10 Best Livemocha Alternatives


Livemocha is the largest online learning website that provides the services of language learners to communicate with native speakers of the world. It will help in promoting cross-cultural learning and sharing.

It offers free web-based services and the language learners will communicate with the participants through live chat. It allows its participants to share their feedback about the language learners. It provides free basic courses and active courses that will be available through monthly paid subscriptions.

These courses are available in the audio text for a better understanding of languages and provide the mobile support of Android and iOS. It is also helpful in the preparation of many exams courses like IELTS, TextDaF, PTE Academic, and TOEFL, etc.


It offers online services in 35 languages to its 6 million learners from 200 countries. These online services can be free or paid depending upon the native speakers those practice these languages to their learners.

Why Users want Livemocha alternative

Livemocha methodology works on the Whole-Part-Whole learning model that allows its learners to learn, observe, and practice new languages.

The model consists of three parts demonstration, deconstruction, and practice. Along with the advantages there exist some shortfalls also as users have to pay at every point, even to get feedback from the language partner.

Although Livemocha is enriched in its features and has a large community of active members. But, it discontinued its services over the last few years and sold its website to Rosetta Stone at the price of $8.5 million. So, users want its alternatives to get better language learning services.


10 Best Livemocha Alternatives

Livemocha is best in its field of the language learning community. It includes a number of benefits like it includes all the items that are necessary to learn a foreign language and it also provides all the exercises of writing, speaking, reading and learning the skills.

It contains the features of language learning, communicating with foreign native speakers, and Audio Text Learning. In regard to these best functionalities, the following number of Livemocha alternatives are selected and explained thoroughly along with their working techniques.

An explicit comparison is also provided which helps the audience in choosing the best possible alternative of Livemocha.

1. Bilingua

It is a language learning application that works like a learning companion and language exchange system. It helps in polishing the language skills of the users. It provides the facility of connecting the users with native speakers of a target language.

These native speakers help the users in learning their desired languages. To learn new language users first decide their conversation exchange partner. It allows the users to learn a foreign language online and strengthens their grip over that language.

To make its app fun to use, it allows its users to do quizzes, play games with the trainers, and earn points. It also guides the users in managing their vocabulary list and stats. It helps its users by recommending phrases, Stickers, and emojis.

It supports the operating system of iPhone, iPad, Android, and Android Tablet. It is available free on the internet. By using this, users can easily be able to find new real friends from different countries.


  • Text Chat
  • Language Learning
  • Educational Theme
  • Built-in Translation
  • Multiple Languages


  • Learning Vocabulary
  • Fewer Chances of Mistakes
  • Grammar Practicing
  • Free of Cost


  • Little Explanation
  • No Reading and Writing Practice
  • Cannot Ask Questions

2. Mondly

It is a language learning application that helps 35 million people around the world to learn 33 different languages. It allows its users to strengthen their core words, build sentences and participate in the conversation. Its online courses are available in 14 conversational modules.

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The learning process of Mondly consists of short lessons in the form of themed packs. Widely-used nouns and verbs are being added in its online courses to enhance the core vocabulary of the users.


Building bridges between people and culture through technical innovation are included in the mission of Mondly. It can be done by making language learning so fun and easy for the users.

Mondly, Mondly Kids, Mondly AR, and Mondly VR are famous applications of it. Users will be able to solve speaking, reading, writing, and listening exercises quickly. It provides the facility to become professional voice artists having an essential grip on 5000 words and phrases.


  • Language Courses
  • Speech Recognition Technology
  • Gamified Learning Experience
  • Synchronization on Various Systems
  • Easy to Customized Dashboard
  • 1000+ Language Courses


  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction
  • Good for Beginners


  • Content is Similar
  • High Subscription Fee
  • Bad User Interface

3. LingQ

It is another alternative of Livemocha that is used to teach different languages through its web and app platforms. By using it, learning language can be possible by surrounding the users with original and interesting content.

Authentic material plays an important role in enhancing the vocabulary of learners and also helps them in making new sentences with confidence. It uses the SRS review system to review vocabulary and learners also use the Flashcards for learning.

LingQ consists of an energetic community of passionate language learners, native speakers, and tutors Its mission is to break all the limitations that prevent people from learning the language. It includes one of the best foreign libraries having thousands of audio along with its matching transcripts.

It also provides the facility to save words and phrases on a private database. It is not recommended for beginners because of its unfriendly interface. It offers a free trial of 30 days after that learners have to buy the premium package subscription to use it.


  • Language Learning
  • Community-Based
  • Learn with Flashcards


  • Top Translation
  • Known Word Counter
  • SRS Flashcard for Vocabulary Retention
  • Uploaded YouTube Videos
  • Community Tab for Language Exchanger


  • Bugs in Flashcards
  • Messy User Interface
  • High Subscription Fee

4. My Language Exchange

It is a web application where both learners and native speakers help each other in learning different languages. For Example, an English learner can learn French from French Speaker while that French speaker is learning English from his French learner.

It can be done because of their mutual understanding and it is also known as Language Exchange Community. To interact with any profile, learners first have to create their account on its application and then log in from it.

It uses the Cormier method in which small groups of two languages native persons speak two languages in equal half intervals. The activities in this method allow the learners to discover “Conversation Culture” which helps them in understanding that how speakers interact with other cultures.

A list of native speakers can be seen by just clicking on the search button. From that list, learners choose their native speaker by matching their profile.


  • Learning Languages
  • Multiple Built-in Languages
  • Different Native Speakers
  • Language Translator


  • Free to Use
  • Easy to Find Language Partner
  • Low-Stress Tool
  • No Preparation Required


  • Fewer Incentives to Last
  • Rarely Qualified Partners to Teach
  • Harder to Schedule at the Same Time
  • Exchange Partner may not speak in Mother’s Tongue

5. Fluencia

It is a website and software that is used by learners of Spanish. To make the learning process fast cognitive research and adaptive learning technology are included in its website and app. It also provides a facility to learn Spanish in a traditional format.

Its free trial is available on the internet for new users, allowing them to get 15 lessons free of cost. After getting 15 lessons, users have to get paid subscription of premium membership.

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In the lessons, step-by-step instructions have been given for the better understanding of learners. To memorize words, professional images and audio have been displayed in the lessons.

SmartReview Technology has been used to accelerate learning and uses the Space-repetition method to enhance the skills of the learners. Tablets, Smart Phones, computers, and other devices can be used to access its website anywhere and anytime


  • Language Learning
  • SRS Review System
  • SmartReview Technology
  • Accelerated Learning


  • Read the Audio Courses
  • In-depth knowledge of Culture Section
  • Practical Grammar
  • Tactical Platform
  • Elegant and Uncluttered Interface


  • No Mobile app
  • Cannot Pair with Other Services
  • Lack of Gamification
  • Only Supports the Spanish Language.

6. Living Language

It is language learning software that uses multi-media to teach languages to its customers. The complete edition of this language is available in the form of 3 books or an audio CD disc. Online teaching support is also available on it that allows you to learn from any part of the world.

It is considered a low-cost learning language program and many people like its teaching methodology. The main advantage of its methodology is that the whole language is being taught here rather than small phrases and words.

Its teaching methodology course contains Vocabulary Flashcards, a grouping of lessons and a lot of games is available here for children. Its subscription fee is higher than that of Livemocha, and it will be tough for beginners as they do not know how to solve the exercise exactly.

It offers flexible learning and everyone can learn the language by purchasing online courses that it provides for its learners. It offers a number of languages to learn like Arabic, English, German, French, Italian, Russian and Korean, etc.


  • Language Learning Software
  • Learn with Flashcards
  • Learn with Audio CD Player
  • Smooth Gamification
  • Grammar Explanation


  • Low Price Learning Tool
  • Ability to learn at Own place
  • Offers Online Assistance
  • Clear Audio of CDs


  • Available Data is Crammed
  • Learning Format is not Friendly
  • Too Much Memorizing
  • People Find it Boring

7. English Attack

It is a web-based platform that is used to learn English by watching videos and playing interactive games. In it, the latest technology has been used here to help its users surround them with authentic English material and boost motivation through its content.

The proficiency level of users can be enhanced by solving its problem-solving exercises. TV shows and movies like Game of Throne, Despicable Me, Cars, and Godfather can be used to improve the English language.

It is designed especially for teens and adults and it contains a large variety of online entertainment formats from videos, games, and social media. Here, in English Attack 7-steps exercises have been prepared by the teachers of English.

It provides a visual dictionary having 16 expressions with pronunciations, translations, and definitions which helps the users to get an insufficient amount of content. Games like Word Rescue, Speed Pix, and Swap Mania are installed in it to improve the skills of users.


  • Video Booster
  • Visual Dictionary
  • Games for Optimal Memorization
  • Assessment Tests
  • Family Pass


  • Single Pass English Learn
  • Placement Test for Evaluating
  • Expression Based Games
  • Vast Vocabulary Library
  • Visual Dictionary with 5000 Expressions


  • Only Supports the English Language
  • Tough to Use for Beginners
  • No user-friendly Interface

8. FSI Language Courses

It is an online website that is used to provide facilities for teaching multiple languages like Spanish, German, Chinese, Italian, and many more. These courses are developed by the U.S government and it is a public domain version of language courses from the Foreign Service Institute.

As it is a public domain, so everyone can download it and can use it at their own place without any restriction. MP3 downloadable files are also available on its website with text.

These FSI courses contain a large database than others to find any language here users just have to type the name of their desired language. They are available free on the internet such that anyone can download them, unlike Livemocha.

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The lessons given in tits courses cover all the aspects of Foreign Language, lessons and units are easy to follow. The main drawback of these courses is that some lessons are very old and outdated and need to be updated.


  • Learning Languages
  • Educational Theme
  • Contains Multiple Languages
  • Affiliated from US Government


  • Courses are Free of Cost
  • Covers All Aspects of Languages
  • Spaced Repetition
  • Containing Real-World Dialogue


  • Sometimes Boring
  • Time Consuming Lessons
  • Outdated Courses
  • Hard to Double-Check Any Work

9. Lingualift

It is another alternative of Livemocha that offers its language learning services through real-life scenarios and conversations. It is the easiest way to read, write and speak language. It provides complete guidance to its user on what to do next. It is available both on the website and application.

It supports the operating system of Android, iPhone, iPad, and Windows. It follows its own Lingualift Method in which it provides answers to its user’s queries by online tutors. It uses a Customized Study Plan in which a road map to fluency is designed by considering the needs and goals of the users.

Users can log in to Lingualift account from any device and make it easy to learn its mobile apps proves to be very helpful. It also offers 30 days money-back guarantee and clearly explains grammar tips


  • Language Learning
  • Learn with Flashcards
  • Tutor Support
  • Customized Study Plan


  • Easy to Use
  • No Need to Install
  • Good Quality
  • Multiple Language Courses


  • High Subscription Fee
  • Limited Number of Languages
  • NO Open Offline in Apps
  • Not Suitable for Beginners

10. Hello-Hello Complete

It is a web-based platform that provides the facility to learn 13 foreign languages in a single place. These languages are Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Chinese, Japanese, Indonesian and Hindi, etc. The license of its app is easily available on its website.

It offers a conversational course that helps the learners to communicate with high confidence and facilitates people with a stutter. Its conversational course consists of 30 conversational lessons and Real-life situations that allow the learner to start effective communication from lesson 1.

A basic course is also available there, containing more than 1000 vocabulary words that make the users read, write, listen, and speak the language easily. It provides an easy way of learning a new language as it is convenient, effective, relevant, and fun to use.

After completing the course, users clearly find the body changes while writing, speaking, and reading the language. Interactive exercises and animated videos are also included in it for the better understanding of learners.


  • Mobile Immersion
  • Notional-functional Approach
  • Online Teaching
  • Incremental Theme
  • Centered to Maximize Language Acquisition
  • Language Learning


  • Fun to Use
  • Convenient to Use
  • Contains Real-World Topics
  • Unique Mobile Immersion Methodology


  • High Subscription Fee
  • Limited Number of Languages
  • Less Spaced Repetition


In this article, the Livemocha website is discussed in detail as it offers free web-based services of providing language learners that help the participants to learn any language which they want.

It includes many benefits as it provides world-class content that is perfectly complemented with classroom education. It offers customized reporting and affordable subscriptions to educational institutes. It includes instructional material in 38 languages and has 6 million registered members in 200 countries.

Along with the benefits there exist some limitations, as users have to pay at every point, even in getting feedback from the language partner. It discontinued its services many years ago and sold its website to Rosetta Stone at the price of $8.5 million.

To mitigate such issues, many alternatives are available in the market to facilitate the learners. Some of the best alternatives are discussed in the article. It is concluded that Bilingua is the best alternative to use because of its conversation exchange feature.