Mobile Strategy Games Like Clash Royale

Clash Royale is basically a hybrid of strategic card games, RTS (Real Time Strategy) and MOBA. The makers of this game already had given many hit games including the world famous Clash of Clans. The game has solid build-up and powerful setup, enabling the players to play the game with quite a comfort. The game has super HD graphics and alluring colorful themes which attract and appeal the users at the very first glimpse. The game features duel player real-time battling, it is the first ever strategic video game to offer such thing to the players. This exciting feature of the app not only makes it unique but more addicted and full of fun. The player can now create his own ultimate battle deck and win against the opponents.

1. Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans is based on old age Barbarians and their clans, how they built their armies, train them, built their area or village and led their clans to the victory. The quality setup and powerful build-up of the app assure its efficiency and smoothness. The game is free but offers an in-app purchase for some additional features.

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2. Boom Beach

Boom Beach is a combat strategy game enables the players to attack the basis of enemies and free their enslaved partners. The game theme is based on the tropical island location, which enables the players to explore more and more about such fantasy paradise. Like other Supercell’s games, this one too is quite addicted and let the players play this game for hours. Alluring theme and astonishing graphics of the game develop the player’s interest in the game and gain attention at the very first glimpse.

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3. Clash of Kings

The players have to battle for the king’s throne conquering the kingdoms and villages. The game is same as the popular Clash of Clans, the players can build their own empires, train their troops and attack the enemies to conquer their land. It is multiplayer war game that enables the player to play with the friends. The game enables the players to build alliances with each other, making the game more interesting.

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4. Total Conquest

Total Conquest is based on the historical battling of Roman Empire. The players in the game are the Roman Governors that have to build their army, train them, and join the powerful legion and attack on the enemies. The game is equipped with super HD graphics and alluring gaming environment, providing the players best possible gaming experience.

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5. Jungle Heat

Jungle Heat features brutal battles and revealing the jungle quest. The game has a powerful setup and kinky outlook, which assures the performance of the game. The players can hire and train the troops and battle against marauders to free the native riches which are kept in prison. The high definition graphics, exciting jungle theme, and new battling plans are the most stand-out features of the game. The game is free of cost whereas for the additional premium features the players have to pay.

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6. Battle Beach

Battle Beach on the effects of a mega disaster, after which the humanity is in real danger. The player not only has to save the humanity surviving on the tropical islands but also have to defeat the pirates and deadly marauders attacking them. The game is enriched with pure quality stuff and amazing real-time strategy planning. Epic battling experience in the tropical islands enables the players to enjoy a new sort of fantasy. The game is free of cost but also offer an in-app purchase for additional premium features.

Android iOS

7. Samurai Siege

In this classical multiplayer game, the players have to defend their villages from the enemy ninjas and other deadly creatures. The game offers different colorful and alluring themes including epic forest battling, snowy mountains, and hot sunny deserts. As it is a multiplayer game, the players can battle online against any other player from anywhere in the world.

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8. Battle Command

The player has to show epic planning skills and leadership qualities to lead the army against the enemies. The game has a strong build-up and a powerful setup that assures the smooth performance of the game. The astonishing high-quality real-time graphics and alluring outlook enable the player to play in a very rich gaming atmosphere. The game features a military world with tanks, guns, troops, and planes all in the control of the player, now it is on the player that how he build bases for the defense and then plan an attack on the enemies.

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9. Enemy Lines

The players have to battle hard to survive on the battlefield against the deadly enemies. It is a real-time multiplayer strategic war game in which the manage its own army, train the troops, plan the attacks, make strategies, defend own bases conquer the land from the enemies. The high definition enriched graphics and alluring interface of the game enable the user to play the games for ours and get real quality amusement.

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10. Battle Dragons

The player in this game has to build a Fortress with leading and controlling the devastating dragon army. To train the dragons for a deadly battle is not a piece of cake and surely requires quality leadership skills and a different planning and battling strategy. Not only attacking, the player also has to manage to defend the built dragon fortress.

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11. Friendly Fire

The player in the game is the chief commander of the army and has to control, train and lead the troops to the victory. The battle is basically for becoming the world’s number 1 superpower and the player has to do everything to conquer the whole world. The epic real-time high-quality super HD graphics of the game makes it a real pleasure game.

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12. Clash of Lords

Clash of Lords features extreme PvP arena and battles field. The game is based on the deadly and furious clash of lords, the player has to choose a hero from the list of 40 and their troops. Training the troops, building bases, planning attacks on enemies are the duties that are to be performed in the game by the player. The game is equipped with quality enhanced graphics and the players can make alliances with other online players all over the world.

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13. Battle Glory

The player can create an own army, develop own attacking plan, train the troops, and conquer the enemy lands. The game is enriched with quality graphics and alluring themes, that captures the attention of the users. The game is although a quality MMORPG but is quite simple and easy to learn and play. The player can make alliances with thousands of other players playing the game all over the world.

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14. X-War: Clash of Zombies

X-War: Clash of Zombies based on the extreme battle of Superheroes against the creepy and deadly Zombies. The player can recruit the world’s top and most famous superheroes including IronMan, Thor, Hulk, Captain America, EVA, Angel, Goku, etc. The player can create his own league of heroes and can take part in the league War. The multiplayer option enables the user to play with other online players from all over the world.


15. Pocket Fort

Pocket Fort is an epic multiplayer war game in which the player has to lead his legion, train the troops, make plans, attack the enemies, build bases and conquer the land. The game has a strong setup and a powerful outlook that assures the quality and performance of the app.

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16. Star Wars: Commander

Star Wars: Commander is based on the real ‘Star Wars’ battle featuring the same real characters and units as it was in the movie. The player has an option to choose which side he or she wants to play, either for the Empire or the Rebellion! The player has to train the troops, build the bases, gather all the units, plan the attack and lead from the front. Battling in different worlds on the star wars original universe provides an outstanding gaming experience for the players.

Android iOS

17. Castle Clash

Castle Clash is the real quality battling and planning game with a new and unique fast-paced strategy, which is not seen in the other similar games. The player can create an own army of a variety of big and small creatures and fight for the pride and survival of their legion. The game is a real pleasure to play and is quite addicting.

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18. Clash of Lords 2

Clash of Lords 2 equipped with the upgraded features and is ranked among top 10 strategy game all over the world. The game has more powerful build-up than its previous version and has more enhanced graphics and themes. It also introduces lots of new maps where the player can use his resources, train his military troops and defeat all the enemy creatures to progress.

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19. Clash of Gangs

Clash of Gangs allows the player to create his own powerful gang, hire and train the gangsters, make attacking plans and conquer different territories. The game is enriched with super classical graphics and alluring themes. The player can gather weapons, complete missions and be the crime boss.

Android iOS

20. Toy Defense

Toy Defense feature the atmosphere of World War 1. The game is equipped with more than 90 tower defense war missions in various themes. The powerful setup of the game assures its performance and quality. The player has to battle against 9 different sorts of enemies and create different battling plan against each.


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