12 Best Games Like Distance


Distance is an Action, Indie, Racing, Single-player, and Multiplayer video game developed and published by Refract. It is an atmospheric racing platformer in which the player is fusing futuristic arcade racing with parkour and survives a deadly, mysterious, neon-drenched city by jumping, rotating, and flying.

A single short player faces many difficulties in an adventure and enjoys it with a drive into the heart of a dark, mysterious city as you pursue a dark threat. The player makes the race very interesting in an arcade to take on the leaderboard and earn medals to unlock new tracks in several different modes. You can play online multiplayer for up to twelve players and play with four split-screen modes: Sprint, Reverse Tag, stunt, etc.

Distance Overview

You can use a powerful level editor to create levels within the game and share them with players worldwide. There are over twenty-five hundred levels that have already been shared on Steam Workshop. The roads are unreliable with having obstacles around every corner. Instead of doing laps on a loop, survive to the end in the quickest time.


Your car has abilities that not only allow you to drive on the track but upside down and on buildings and walls. You can also fly to discover new shortcuts and paths. Take on the roads alone or in multiplayer with your friends. The game is very interesting and award-winning created by DigiPen Institute of Technology.

It was widely praised for its innovative mechanics, visual style, audio design, and atmosphere. For Pc users, the game needs to play on the 64-bit operating system Windows 10, Intel Core i5, with at least 4GB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560, and dedicated storage space to keep your game data.


12 Best Games Like Distance

Distance is undoubtedly the best game with great design and controls, and it looks more interesting during the race against other players. The game can be played by both young and adults, and I have to say I quite enjoy the racing in this game. The game has a fair price tag and will make you happy with what you get. If you are not satisfied with the game, you can always return it on Steam like any other title.

One of the main reasons to find Distance alternatives is that the level design ideology that seems to assume is endlessly repeated a level, memorizing the entire thing. The controls are with frustrating vagaries that make certain obstacles needlessly awkward and constant reliance on not letting you see any reasonable distance ahead of you, either by use of slopes or darkness. All other games can serve all the major features and functionalities the same as Distance, and some are even better than it.

1. Pacer

Pacer is an Action, Indie, Racing, Simulation, Sports, Single-player, and Multiplayer video game developed and published by R8 Games Ltd. The game started as a spiritual successor to the Wipeout series. The depth of a simulation and the excitement and combat of arcade racers provide a true test of player skill, reflexes, and strategy. It is a new apex of anti-gravity motorsport delivering high-speed racing across the world’s most dangerous and challenging circuits.

The game comes as an alternative to Distance with stunning graphics and features. In a single-player Campaign, you develop yourself from a trainee Pilot, advancing through ten unique race teams from around the world, and unlock rewards to upgrade your cars and challenge yourself in fast races to become the PACER world champion. While playing, you hit the track, choose the craft, select arsenal, and race against the world.


  • Choose Craft
  • Select Arsenal
  • Banging Tunes
  • Hit the Track
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Download: Pacer for Windows | Xbox One | PS4

2. Rhythm Race

Rhythm Race is a Casual, Indie, Racing, Single-player, and Multiplayer video game developed and published by BlueFront. It is a rhythm game with different songs mixed with futurism, neon, and synth waves. While playing, you will compete against legends of the futuristic race and do your best to win the round and earn game points. The game will still undergo many changes in mechanics and visuals, which will make the game more and more profitable.

The game comes as an alternative to a Distance game with interesting gameplay. You use QWERTY keys to change the selected color, and circular dots require you to use the action button, Space Bar. In the straight arrows, you need to be in the correct color and press the action button at the beginning of the path.


  • Twenty Songs in Quick Play Mode
  • Playable Tutorial Mode
  • Remap the Keyboard Keys

Download: Rhythm Race for Microsoft Windows.


SEQUENCE STORM is an Action, Indie, Racing, Single-player, and Multiplayer video game developed and published by SPECIAL MAGIC GAMES LLC. While playing, it supports 9-key, 5-key, 4-key play, and even more. You can play with a gamepad, keyboard, or arcade-style controllers. The players can play 28 increasingly twisty tracks with five difficulties each, offering something for everybody from casual to insane. You can challenge your friends in split-screen mode and test your skills in ten trial sequences.

In unique racing mode, the player hits notes to build up speed and power and then uses special abilities to speed past the competition. In Story campaign mode, you follow 28 missions with many difficulties and earn credit after winning the game, and these credits help you upgrade your cars. In arcade mode, you play in 28 different tracks and make your place in the arcade leaderboard.


  • Different Modes
  • Amazing Graphics
  • 28 Story Missions
  • 28 Tracks in Arcade Mode

Download: SEQUENCE STORM for Microsoft Windows.

4. Cygnus Pizza Race

Cygnus Pizza Race is an Action, Indie, Racing, Sports, Single-player, and Local Multiplayer video game developed by Longplay games and published by Indie Imprint. The player competes against the galaxy’s finest pizza delivery wannabes in this high-speed thrill ride. You can challenge your friends in split-screen local multiplayer mode and win the round to show them that you are the best racer in the world. The arcade-style head-to-head, local races test your piloting skills, and you bring gold by getting a perfect score on the challenging tracks. Speed, accuracy, and well-timed sabotage are vital if you want to be the best of the best.

The game’s season two builds on the ten tracks and three ships and adds new routes, new crafts, and new music. New amazing ways are released in season two. You must join the monthly tournaments to be the first to race on the latest tracks and even get a chance to win some cool prizes.


  • Arcade-style Head-to-Head Races.
  • Set in a Futuristic Environment
  • Local Two-player Mode in Split-Screen.
  • Speed, Accuracy, and Well-timed Sabotage are vital to winning.

Download: Cygnus Pizza Race for Microsoft Windows.

5. Super Pilot

Super Pilot is an Indie, Racing, Early Access, Single-player, and Multiplayer video game developed and published by dopagames. F-Zero-inspired arcade futuristic racer lets you create, edit, and share your tracks in the blink of an eye. While playing, the races here are all about skill and speed. There is no physics simulation and weapons used, and you master your ship’s boost, drift, and extreme speed through impossible loops and turns. You can play with your friends on split-screen or race your way up the global leaderboards.

The game comes as an alternative to a Distance racing game with cool visuals and fun gameplay. Using the powerful track editor, you can design your crazy track by adding loops, twists, pipes, or making it vertical, upside-down, or whatever you’d like. Once you have done designing a path, upload it, and anyone can pay it and compete with you on the leaderboard.

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  • Stunning Graphics
  • Amazing Tracks
  • Share the Creations

Download: Super Pilot for Microsoft Windows.

6. Midnight Legends

Midnight Legends is a Racing, Early Access, and Single-player video game developed and published by Mihanikus Games. It is an arcade racing game set in an open world of the future where you have to challenge the best street racers in the city and become the legend no. 1. While playing, you have thirty unique flying vehicles; you choose one of them and race in an open world and earn game points. By using these points, you can upgrade or customize your car in a garage.

Each with their history of relationships and characters, the twelve unique bosses have to race against these bosses and win the round. The game also has six competition modes: midnight race, time trial, championship, domination, championship legends, and midnight contest. The player has an upgraded car and super fast speed to win the modes to play these modes.


  • Open World Secrets
  • Thirty Unique Flying Vehicles
  • Customize your Vehicles in the Garage
  • Six Competition Modes

Download: Midnight Legends for Microsoft Windows.

7. Tri6: Infinite

Tri6: Infinite is an Action, Casual, Indie, Racing, Single-player, and Multiplayer video game developed and published by Clockwork Origins. To reach the top of the global leaderboards, you have to dive into the Tri6 cyberspace, avoid procedurally distributed obstacles, and beat the evil Virus enemies as long as possible. You can play locally in up to 4-player multiplayer and make life difficult for your friends using different power-ups from missiles and mines to boosts and jumps. The game comes as an alternative to Distance with advanced features.

While playing, you will collect electrons that unlock new power-ups. By using these power-ups, you survive longer and defeat the Virus constructs. The 300 obstacle variations are randomly distributed and get more difficult with every lap. You have to be careful with the obstacles because every obstacle is not static. There are also Virus vehicles driving along the track with you, trying to end your race.


  • Three Playable Vehicles
  • 11 Unlockable Power-ups
  • Global Leaderboards
  • Split-screen Support

Download: Tri6: Infinite Legends for Microsoft Windows, Android, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.


NERVE is an Action, Indie, Racing, and Single-player video game developed and published by Gunfish Games. It is an anonymous online game of dares that broadcasts live, where Watchers pay to watch and Players play to win. It describes itself as a direct democracy, where Watchers decide dares for Players to complete the round. The last two players have the most Watchers to the final game, where the winner takes all. Watchers can watch from anywhere, but they are encouraged to film to live.

The game comes as an alternative to the Distance game with extra boss battles. The game has vibrant and intense visuals and an original soundtrack. Over a hundred zones are yet to come for the players and watchers. With the world select mode, you play free and compete on the global leaderboard.


  • Vibrant and Intense Abstract Visuals
  • Original Soundtrack
  • Over 100 Unique Handcrafted Zones
  • Boss Battles
  • World Select mode with Global Leaderboards

Download: NERVE for Microsoft Windows.

9. Rumble Runners

Rumble Runners is a Casual, Indie, Early Access Racing, Single-player, and Multiplayer video game developed and published by Lunatinc. It is a competitive runner racing game through infinite space where you can race over a randomly generated track with each round you play. While playing, you can come across power-ups and special path pieces to help you reach the end first or send you flying straight off the track. The game comes as an alternative to the Distance game with the added Character Customization and Section Creator.

With the Section Creator, you can build your Sections and set up certain behaviors for the path pieces. There are some limitations in place to ensure every player can reach the end. Every match is randomly generated, and the power-ups are randomly spawned in the same manner. Every time you play a new round, you gain more and more unique experiences of different levels.

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  • Section Creator
  • Randomly generated Race Tracks
  • Amazing Graphics

Download: Rumble Runners for Microsoft Windows.

10. Hotshot Racing

Hotshot Racing is an Action, Indie, Racing, Single-player, and Multiplayer video game developed and published by Curve Digital. It is a fast arcade-style racing game in which you fuse drift handling, razor-sharp retro visuals, and an incredible sense of speed to create an exhilarating driving experience. While playing, the 16 racing circuits provide the twists, turns, and straights conducive to fast racing. Take in coastal, jungle, alpine, and Las Vegas desert environments, with each course modeled with the most vivid colors and blue skies for miles.

Some modes like time trial and Grand Prix are for the players who like to compete in classic racing formats, while cops and robbers and drive or explode methods offer new ways to play. Each mode is available in single-player, four-player split-screen, and eight-player online, while Time Trial is single-player only.


  • Meet the Hotpots
  • Stunning Graphics
  • Cops and Robbers
  • Drive or Explode

Download: Hotshot Racing for Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

11. HyperFleet

HyperFleet is an Action, Indie, Racing, and Single-player video game developed and published by summetGames. While playing, you learn the ropes and zoom through increasingly troublesome twists and turns within the walls of this massive rock formation. You can fly among the leafy canopies while learning and get ready to dodge the trees. From ice caves to frozen plains, these long levels are not for the faint of heart. The game comes as an alternative to the Distance game with amazing features.

In dark and winding tunnels, you have to fly and get ready to have the world turned upside down. It is time to crank the heat ways up and get a high score on the leader board. With expert advice going to the top of the leader board is not difficult.


  • Glacial Caps
  • Fast-paced and Addictive Gameplay
  • Cryptic Caves
  • Hasty Highlands

Download: HyperFleet for Microsoft Windows.

12. Speedpunk

Speedpunk is an Action, Free-to-Play, Indie, Racing, Simulation, and Single-player video game developed and published by AppVator Interactive. It is a futuristic racing game in which you choose your flying car from a large selection of vehicles, fasten your seat belts, and beat other players of the world. While playing, you select map, level, and race against another player with high speed, but don’t crash. You score as many stars as you can and compete against drivers from around the world and take a global lead in the standings. You can beat your friends and prove you are a better driver.

The game comes as an alternative to a Distance game with low system requirements. The game has amazing graphics and a lot of maps, levels, and achievements. You can also customize and upgrade your car in the garage.


  • Lots of Maps and Levels
  • Gorgeous Graphics
  • Low System Requirements
  • Lots of Achievements

Download: Speedpunk for Microsoft Windows.


Overall, Distance is the best streaming game, and it is growing its features with every update. Distance and its alternatives give you a unique 3D racing experience while playing. The developer Refract has made this game for the players who love racing games. The privacy factors are always working and securing the game’s data on the server. Distance is not only the game with these amazing abilities; other alternatives serve very well for the players.

A few names for the game Distance are; Pacer, Rhythm Race, Cygnus Pizza Race, etc. The best Distance alternatives use the OS windows seven, and they are Super Pilot, Midnight Legends, and Hotspot Racing. As for playing these games, the user will require a standard working PC.