10 Best Tucan Manager Alternatives


Tucan Manager is an application, which is used for sharing files. It is a very fast and lightweight app. This tool is fully open and compatible with Windows, Mac OS X. This app provides you the facility of storing files online.

Tucan can be adjusted for websites like:,,, and many more. It allows the user to make sure that they don’t lose any of their favorite files. It is a user-friendly application, and some of its features allow you to access all functions with one click.

Tucan Manager Overview

Tucan Manager provides you the facility to stop the downloaded files by using the icons. When you complete your downloads, it will help you to organize your downloads with the functions. When all tasks are finished, you can allow the application to shut down the desktop.


People can do online documentation with the help of the Tucan Manager. Overall, it is a very useful app for those who look for sharing apps and use websites for storing files. This has a feature of resuming interrupted downloads.

If you often download files from free hosting services, Tucan can make your work easier. It provides a service from which you can easily handle your downloads. If you want to download the files, this tool requires you to add links for the files.

It checks links before starting to download the files to make sure they work or not. This software has a limit of maximum download speed and number of downloads. You can also download or share files with a premium account.


It is an easy-to-use and handles short app that lets you run your downloads from a group of famous free hosting services. You don’t have to pay a monthly fee; it is for free. If you have a fast internet connection, it can download files very fast.

This tool has some features, including Rapid share or Mega Upload. It also manages downloads and replaceable links perfectly, relieving the users from this trouble. Tucan is designed to be fast and lightweight; you can enjoy all of its features without slowing down the rest of the system. It doesn’t have heavy runtimes such as Java or .Net.

Why users want Tucan Manager alternatives?

No doubt Tucan Manager is a fast, lightweight, and file-sharing software. It is the best choice when you are looking to find a reasonable file downloader. It is safe, easy, and compatible with windows. On the other hand, it has some shortcomings. That’s why people find Tucan Manager Alternatives.

It trashes the file system with ghost folders and downloads files from only the supported file Hosters. There are also some serious faults; it cannot multi-select links to preferred order. In this case, it has lots of alternatives in the market, which are quite reliable and freely available.

All these Tucan Manager alternatives are capable of serving all the major features. These features will help you to find the solution to problems.

10 Best Tucan Manager Alternatives

Tucan Manager is a lightweight file-sharing tool. It is the best choice when you are looking to find a reasonable file downloader. It also manages downloads and replaceable links perfectly, relieving the users from this trouble, but it has some shortcomings, so that’s why people want Tucan Manager Alternatives.

1. Free Download Manager

It is a stylish and fast internet download manager. It downloads all types of files, videos, and torrents. It is a powerful modern download controller for windows, macOS, Android, and Linux. This manager includes features of fast, safe, and efficient downloading.

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You can download videos from popular websites. It has a user-friendly interface and supports all websites.

It provides you the platform on which you can resume broken downloads, control file priorities, and perfectly download large files. FDM is not a time-consuming software as it can boost all downloads up to 10 times.

The new version of this software allows you to remove bugs from files. FDM provides you a platform of multiple sources, which means that if one server is slow, you can download the same file from another faster server. If you are using this software, you don’t need another tool for converting clips from YouTube.


  • Download Acceleration
  • Enhanced Audio/Video Support
  • Multi-Language Support
  • Resume Broken Download
  • Bit Torrent Support


  • Facilities of Save, Share, and Resume.
  • Fast Downloading Speed
  • Import/Export of Files


  • Contain Bugs
  • Cracks Available
  • It Consumes Large Internet Speed

2. Turbo Download Manager

Turbo Download Manager is used to provide genuine file downloading even on an internet connection like 2G or 3G. It allows the user to continue broken downloads by introducing fresh links.

This software provides you a platform on which you can easily share and download files under a low-speed connection as well.

You can also download files from multiple sources. It is a free and open-source service. One of the main features of this software is that it allows preview media files while the file is being downloaded.

TDM is not a time-wasting software as it can boost your downloads. This software provides you with more control over downloads.

It uses an internal HTML spider for downloading audio, video, and images. Features of TDM provides you to download files from major browsers as well. If you compare this software with the default download manager, it is still better.


  • Advanced File Download Detection
  • Bookmarks and History
  • Mobile and Desktop View
  • External Web Browser Support
  • Content Block Manager


  • Boost your Download Speed
  • Free and Safe
  • Multiple Sources


  • Doesn’t Offer Free Files Itself
  • Doesn’t Work with YouTube
  • Contain Bugs

3. JDownloader

JDownloader is a free command tool with a large community of publishers that makes downloading easy. You can say that it is a complete and useful software to control the download of files from the web. It is a fast downloader and compatible with a large number of online services.

Although many direct download services are available on the web, JDownloader provides you with one of the most useful and comfortable downloading. You can use this tool with Mega links and Google Drive.

If you are registered on any of these services, you can log in to download without any limitation. It controls the Process of any download start, stops, and pauses.

It provides you the facility to download files directly from download services. JDownloader is a very compatible tool because it can download files from YouTube and other platforms as well. It has a chance to check both the maximum downloads and download speed.


  • Establish the Preset Bandwidth
  • Support to Import DLC, CCF Files
  • Compatible with Plug-Ins
  • Extract Compressed Files


  • Control Progress of Downloads
  • Without Input Captchas Download Files
  • Automatically Capture Link from Clipboard


  • Regular Install Tries to Install Adware
  • Not Safe
  • Has Ads
  • Resource Intensive

4. Xtreme Download Manager

Xtreme Download Manager is an impressive software to increase download speed up to 500%. This tool provides a platform to convert streaming videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, and other websites.

XDM perfectly combines Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and more famous browsers to Download and save videos from the web. This tool provides a platform for video converter as it converts downloaded videos to popular MP4 formats. It downloads files 5-6 times faster than the original speed.

This tool has the ability to resume broken/dead files caused by connection problems. XDM works with windows ISA, auto proxy scripts, and proxy servers. It is free and compatible software as compared to other download managers.

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This tool also supports a speed limiter to allow browsing during downloading. XDM is a fast and reliable download manager; it improves your experience with downloads and helps users organize in an easy way.


  • Download 5 Time Faster
  • Download Any Stream Video
  • Works with All Browser
  • Download Resume
  • Speed Limiter


  • Support for Proxy Server
  • Smart Scheduler
  • Video Converter


  • Horrific Project Management
  • Has Ads
  • Not Safe

5. DownThemAll

DownThemAll is a powerful tool used to download files from the browser. It adds new advanced download features to your browser. It provides a platform in which users can refine their Downloads with fully customizable features. This software is easy to use and compatible with the system.

It allows the user to pause, resume and stop downloads at any time. Its new version allows you to easily switch download subfolders. After updating the new version, you have the facility to configure the browser button with an import, export facility.

DTA is an open-source tool; developer spends a lot of time making it more simple and useful.

This tool has the best interface and is safe to use. Translators are available; you can easily translate files. The new version improves the dark mode to make software modern. If you want to download everything on a page, DTA will make it easier.


  • Increase Download Speed
  • Advanced Auto-Renaming Options
  • Pause and Resume your Downloads
  • Complete Integration
  • Auto Rename File


  • Free and Easy to Use
  • Open Source
  • Control Over Download


  • Only Available for Firefox
  • Appearance is a Bit Out-Dated
  • Poor UX

6. Ninja Download Manager

Ninja Download Manager is a free tool that has been designed for people who love downloading and sharing media files. This tool is simple, fast, and elegant. It increases download speeds up to 20 times.

It provides you the facility to resume downloads where you were left out. You can save your files after downloading. NDM allows you to preview audio and video files before the download is complete.

You can drop new links onto NDM to add the new download files automatically. This tool includes a multi-add screen feature, so you can import lists of downloads on one screen. You can manage your downloads in series by setting specific download limits and schedules.

NDM has the ability to control the speed of a single download so that you can continue using the internet while the download is working. So far, it is a safe and compatible files downloader as compared to other default downloaders.


  • Speed Control
  • Schedule Downloads
  • Add Multiple downloads
  • Drag and Drop
  • Pause and Resume


  • Increase Download Speed
  • Very Fast
  • Control Connection


  • The interface is Not Very Modern
  • Annoying Ads
  • Not Safe

7. uGet

uGet is the best download manager for GNU/Linux. It is the most powerful downloader for Linux. It provides you with a platform where you can easily pause/resume downloads.

It is safe, fast, and easy to use. It has advanced features regarding downloads. This tool combines with other popular browsers.

You can easily download videos from youtube with the help of this tool. uGet has its own download history. Its advanced features provide a platform where you can run files smoothly.

Keyboard shortcuts are also available in this software. It is a lightweight and open-source download manager. It can download multiple files at the same time and add links from the clipboard.

When you add a new file, you are asked to choose its preference and path for saving. You can set the speed limit according to your requirements. You can download files from several proxies. It is a compatible download manager for Linux.


  • Quiet Mode
  • Batch Downloads
  • Downloads Series
  • Browser Integration
  • Multiple Protocols


  • Download History is Available
  • Multiple Sources for Downloads
  • Folder Auto Creation


  • Only Available for Linux/GNU
  • Viruses Can Corrupt Phone
  • Apps will Not Upgrade Automatically

8. Mipony

Mipony is a download manager which is used to enhance and automate Downloads. It is a fully automatic download manager and also optimizes your connection. You can download videos directly from YouTube with the help of this tool.

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When you are downloading files, this tool avoids host sites’ trouble. Mipony has the ability to delay the required time and start downloading the files one by one. It provides a platform where you put the links of files, and the program will be in charge of downloading files faster.

If any error occurs, this tool takes necessary attempts to fix the error. If you close the download file, the file will restart to download when you start the software again. It manages incomplete servers like and It is a safe, fast, and compatible download manager.


  • Captcha Recognition
  • Support for Multiple Threads
  • Download Torrents
  • Download Manager


  • Free, Safe, and Easy to Use
  • Supports SSL Links
  • Multiple Sources for Downloads


  • The interface is Not Customize
  • Files Infected With Viruses
  • Cracks Available

9. Simple Mass Downloader

Simple Mass Downloader is a light series download manager with versatile filter options that makes downloading files a lot easier and useful. You can download files, videos, images in batch form. It is easy to use and gives better names for downloading files.

SMD is a useful download manager in which you can organize downloads by directing them to appropriate favorite folders.

It provides a platform where you put the links of files, and the program will be in charge of downloading files fast. Advance features of SMD allow you to put mass renaming capabilities using various masks. There is a particular thumbnails grid view, where items are ordered by size.

People can set automatic folders, where downloads are automatically managed. It provides you a feature in which you can pause, resume and open downloaded files. You can set server limits with this tool. SMD is a safe, easy, and light batch download manager with its blistering features.


  • Special Thumbnail
  • Portable Advanced Filtering
  • Flexible Routing System
  • Flexible Download Management
  • For Images


  • Thumbnails Available
  • Grid View
  • Automatic Folders Create


  • A lot of Cracks
  • Not Free
  • Bugs In Integration

10. Transloader

Transloader is an application that is used to download files on any device and all of your Macs-remotely from your iPhone, iPad. This app is used to receive, transform, or send any file with API without managing the foundation. You can resume downloading after a bad internet connection.

Transloader has lots of features that allow users to work smoothly. It has a feature of crop and resizes in the browser. This app is not battery-consuming; it increases battery optimization as compared to other software.

It removes cracks and viruses from your file. This software provides its own storage bucket. Transloader provides outstanding and timely support right from developers, to all of its customers. It includes features to deal with encoding, scaling, and stack problems.

It receives files from the web and delivers via smart CDN. Whether you’re on a Mac, there comes a time when you want to download anything on Mac that’s where transloader is useful.


  • Own Your Data
  • Pick Locally or from Dropbox
  • Data Plans
  • Optimize
  • Documentation Conversion


  • Reject Viruses
  • Free and Open Source
  • Resume File After bad Wi-Fi


  • Asset Library is Not Available
  • Brand Control is Not Here
  • Watermarking is Not Available


Overall, Tucan Manager is a lightweight, free, and open-source download manager for sharing files. It supports multiple source services and allows the users to download files as per their requirements. If you look at its features, it is an amazing tool to deal with it.

Tucan supporting the main Hosters like Rapid Share or Mega Upload brings a new experience to users discouraged by other file sharing methods as p2p. It also manages waits between downloads and interchangeable links. You can enjoy all of its features without slowing down the rest of your system.