15 Best OpenAM Alternatives

OpenAM is a service provider that gives you access management with cloud-based storage. It offers you privileged identity management and coalition server platform that works automatically and provides you management and resources integrating services.

Users do not have to enter their credentials multiple times on several sites for authentication perspective because OpenAM will help you solve this issue. This platform provides more than 20 authentication modules that allow you to customize your authentication process.

It is one of the most prestigious tools that provides live services and maintains critical security. It gives you multiple sites and applications for your business authentication, and it also manages permission that helps you confine preferred resources according to different policies.

OpenAM has a complete security module that minimizes all the threats by ensuring a security wall through multiple tests. It provides a simple and understandable interface and uses software for different operating systems. It offers high performances functions and a system development kit.

Why Users want OpenAM Alternatives?

OpenAM is an excellent online access management service provider with cloud-based storage that helps integrate services and allows users to access authentication, authorization, and identity services from web applications. It has an intrusive dashboard with helpful tips to facilitate the users.

But there are some areas where OpenAM is deficient such as limited customer support for disaster data recovery. Also, it is missing features in the management support, custom domain integration. These are some significant reasons that force users to suitable replaceable alternatives.

15 Best OpenAM Alternatives

OpenAM has some good features but not enough to meet all users’ requirements. So this article will provide you with all the information regarding OpenAM Alternatives that will help the users select the most optimum one for their personal needs and expertise.

1. Keycloak

Keycloak is open-source software that delivers identity and asset management to integrate their products by utilizing its services. This software gives you many facilities in the management area and presents two vital components that involve server and adapter.

It provides editing and merging file options for ease of users. Keycloak has some prominent features that include registration, social login, single sign-on, and sign-out protocol for all the applications integrated with this solution provides credentials for one account.

This platform gives identity blocking for its subscribers. The interface is easy to handle and gives you the exquisite edge for both desktop and cloud-based units. Users can facilitate by having documentation tools, app security addition for third party access, and many more.


  • High-Performance Identity Brokering
  • Two Factor Authentication
  • LDAP Integration
  • Social Login


  • Active Directory
  • Third-Party Integration
  • Easy to Use Tools
  • Multiple System Support Login


  • Difficult Customization
  • Shows Session Replication
  • Features Advertising

2. Auth0

Auth0 is an online authentication and authorization service provider primarily used to secure the business and company’s building blocks. Without having security expertise, a developer can ensure security measures and enhance their productivity in a low time.

It provides multilayer security passwords, less authentication, customizable login pages, and an advanced analytics facility. The key features are SMS port, universal login, and white-label manufacturer. The interface is user-friendly and shows all the changes on the platform to integrate the data.

This solution is compatible with all devices such as mobile, loT devices, laptops, and apps. Auth0 comes with robust security protocols that save your information and confidential data, transfer it with safe encryption, and give you a secure login medium.


  • Universal Login
  • Single Sign-On
  • Multifactor Authentication
  • Actions Breaded Passwords
  • User Management


  • Mature Ecosystem
  • Clean User Interface
  • Effective Security
  • Comprehensive Protection


  • Limited Features Documentations
  • Contain Ads
  • Limit of 3 SAML Connections
  • Copyright Issues

3. LemonLDAP::NG

LemonLDAP::NG is the topmost online open-source access management software used to assist companies in handling customer identities and data. It provides an identity management platform to 500 corporations with the best experience to the customer that earns trust and enhances service approval.

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This tool is fully customizable and provides excellent features such as scalability, account security, user management, integration, and data security. LemonLDAP::NG provides developers with Multi-language codes snippets that hold java, android, NodeJS, iOS, and JavaScript.

Users easily integrate this software with several other apps such as Shopify, Intercom, New Relic, Hubspot, and Webhooks, and many more. It always provides complete security plans and backup data facilities for users’ ease. It comes with many unique features; some are free, but advanced users must pay.


  • Single Sign-on for Web Applications
  • Strong Authorization System
  • Authentication Modules
  • LDAP Integration
  • Security Assurance


  • Handle large Custome Logins
  • Third-Party Integration
  • Multiple System Support Login
  • Flat Data Migration Process


  • Vulnerabilities Exposure
  • Security Audit Process
  • Poor Developer Practice

4. Ory

Ory is a certified and trustworthy open-source platform that offers users a digital identity and security tools for access management. This program delivers you multiple sites and applications for your business, provides live support and sustains severe security areas.

This tool defines users’ identities, manages them in the enterprise environment, and allows single sign-on access. After this, users do not have to enter their credentials for any account anymore for saves users precious time and is essential from a security perspective.

This solution keeps users’ identities provisioning and organizing, and applying provisions automatically. Users self-manage their favorite accounts and passwords, and it provides social login for its subscribers. This system comes with free and paid plans according to user requirements.


  • Open ID Provider
  • Identity Management
  • User Management


  • Fully Customizable
  • Cost-Effective
  • Provision Identities


  • Vulnerabilities Exposure
  • Copyright Issue
  • Slow Security Audit Process
  • Operational Insufficiencies

5. Connect2id Server

Connect2id Server is an excellent open ID link server for the enterprise that operates on an open-source network. Users sign in to web, mobile, and desktop applications by ID tokens. This platform offers different services like directory access, authentication for cloud apps, and encryption for messages.

It works on openID attaches benefactor, at the guarantee compulsory by your applications. It secures API with access tokens, locked with mTLS or DPoP to mitigate impersonation, and provides users with advanced services in industries like SaaS, Fintech, retail, media, and more.


  • Single Sign-on
  • OpenID Connect
  • Provision Identities
  • Secure APIs with OAuth 2.1
  • Confident Operation 24/7


  • Easy Implementation
  • Data Security
  • Data Migration Process is Smooth
  • Reduced Password Fatigue


  • Poor Developer Practices
  • Long Term Cost
  • Security Issues

6. 10Duke Identity Provider

10Duke Identity Provider is a tool that delivers fast integration with customer identity management solutions, and users can access this software by using a single identity. This platform helps you get access to login on to other various applications, the same as google offers for their apps.

10Duke Identity Provider is user-friendly software with a neat and clean interface. It gives a single sign-on capability that can cover a variety of features, such as allowing SSO for consumers and among administrations or applications. It ensures security measures by the complex password setup.

This tool tracks user activity and behavior in real-time and transforms its architecture and features to suit users’ demands. It gives users a social login and identity blocking facility. This platform is compatible with other devices, integrates easily, and provides 24/7 customer support.


  • Identity Federation
  • Social Sign-in
  • Database Support
  • Standards-Based


  • Unstructured Interface
  • Easily Implemented
  • Handles SAML


  • Poor Interaction with LastPass
  • Tough Password Managers
  • Complex to Add New Users

7. CAS

It is an online single sign-on clarification for web services that enable different services to confirm one commanding source of trust. CAS allows its users to enter their credentials only once, and users can get access to many other applications.

This web application can approve any user without checking their confidential information whenever they log in to different applications. This software force you to interface with CAS servers. There are no CAS customers for programming languages, web servers, and middleware.

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CAS depends on three primary backend sources: Kerberos, LDAP, and Active Directory. If CAS fails to confirm user identity, it will go to the second source. Then next, this gives access to CAS to check different populations to ensure a 100% secure platform for any recruiting agency.


  • Single Sign-on
  • Pluggable Authentication Support
  • Java Server Component


  • Easy Interface
  • Integrate with VPN Software
  • Support Large Enterprise


  • Limited Session Management
  • Challenging Initial Install
  • Fingerprint Logins Issues

8. Gluu Server

It is an open-source identity server that can handle challenging requirements quickly. This solution locked your digital identity limit, and it enables users to scale both web or diligence resources flat as desired to attain the business level.

Gluu Server allows you to create particular audit logs, implement advanced authentication workflows, and many others. This tool is assembled with modern cybersecurity features that ensure organization data and confidential information from hackers.

This solution comes with a fully customizable form to keep future technicalities in mind so users can build next-generation e-service that enhances the efficiency of operations. It has highly advanced techniques that equip you to stop hackers before entering your system.


  • External Authentication
  • Centralized Identity
  • Mobile-Optimized
  • Registration Screens


  • Scalable for Enterprise Users
  • Simple User-Friendly
  • Self-Service Password
  • Multi-Factor Authentication


  • Costly Subscription Plans
  • Difficulties with Learning
  • No Live Support

9. Shibboleth

Shibboleth is one of the best organized associated identity solutions that ensure the resource of any organization must remain protected. This software has all the main tools that secure your organization’s data from any unknown access and maintain a multilayer security wall.

This software is open-source and free-to-use software that connects users between and within the association. Shibboleth offers detailed documents that help you understand its practice and installation process with complete ease and offers many key features like metadata aggregator.

Users can get many products under the flag of Shibboleth, such as identity provider and embedded service discovery. It provides a single sign-on facility to users who can access other sites by offering credentials for one account and helps organizations in identity control areas.


  • Identity Provider
  • Embedded Service Discovery
  • Password Management
  • Multi-Platform Integration


  • Predefined Connectors
  • Easily Implemented
  • Manages IP Restricted Access


  • Cost is Prohibitive
  • Service Speed Vary
  • Difficult to customize the Interface

10. FreeIPA

It is an integrated security information management solution, especially for Linux networks. This solution provides centralized confirmation, authorization, and account information by storing data about users, groups, and other objects necessary to manage the security aspect of a network of computers.

FreeIPA domain has been merged with several FreeIPA servers to minimize redundancy and scalability. The tool offers a clean and straightforward interface to make this platform user-friendly. It provides extensible management interfaces that include CLI and Python SDK for an integrated DNS server.


  • Integrated Security
  • ID Risk Management
  • Mobile SSO
  • Progressive Profiling


  • Cloud-Based Protection
  • No Hardware Reliance
  • Protect Domain Authority


  • Limted Platform Console
  • Always Evolving SAAS Platforms
  • No Developer Support

11. TOTPRadius

TOTPRadius is an open-source software-based virtual appliance consisting of two hypervisors, the first VMWare ESXi and Microsoft HyperV. This tool offers profitable methods on cloud networks with two-factor authentication and identity blocking options.

TOTPRadius contains all the essential tools for mitigating vulnerability that exist through several operating systems. This tool offers a single-sign-on facility that users just have to enter their credentials for one time and get access to all other accounts without mentioning their details.

This tool is furnished with all the essential tools vital to running any organization safely without cyber breaches. TOTPRadius is fully customizable to help the user by changes in the theme of work style. This solution offers a free subscription with no login limits.


  • Single Sign-On
  • Identity and Access Management
  • Risk-Based Authentication
  • Multifactor Authentication


  • Easier Setup
  • Better Documentation for Setup
  • SCIM
  • Logging for Troubleshooting Purpose


  • Unstructured Interface
  • Outdated Features
  • Limited Customer Support

12. SimpleSAMLphp

SimpleSAMLphp is an open-source leading PHP authentication service provider that gives support for identity providers, and this platform facilitates with a large number of outer providers. This software is highly customizable and assists you in creating your modules.

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It provides you with the same identity protocols that shibboleth CAS offers. SimpleSAMLphp comes with the complete tutorial package that gives you the information in case of an installation problem. It provides a security advisory to handle the situation of system internal storage damage.


  • PHP Documentation
  • Bridging Between Protocols
  • Auth MemCookie
  • Session Checking Function
  • Metadata Signing


  • Single Sign-On
  • Multifactor Authentication
  • Multi Services Integration


  • Requires Extra Passwords
  • Complex Customer Onboarding
  • Less Disaster Data Support

13. Authentik

Authentik identity cloud ensures companies’ security and manages their capability. It is a leading independent open-source identity provider. It is commonly known as a flexible platform that gives users customizable protection to protect their data and access all accounts with just one login.

Authentik is a subscription-based solution that demands users’ email identity and other information to subscribe to this software. This application is equipped with some fantastic features compatible with mobile device management, reporting, secure access to APIs, etc.

It helps users quickly adopt the new technologies that are important to accomplish their tasks. It manages its million users worldwide, allowing them to do their essential jobs with complete security. Authentic has different price plans, and each plan has its own cost that depends on its features.


  • Active Directory
  • Centralized Deprovisioning of User
  • Multifactor Authentication
  • Mobile Identity Management


  • Easy to Integrate
  • Excellent Documentation
  • Social Media Login Framework


  • Complex Role Management
  • Limited Filtering Configuration
  • Pricing Issues

14. Webroot

Webroot is a cybersecurity service provider software that offers a protection wall against scams and identity stealing. This software features all primary tools necessary to stop cyberbullying and gives complete monitoring and security wall protection.

This solution assists many organizations by saving their confidential information and guards them against cyber threats. It is a cloud-based, all-in-one valuable solution for small and large-scale businesses and comes with plans; some are free, and some are paid.

Webroot has many vital features such as DNS protection, endpoint protection, Carbonite backup for office 360. This software not only secures your organization from cyber-attacks but provides comprehensive security to your home by monitoring users’ Wi-Fi data is safe or not.


  • Identity and Privacy Shields
  • Anti-Phishing Technology
  • Offline Protection
  • Infrared Defense
  • Android and iOS Protection


  • Safe Browsing
  • Protecting the System
  • Ease of Management


  • Lacks Proper Reporting
  • Hard to Add Exclusion
  • No New Screens Addition

15. Meveto Inc

Meveto Inc is an authentication company that provides security from cyber threats to any organization by removing password usage. It gives different documentation tools, application safety allowance for third-party access and aims to provide users a secure internet and access to all accounts with one login.

Users can utilize the private, public-key encryption that facilitates users by giving access to the account that is locally operated from your phone besides decentralizing your account from the cloud data storage and servers because that is vulnerable from a security perspective.

Meveto lnc comes with many essential features: LDAP integration, customizable skin, two-factor authentication, android and iOS protection, identity and privacy shield, and much more. This tool comes with a sophisticated interface applicable for both desktop and cloud-based modules.


  • Anti-Phishing Technology
  • User Registration
  • Social Login


  • Firewall Protection
  • Blocking Malware
  • Web Filtering


  • Bit More User Friendly
  • Duplicate Agent Option
  • Misses threats in Documents


OpenAM is a service provider called access management for multiple employees’ numerous accounts. It offers an identity platform for multiple site access with complete security to ensure privacy. In this article, you have read about OpenAM alternatives with complete detail, including their features and pros and cons.

But there are some areas where OpenAM is lacking, such as lack of support for disaster data recovery, missing features in the management support, custom domain integration, and paid services for small business that is quite expensive. So the sum up of all this discussion is Webroot and Gluu are the best possible alternatives.