15 Best Microsoft Project Server Alternatives

Microsoft Project Server is a platform that provides information in a central server database, which is protected from unauthorized access, hackers, and malware attacks. It extends its capabilities of Microsoft Project with project server and web Access. It contains two prominent positions to facilitate the users.

It contains robust project management tools with many brilliant features, but they are expensive for small and medium firms. The first is the Project Administration, which controls the security defining users and access rights, while the second one is for managing projects.

Team members have to update their status or have to make changes with the Project Manager. They can update their task status via Project Web App or via Time Sheet. Users want its alternatives because they are seeking more reliable, innovative software solutions with time.

Why Users want Microsoft Project Server Alternatives?

Users want Microsoft Project Server alternatives because it is complicated project management software, users cannot easily manage work on it without proper training and customer support. It requires additional MS project education and certification.

Managing projects on it is very costly as compared to its alternatives. Nowadays, the user wants self-hosted project management software like Reddit. It has vital project management tools that are more expensive for small and medium companies than its alternatives.

You have to spend a significant amount on implementing and licensing this server to small companies with at least ten educated employees. Collaboration with a team compiles the documents and assigns the task to team members, but it is not user-friendly.

15 Best Microsoft Project Server Alternatives

Many alternatives of Microsoft Project Server are available in the online market. Some of these alternatives are discussed in this article along with their features, pros, and cons to facilitate the users in selecting the most optimum one based on their personal needs.


JIRA software is designed to manage the work of a team for an organization, but originally it was designed as a bug and issue tracker. The project management software can customize your workflow by clicking on or off buttons to access many powerful tools.

You can easily set up, clean, and easily manage even your most hectic workflow by using it. It provides scrum and Kanban boards w, task management boards where a task is mapped according to customizable workflow. You can easily collaborate with your team to solve every type of issue.

The JIRA Scrum board enables the software team to manage even complex projects by cultural collaboration. It is the tool that unites the team around a single goal and promotes incremental delivery. The platform is best for professionals as it offers complex analytical tools.


  • Scrum Board
  • Kanban Board
  • Road Maps
  • Agile Reporting
  • Estimate Time for Issues


  • Bug Tracking
  • Product and Project Management
  • Project Tracking
  • Scrum Development
  • Kanban Software Development


  • Complex Platform Integration
  • Not Best Mobile App
  • Limited Uploading Size
  • Expensive Tools Subscription
  • Confusing Interface

2. Basecamp

Basecamp is the Project management and communication software. Every project includes different tools to communicate with other team members to work together by using message boxes, To-Dos, Schedule plans, Group Chat and Automatic Check-ins.

You can also rename them and customize them according to your demand. It can exclude every issue and provide a single platform for everything you want on a single-mode named “Easy-mode.” It provides a safe and secure task management platform after single signup.

It keeps everyone in a single loop without any meeting so that no one can fall through the crack and everyone knows what to do. You can easily collaborate with your team and higher management to solve any issue on the same platform to improve productivity.


  • To-Do Lists
  • Documents and File Storage
  • Plan Scheduling
  • Real-Time Group Chat
  • Check-In Questions
  • Client Access


  • Easy to Use
  • Ability to Access Client
  • Built-In Communication Chatbots
  • Cross-Device Integration
  • Data Backup
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  • No Tags or Labels
  • No Time Tracking
  • Limited Customization
  • Limited Chat Management

3. Trello

Trello is a Web-based, Kanban Style, List-making application developed by Trello Enterprises. It collaborates and manages projects from higher buildings to the home offices. You can customize your task with more digital features to grow your teamwork.

User can power their productive team while using powerful tools for the meeting, project event, and goal setting. Using this software, you can communicate with your team about what you are doing and what you have done. Its intuitive features allow any group to start and customize the workflow quickly.

You can answer and share every query with your team member, so you get a quick solution by sharing the problems. It offers a user a glance dashboard features for creating a To-Do list and scheduling a working plan for a week on a Trello Board.


  • Centralized Collaboration
  • Track Details
  • Stay Updated
  • Simplify Communication


  • Management Functionality
  • Easy to Use
  • Collaborative Customer Support
  • Customizable Dashboard


  • No Data Scalability
  • Costly Paid Version
  • No Mobile App
  • Difficult Installation

4. Adobe Workfront

Adobe Workfront is software that develops the Web based-work Management and Project Management, supports even small businesses, large businesses, and freelancers. It provides full support from planning, execution, review, and delivery of the project. The software creates a plan to integrate people and data across the organization and manage the work from the start to the measurable outcomes, all in a single loop. It is the master collaborative work management software. It allows users to work more smartly.


  • Task Management
  • Portfolio and Program Management
  • Issue Tracking
  • Demand Management
  • Team Collaboration
  • Product Integration


  • Time Tracking
  • Resource Management
  • Source Proofing
  • Project Collaboration


  • Over Complex Tools
  • Poor Mobile App
  • Limited Flexibility
  • Costly for Small Businesses

5. Asana

Asana is a powerful Project Management tool designed for Strong Collaboration with the team. It helps the team manage the given task and projects in one tool and discuss every issue regarding the task. Using web-based software, you can easily install and work on your Android and iOS.

The software manages your task from planning to the best outcomes, it changes the project into small manageable pieces, and you can set the start and end date of your task to avoid a last-minute scramble. It provides valuable tools to startup the project.

By using it, you can add attachment files from Computer, DropBox, and Google Drive to any task conversation. You can also set individual tasks for team members. You can streamline and simplify your approval process to ensure everyone who needs it can get easy access.


  • Team Management
  • Add Attachment File
  • App Integration
  • Team Collaboration
  • Focus on Workload


  • Team Communication
  • Bug Tracking
  • General Project Management
  • Easy To Start
  • Applicant Tracking


  • No Time Tracking
  • Limited Assignments
  • Experience Required To Use
  • Lacks Advanced Exporting

6. Easy Projects

Easy Projects is ranked as Enterprise Project Management Leader, with brilliant features and tools for anyone that deals with projects. Portfolio and Project Managers, IT Managers, Senior Managers, Team Leaders, and top management can enjoy the features of this platform.

It is designed for all sizes of a team and collaborates more effectively. You can easily share files, leave comments, and send an approval request. All the changes, comments, and updates are time-stamped and available for audit if needed. You can easily stay on budget and manage costs by using financial tools.


  • Task Planning
  • Visualization of Project Task
  • Gantt Charts for Planning
  • Project Roadmap
  • Mobile Project Management


  • Simple Format
  • Easy Collaboration
  • Easy To Track Progress
  • Easy to Manage Resourcing
  • Track Project Health


  • Complex Features
  • Costly Paid Services
  • Unstructured Interface
  • Vague Search Engine

7. Clarizen One

Clarizen One is the Project and Portfolio management software that helps you complete the project task in Real-time. It works for all sorts of organizations for bringing the project management discipline, workflow, collaboration with other team members to improve productivity.

Users can easily manage and customize their workflow in real-time by using it. It helps the working team to be focused on things that matter and deliver results faster to exceed company goals and customers’ expectations. It offers a friendly interface for users.

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It offers a social and straightforward user interface to configure your business work, and you can also reconfigure it anytime without any cost customization. It has a highly configurable UI system at every level, which can be customized using dynamic sets.


  • Budget Tracking
  • Issue Tracking
  • Project Hierarchy
  • Risk and Task Management


  • Project Portfolio Management
  • Task Scheduling
  • Multilingual Platform
  • Workforce Management
  • Real-Time Team Update


  • Slow Processing Time
  • Customization Is Limited
  • Expensive Software
  • Not Easy to Track Time

8. GanttProject

Gantt Project is the GPL- Java-based, commonly used tracking project schedules and specially used as project management software that works under Microsoft Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X operating system. The task arranged on this platform is like a hierarchical tree with goals adjustment.

It is totally free to use, and users do not need any credit card, no trial version, or hidden limit. Using it, you can easily export and import the documents using Microsoft Project Format. You can use a Gantt Chart for every project just to know about the improvements in the project.


  • Work Breakdown Structure
  • PDF and HTML Reports
  • Baseline Saving and Comparing
  • Task Hierarchy
  • Task Dependencies


  • Easy to Use
  • Mature and Reliable
  • Free for Any Purpose
  • Data Exchange
  • Structured User Interface


  • Needs to Update Constantly
  • Vague Time Tracking
  • Complex Interface

9. LiquidPlanner

Liquid Planner is an independent, online project management collaborative software. It offers users a glance dashboard features for in-depth study of projects. This combined software is manageable with the modern web browser and smartphone applications for iOS and Android.

It is totally infrastructure-based software. It provides online project management solutions and claims as to the first software service. It allows user to express their problems in a task. The platform includes predictive scheduling tools that are updated automatically.


  • Add Multiple Projects
  • Document Storage
  • Client Sharing
  • Time Tracking
  • To-Do Checklist


  • Time Management
  • Smart Estimation
  • Predictive Scheduling
  • Intelligence Insight
  • Balanced Workload


  • Requires Training To Use
  • Costly Feature
  • Licensing is Expensive
  • No EU Based Server

10. Mavenlink

Mavenlink is the Project Management tool that is built to help the organization. It is the industry cloud for professional services and contains a powerful collection of Operational Management, Resource Optimization, Business Intelligence, Integration, and Workflow Automation.

It provides project tracking automation so that you can optimize your working skills to complete the project in real-time. You can also track your budget to know how much cost is required for completing the task in limited resources.

It empowers businesses to get on-hand visibility into team utilization, improving productivity and efficiently assigning tasks to given projects. It also recognizes every project and resource’s impact on your bottom line with functionality for optimizing resources to evaluate operational performance.


  • Project and Budget Tracking
  • Project Planning
  • Client Portal Access
  • Agile Methodologies
  • Calendar Management


  • Real-Time View of Budget
  • Integrates with Google Drive
  • Resource Management
  • Team Collaboration
  • Business Intelligence


  • High Pricing Plans
  • Bugs and Glitches
  • Unstructured interface
  • Limited Advance Feature

11. is a cloud-based platform that allows companies to create their applications and empowers teams to run projects confidently. You can view all tasks and projects with a single click on the same window. All communications are centralized, and team members can easily approach and save them for the audit.

It is simple to operate and collaborate with your work team to shape workflow. It can be used for all types of projects and processes across the team, departments, leaders, and organizations. It also gives the ability to team members to customize their workflow by using digital tools like columns and boards.


  • Collaboration Efficient
  • Easily Manage Workload
  • Dashboard Integrations and Automation
  • Boards and Columns for Workflow
  • To-Do Checklists


  • Built-in Time Tracking
  • Multiple views on Board
  • Visualize Project Progress


  • Not Project Goals Tracking
  • Limited Activity Log
  • Expensive Pricing Model

12. Easy Redmine

Easy Redmine is a complete, extensible, collaborative tool for managing the project. It also offers a new mobile design with the most wanted features, making your project management easy, improving communication with team members to save time.

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Using it, you can manage your everyday task with digital features. It contains professional tools. By using these tools, you can manage your project cost and time for completing the task according to the requirement of clients and collaborate with other team members.

The IT Company highly recommends it because it is based on easy product tasks and milestone achievements, and all are managed on a single platform. You can enjoy all the extra plugin features with third-party collaboration to enhance the features and functional support.


  • To-Do Lists
  • Time Tracking
  • Calendar and Scheduler
  • Dashboards and Templates


  • Agile Development
  • WBS Mind Maps
  • Help Desk
  • Resource Management
  • Projects Budgets


  • Contains Bugs
  • No Live Support
  • Outdated Interface
  • Lack of Meaningful Dashboard

13. ProjectManager

Project Managers have a load of responsibilities for arranging meetings, planning and scheduling a task, managing resources, and project budgets to analyze the project reports. The Project Manager has good team collaboration skills, and it takes all the members equally for successful outcomes.

Its responsibility is to supervise all project functions and to complete the project in limited sources provided with the best results. Task management is an essential part of any professional workplace, while technology has replaced manual writing pads with task management tools.


  • Risk Management
  • Resource Management
  • Ease to Use
  • Agile Work Flow
  • Effective Time Tracking


  • Documents Sharing
  • Manage Project Costs
  • Reporting Capabilities
  • Intuitive To Use
  • Collaborate With Team


  • Complicated To Use
  • Costly Paid Version
  • Tools Execution Issues

14. Smartsheet

Smartsheet is a service provider, team collaboration, task management, project management, and sales tracking software. It contains a collaboration tool that is used to enhance your business’s innovations. The platform includes thousands of people to get access to your businesses.

It is integrated with your existing tech ecosystem so that you can enhance your business against other competitors on a single source of truth. It is a much aligned global form used to scale the business solutions, manage risks, and maintain compliance on the platform for dynamic work.

It is an innovative, dynamic workplace for the betterment of your firm. It is an online app for projects, to keep records, Time Tracking, task management, contact management and discussion board. It is also used for planning a new project, Cost Estimation, and team collaboration.


  • Content Management
  • Team Collaboration
  • Process Management
  • Task Automation
  • Streamlined Solution Center


  • Powerful Dashboard
  • Collaborating With Team
  • Adding Task and Dependencies
  • Dynamic View


  • Little Bulky and Clunky
  • Lack Of Reports
  • No Time Taking
  • Limited Free Version
  • Require Strong Internet Connection

15. Bubble PPM

Bubble PPM is a powerful project and portfolio software that provides capital visibility and control for top management. At the same time, this software offers a strong team collaboration to exchange knowledge regarding the project and solutions to the problems.

It provides brilliant tools like financial and risk management tools for project completion in real-time. Its cloud-based solutions help customers improve their planning, governance, and delivery of new innovations, like new product development, engineering, IT, and other initiatives.

Users can even compare with others or view their projects simultaneously in a new window. It provides advanced tools for better and faster solutions to your problems because it understands the business problems with the best search engine.


  • Customizable Dashboard
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • ERP System
  • Clean Reports


  • Able to Manipulate Projects
  • Smart View of Portfolio
  • Allows Accountability
  • Configurable Metrics


  • Difficult to Capture Information
  • Depends Upon Gates
  • Depends Upon Timing
  • Limited Timeline Capability
  • Strong Internet Connection


Overall, a user wants Microsoft Project Server alternatives because there is a lack of team collaboration and file sharing, no alerts or email reminders, lack of advanced features in this software. The user wants alternatives also because of Microsoft’s limited features and the expensive to use.

It is not compatible with smartphones, iOS, and Android. It involves many complex functions with an expensive setup. Many other best alternatives like Gantt Project, Smartsheet, EasyRedmine, and Mavenlink give more facilities and brilliant features with customer support to face any project issue.