15 Best Games Like Summertime Saga


Summertime Saga is an Adventure, Role-Playing, Dating Simulation, and Single-player video game powered by Patreon Bakers. Throughout the season, you have to get in the suits of the protagonist who has recently enrolled in the university and wants to start his courses.

There are over 65 characters including monsters, nurses, humans, and many more, over a dozen types of features like unwanted scenes, and adult themes of the gameplay. Also, manage to relive the best moments of life, and experience 20+ side-games as well as enjoy being at the 30 locations.

Summertime Saga Overview

At the beginning of Summertime Saga, there are several challenges like his father’s death and the debts that his father had to pay to shady criminals. In the long run, manage to live the life of a pathetic person who has to manage all the activities of his life, find out the lusty girls on the floor, and meet various types of monster girls as well.


There are hundreds of animated characters, an amazing isometric top-down perspective, a Colorful world to explore, easy to tackle controls, and regular updates with multiple rewards.

There are various games in which you may experience the dating simulation factor such as love, romance, ideal school life, and the hundreds of people that may interact with you. Throughout these types of games, the theme focuses on adventure, life simulation, and reliving the special moments that are very much useful for each and every person.

Also, complete hundreds of challenges while simulating the life of a person who has to indulge in the epic love competitions and try hard to find the person of his choice. There is a variable storyline that may have chosen you as the protagonist and throughout the seasons you must act like the hero while chasing the theme.


In the gameplay, you are given the chance to choose the better option, read the text, and complete the ending of the story, remember that your choices are directly proportional to the endings of the game, that’s why re-think before taking the decisions as the whole scenario is changed whenever you opt to go with the option.

15 Best Games Like Summertime Saga

These are up to 15 top games like summertime saga that are chosen on the basics of gameplay similar to each other, and you have to make sure of playing according to the given pattern. Upcoming games are the best alternatives according to our list and you must pay attention to those decision-making dating sim games.

Choose the best strategies to continue the long play, manage to search for the best choice that may lead you towards the happy end but if you are not as good to make the decision right then you better practice first. Give it a try and become the part of dating simulation games that are going to change the way you think, and build the sense of making high-quality decisions as well.

The other features of these seasons are also prescribed below but you have to be the better life partner for the person attached to you physically and mentally. A list of 15 best games like Summertime Saga is compiled on the basis of similar gameplay and relevant features which is as follows:

1. Ladykiller in a Bind

Ladykiller in a Bind is an Adventure, Dating Simulation, Role-Playing, Anime, and Signle-player video game developed by Love Conquer Entertainment. The storyline focuses on the role of a female protagonist who is being bullied by her brother and manipulated by them, throughout the season.

There are several tasks that you have to perform, get enrolled in the junior class than your brothers, and start interacting with the boys of your class. During this tenor, there have to be bold activities and unwanted scenes that you have to follow like seduce the boys of your class and so on.

During the gameplay, many challenges are available to complete, hundreds of rewards and loveable reactions are about to be shown over here. Complete the journey and make sure to win each campaign, explore the school and find the best person for you.


  • Adult Content
  • Visual Novel
  • Story-Rich Gameplay
  • Multiple Endings
  • Decision Making

Download: Ladykiller in a Bind for Windows

2. Amber’s Magic Shop

Amber’s Magic Shop is an Anime, Visual Novel, Adventure, Role-Playing, and Single-player video game published by Winter Wolves. The theme-play starts when you start playing the role of an Elf who was abandoned by her parents and was brought up by the witch named VIN. She had sent you to the Icesilia to become the alchemist with a vision of getting trained by legendary mages.


After you are sixteen, start your own shop and run it, by all means, interact with a lot of persons, get involved in a number of challenges, and uncover the mysteries while playing the role. In the long run, manage to choose the different options after understanding the plot, make sure to choose the right ones, and complete the story while dating simulation.

There are up to 4 endings available, a variety of characters to meet you up, and hundreds of crafting items while playing, choose the best friends, and also find the person, fall in love with him, and complete the storyline.


  • Intuitive Controls
  • Mature Content
  • Vampire Women
  • Multiple Endings
  • Unlockable Stages

Download: Amber’s Magic Shop for Windows

3. Lab Rats

Lab Rats is a Puzzle, Adventure, Block Puzzle, Management, and Single-player video game offered by Chump Squad. The gameplay sets you in a science-fictional environment wherein you must go to the depth of the puzzle in order to solve the riddles and try the way out by managing the blocks.

In the long run, develop great strategies and get help from the machines to solve a variety of mazes, run in endangering situations, and try to opt for the best option for surviving. During the play, there are several challenging conditions, hundreds of puzzling missions, and plenty of maneuver objects along with a variety of traps to eliminate you.

Also, indulge in the spatial problems, get their solutions, and earn multiple rewards, get regular updates throughout the season and explore the lab as well.


  • Science Fiction
  • Real-Time Effects
  • Animated Characters
  • Thrilling Sounding System
  • Alluring Graphics

Download: Lab Rats for Windows

4. Sisterly Lust

Sisterly Lust is an Adventure, Dating Simulation, Life Simulation, and Single-player video game introduced by Perverter Studio. Here in this edition, you have to be the female protagonist whose parents are separated after the divorced and the parents are fighting over the responsibilities of their daughters.

You have moved with the father to somewhere else but the three sisters are going with the mother. In the long run, you have to make several decisions to interact with your beloved ones and try to communicate with them secretly.

While playing, each and every right move will lead you closer to the sisters but with a wrong decision, you may be dragged far from them. Take any step with great care, manage to find them within less time, and simulate the life of an adult girl while playing the role.

There are multiple choice-oriented scenes, unlimited options to adopt, and thousands of opportunities to be at romance. Indulge in love and affection, find out the person that you want, and also make sure to be on the right side in order to meet the wishful ending to the story.


  • Story-Rich Visual Novel
  • Multiple Choices to Make
  • Variety of Characters
  • Nudity and Sexual Content
  • Realistic Characters

Download: Sisterly Lust for Windows

5. Coming Out on Top

Coming Out on Top is a Dating Simulation, Visual Novel, Role-Playing, and Single-player video game arranged by Obscurasoft. The theme-play of this edition is to build stronger relations with other characters of the play and make choices while playing the role.

During the gameplay, meet hundreds of characters, find out the better person for you, and indulge in the relation with him. This is a gay-themed storyline in which there are multiple of the best men ready to be chosen such as Amos and an older man with wrestling interest,m Alex a professor with great racquetball potential, Ian the roommate, and Jed who is a lead singer.

All these men have specific qualities and skills, and it’s your choice to be the partner of anyone. With the completion of the primary scenes, you are allowed to get the bonus dates, and many exploring bonuses are also waiting.


  • Touch and Type Controls
  • Different Choices
  • Multiple Endings
  • Multiple professionals to Interact
  • Customization Options

Download: Coming Out on Top for Windows

6. Snow Daze: The Music of Winter

Snow Daze: The Music of Winter is an Adventure, Role-Playing, Anime, Dating Simulation, and Single-player video game arranged by Cypress Zeta. The theme of this edition is to follow the Home Invasion concept that is practiced in Japan.

Here in this story, you are to play the protagonist’s role who has to indulge in the unethical relationship with his stepmother and sister, try to manipulate them physically, and make different choices.

During the long play, manage to start the play by choosing the main characters as there are different roles to play such as Jason, Jane, Sarah, and Kira. Indulge in a romantic relationship with other avatars, make arrangements to satisfy their desires, and try to explore the musical and romantic world.

While playing, you may choose to follow the new story updated regularly, complete dozens of challenges, and missions, and unlock new stages as well.


  • Different Modes
  • Multiple Cheats
  • Various Endings
  • Plenty of Characters
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Download: Snow Daze: The Music of Winter for Windows

7. Dreaming of Dana

Dreaming of Dana is a Dating Simulation, Visual Novel, Anime, and Single-player video game created and published by Ptolemy Studio. In the line of context, you may choose to play the main character who has been living the life of ignorance and indulgence, and now started his new job for the company of his father, he is also accompanied by his sister while playing.

There are several challenges to meet, hundreds of roles to meet, and a great number of choices to make during the long run. You have to become the one to choose different characters, find the best person that matches your mentality, and interests.

Also, you have to make sure that you are giving the best to shape the journey, making the girls happy that are related to your life, and try to make the right decisions as a simply wrong decision can change the direction of the storyline.


  • Adult Content
  • Discoveries
  • Multiple Choices
  • Intuitive Controls
  • Alluring Anime Graphics
  • Amazing Cutscenes

8. A Town Uncovered

A Town Uncovered is a Dating Simulation, Anime, Role-Playing, Visual Novel, and Single-player video game arranged by Geeseki. Throughout the season, you are playing the main character who has been living downtown and now shifted to the other place with his sister, and parents.

During the stay, you have to manage to get new friends, meet various types of characters, and indulge in relations with some hot chicks. Relive the moments of life including school life and check out for the new activities while attending the classrooms.

There are hundreds of girls having crushes on you, making them feel special, and enjoying the life of a special person. While playing, you have to make different choices that may drag you towards multiple endings, some of them will be according to your interests, and wrong choices may lead you far from the completion of stages.


  • Amazing Soundtracks
  • Multiple Challenges
  • Unlockable Characters
  • Free To Play
  • Story-Rich Gameplay

Download: A Town Uncovered for Windows

9. Harem Party

Harem Party is an Anime, Visual Novel, Role-Playing, and Single-player video game published by Mangagammer. Throughout the season, it’s your job to play the female protagonist’s role who has to clear different challenges including the dating simulation, contest various characters in doing so, and make various decisions based on the gameplay.

Follow the storyline about the life of Moriuji Haru who is a grown adult lady, follow the step, and interact with multiple avatars of the play. Also indulge in relationships with many roles, and educate multiple girls as well as complete their sexual desires.

During the long run, you have to meet the final bosses and fight in the death throes, there are multiple positive female characters along with you, and you have to deal with the demon in the walkthrough. Features

  • Great Effects
  • Intuitive Controls
  • 100% Uncensored Cutscenes
  • Choice Matters
  • Multiple Endings

10. Crusoe Had It Easy

Crusoe Had It Easy is an Anime, Visual Novel, Adventure, Survival, Dating Simulation, and Single-player video game developed to play online. The storyline focuses on the two characters including the male and his female cousin Sophie, they both were traveling together when their plane crashed and they both landed on some unknown island.

There was nothing to get into but to survive the harsh environment, both of you have lost the stuff and your job here would be to help the partner till the help come. During the gameplay, manage to provide care to your cousin, live the romantic moments, and indulge in love with each other.

Manage to make choices and go with the best one, with each right decision you are closer to the target, and any wrong decision may drag you back from the target. Multiple endings are inclusive of regrets, nothing to tell, Rapist, go back to sleep, and paradise.


  • Happy and Sad Ending
  • Different Scenarios
  • Unlockable Missions
  • Easy To Understand Storyline
  • Animated Characters

11. Taffy Tales

Taffy Tales is a Visual Novel, Dating Simulation, Adventure, Role-Playing, and Single-player video game introduced by Uberpie. The storyline offers a unique plot in which you are to set in the suit of a young boy who has multiple personality disorders and he has to discover the dark side of the city.

Along with the multiple roles, you are also compelled to become the protagonist and meet various people while playing, know about them and choose to make decisions according to the situations and personalities they have.

Throughout the season, there are different ways to live life, opt for the best decisions that may favor you in the gameplay, and try to discover all the secrets as well by solving numerous puzzles, completing all the missions, and enjoying the Cutscenes as well.

The gameplay also lets you indulge in great romantic relationships with multiple characters, and try to explore the world, befriend new upcoming avatars, and enjoy the stay.


  • Different Choice Making Abilities
  • Various Endings
  • Isometric Display
  • School Life Memories
  • Unlockable Characters
  • Regular Updates
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12. Monster Prom

Monster Prom is a Visual Novel, Role-Playing, Adventure, and Single-player video game offered by Beautiful Glitch. The theme-play of this edition is to play the protagonist’s character and start searching for the date in order to participate in Monster Prom.

Throughout the gameplay, you have many characters that are going to interact with you, ultimate choices to make and a whole lot of classmates, choose the best date and indulge in the romance with them.

Compete, other girls, follow the best steps, and unlock new dates, discover new locations, and gain ultimate rewards as well. Read the dialogues throughout the play, go with the strengths, and become the lover or a loser.

There are 1000+ absurd situations, multiple results, and comedy scenes available in the content along with various types of male and female characters, monsters, and punks. All through the game, you have to make choices on which your gameplay depends, meet the requirements of the stage and complete all the missions while playing.


  • Diverse Choices
  • Friends and Enemies
  • Easy to Pick the Storyline
  • Objective-Based Choices
  • Different Endings
  • Ultimately Stiff Competitions

Download: Monster Prom for Switch | PS4 | Xbox | Windows

13. Momoiro Closet

Momoiro Closet is an Adventure, Visual Novel, Anime, and Single-Player video game developed and published by Frontwing. The gameplay makes it possible for you to become the protagonist and his crush, they both differ in qualities as one of them is the average student and another character is the president of the student council.

While playing, you have to make the choices in order to come closer to the crush, make different arrangements to chase the story, and try to complete the love story. Play the role of Alice the female and start making it happen in favor of yourself, meet the other characters including the Reiji, and shift to his home as well.

With each decision, you two are going to interact with each other, or going to go away, enjoy the storyline, and follow various love-themed gameplay, complete all the challenges, and enjoy the romanticism.


  • Deciding Opportunity
  • Different Characters
  • School Memories
  • Story-Rich Visual Novel
  • Multiple Magic Girls
  • Different Results

Download: Momoiro Closet for Windows

14. Nekojishi

Nekojishi is a Visual Novel, Adventure, Role-Playing, Anime, and Single-player video game developed by Studio Klondike. Here in the line of context, you are going to deal with the main character and try to simulate the life of Lin Tian-Liao, play the role and start making different choices as you are now shifted to a new town in order to get complete with the studies.

Till then, you were living the simplest life but now there is a third eye that has led him to open up with the new powers through which you can see the spirits of the characters. Deal with the newly introduced powers, cope with the abilities you have, and try to make decisions, remember that each choice will affect the whole storyline.

This is why opt for the better option and complete all the missions while playing, indulge in the relationships with other cats like characters, know about their thinking about you, and also interact with multiple avatars.


  • Role-Playing Storyline
  • Easy to Control
  • Text-Based Gameplay
  • Dozens of Characters
  • Different Consequences

Download: Nekojishi for Windows

15. Life in Woodchester

Life in Woodchester is a Dating Simulation, Adventure, Role-Playing, Visual Novel, and Single-player video game owned by Dirty Sock Studio. The gameplay provides you the platform to play the main role and allows you to bring your choices into consideration.

All you need to perform is go with the gut feelings according to the situations and make decisions while in the long run. There are different side quests to play, hundreds of characters to meet, and over a dozen customization accessories, factors, and roles are available over here.

During the gameplay, read the text, know well about the story and theme, play your role, and pick up choices, right choices are in your favor but the wrong ones can cost you heavily.


  • Mini-Ganes
  • Alternative Dates
  • Multiple Roles
  • Easy to Understand
  • Point-and-Click Controls

Download: Life in Woodchester for Windows


These best games like Summertime Saga for android have a special impact on the life of a player as the available content meets the positive corner, and you may indulge in the great fun while life simulation.

Start with the unique adventures, make new choices, and try to explore the world that is all driven by choices, make sure to develop stronger relationships between the characters as well. There are ultimate rewards in terms of unlocking new challenges that come just after completing the missions, hundreds of ways to define the storyline, and a great chase to the real-time story.

Also, bring many special moves, relive the lives of female as well as male protagonists, be punctual to make the decisions and choose the best moves to get favorable results, to complete the storyline, and to be alive within the gameplay.