12 Best MS Word Alternatives


Microsoft Word is a file editor in which you can edit or create your documents properly. During the shared projects, Microsoft Word helps you to edit or make your project files. Documents have never been easy to edit or create without Microsoft Word. It covers PDFs, DOCX files as well.

Students can easily make their files on MS Word. It has its own editor and viewer. Assignments and documents are created by MS Word. It has some tools which polish files and make them more attractive.

It is a very intelligent software in which you can easily create your templates, Resume, and other Office files as well, it includes all the writing and editing tools. When you use MS Word it has the following advantages.


MS Word Overview

It edits your file or data with rich formatting and creates files more attractive. It has a reading view in which you can easily read documents, letters, PDFs, and more files. It can also convert your PDFs into MS Word form, so you can easily edit them.

MS Word has some tools on the top of software where you can easily change the font layout and more as well. People also work as a team on MS Word to make their files and assignments more attractive and suitable for different purposes.

Some requirements of the word are your device must be 1GB or above 1GB if you want to use the full features of Microsoft Word then you need to buy a subscription for your phone.


You can easily purchase this subscription from your play store account and you can also manage your subscription within the play store. It cannot be canceled after activation.

No doubt Microsoft Word is one of the most widely used tools for reading, writing, and editing documents. It is the best tool for students to make their presentations and project files according to the requirements of the institution. But this software has some shortcomings.

One of the main reasons is that it is not suitable for low ram and requires almost 1GB or above 1GB that’s why people want word alternatives. It can be very expensive if you use advanced tools of this software.

Most users do not use all the functions of MS Word, which causes problems. Most of the function causes problem sometimes they do not work properly for example; you insert a picture it causes the problem and it also creates a problem when you go for alignment of your text.

But the more you use the word, you will have a better grip on it.

12 Best MS Word Alternatives

Microsoft Word is a file editor in which you can edit or create your documents properly. But it has some fewer features as compared to other software. So that’s why below are a few of the best alternatives that you can use.

1. Kingsoft Writer

Kingsoft is an office suite for Microsoft windows. The developer of this software is Zhuhai. With this software, users are allowed to view, create and edit word files in the form of .doc, .txt formats.

Kingsoft writer allows all rich formatting for example; font color, font size, Bold, text alignment, highlight, zoom, full screen, etc.

With the help of a Kingsoft spreadsheet, you can easily view text and contents, you can also use auto filters and column adjustment for better work. People can easily send their files and attachments with the help of this software.


  • Suited with Microsoft Office
  • Rich Featured
  • Send and Receive files
  • Download/send Files
  • Thumbnail View
  • Built-in File Manager
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  • Easy to Use
  • Beautiful Graphics
  • Ability to Upload Data from Sheet


  • The Visual Part is Poor
  • Improvement Needs in Document Security
  • Could have Automatic Update

2. Office Online

It is a tool of Microsoft Office in which you can offer programs, that are simple to work with multiple internet browsers. It is free to use and allows one or more users to work on the same file.

It provides better features to work properly and smoothly on the same file. It provides you editing, formatting that are good for most people but if you want to use more functions such as citations, borders, are not available.

Users can easily save their data in cloud storage. It is an online application in which you can create word documents, excel, and more and it will allow you to save your document within the software.


  • Word
  • Excel
  • Powerpoint
  • OneNote
  • Outlook
  • OneDrive


  • Completely Free
  • Easy Access to Any Device
  • Better for Real-Time Cooperation
  • Use for Multitasking


  • Provide Few Offices
  • No Advanced Features
  • Depending on the Internet Connection
  • Don’t Own the Software

3. Rag Time

Ragtime is a frame-oriented software, which is used to combine word processing, spreadsheets, simple drawings, and charts in a single document. It is mostly used to create reports, forms, documents, in an office environment.

It also includes the following functions such as page layout, word processing, image processing, spreadsheet, charts, drawings in vector graphics, slide show, audio/video, etc.

Ragtime is very different from other software if you compared it. In this all content is written within the frame, on the other hand, if you talk about text, then it will be connected in the frame of the pipeline.

In this software, all content is stored in a single document type as compared to other software. It also contains multiple layouts within the same document for example; spreadsheets in addition to text and images.


  • Page Layout
  • Word Processing
  • Image Processing
  • Spreadsheets
  • Charts in Different Types of Diagrams


  • Less Training Effort
  • Fast Implementation
  • Precise Printouts
  • Work Efficiently


  • Confusing Interface
  • Expensive for Low-Level Program
  • Poorly Implemented Page Layout Features
  • Lacks Bulleted Lists

4. LibreOffice writer

Office writer includes text entry, editing, and formatting. It also contains page layout methods, frames, columns, tables. In this, you can easily make tables of your data tables of contents and forms.

There are some parts of the office writer title bar, Menu bar, Status bar, Standard toolbar, etc. In this software, you can easily find and replace your text. Office writer offers you to print your documents in which you can select, how many pages you want to print.

It has various functions as well so you can save your document easily by pressing Ctrl+S. Libre is very safe for the protection you can easily protect your file in this software. It has various tools as well in which you can easily change the theme of your document.


  • Page Style
  • Outline Levels
  • Templates
  • Navigator
  • Advantage of Style


  • It’s Free
  • Fully Featured
  • Import and Export of Files


  • Without Subscription Fewer Features
  • It’s not Online
  • Better PDFs Integration

5. Corel WordPerfect Office

It is a word processing application, now owned by Corel on multiple computers. It is famous for its clean display. It sharply displays most other systems especially after the release of his advanced version.

WordPerfect has more versions as well such as WordPerfect 5.1, 6.0, 3.0, etc. this format allows continuous extending of functionality. Its standard edition allows the creation of impressive documents, presentations, spreadsheets, and more.

On this software, you will find all the support and familiar features you will need to work more efficiently. WordPerfect is not free but it offers a free trial if you want to use advanced features of WordPerfect you need to buy this its pricing starts from $175.60 per feature.

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  • Unique Control Over Formatting
  • Supports Long Document
  • eBook Publishing
  • Smooth Import and Export


  • Reveal Codes
  • Better Built-in Tools
  • More Control Over Formatting


  • Using Word Documents
  • Better Excel Files Use
  • Native Printing to PDF

6. LyX

It combines the power and flexibility of TEx/LATEx with the use of a graphical interface. This will help to create mathematical content and structural documents like articles, theses, and books. It uses the power of LATEX to produce beautiful documents.

It is available for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. X automatically takes care of the formatting aspects of the documents. LyX allows the user to focus on the content of the document if you want to change the appearance of your document.

It will help you to change with the help of advanced features. Before starting this first of all you need to decide what type of document you want to proceed with. It will help you to define the documents like articles, letters, etc.


  • Demo Clip
  • Structured Document Creation
  • Graphics
  • Formats
  • Generalization


  • Free
  • Easy to Use
  • Well Written Files
  • Table of Content is Automatic
  • Figure Placement Good


  • Not Many People Use LyX
  • Position of the Word goes Wrong During Print
  • Export is Awful

7. Atlantis Word Processor

It is used to create documents, reports to publish e-books. Atlantis is a standard word processor for both professional use and normal use. This software is very powerful full fast and user-friendly you can work in this software on your own terms.

One of the main reasons for using this software is that it doesn’t require an internet connection you can use this offline whenever you want to use it.

You can work securely on this software with various features when you really need it. It has a wide range of versions from 2000 and XP to the latest versions and can be used on computers easily. It will give you some extra features that you will not find anywhere else.


  • Creating eBooks
  • Font and Paragraph Formatting
  • Format Palette
  • Fully Portable
  • Style Sheets


  • Special Editing Tools
  • Insert or Replace a Word Easily
  • Storage of Document


  • More Time to Switch Computer if You Want to Write Quick
  • Handwriting Skills Can Deteriorate
  • Not Very Fast

8. Tex Maker

TexMaker allows you to work on the documents separated into several files. It is a cross-platform open editor with a united PDF viewer. TexMaker supports Linux, macOS, and Windows systems.

Texmaker is also known as the Latex editor which makes the work easy. You need to know that texmaker will not compile your documents if the path to the latex-related commands is wrong.

In this software, you can make a folder to keep all the latex files in one place. It is an editor with the text window, structure window, and status bar. Some software does not support encoding but this software support encoding.


  • Include Spell Checking while Typing
  • Latex Commands can be Quickly Inserted
  • Supports Various Encoding
  • Contains Structure View
  • Master Mode
  • Quick Build


  • Easy for Editing
  • Produce Beautiful Files
  • Independent Platform
  • Easy to Use Symbols


  • Layout Changes Difficult
  • Customizing is Slow Process
  • Features Require Libraries

9. ManuScripts

ManuScript is a document writing software. It means that the original handwritten version of any book, article. It has some parts consisting of cover, flyleaf, colophon, incipit, shelfmark, etc.

A manuscript is content that a writer submits to the publisher for publications. The purpose of the manuscript is to communicate how you do work and what kind of results are obtained.

It can be in the form of a play, a story that the author writes. Basically, the author writes the script or story and then converts it into the booking form this is called a manuscript.


  • Handwritten Manuscripts were Expensive
  • Skilled Hand Writers couldn’t Meet the Demand for Books
  • Initially, Papers were not Available, Palm Leaves were Used to Write
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  • Control of Time
  • Control of Word Choice
  • Style is Critical


  • Loss of Eye Contact
  • Will Loss Natural Speaking
  • Loss of Health

10. Crypt Pad

Crypt pad is a solution to produce combinations for keeping data private. In this software, all your data will be encrypted. It allows the user to edit your file or document and allows it to safe properly.

It has a valuable feature to share and collaborate your data you can share your document in edit or view mode with a password. So that’s why it is very useful due to its encryption quality.

But on the other hand, if you forget your password it will not be recovered so you should remember the password or secure it in a private place. It is a strong app for creating and editing documents. If you use it on the server it will combine you with multi-platforms for example creation, editing.


  • Limited Access to Copyright
  • Common Features
  • Limited Storage Time
  • Access to All Application


  • Support Well of Text
  • Sharing of Files Simple
  • Built-in Chat
  • Save Work for Future Use


  • Only Import-Export Documents in a Few Formats
  • Loss of Password will not Recover Data
  • The Free Version Offers Only 50MB

11. AbiWord

It is a free word processing program similar to Microsoft Word. It is good for various word processing tasks. AbiWord was originally started by Source Gear Corporation as the first part of Abi suit.

In Abi word, you can perform all basic word processing functions like lists, characters, forms, etc. Abi word contains a plugin that allows combination with Abi Collab. It is a service that allows users to do multiple tasks on the same document.

You can easily make a presentation on it. This tool will show you an easy display of your presentation with the help of screen-sized. This feature of screen-sized is not included in any word processor.


  • Multi-Platform
  • Powerful Command Line
  • Mail Merge
  • Extensible Plugin Architecture
  • Advanced Layout


  • Cross-Platform Processing Software
  • Document Creation Ability
  • Multiple Language Support
  • Compatibility


  • Don’t have Advanced Tools
  • Minor Interface Bugging
  • Took a Long Time When You Work on Pc
  • No Spell Check

12. Apache Open Office Writer

Apache open office writer is used to write a quick memo, create complete books with contents, diagrams, indexes, etc. when you are using this software you can easily apply any feature to make your file looks better.

This writer has everything that you would expect from a modern office writer, It includes all kinds of features a will help you with your work.

This office writer provides you autocorrect dictionary that will trap typing mistakes also provide an auto-complete feature that will reduce your typing effort, Apache also includes text frames, references, table of content that will make your document powerful.


  • Rich Multi-Platform
  • Presentation Tools
  • Spreadsheet
  • Microsoft Office Compatibility
  • Database Access


  • Free Available
  • Easy to Use
  • Good Collaboration Tools
  • Lighter and Faster in Work
  • Occupy Less Space of the System


  • The Latest File Format is not Supported Like .xlsx, .docx
  • Outlook is not much Attractive
  • MS Office Files do not Appear the Same as Originally
  • Not Allow Upgrades


Overall Microsoft office word is a good software and a growing tool with multiple operating features. This software allows the users to use the software according to their requirements.

When it comes to working it is very easy to use if you look at the features of a word then you will also use this software it is very compatible and time-saving software.

If you are looking for any editor, viewer, and document maker then you should prefer this software because this software works very smoothly according to your requirement and makes work very easy.

Richard Brodie and Charles Simonyi joined the Microsoft team in 1981 and after two years they released the tool for computers