15 Best iZotope RX7 Alternatives

iZotope RX7 is powerful software that is used to repair the sound and is used by the designers to increase the quality of sound and remove unwanted sounds like buzz or hiss from the track. It includes different types of tools for making the music in a more professional way.

De-Bleed, De-click, De-reverb, and De-hum are the basic tools that designers use. The De-click tool is excessively used to remove the clicks and other unwanted sounds from the track and minimize the unnecessary sound effects to produce high-quality content.

It is the software that provides 30 days free trial version for customer satisfaction, and the user just has to log in to the account to enjoy the free version. iZotope RX7 software is limited in terms of specifications like Windows 10, macOS Mojave, and macOS Big Sue version 11.6.

Why Users want iZotope RX7 alternatives?

Users want iZotope alternatives because of their limited features. It is not free to use, and users have to spend a significant amount to unlock more magical features. Other alternatives include more palette tool features for repair assistants, but it is limited to palette tools.

It includes two editions for users; the first one is the old version embedded with fewer features, while the latest one is more expensive and is not for beginners to create their own tracks and does not contain the features of compression and decompressions.

Basically, this software is not the latest one for editing music and detecting the ground loop hum and noise sounds and auto cancellation features of unpleasant sounds. It is used especially for post-production and audio editing, but it takes much time and does not contain the feature of multitasking.

15 Best iZotope RX7 Alternatives

Many alternatives of iZotope are available in the online market. Fifteen of the best iZotope RX7 alternatives are discussed in this article, along with their features, pros, and cons to facilitate the users in selecting the most optimum one based on their personal needs.

1. Soundtrap

Soundtrap is the online music factory software that is used to develop new music by plugin your own instruments according to user requirements. It is compatible with both Android and iOS smartphones and is officially published by Spotify Ltd.

Users can develop a song, edit it or merge it with other music to make it more effective and share it on numerous social media platforms to be liked by other listeners too. It also provides collaboration support with your friends and gets reviews from them via text or video chat.

Users can also use different types of digital featured tools like electronic guitars, professional loops, drums, and vocal effects to set the quality of the track and trim the unwanted sound effects to make it more professional, and users can also save their recording.


  • Editing Tools
  • Amplifier Effect
  • Loops and Presets
  • Patterns Beatmaker


  • Free Trial Version
  • Provide Helpful Demos
  • Friendly-User Interface
  • Technology Teacher


  • Limited Free Version
  • Difficult Editing
  • Unstable Site
  • Expensive Subscription Plans

2. Music Maker

Music Maker is a freemium application for Android and iOS smartphones used to make a beat or music. It is very easy to operate, mainly used for beginners to make the music without subscribing to any package. Users can also add sounds to digital instruments.

It provides different effects of beats and selects the most effective beat according to the title of the music. Users can apply unlimited features and editing features to your track to make the music in a professional way. The sound loop provided by the software comes with a variety of genres, styles, and flavors.


  • High-Quality Sound
  • Audio Optimization
  • Track Maker
  • Workflow Features


  • Freemium Version
  • Drag and Drop Functionality
  • Compatible with Smartphone
  • Easy to Use
  • Perfect for Beginners


  • Limited Features
  • Expensive Premium Accounts
  • No Live Support

3. Pro Tools

Pro Tools is the Mac-based sample editing software that is effective for beginners because it provides complete guidelines regarding the making of music by the designers. It offers free 1 GB cloud storage for a user to save tracks.

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Users can become familiar without subscribing to packages. They can enjoy making music with advanced features like electronic guitar effects and vocal effects and trim the unnecessary voice effects from the track to make quality music.

The freemium version is limited with features to unlock more advanced features. Users have to spend a significant amount of $ 29 per month, $ 299 per year with 32 simultaneous inputs, 128 audio tracks, 115 plugins feature, with mono and stereo mixing.


  • Audio Tracks
  • Video Tracks
  • Unlimited Busses
  • Includes Plugins
  • Free Cloud Storage


  • Workflow Tools
  • Good User Interface
  • Multitrack Recording
  • UAD Integration


  • Loop Based Production
  • Sample Based Production
  • Expensive Subscription Plans

4. is an artificial intelligence-based technology that is used to remove the unnecessary voice from the track. It is empowered by the algorithm machine, which automatically detects and removes the unnecessary voices of backtracks, piano, drums, guitars from the audio.

It is the next-generation audio tracking tool used by music designers, D.J.s, sound producers, and dancers. This software provides 20 TB of cloud storage data for splitting the audio tracks to train the beginners. Users can unlock many advanced features by subscribing to the paid subscription plan.


  • Support All Audio
  • AI-Powered Technology
  • API- Integration
  • 20 TB Training Data


  • Freemium Version
  • Easy to Use
  • Removes Unnecessary Effects
  • Strong User Interface


  • Limited Free Version
  • Expensive Subscription Tools
  • Loop Based Production

5. TwistedWave

TwistedWave is an advanced online, fast audio editing platform. It offers you to choose any editing from your google drive. This software is easy to use, and a user just has to select the file for editing and place it on the selected place on the website from their PC.

It is limited with the file format that it only edits the audio file with the format including wav, AIFF, caf, mp3, mp4, FLAC, Ogg/Vorbis, and ambisonic sound files. It includes different features to increase the workflow, including unlimited undo and redo works instantly.

Users can get more features after creating their accounts. After editing the audio file, users do not have to download the file. The file is automatically stored on the server when the user closes the window with the complete history detail.


  • Record Audio
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Edit and Add Effects
  • Pitch Correction


  • Add Samples Easily
  • Import and Read Any Format
  • Effects are Added


  • Expensive to Use

6. Mixcraft 8

Mixcraft 8 (now acquired by Acoustica) is a fast, online editing platform used to remove unpleasant sounds and add different effects and filters with easily operated digital functions. Users can add more advance and digital features to music via looping and MIDI routing.

It is the most beneficial platform for music designers to express their talent. This platform adds more advanced features to track like equalizer, multiple additions in track, compressors, electronic guitar, video editing facility, and authentic emulations.

The best performance of Mixcraft 8 is that it increases the worth of music by melody tuning, unlimited storage for edited music, backup of history, MIDI controllers, professional loops, control, and routing, mixing, and mastering multiple tracks.


  • Unlimited Track
  • Over 7500 Loops
  • Sound Effects
  • Piano Roll Editor
  • Configurable Mixer


  • Simple Learning Curve
  • Digital Instruments
  • Pitch Correction
  • Includes Melody


  • No Consistency
  • Expensive Platform
  • Limited Developer Support

7. ACID Pro

ACID Pro is a cloud-based audio editing platform that offers editing and streamlining music production features. It is more helpful for music designers and developers to introduce themselves in the top music market. It is helpful for adding digital features like editing note positions, pitch corrections, and drum maps.

It includes a chopper tool, which is a very important tool for making a remix, replaying the original tracks, adding more rhythmic variations in the track, or creating customized tracks according to customers’ demands. It helps manage the data, and users can easily add organized tracks to the custom folder.


  • Audio Capture
  • Audio Manipulation
  • Project Management
  • Audio Mixing
  • Audio Editing


  • Various Loops Mixes
  • Suitable for Business
  • Removes Audio Noise
  • Value for Money
  • Ease to Use


  • Not Completely Bug-Free
  • Confusing Features
  • Program Hangs
  • Complex to Install
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8. Ocenaudio

Ocenaudio is the simple, fast, online track editing software that is mostly liked by musicians for doing their work in a more fast and easy way. This software is completely embedded with the more advanced digital features for editing and mixing tracks.

It includes the cloud storage memory without using the internal memory of the system user can easily copy, cut or paste the file for managing and modifying large files for complex actions. Users can also add different effects for recreating production.

It does not offer any free trial version. Users have to pay a significant amount for the subscription package. It is not limited to the length and quality of the track. It does not compromise on the quality when the length of the track increases.


  • Audio Recording
  • Configuration Management
  • Audio Manipulation
  • File Management


  • Simple Audio Recorder
  • Controls Quality and Format
  • Remove Unpleasant Sounds
  • Save and Open MP3 Files


  • Expensive Software
  • No Customer Support
  • No Free Trial

9. Auphonic

Auphonic is the platform for increasing the track’s sound quality for podcasting, broadcasting, and audiobook. It easily connects to Dropbox, Google Drive, YouTube, and Blueberry to improve the track’s sound quality to make it more audible.

It is compatible with desktop and smartphones, both Android and iOS. It is embedded with advanced features as it automatically manages the level between the speaker, music, and speech through an artificial intelligence leveler. You can try the free version to analyze its productivity.

It is an entirely AL-based platform that maintains the sound level to make it pleasant, normalize the loudness of the sound with a peak limiter, and automatically reduce the unpleasant sound effects. However, it adjusts the video level according to the video’s sound.


  • Intelligent Leveler
  • Loudness Normalization
  • Audio Restoration
  • Multitrack Algorithms


  • Free to Use
  • Automatic Intelligent
  • Easy to Use
  • Flexibility and Feature Control


  • Not Guarantee quality
  • Not Entirely Free
  • Need Checking of Podcasting

10. LoopLabs

LoopLabs is an online music editing and making platform. Music lovers can create their music according to their wishes by using this platform. Users can also share it with other friends and get their comments with the team collaboration feature.

It is also free to use, and paid version can also be availed without spending any significant amount. You can also share your music on the social media platform. It does not require any technical knowledge and training to create the music as beginners easily operate it.

It includes many dashboard features that you can enjoy multiple features at the same time. While making a video with singing, you can also enjoy chatting with your friends, which allows you to explore and enjoy their positive support.


  • Music Editing
  • Creating Music
  • Collaborative Tool
  • Multitasking


  • Easy to Use
  • Customer Support
  • Fast Performance
  • Compatible with all Devices


  • Not Entirely Free
  • Limited Features
  • No Live Support

11. Wavosaur

Wavosaur is the sound and audio editing, recording, and processing files platform which is only compatible with desktop devices. It is limited with the specifications as it is only used on the windows ten and Mac systems. It offers several advanced plugins to develop new musical waveforms.

It is not free to use, and users have to pay a significant amount for unlocking the more digital features. It is limited with the uploading features as it only uploads only 8, 16, 24, and 32 bits audio data in WAV, MP3, AIF, AIFF, OGG Vorbis, and raw binary formats.

It includes many basic features like copying, pasting, mixing, frequency adjustment, trimming, adding a new track, replacing and inserting digital instrumental sound effects like electronic guitar, piano for making it a more pleasant sound for the listeners.


  • Volume Envelope Automation
  • Real-time Oscilloscope
  • Waveform Generator
  • Frequency Impulse Train
  • Audio Capabilities


  • Supports Plugin Functions
  • Lightweight and Portable
  • Adds Free
  • Safe to Use


  • Process Only Small Audio Size
  • Complex interface
  • Expensive Software

12. Anvil Studio

Anvil Studio is a tool that is free to use for composing music is helpful for that user who wants to compose the music, record and play the MIDI audible files. Users can enjoy many advanced digital features for composing music. You can adjust various frequencies and pitches to add versatility to your content.

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It allows users to use digital music instruments like piano, drum, electronic guitar. You can copy the sound of the piano and add that sound effect into your track straightforwardly. It is a multitasking platform that includes creating and changing the sound and examining percussion sounds.

Anvil Studio is limited with the specifications as to run this software. The user must have Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 with 32-bit or 64-bit versions. This free platform allows the users to develop the single stereo or mono stereo in a one-minute track and can also record it.


  • Music Composing
  • Music Editing
  • Dashboard Functions
  • Recording Music
  • Digital Instrumental Sounds


  • Compatible with all Devices
  • Free to Use
  • Good Design


  • Limited Free Features
  • Expensive Platform

13. Sound Forge Audio Studio

Sound Forge Audio Studio software is used for editing, recording, and trimming audio tracks. Its motto is making professional and semi-professional music tracks in the market, even for beginners. It is the most advanced tool as it ultimately uses vinyl cassettes in the digital world, with a minimum processor of 1.4 GHz.

It is embedded with the two versions. The first one is Sound Forge Pro 12, and the second is sound forge pro 13 versions which contain high professional digital editing tools, including audio editing, recording, and audio mastering tools. It is only compatible with a device having windows 10, 8.1, and Windows 7.


  • Ultra-High Fidelity
  • Spectrum Analysis Tool
  • Auto Noise Cancellation
  • Restoration and Mastering
  • Multitrack Recording


  • Fixing Clicks and Pops
  • Organizing VST Plugins
  • Hotkeys for Multitasking
  • Marks Unpleasant Sound


  • Slow Performance
  • Limited Chain Effects
  • Unable to Listen VST
  • Low FX Preset Management

14. Monkey’s Audio

Monkey’s audio is fast, easy, and free to use. It is the net tool with highly customizable features for compressing and decompressing the audio files according to the required size for some special purpose. It is not limited to the format of files.

It includes a tool that does not lose the quality of the files by compressing and decompressing, but it copies the files from bit to bit without any defects of sound quality. It uses its own file format software of ape, which is the best-known file compression format.

The compression tool is beneficial for saving the storage size of the file. It will provide you with exactly the same size according to the user’s requirement while maintaining quality. The saving of files is more customizable as you can also select the size of the file before compressing.


  • Efficient File Compressing
  • External Coder Support
  • Error Detection
  • Tagging Support


  • Easy to Use
  • Maintains Quality
  • Integration in Winamp
  • Lossless Compression Method


  • Unsupported APE Format
  • Lossy Compression Method
  • Not Entirely Free

15. CheVolume

CheVolume is the most useable and reliable software which is mainly used by every system and it the replacement of the old standard of window audio mixer software. It is more customizable and advanced, including different features for managing audio files.

Users can easily customize the audio features of the applications by keeping them muted, or volume adjustment, or playing the music in a loud audible voice. Using it, users can also manage the audio output devices like a speaker, mic, and headphones.

All the media files, including games, audio, and video players, browsers, and other similar applications, are controlled by CheVolume. It manages the quality of sound and prevents the sound from overlapping with the video while sharing your mobile with Android TV.


  • Excellent Layout
  • Controls Sound Outputs
  • More Customizable Software
  • Merge Multiple Audio


  • Good Performance
  • Manages Audible Files
  • Free to Use


  • Limited Features
  • Complex to Understand
  • Not Entirely Free
  • Difficult to Maintain


In this article, the audio editing platforms are discussed thoroughly. Audio editing, trimming, auto cancelation of unpleasant sounds, compressing and decompressing of audio files without losing quality, and recording software are becoming handy nowadays for helping musicians and audio composers.

After discussing the above-mentioned 15 best iZotope RX7 alternatives in this article, the best two among a lot of software are Monkey’s Audio and Sound Forge Audio Studio as they are entirely free to use and easy to understand even for beginners with minimum training.