12 Best Games Like Tunche


Tunche is an Action, Indie, 2D Side-Scrolling, Fighting, Single-player, and Multiplayer video game developed by LEAP Game Studios and published by HypeTrain Digital. The game blends charming, hand-drawn, beat-em-up, hack and slash with rogue-like elements. While playing, your mission is to kill the incoming enemies with your spear without being dead. After finishing all the enemies, go to the next level, and the players have to fight with the enemy bosses to clear the level. You also earn game points after each completed game-round.

Through those points you earn from the game, you can customize and upgrade your weapon. After upgrading your gun, now you can kill many enemies with it. You travel through 4 worlds in-game, each filled with unique enemies, bosses, challenges, and stories. You can play solo or join up to three of your friends in a local co-op session to uncover the mystery of the forest and the secrets of Tunche.

Before playing, you have to choose one of the five unique characters: Rumi, the sorceress, Pancho, the musician, Qaru the bird boy, Nayra the warrior & Hat Kid from the highly acclaimed land. To overcome the evil beasts of Amazonian forests, you will have to learn the skills and ultimate abilities that will take you further through the story with each playthrough. The game’s core features include 2D, cartoon, Co-op, Hand-Drawn, play with your style, and more. Pc users need to play on the Windows 7 operating system, Intel Core 2 duo with at least 4GB RAM and dedicated storage.


12 Best Games Like Tunche

No doubt Tunche is the best game due to its curious gameplay and wonderful daily challenges. It is very interesting for both young and adults because it has no adult content or anything that harms the player. It is the best choice when looking to find a good online Role-playing and fighting multiplayer game. One of the main reasons to find Tunche alternatives is that this game has a server problem. With this server problem, the game is not working properly and always crashes, so the player goes for its alternatives. The alternatives of this game are good because of having more interesting features than this game.

1. Bouncy Bob: Episode 2

Bouncy Bob: Episode 2 is an Action, Casual, Indie, Single-player, and Multiplayer video game developed by MadGamesmith and published by Ultimate Games S.A. It is a 2D side-Scrolling and crazy couch co-op for four players. Choose one of 12 different characters and customize your color and get ready for the ultimate bouncy bobbing. It can be played as an alternative to Tunche with amazing gameplay.


In the tower challenge, players take on this single-player challenge to become bouncy heroes and complete the most serious difficulty areas. In arena mode, compete with your friends or computer players in this open mode with up to 6 characters on one of 14 arenas for the ultimate chaos. In Blender, your job is to cut as many fruits as possible and, you can invite a friend for a chance of a better score.


  • Tower Challenge
  • Arena Mode
  • Swarm
  • Side-Scrolling

Download: Bouncy Bob: Episode 2 for Microsoft Windows and Nintendo Switch.

2. Cuphead

Cuphead is an Action, Indie, Shoot the up, Single-player, and Multiplayer video game developed and published by Studios MDHR Entertainment Inc. It is a classic run and gun game that is heavily focused on boss battles. Cartoons of the 1930s inspire it; the visuals and audio are created with the same techniques, i.e., traditional hand-drawn cell animation, watercolor backgrounds, and original jazz recordings.

It is an alternative to Tunche as you transverse strange worlds, acquire new weapons, and learn powerful super moves. While discovering the hidden secrets, the player tries to pay back the debt to the devil. Each boss fight includes a simple, normal, and expert difficulty mode and defeating every boss on normal mode. Most of the battles take place on land, but several are on an airplane in levels. Your characters have infinite lives, new weapons, and maintaining all equipment between deaths.

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  • Great Soundtrack
  • Platformer
  • New Weapons
  • Hidden Secrets

Download: Cuphead for Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch.

3. Castle Crashers

Castle Crashers is an Action-Adventure, Indie, Casual, RPG, Single-player, and Multiplayer video game developed and published by The Behemoth. Hack, slash, and smash your way to victory in this newly updated edition of the insanely popular 2D arcade adventure. Up to four friends can play locally or online, save your princess, defend your kingdom, and crash some castles. It comes as an alternative to Tunche with ultra-graphics.

While playing, you can unlock more than 25 characters and over forty weapons to win the round. In combo and magic systems, players unlock an arsenal of new attacks as their characters progress. Level up the character, adjust the strength, magic, defense, agility, and more upgrades after completing the missions. In arena mode, battle with the other world players and show them you are the best. The Insane method tests your skills in the ultimate campaign challenge and helps to beat the leaderboard.


  • Unlock more than Twenty-five Characters
  • Intuitive Combo and Magic System
  • Arena Mode
  • Ultra Graphics

Download: Castle Crashers for Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch.

4. Bass Monkey

Bass Monkey is an Action, Casual, Indie, Single-player, and Multiplayer video game developed and published by YakobSoup. It is a musical album set to a cartoony, hack and slash in which you assemble your band up to 4 players and play as a bass swinging monkey or guitar swinging panda. The player’s mission is to collect bananas, smack away your fans, and top the high score charts before the album ends. To prepare for battle, select your character and adjust his strength, agility, and health stats.

It is the best alternative when finding a short pleasant experience like art, music, bass guitar, and code. It seems to enjoy when you attack with the elegant combos and dodge an enemy attack. Each song brings its new challenges and progress through an instrumental pop album. The Players can play with their friends in online or Local Multiplayer mode to complete daily missions and challenges.


  • Attack with Elegant Combos
  • Race to Collect Bananas
  • Progress through an Instrumental Pop Album
  • Local Co-op

Download: Bass Monkey for Microsoft Windows.

5. Colossus Down

Colossus Down is an Action-Adventure, Indie, Single-player, and Multiplayer video game developed and published by Mango Protocol. While playing as Nika’s character, she has just finished the first phase of her plan to destroy everything that is not cool and construct a combat mecha called MechaNika. Please do not waste time; hurry join forces with her and rule the entire planet using MechaNika.

The second character Agatha who is also Nika’s friend also hates vegetables as Nika does, but Agatha loves animals and their succulent meat in equal measure. That is why when she knows about Nika’s plan, she does not hesitate to join the mission of destruction alongside the great bleeding pig, god of carnivores. But be careful; they are not the only ones who change the world. Other enemies are also there to interrupt their plan. The players make some tough decisions to achieve their objectives.


  • Join forces with Nika, get behind the controls of MechaNika
  • Convert your Missions into the Cooperative Experience
  • Manage Resources during Combat
  • Unlock Special Attacks

Download: Colossus Down for Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

6. Relic Hunters Zero: Remix

Relic Hunters Zero: Remix is an Action, Free play, Indie, Single-player, and Multiplayer video game developed by Rogue Snail and published by Akupara Games. In a distant part of our galaxy, the Asteroid Dungeon Nemesis was the sacred home of the legendary relics of power. The evil Duke Ducan sought these artifacts to raise his ducks to control and rule the galaxy. But the Space heart and its crew of Relic Hunters arrived at the Asteroid, ready to ruin his plans.

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The seven playable characters come with unique stats, skills, and skins, allowing diverse playstyle and combat. When everyone faces the same random challenges, please show them your combat powers and how you rank against your fellow Hunters in Daily Mode. Up to two players can team up in local multiplayer for new strategies and battle tactics.


  • Seven Playable Characters
  • Multiple Exciting Game Modes
  • Progressive Chiptune Soundtrack
  • Powerful Weapons

Download: Relic Hunters Zero: Remix for Microsoft Windows and Nintendo Switch.

7. Cheese Killer

Cheese Killer is an Action, Indie, Single-player, and Massively Multiplayer video game developed and published by Antena. It has six different locations, and each has its unique boss and mini-boss. It would be best to kill the mini-boss to get to the boss, which consists of one easy phase. And the bosses are comprised of three to five different stages that change the boss’s device. All locations will be large and have merchants, and each will have its map except the first because places have elements. It comes as the best alternative to Tunche.

There will be 12 different weapons, taking into account the starting ones at those locations. It is a side-scrolling game in which the player has to shoot the incoming insects and collect coins from these dead insects to complete the round. These coins will help upgrade and customize your weapons, and these upgraded weapons will help achieve your journey.


  • Twelve Different Weapons
  • Different Locations

Download: Cheese Killer for Microsoft Windows.

8. The Swords of Ditto: Mormo’s Curse

The Swords of Ditto: Mormo’s Curse is an Action-Adventure, Indie, RPG, Single-player, and Multiplayer video game developed by onebitbeyond and published by Devolver Digital. It is rogue-like, creating a unique adventure for each new hero of legend in the relentless fight against the evil Mormo. The players improve their hero in a charming village during the quest to overcome the evil that plagues the island. Unleash the mystical Sword of Ditto and grab a co-op friend for an unforgettable adventure filled with delightful characters, extraordinary loot, and heroic battles.

Each adventure becomes legend; both are distinct from those that came before it and part of a heroic legacy that binds together. Approach your legend however you see fit by battling through dungeons in any order, completing side missions through dark caverns and deep wells, or confronting Mormo right from the start for the ultimate challenge.


  • Solo and Local Co-op
  • Weapons, Items, and Stickers
  • Main Quests and Secret Side Missions
  • Rogue-Like

Download: The Swords of Ditto: Mormo’s Curse for Microsoft Windows and IOS.

9. Infected Shelter

Infected Shelter is an Action-Adventure, Indie, RPG, Single-player, and Multiplayer video game developed and published by Dark Blue Games. Every run is different because of the randomly generated content, and players can loot more than 170 different blueprints of permanent improvements. Instead of just collecting loot to make yourself more powerful during a single run, you unlock new weapons, clothes, skills, relics, and RPG-like character improvements that change how you play the game in the runs.

While playing, as a surviving group member in a post-apocalyptic world, the player awakens to find shelter on one fateful morning, and people are kidnapped for unknown reasons. Leaving the cover and start looking for the kidnappers also explore the truth behind the events. Your path leads through randomly generated post-apocalyptic areas controlled by enemy factions with brutal leaders and shelters occupied by infected creatures.


  • Randomly Generated Post-Apocalyptic Environments
  • Permanent Upgrades
  • Four Different Playable Characters
  • Two Hundred Plus Areas and Shelter Rooms
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Download: Infected Shelter for Microsoft Windows.

10. Rayman Origins

Rayman Origins is an Action-Adventure, Indie, RPG, Single-player, and Multiplayer video game developed by UBlart Montpellier and published by Ubisoft. It brings back many of the classic characters, revived in their original 2D form, as well as a whole new world of characters and environments. It includes over 60 levels of 2D platforming gameplay designed for all ages and playing styles. The player unlocks new abilities progressively and returns to previous levels to discover new paths and secrets.

It comes as an alternative to Tunche with the best features to explore. Play in a solo campaign or have up to three friends jump to play glovebox, and players can leave at any time without affecting the other’s progress. The game introduces the more challenging epic boss battles from the open-source engine to test your abilities.


  • The Unique Approach to 2D Art
  • Epic Boss Fights
  • Rebirth of a Platforming Legend
  • A Vast Playground

Download: Rayman Origins for Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows, and Xbox One.

11. Death Tales

Death Tales is an Action-Adventure, Indie, Fighting, RPG, Single-player, and Multiplayer video game developed and published by Arcade Distillery. At the same time, I was playing as a new Reaper who had gone rogue in this adventurous gaming world. Collect equipment and spells, learn powerful attacks against hordes of enemies, complete quests for a cast of quirky characters, and make difficult choices in this grim yet richly illustrated 2D world. Play alone or with a friend in a local co-op and serve Death together.

You can customize your Reaper with given 40 pieces of equipment to acquire, which is very helpful in battle. Find equipment in various well-hidden quests, or use the souls collected during gameplay as currency to buy items from the local vendor. Battle your way through 30 beautifully designed levels, help colorful characters through various side quests, and fulfill your reaper duties by collecting souls for Death.


  • Equipment
  • Co-op
  • Quests
  • Epic bases

Download: Death Tales for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 & 5, and Microsoft Windows.

12. Super Daryl Deluxe

Super Daryl Deluxe is an Action, Indie, RPG, Fighting, Single-player, and Multiplayer video game developed and published by Dan & Gary Games. It is brawler-style combat set inside of a perfectly normal, sprawling, multi-dimensional high school. Like any other perfectly normal school, its students and faculty are missing, and the classrooms have been locked down for weeks. While playing, your mission is to find out what is happening and ask the new principal.

Things are about to get complicated when an enthusiastic, bizarrely dressed new kid wanders into town. His name is Daryl, and he wants to make friends and play with them to discover secrets in the story. Players play in this open world, featuring many maps and hundreds of characters like Julius Caesar, Mozart, and many more. During gameplay, buy and upgrade your character’s abilities and enjoy a legendary soundtrack with tunes ranging from creepy to rock opera.


  • Cartoon Violence
  • Hundreds of Characters
  • Legendary Soundtrack
  • Discover Secrets

Download: Super Daryl Deluxe for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Microsoft Windows.


Overall, Tunche is the best adventure and RPG game, and its features are growing with every update. The game is played on random maps, and players explore new areas to fight with monsters. The player chooses the hero of his own will, and each hero has his playstyle. LEAP Game Studios, the developer and publisher HypeTrain Digital, has made this unique game for the players who love RPG and fighting games. It comes with the best features and usage. Tunche is not only the game with these abilities and gameplay fun; other alternatives serve very well. To play the different options of Tunche, the user will require a quality and fast system with the latest operating system. The best choices of Tunche are cheese killer, cupboard, and Rayman origins.