High Costs
  • Few Payment Options (Global Payment)

5. Menufy

It is an easy way to deliver restaurant’s food products which is similar to X Dine. If a businessman wants to work with Menufy, he will have to share his personal information, and this data will be kept confidential.

Many people can use this app as it is a multilinguistic platform. Few other e-Commerce software and custom websites are also a part of its features. Social media and communicational websites are also working with this firm that is increasing its business.

There are many advantages to this alternative of X Dine. For example, online food provision, skillful management availability for 24 hours. Many similar websites are supporting a single language, but this one is a multilinguistic app. This app can simply run on android mobile.


  • E-commerce Software
  • Custom Websites


  • Online Food Provision
  • Skillful Management
  • Online Payment System
  • 24 Hours Services
  • Mobile App
  • Online Record-keeping


  • Hurts Margin of the Owner
  • High Fee
  • Not a Smart Way of Business

6. Upserve

Upserve provides help to the restaurants to grow their business because it delivers their food items to the buyers like X Dine. A person can purchase everything that is available on this single platform.

There are many features of this app in which analytics, gift cards, light speed, a point of sale system, and a few others are included.

A businessman can take multiple advantages from this website. It has a fast payment process, many points of sales, an increase in the margin of the owner, 24 hours service, easy and reliable shifts.

It also includes an online ordering cost calculator, Covid-19 recovery resources, marketing grader, free menu builder, a food cost calculator, and a few other tools make it unique from other corporations.


  • Gift Cards
  • Light Speed
  • POS System


  • Fast Payment processing
  • More point of sale shoot-up margin
  • 24-hour services
  • Easy and reliable shift


  • No Proper Reporting System
  • Lack of Continuity
  • No Changes after Order
  • Issues In Offline Operating
  • No E-mail Option
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7. Limestray

As X Dine, LimesTray is a source through which food supply operations of restaurants are managed. It has the aim of creating long interaction between restaurants and their customers. Many tools are provided on this platform to complete the tasks of food delivery.

This app has become famous worldwide in a very short period of time.

Currently, it is working in eleven countries of the world. Online operations, point of sale systems, and automatic marketing systems are included in its features. There are many benefits for LimesTray, for example, 24 hours services, strong interaction, and communication.


  • Online Operations
  • POS System
  • Automatic Marketing System


  • Available 7 Days a Week
  • Services are provided for the Whole Year
  • Cooperative Behavior of the Management
  • Source to Boost Business Activities
  • Interaction at a Vast Level


  • Sometimes The Server is Disturbing
  • Issues in Software
  • Absence of Proper Business Skills
  • Versions are not Updated
  • Slow System
  • No Edition
  • Tools are Not Proper

8. Tillster

Tillster lets restaurants deliver food from anywhere, anytime, and from any device like X Dine. It also has some other aims in which online ordering, improvement of customer involvement, and increase in sales are included.

Due to the better quality of services on this platform, many customers have been turned into regular customers.

Online order taking, publicity at a vast level, data science, and technological advancement is known as its core features. There are many advantages for using Tilster in which team of experts, cooperative staff, no restriction of specific working place and few others are included.


  • Order Taking
  • Publicity of the Business
  • Data Science
  • Technological Advancement


  • Opportunities for Growth of the Business
  • A Team of Smart People
  • Work Can be Done at any Place
  • Cooperative Staff


  • Absence of HR Department
  • Lack of Decision Making
  • Lack of Interaction Between the Staff
  • Absence of Strong Feedback System

9. Zupplers

It is an app for the delivery of food items from restaurants. Like X Dine, it also creates contacts between customers and restaurants. It is working on the basis of different rules that are related to the delivery of food items.

Visible status of food order, dynamic connection, transparency, Geographic Information System, G-Payment system, Bi Direct communication, and a few others are its core features.

A businessman can take multiple advantages from it because it has cooperative staff, the best customer services, timely provision of orders, and push notification on the delivery of the order.


  • Visible Status of Food Order
  • Dynamic Connection
  • GIS (Geographic Information System)
  • Bi Direct Communication
  • G- Payment System


  • Cooperative Staff
  • Best Customer Services
  • Timely Provision of Orders
  • Easy Interaction With Customers
  • Notification on the Provision of Food Orders


  • No Identity Manifestation
  • Serving In High-risk Countries
  • Many Reviews Against the Services

10. Restolabs

RestoLab plays an important role in the development of a restaurant because it enhances their business like X Dine. It is a source of delivery of food items. Restolab is working on the no-hassle food ordering system.

The operating method of this app is very simple, a buyer has to sign up with his e-mail id. When he orders food, then his order will be received after a few minutes. Curbside pickup, safe and healthy food, quick provision, and a simple dashboard are known as its core features.

There are many benefits for Restolab, for example, fast pickup of the food order, proper information sharing at the time of delivery, simple method of use, multilinguistic, strong interaction with social media websites, QR code system, and a few others.


  • Curbside Pickup
  • Safe and Healthy Food
  • Quick Provision
  • Simple Menu Dashboard


  • Fast Pick Up of The Food Order
  • Proper Information Sharing at the Time of Delivery of the Order
  • Easy to Use
  • It is Operational in many Languages
  • Strong Interaction on Social Media Websites Like Facebook
  • Stock is Available in Huge Amounts
  • QR Code System


  • It is too much Costly
  • Many Troubles Because of Complexities
  • Market Saturation is also a Major Hindrance

11. App front

App front is an online app for the hotel industry. Its function is also similar to X Dine. This platform is striving for the provision of the best services than others. The payments system on this app is very simple because you can now use online payment methods as well.

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This tool is also manifested with rewards that attract a lot of customers.

Moreover, it contacts its customers through the different channels of social media. It is also one of the leading food delivery services. There are some features of the App front like the point of sale system, gift cards, online order system, data analytic, and a few others.


  • POS System
  • Online Ordering
  • Gift Cards
  • A Tool of Marketing
  • Data Analytics
  • Branded App


  • Best Communication With Users
  • High Interaction With Social Media Websites
  • Cooperation to Complete The Daily Tasks
  • Quick And Proper Response System
  • Work Without Interruption
  • Proper Reporting of the Work
  • Mobile App


  • Issues in the Use of the Dashboard
  • High Expenses
  • New Formats are not Present
  • The Application is not fully Operational

12. Applova

It is a tool that enhances the business activities of a restaurant like X Dine. It supplies the food of every restaurant, even if it is on a truck. It is the best platform to run and expand the business of restaurants.

Five qualities of this company make it unique—for example, development of business, teamwork, enthusiasm, trust, and accountability.

There are many features of this app in which ordering ahead, online operations, analytics, kitchen manifestation system, and a few others are included. Besides this, the success of the business, teamwork, system of accountability, and a few others are known as its pros.


  • Ordering Ahead
  • Totally Online Platform
  • Total Digital Operations
  • Kitchen Manifestation System


  • The Success of The Business
  • Teamwork
  • A Proper and Healthy Bunch
  • Total Guaranteed
  • A Proper System of Accountability


  • Absence of Properly Developed Server
  • No Physical Training
  • No Videos Sharing
  • Lengthy Procedure

13. Craver

It is an app to boost the business activities of a restaurant similar to X Dine. A businessman can easily register his/her restaurant on this app. The first step is to sign up, where the owner has to pay a suitable fee package.

In the next step, a mobile app of the restaurant is formulated. It is an online platform having point of sale system, proper pickup, and notification systems.

There are many advantages of this platform. For example, a business can grow at a fast pace, due to the provision of proper support. While on the other hand, if a person wants to quit this app, he will not face any sort of restriction.


  • Digital Platform
  • Loyalty and Rewards
  • Proper Notification System
  • POS System
  • Proper Pickup System


  • A Lot of Fruits
  • Easy to Quit
  • High and Positive Interaction between the Employees


  • Absence of Adequate Management
  • High Job Timing

14. OVVIPos

It is an app through which food products are sent to the users like X Dine. This company is working with many offices that are providing communicational services, for example, Uber. Many experts are also working in this app who guide owners about the progress of the business.

Developed point of sale system, proper dashboard, e-payment, authentic reporting, and analytics are included in the features of OVVIPos. There are also some benefits of this platform that includes 24 hours availability to enhance business and attachment with many social media websites.


  • Developed POS System
  • Proper Dashboards
  • E- Payment
  • Mobile App
  • Authentic Reporting and Analytics


  • 24/7 Availability
  • Interaction With Other Services
  • More Chances for Business Growth
  • Best Support Program
  • Easy to Use


  • Absence of Proper Software
  • It Cannot Be Used on Tablets
  • Cannot Be Used at any Place
  • No Training Sessions on Social Media Websites


X Dine is a tool to provide delivery services of a restaurant to its customers. This app is serving at a mass level. There are some other apps similar to X Dine like toast take away, toast now, craver, Zuppler, and a few others.

These platforms have some features in common, like developed POS systems, digital platforms, Gift cards, proper systems of payment, and others.

These apps proved fruitful in the days of the pandemic of covid-19. As governments across the world imposed a lockdown and the business of restaurants was at the bank of destruction, but it is a reality of the world that developments and innovations come with many troubles.