15 Best PRWeb Alternatives

PRWeb is a platfrom that offers the services of Online Press Release Distribution and it is helpful in providing an efficient communication tool to engage with targeted customers across multiple online channels like social media, bloggers, influencers, and many more.

It offers the services of public relations and press release management. It is helpful in increasing online visibility, improving search engine ranking, driving traffic, and increasing sale. It includes the feature of Social media integration, multi-channel marketing, interactive content, and social promotion.

It not only assist users in distribution but also helps them in creating content. It also allows its users to measure the performance of employees across multiple channels. It offers the services of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that helps the users to increase the traffic on their paid channels.

Its typical customers are Freelancers, Small businesses, Mid-Size businesses, and large enterprises. It supports the desktop operating system of Windows and Mac. The PRWeb pricing is $369.00 per a news release and you can avail its other packages as well.

Why Users want PRWeb alternatives?

PRWeb is good in providing the services of online press release distribution and is helpful in increasing online visibility by attracting customers across multiple channels. It has a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate within the website and targets particular regions and topics for their news.

It has some shortcomings that hinder users from using it for multiple purposes. The foremost problem users face is that it charges additional fees for same-day release and also slows down the distribution of material. Moreover, it is expensive for small organizations and does not support Linux operating system.

15 Best PRWeb Alternatives

PRWeb is best in its way of increasing digital engagement by using new and improved tools. It also helps the users in creating content and uses Search Engine Optimization to generate high traffic on their paid channels. To get PRWeb login simply download the extension from the internet and install it on your system.

In regard to these best functionalities, the following PRWeb Alternatives are selected and explained thoroughly along with their structure and working techniques. An explicit comparison is also provided which helps the audience in choosing the best possible alternative of PRWeb.

1. 24-7 Press Release

24-7 Press Release is the cloud-based deployment platform that helps users in the creation and distribution of news across online and traditional news channels. It let the journalist prepare a press release and add attachments like documents, images, and videos. It allows its users to distribute the materials to its publications or sites.

It helps the users to distribute the news across different online platforms and uses SEO to generate traffic on their paid channels and websites. Its typical customers are Small businesses and mid-size businesses. It offers its training to new users in the form of documentation and videos.

Its free trial is available on the website and its starting price is $49.00 per feature. It helps the client to spread their news through online media, print media, bloggers, and journalists. These press releases are also available for search engine optimization in order to generate traffic for clients.


  • Content Management
  • Pres Widgets
  • Newsletter Management
  • Press Release Builder
  • Subscription Management
  • Social Promotion


  • Multi-Channel Marketing
  • Good Custoemr Support
  • Good SEO Analytics
  • Brand Awareness


  • Costly Paid Subscription
  • Limited Free Trial Features
  • Lack of Integration

2. Newswire

Newswire is a powerful press release management and distribution platform that helps businesses to create custom press releases and campaigns. It is used to distribute the press release across different media outlets such as national regional and international media.

It is a cloud-based deployment platform that offers industrial solutions from wire services, built-in media databases, and company newsrooms. It allows its users to track news stories on a local or industrial scale and is helpful in identifying the media trends.

It is commonly sued in Public relations and social media monitoring. Its free trial is available on the website with limited features. Its subscription cost is $199.00 per month and its typical customers are Small businesses, Mid-Size businesses, and large enterprises.

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  • Data Import and Export
  • Article Author Database
  • Performance Metrics
  • Campaign Management
  • Business Development Strategies


  • Highly Responsive Team
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Easy to Use


  • Low Distribution Rate
  • Issues in UI/UX
  • No Mobile Support
  • Limited Third-Party Intergration

3. PR Newswire

PR Newswire platform is helpful in online press release distribution and offers marketing services to thousands of media companies. In media organizations, it is used as a credible source of news and provide different public relation solutions to different businesses, marketing agencies, and individuals.

It offers the facility of tracking the press release and is helpful in measuring the performance of the campaign from a single platform. It is useful in attracting investors from all over the world that will be helpful in generating maximum profit as they will rate your content credibility.

It identifies the content designers and facilitates in communicating with them to get their help for future marketing campaigns across a single platform. It includes different multimedia that helps the marketers, corporate communicators, and sustainability officers to engage the key audience.


  • Actionable Media Intelligence
  • Media Monitoring
  • Multiple Online Channels
  • Understanding Sentiments


  • Support Multiple Channels
  • Boost Impression Number
  • Offers Excellent SEO Value
  • Customizable Setting


  • High Subscription Cost
  • Contract Negotiation
  • Poor Customer Support
  • Issues in Automated Reports

4. Pressat

Pressat is the powerful press release distribution provider that is used for news distribution, translation, copywriting, media databases, and many more. It offers the best press release distribution service that helps businesses and agencies in managing the PR marketing campaign.

Media professional also uses these services in order to subscribe to their relevant press release. It offers its customer service through live chat and its typical customers are Small businesses, Mid-Size Businesses, and Large Enterprises. It has a global presence and it trust by many organizations.

Its subscription cost is $380.00 and is very costly for small and mid-size organizations. It is available with complete transparency and no hidden charges are included in it. It has a user-friendly interface that is flexible to use and has the facility of customization.


  • Email Distribution
  • Auto Update
  • Press Monitoring
  • Campaign Management
  • Press Release Builder


  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Easy to Use
  • Track Statistic Effectively


  • Poor Customer Support
  • No Cryptocurrency Compatibility
  • Expensive Subscription Fee

5. Business Wire

Business Wire is the press release software used to get the latest full-text press releases and multimedia from different companies and organizations. It is helpful in collecting news and releases for internet users and businesses. It distributes the news and releases to multiple websites, apps, and newsrooms.

Apart from PR distribution, it offers the services of multimedia and online marketing for the better promotions of news. It also includes the services of print, broadcast, and multiple newswire services. These PR management solutions are availed by Small businesses, Mid-Size businesses, and large enterprises.


  • Article Author Database
  • Auto Content Update
  • Contact Management
  • Press Monitoring
  • Press Release Builder


  • Good Customer Service
  • Affordable Price
  • Good for Beginners


  • Unstructured Interface
  • Lack of Integration
  • Expemsive Paid Subscription

6. GlobeNewswire

GlobeNewswire is an online distribution platform for sharing the news with media, investors, and consumers around the globe. It is designed for public relations, marketing, and agency professionals interaction. It helps the users in building brand awareness, reaching new audiences, and driving earned media.

It is used in generating media coverage with press releases, delivering material news, boosting brand awareness, and optimizing the news with multimedia. It is used by Mid-Size Businesses, and Large Enterprises. Analyzing and measuring the impact of releases can also be possible by it.


  • Multimedia Content
  • Sending Press Releases
  • Video Graphics
  • Topic Identification
  • Online Newsroom
  • Region Targeting


  • Able to Receive Incoming Coverage
  • Support SEO
  • Easy to Use


  • No API Access
  • Hidden Charge on Features
  • No Free Trial
  • Limitations in Formatting

7. PRLog

PRLog is another new online press distributor that includes HTML links in the press release body. It offers distributions to a variety of sites and more. It is a reliable, affordable, and effective press release Distribution Company. Its interface is easy to navigate and helps the users to get news from the public.

Its main purpose is to get news from different reliable sources and these sources work together to get leads for the business. Different bloggers and influencers can also be used for promotion purposes. It includes a wide range of top news along with their sources.

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  • Free Press Release Distribution
  • Video Press Release
  • News Alerts Creation
  • Clickable Links
  • Social Media Integration


  • Real-Time Alerts
  • Custom Press Room
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Easy to Navigate
  • Detailed Analytics


  • Limited Integration
  • Lack of Customization Option
  • Poor Customer Service
  • Costly Subscription Fee

8. Pressbox

Pressbox is the online press distribution company that enhances businesses advertisement to a greater level. It is helpful in providing different campaigns, solution modules, and offers a wide description of services. It is best for users as it allows guaranteed lead and media coverage across all the cities to get higher services.

It offers its services in a few states of America and is not available to use across outside of the United States. It is used by Small Businesses, Mid-Size Businesses, and Large Enterprises. It allows its users to integrate with large Enterprises. It is only accessible to higher hierarchy level users and is not accessible for guest users.


  • Online Posting Report
  • Mobile Distribution
  • Social Media Sharing
  • Optimized Images


  • Support Multiple Distribution
  • Document Sharing
  • Available in PDF Version
  • Seamless Integration


  • Only Used in America
  • No Third-Party Integration
  • Limited Communication Tools

9. eReleases

eReleases is the press distribution service that offers custom nationwide distribution across news outlets, media sites, and bloggers. It offers the services of PR Distribution, PR Writing and customization US national PR Newswire across major outlets. It is helpful in attracting an audience and generating publicity.

It is basically designed for small businesses by helping them in providing press release distribution services. It includes great customer service. Its free trial is available from its website and its subscription cost is $399.00 per month. It offers an efficient way to create any kind of corporate news.


  • Embedded Images
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Keyword Links
  • Hyper-Targeting
  • National Distribution


  • Content Generation
  • Easy Order Process
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Powerful Targeting


  • Limitation in Communication
  • Poor Customer Support
  • Lack of Tools Integration

10. openPR

openPR is the free press release distribution service in Germany that helps businesses in taking a large number of decisions with policymaking techniques. It offers a good level of media exposure and is helpful in including backlinks to their websites. It allows its users to post a banner ad to their website free of cost.

It is designed for those small businesses who want to take their company news publically, but they have no budget to do so. It allows businesses to submit only one free press release per month. Companies have to pay extra money if they want to submit more than one press release per month.

It can also be submitted across the broad spectrum of categories including arts, culture, finance, business, and many more. It also offers end-to-end secure connections and its typical customers are Small businesses, Freelancers, and Mid-size businesses.


  • Company Branding
  • Data Linking
  • Distribution to Search Engine
  • RSS Feeds


  • Upload Multiple Images
  • Great Media Exposure
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Include Backline to Website


  • High Subscription Fee
  • Less Communication Tool
  • No Live Support

11. NewsBox

NewsBox is the cloud-based media intelligence platform that helps businesses to manage new content and distribute it across different social media platforms. Its web-based version helps businesses to manage and streamline all the operations that are related to public relations, and business intelligence.

It is also useful in news reading polishing tools and intelligence systems for all the singular clients. It includes the features of the database, communication, pressure monitoring, email distribution, clipping management, and many other exciting services.

It offers its training in the form of documentation, webinars, and videos to its new users. It is also helpful in managing inquiries about the news under a single roof. Its free is available on the internet and its premium version is subscribed at the cost of $49.00.


  • Communication Management
  • Press Monitoring Tools
  • Press Release Builder
  • Clipping Management
  • Auto Updated Analytics


  • Excellent Newsletters Design
  • Flexible Media Monitoring
  • Easy to Navigate
  • Support Multiple Platform


  • Difficult to Learn
  • Security Issues
  • Lack of Integration
  • Expensive Paid Version

12. MyPRGenie

MyPRGenie is the public relations platform that allows its users to integrate with the business at a higher level and includes different business promotion tools. It is basically designed to streamline public relations and is helpful in corporate communication.

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It uses New Business Badge in order to create a link between the website and the newsroom. For social media sharing and sign-up, it supports seamless integration with Facebook. Its loyal customers are Small businesses, Mid-Size businesses, and Large Enterprises.


  • Press Release Distribution
  • Media Monitoring for Brands
  • Reports and Analytics
  • Workflow Automation
  • Timesheet Tracking


  • Support Multiple Languages
  • Convenient to Use
  • Media Exposure
  • Cost-Effective


  • Content Control Issues
  • Lack of Communication Tools
  • Limited Third-Party Integration

13. is the online news distribution service that allows individuals and organizations to share and submit their press releases across multiple platforms on the web. It includes comprehensive directories for businesses, job product services, press releases, news, and blog articles.

These are easily integrated with businesses and are helpful in business publicity. It has a user-friendly interface that is easy to use and is used to give the latest news to everyone in the area. It provides sources and direct links which helps the users to directly get into the website.

It allows its users to provide different opportunities for the press release and is also used to promote the business. It offers press release distribution through an industrial-leading content platform to thousands of media outlets, journalists, influencers, and websites.


  • Online Posting Reports
  • Premium Website Publishing
  • Blogger Outreach Network
  • Social Media Sharing
  • Next-Day Distribution


  • Time-Saving Buildup
  • Third-Party Integration
  • Easy to Navigate


  • Difficult to Predict Indicators
  • Security Loopholes
  • Limited Content Control

14. BurrellesLuce

BurrellesLuce is a media auditing company that includes a wide range of tools and is easily integrated with any size of business. It is also helpful in online media monitoring, print media press clipping, broadcast monitoring, and many more. It has a user-friendly interface that is easily understandable by newcomers.

It is also used to engage journalists and bloggers across media outreach databases and is helpful in managing all the public relations media efforts. Its typical customers are Small Businesses, Mid-Size Businesses, and Large Enterprises.

It allows its users to control different aspects of the module from the user end perspective. It includes the core features of reviewing monitoring response, management of the team, and social media monitoring. All these features have been reviewed by experts and highly recommend them for daily usage.


  • Auto PR Updates
  • Digital Asset Management
  • Social Media Monitoring
  • Press Monitoring Tolos
  • Clipping Management


  • Track Media Coverage
  • Regular Client Reports
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Easy to Use


  • No Free Trial Version
  • Media Coverage Issues
  • Problems in Broadcast Stories

15. Marketwired

Marketwired is a social communication platform that offers different solutions regarding global press release distribution, social media monitoring, and market analytics. It integrates with other marketing communication platform for the purpose of content creation, optimization, measurement, and distribution.

Everyday conversations in newsrooms, corporate boardrooms can also be streamlined by using this platform. It is also helpful in managing the private equity activities and includes the investment of 6.4 billion US dollars. It is being used by Small businesses, mid-Size Businesses, and Large Enterprises.


  • Campaign Management
  • SEO Management
  • Content Management
  • Distribution Management
  • Video Management


  • API Access
  • Mobile Support
  • Easy to Use Dashboard


  • Limited Integration
  • Management Issues
  • Expensive Paid Subscription


PRWeb is the platform for providing the services of online press release distribution and is helpful in attracting large traffic of customers by using the Search Media Optimization technique. It also includes the Newswire option at a very reasonable price.

It is useful in different mediums such as media prospecting, monitoring, and media contact database. It is useful for all sizes of businesses but has some limitations in mid-size businesses as the media database of mid-size businesses is not frequently updated.

Moreover, building here in this platform building large media lists is also time-consuming. Many of the other alternatives are also available that perform betters than PRWeb and cover all the issues of this platform. You can opt the most feasible based on your PR needs.

As shown in the article Newswire and PRNewswire alternatives are best to use because of their extensive features and advantages over other platfroms. However, audiences may choose another ones by considering their demand, budget, and available resources.