15 Best Games Like Fireboy and Watergirl

Fireboy and Watergirl is an Action-Adventure, Puzzle, Arcade, Online, Role-Playing, Single-player, and Multiplayer video game introduced to play online developed and published by Oslo Albet. Throughout this season, you are to get into the suits of either the boy who possesses the fire powers or a girl who is having great water powers.

During the gameplay, you manage the character and try to move it from the starting point to the ending doors, make sure to co-operate with the other person in crime and choose the best ever strategies to beat AI.

Fireboy And Watergirl Overview

In the long run, there are hundreds of stages in which logical thinking is tested, a variety of categories of puzzles that investigate the gaming abilities that you have. Throughout the season, enjoy being at the dungeons, caves like pathways, and use platforming abilities to complete all the challenges, earn maximum points and get regular rewards as well.

Besides the mentioned features, also get online gameplay with 2-dimensional corner and theme, multiple lives to share with the partner, 100+ arcade challenges, and co-operative mode to help the friend in difficult scenarios.

Make sure to help the partner and get the same from your companion, play online multiplayer challenges, and try to explore the world, meet the variety of battle bosses, and confront the gigantic characters at the end of each stage.

These given games will provide you with the best ever arcade games through which you may earn fame, money, and try to joy while playing the epic competitions and also learn to co-operate with each other while dealing in the online gameplay, help your friend and complete all the quests, get multiple rewards throughout the scenario and indulge into the boss battles as well.

15 Best Games Like Fireboy and Watergirl

There are over a dozen games chosen on behalf of gameplay that co-relates its theme with that of the fireboy and watergirl, and throughout these seasons, you need to get over the journey through which you may choose the pathway to defeat the opponents like AI.

Hundreds of stages are available to be part of, thousands of rewards, and opportunities to get in-game bonuses are also added along with the easy-to-understand theme and different storylines.

Get the different multiplayer games like Fireboy and watergirl over here and enjoy being part of epic adventure along with your friends. A list of the best possible 15 similar games to Fireboy and Watergirl is compiled on the basis of acquainted gameplay and corresponding categories.

1. Snow Bros

Snow Bros is an Action-Adventure, Platform, Arcade, Single-player, and Co-operative Multiplayer video game produced by Platum Inc. The theme of this content is to deal with the smaller as well as the mighty enemies while playing the role of a snowman who has different abilities, combatant skills, and supernatural powers like the use of snow.

By this specification, you are allowed to capture the opponents within the ice ball and kick them to blow the other characters, change the strategies, and hit the ball in a way that all the monsters are dead at once.

There are two players that are going to help each other, make sure to stand with the partner, indulge in the fight with him if he is stuck between the enemies, and try to take the game as far as you can. There are impossible challenges starting with the most common and easy ones but the difficulty increase with the passage of time. Earn several points, in-game combos, and the powerful notions that may increase speed, firepower, fire range, and makes you a gigantic avatar as well.


  • Intuitive Gameplay Controls
  • Online and Offline gameplay
  • Boss Battles Hundreds in Number
  • Different Locations to Face the Enemies
  • Ghost Appearance in Time Trial Mode

Download: Snow Bros for Android | iOS

2. Bubble Bobble

Bubble Bobble is an Arcade, Co-operative Multiplayer, Platform, Role-Playing, and Single-player video game developed and published by Taito. The plot of this version focuses on the theme in which you are playing the dragon’s character who has to face its enemies in the closed-ended environment, choose the strategies against them and try to capture them inside the bubble, blow the bubbles afterward and get different combos, and notions as well.

During the play, indulge in the online multiplayer and offline multiplayer mode get better practice, and kill all the small and gigantic monsters. There are several classical bosses to fight against you, hundreds of stages available to test the ability to tackle the monsters in time trial mode, and also an opportunity is there to score high and set new records, get the points and maintain the life by not getting killed.

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  • Variety of Bonuses
  • 100+ Challenges
  • Different Monsters
  • Ability to Shoot
  • Spit the Bubbles and Capture
  • Intuitive Controls
  • Retro Graphics

Download: Bubble Bobble for Android | iOS

3. Shift Happens

Shift Happens is an Adventure, Puzzle, Arcade, Platform, Single-player, and Co-operative Multiplayer video game arranged by Klonk Studio. The storyline makes it possible to have played the character from one of the two and choose the best way to reach the destination.

Play various scenarios against in the mars and try to complete all the challenges while dealing with a variety of puzzles, go solo or become the partner, explore the great locations over there, and navigate to reach the finish line.

In the long run, manage to catch all the boosters, speedsters, and also use the platforming abilities such as jumping, crouching, running, and capturing the coins, and other loot items. Become the part of exploration along with the friend while going through the online multiplayer mode, and beat the battle bosses as well, solve a variety of puzzles and uncover the secrets of the forests, survive throughout the way, and fight for the treasure and coins.


  • Side-Scrolling Platforming
  • 40+ Challenging Stages
  • Time Missions
  • Fantasy World
  • Easy Controls

Download: Shift Happens for Windows | Switch | Xbox

4. Skellboy Refractured

Skellboy Refractured is a Platform, Arcade, Action-Adventure, Role-Playing, and Single-player video game owned by Umaiki Studios. Via this context, you are to play the role of a fighter who has to go through various locations, find out the difficult engines, and try to beat the opponents including small and bigger battlers. Also, get the new stages after regular intervals and test the ability to fight against the zombies and other monsters.

Indulge in the great fights, meet the battle bosses and try to defeat them by using several types of weapons like spears, and swords, use different tactics and get ultimate rewards. In the long play, manage to explore plenty of locations like dungeons, caves, mazes, and confront the hardest enemies throughout the gameplay. Survive from the fire, punch machines, and traps that are lied on the way, protest the character and try not to be killed in relation to getting more points and bonuses.


  • Army of Dead
  • Co-operative Mode, Single-player Mode
  • Variety of Dungeons
  • Dark Theme
  • 20 + Items to Collect
  • Easy Control and Retro Graphics

Download: Skellboy Refractured for Windows | Switch

5. Magic Twins

Magic Twins is a Puzzle, Action-Adventure, Platform, Arcade, Single-player, and Co-operative Multiplayer video game developed by Flying Beast Labs. In the line of context, you have to become the protagonist who has to manage a couple of fights against the hordes of colors and try to prevent the world from the colorful chaotic environment like colormageddon.

Throughout the season, many challenges, and hundreds of levels are available that may test your gaming ability and the power of punching the enemies. Customize the modern avatars according to the choices, meet the battle knights and monsters, kill them and proceed to the next challenges.

Start typical missions and move forward towards the highly difficult campaigns, co-operate with the online friends, and try not to be dead, try to get as many boosters as you can, enjoy the real-time graphics, and combat, overcome most of the hurdles, and explore the colorful world as well.


  • 2D Style Animation
  • Isometric Top-Down Graphics
  • Time Challenges
  • Real-Time Display
  • Multiple Bonuses
  • Thrilling soundtracks and Easy Controls

Download: Magic Twins for Windows

6. Push Your Family

Push Your Family is a Party, Actin-Adventure, Fighting, Platform, Single-player, and Multiplayer video game by Meteor Mug. Via this edition, you are allowed to pick up one of the ragdoll like characters, define the pathway in physics-based battles and try to meet the requirements of each stage. In the meantime, there are several characters that may challenge you in the gameplay, meet the pro-players around the globe and try not to be their prey.

Also, there are hundreds of other challenging situations like spinning slapsticks that are running to slap you hard and drop you from one place to another, variety of battlegrounds and maps are added to this edition in order to explore them.

Go against all the odds and try to beat the opponents by trapping them into some kinds of tricks and forcing them to get eliminated. Get challenges from many players in online mode and choose the best tactics to outsmart them, complete the stages and get rewards as well.


  • Isometric Top-Down Display
  • Fantasy World
  • Animated Characters
  • 3D Animation
  • PVP Battles, Classic Mode, and Customization Factor

Download: Push Your Family for Windows

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7. Adventure Bit

Adventure Bit is an Arcade, Fighting, Platform, Role-Playing, Single-player, and Co-operative Multiplayer video game powered by Seep. Throughout this edition, you must perform several duties of beating the ghost-like enemies, snakes, and other monsters in order to proceed further.

Dive deep into the challenge, make sure that you are not colliding with any other monster otherwise it would be a loss of alive. While playing, co-operate with the friend that is helping you get closer to the end of challenges.

During the gameplay, many a mission has supreme battlers, ghosts that may bite you down, and hundreds of boosters are also available to regain health and power. Also, make sure to collect all the keys to open the door for new stages, improvise within the difficult scenarios and choose to be victorious, beat the rivals whenever they get closer and earn different numbers of points.


  • Colorful Theme
  • Variety of Loot Items
  • Simplest Retro Graphics
  • OId-School Soundtracks
  • Local Multiplayer Option

Download: Adventure Bit for Windows

8. In It Together

In It Together is an Arcade, Platform, Action-Adventure, and Single-player video game developed and published by Armarti. The gameplay makes you able to play the role of a criminal who has to borrow his wits and courage to confront the enemies and try to complete many challenges while playing.

In the long run, start with the simplest campaigns and try to find out the suitcase by solving various riddles, try to survive throughout the gameplay, and deal with the monsters and ghosts like creatures as well.

Confront various characters that are part of Bandidos Gang, use different strategies to deal with the traps that are laid to get you out of the competition. Indulge in PVE game mode, use the brain and gaming abilities to outsmart the enemies, and explore the whole closed location, find out what is required, and get ultimate rewards at the end of each level.


  • 2-Dimensional Animation
  • Combat Skills like Kicking and Punching
  • Different Modes like Solo, Co-operative, and Multiplayer
  • Up to 4 players to play
  • Simplest Controls

Download: In It Together for Windows

9. Twin Cat Warrior

Twin Cat Warrior is an Action-Adventure, Arcade, Platform, Single-player, and Multiplayer video game introduced to play online. Likewise other games similar to fireboy and watergirl, this edition makes the perfect match with its gameplay in which you have to play and co-operate with online friends and try to deal with a couple of challenges.

During the long run, you need to be sure to fight against the monsters, and rivals that are trying to hinder your pathway. Indulge in arcade-style battles, and capture the enemies, beat them by using various weapons, and powerful combos, also explore different types of locations as well.

There are hundreds of stages to clear, a variety of objects to identify as loot items, and collectible coins and boosters are also available over here. In the meantime, choose the best strategies and try to save your character from the upcoming fires, deal with traps, and unlock new stages as well.


  • 100+ Challenges
  • Online Multiplayer Mode
  • Intuitive Controls
  • 2D Setting
  • Front View Camera Angle
  • Astonishing Soundtracks

10. The Prince and Princess Elope

The Prince and Princess Elope is an Arcade, Action-Adventure, Role-playing, Single-player, and Multiplayer video game introduced for Browsers. The storyline lets you play the role of the prince who has fallen in love with the cutest ever princess of the rival’s clan, he decides to get married but the enemy king does not want so.

Your job here would be to elope the princess and many but before that, there is a need to deal with the traps and fight against the knights that the king has sent to kill you. During the gameplay, there are dozens of challenging stages to test the power, a variety of traps to hinder the pathway, and a great difficulty level while confronting the enemies. Meet the bottle bosses on the way, get into the combats against the monsters, and collect all the fruits on the way as you need them to boost up the power.


  • Simplest Theme
  • Dozens of Missions
  • Naïve Controls like Common Arrow Keys
  • 2D Side-scrolling factor
  • Thousands of Boosters and Loot Items

11. Red Roy and Blue Girl

Red Boy and Blue Girl is an Adventure, Arcade, Role-Playing, Platform, Single-player, and Multiplayer video edition. This is one of the best alternatives to the games like fireboy and watergirl for 2 players in which your job is to either become the boy or the girl but keep in mind that you have to proceed further along with each other, get the help, and be the helper to the other partner.

Make sure to complete all the challenges and earn different rewards. In the meantime, deal with a couple of battle bosses, encounter the fight against the enemies, and start earning points to unlock new challenges.

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There are a variety of missions to adopt, up to two characters to share, online multiplayer mode to co-operate with the two avatars and over a dozen locations are pampered here as well. The gameplay sets you in the magic temple where you have to deal with the rivals, and become the one to outsmart the AI.


  • Common Controls like WASD
  • Up to 2 Characters to Play Partially
  • Front View Camera Angle
  • Colorful World
  • 2-Dimensinal Animations

12. Dino Guardians

Dino Guardians is an Action-Adventure, Arcade, Platform, Role-Playing, Single-player, and Two-Player video game for online Browsers. The theme of this version sets you in the fantasy world throughout which you are eligible to play either of the two avatars, run across the given maps, and complete various types of challenges while playing.

Meanwhile, there are dozens of enemies trying to stop you across the way, a variety of challenges that you may face, and hundreds of rewards are also waiting for your arrival. In order to move, you have to use the common keyboard keys like WASD or the arrow keys, explore the fantastic world, and become the conqueror.

While playing, you must help other dinosaurs to get survived, collide with the bosses and defeat them in the battle, scroll the dinosaur and make sure to collect all the fruitful items, massive loot, and an amazing number of boosters, keep the heads up and try to outsmart the AI as well.


  • Easy to Understand Theme
  • Colorful Graphics
  • 2D Display
  • Side-Scrolling Factor
  • Mesmerizing Soundtracks

13. Beggars Marry Wives

Beggars Marry Wives is an Adventure, Platform, Arcade, and Single-player, and Co-operative Multiplayer video game arranged to play online. The theme of this edition sets you in the role of a beggar and you need to navigate them in different locations in search of food and try to complete different challenges.

During the long play, manage to go with each other and help the other player, meet the various fierce animals like wolves, and tigers, compete with them, and use the combatant tools to eliminate them. In the meantime, also manage to get ultimate boosters in order to regain health, find out the loot items and collect all the coins that are available on the way. Co-operate with each other to solve the puzzles, to get over the hinders, to bypass the hurdles, and get different rewards in terms of lives, and in-game currency.


  • Side-Scrolling Factor
  • 2D Animation
  • Fantasy World
  • Exploration
  • Old School Tracks

14. Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong is a Platform, Role-Playing, Side-Scrolling, Arcade, and Single-player video game offered by Retro Studios. The theme of this season is similar to that of Beggars Marry Wives in which your job is to get into the suit of a monkey and try to confront all the challenges while experiencing the great quests. Meet various types of friendly as well as rival characters, try to deal with them according to the situations, and beat them in the long run.

During the gameplay, there is a fantastic journey ahead in which you have to get plenty of fruits including peach, strawberry, and banana, regain health by the booster, and enjoy diving into the water as well as jump over the hurdles while going towards the final destination.


  • Side-Scrolling Technique
  • Easy to Control
  • Real-Time Effects
  • Animated Characters
  • 2D interface

15. Fire and Ice Elves

Fire and Ice Elves is an Action-Adventure, Platform, Arcade, Single-player, and Co-operative Multiplayer video game discovered for Browsers. The simplest ever theme sets you in a world full of monsters, and other rival characters that try to hinder the path, and there is a job of eliminating all of them while playing which will be done by you. Use the platforming abilities, try out some new strategies, and get help from partners to complete the challenging missions.

Chase the storyline, indulge in the battle scenarios and explore a whole lot of locations in the long play. There are a variety of puzzles that are to solve in order to proceed further, hundreds of objectives to complete, and a variety of mazes are available to bypass.


  • 2D Animation
  • Ultimate Graphics
  • Multiple Adventures
  • Loot Items in Great Quantity
  • Level up Bonuses


After choosing this pack, you are allowed to enjoy playing the fireboy and watergirl similar games that let you compete with the rivals in the 2D environment. Via this edition, make new strategies, build up the tactics to complete the challenges, and earn a maximum number of points to proceed further.

Indulge in the great levels and label yourself as the victorious, become the supporter and helper of the partner and stay alive along with the companion on your journey. There are several gigantic bosses, and smaller monsters to confront in the PVE battles, and it’s a job to eliminate all of them before meeting the ending stages.