15 Best Companisto Alternatives

Companisto is a platform for investors to invest a small amount in becoming a shareholder of this platform. It helps the investor invest, and the profit is shared with all shareholders in return. The advantage of sharing in the capital will help investors avoid risks and raise money.

It helps the investors spend money in the exciting field with advanced marketing tools and become part of groundbreaking innovations, ideas for better outsourcing, expert’s knowledge, stand for lean processes, increase the worth of business, and minimize the risks.

This platform is leading the marketing trends and is totally based on the crowdfunding of shareholders, and based in Germany, Australia, and Switzerland, with revenue of $ 5 million. It is based on real estate projects without any commission.

Why Users want Companisto Alternatives?

Users want Companisto Alternatives because it dilutes the sharing amount of investors. When the project is not completed on the deadline date, it increases the transaction charges per transaction. However, this platform is good for both investors and researchers.

It provides an opportunity for investors to select any one model of two equity crowdfunding models. That’s why it is a much busy platform due to the higher stakes rate and fewer customer supports. Users can even lose control due to the high rate of stakeholders in the same company.

Profit is also equally divided among all the shareholders; the business is completely dissolved when shareholders quit. The processing fee is also higher, the small investors can not afford it and challenging to understand a lot of confusing emails for marketing.

15 Best Companisto Alternatives

Many alternatives of Companisto are available in the online market. Some of these alternatives are discussed in this article along with their features, pros, and cons to facilitate the users selecting the most optimum one based on their personal needs.

1. Kickstarter

Kickstarter is a creative crowdfunding platform that helps users take ideas from movies, games, and advanced technologies and start a business in real life. The full ambitious platform includes expert personalities to set the projects and their completion in real-time.

It provides complete information with the graphical representation of capital and expense for the completion of the project with better results in real-time to generate the profit and share it among the stakeholders. The dashboard features provide users a glance look for controlling and overview of working.

After providing the complete information of the project with the results, it depends upon investors to invest in the same projects or to invest according to their interesting field. Kickstarter is user-friendly as it provides complete detail and communication through the mobile app.


  • Crowdfunding Platform
  • Risk Minimization
  • Real-Time Project Completion
  • Limited Investment Amount


  • Controls Your Business
  • Community of Support
  • Sharps Brand Ideas
  • Profit Cash Platform


  • Complex to Understand
  • Confusing Emails Alerts

2. GoGetFunding

GoGetFunding is a platform that helps investors invest the money with possible increased profit to enhance their revenue. It gives complete information regarding the investment with experienced persons supports to amplify the profit margins.

It is an international website working in more than 23 countries worldwide. The site is free to use; when users have invested in some projects, it will automatically deduct 2.9 % from the capital without generating any bills of deduction slip.

The investors also have to spend a significant amount of hundred dollars to list their products on the front page of this website to add traffic to the user product. If you are not located on the main page, no buyers will know what you are selling about the products.


  • Digital Marketing Services
  • Multi-Currency Platform
  • Minimize the Risks
  • Accept Donations


  • Strong 24/7 Customer Support
  • Increase Revenue
  • Personal Fundraising Coach
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Safe and Secure


  • Fake Website
  • Fraudsters Operating Site
  • No Live Support

3. Experiment

Experiments are the US-based crowdfunding platform for scientific researchers. Scientists will set the goal of experiments and their uses in daily life to attract investors to invest in their project to increase revenue, and the researcher gets funds for completing their projects.

Most of the experiments of scientists are based on improving the lives of people and animals. The lives of people are improved with the advance digital features to enhance the comforts for humans. Each project includes the total cost of the project for the competition.

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The strong campaign of the research project attracts the investors, and they do not have much time to spend on searching all the projects. That’s all projects categorized and subcategorized to narrow the searching option for making selection easy for investors.


  • Crowdfunding Platform
  • Donating Based Funds
  • Advanced Financing Tools
  • Examine Track Progress


  • Not Limited to Industry
  • Specific Conclusion of Research
  • Strong Customer Support
  • Increase the Revenue


  • Difficult to Build Trust
  • Project Failures Occur

4. GoFundMe

GoFundMe is an online crowdfunding platform that helps investors increase their revenue. Users have to create the page on the website and upload their projects on that site with the capital cost details and share it on social media like Facebook, Twitter, and email.

Other people donate to the user cause and comment on their donation details. If the user does not receive the donation amount, no transaction charges are implemented, while when the user receives the amount, it will charge 2.9 dollars on each transaction.

This crowdfunding platform does not base on the incentive. Users have to start a strong campaign by displaying the photos and videos to get the donation amount. GoFundMe appreciates your work with the reward notes by transferring the amount and providing you expert support.


  • Simple Tool Setup
  • Mobile App
  • Experts Advice
  • Secure from Fraud


  • Great Place for Donor’s Comments
  • Peer-to-Peer Fundraising
  • Fundraising Visuals


  • Higher Processing Fee
  • Difficult to Build Trust

5. StartEngine

StartEngine is a crowdfunded platform that helps investors increase their capital, start any project at a high level, and generate the high-profit level. It allows investors to adopt two paths for investing. The first is to start investing, while the second is to explore the projects.

It helps the investors to check the current trading and to read the complete details of the project from start capital cost to the profit with a deadline of the project. It includes 600K investors and $500 M invested to date, while 500+ investors are willing to invest.

All types of investors serve equally and do not limit accredited and non-accredited investors. Each project provides the complete information regarding the total investment for completing the project and the total attained amount, but it deducts 5% from each transaction.


  • Crowdfunding Platform
  • Safe from Spam
  • Increase Revenue
  • Digital Marketing Platform


  • Requires Little Investment
  • Accredited and Non-Accredited Investors
  • No Transaction Fee
  • Unlimited Opportunities


  • Higher Processing Fee
  • No Expert Support
  • 5% Selling Fee

6. RocketHub

RocketHub is the online funding platform for game developers, fashion designers, entrepreneurs, research scientists, and photographers to upload their projects on the website and link with social media like Facebook and Twitter to add traffic to their page.

Entrepreneurs also start fundraising campaigns to collect the funds to grow their project and get the investors’ attractions to investing with their project while showing them good output results of success. It is American’s largest crowdfunding platform.

This platform is much better than Kickstarter due to its advanced tools. It is the most proven tool for helping entrepreneurs with advanced tools for helping them provide a solution to every problem and make their lives easier. With these tools, users can add traffic to their page for fundraising.


  • Advanced Financing Tools
  • Donating Based Funding
  • Reward Funding Platform


  • Fundraising Visuals
  • Peer-to-Peer Fundraising
  • Structured Interface


  • Higher Processing Fee
  • Unclear Pictures of Campaign

7. CrowdRise

CrowdRise is the platform used to collect money for charities; it is a nonprofit and US-based organization. This platform is joined with the force of GoFundMe to increase the traffic on the page for fundraising to help needy people, and it is the world’s largest fundraising campaign platform.

A strong fundraising campaign with a clear picture is essential for collecting donations from famous musicians, athletes, and artists. They spend the donated money to the American Cancer Society, Red Cross Society, and UNICEF to help the needy ones.

The CrowdRise also starts an online campaign on the website while sharing it with other social media links to spread this campaign to increase the traffic for fundraising on a world level to get more donations. The charity show starts its campaign on every traditional event.

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  • Nonprofit Organization
  • Charity Funds
  • Fundraising Campaign
  • Simple Setup Guide


  • Peer-to-Peer Fundraising
  • Free SSL-Certificate
  • Easy to Use


  • Limited Facebook Fundraiser
  • Difficult Reporting Platform
  • Flat 4% Processing Fee

8. FundAnything

FundAnything is the flexible online funding platform used to make a strong campaign for funding anything to needy one. Donald Trump starts it by financing the suitcase of money to the low-income family for buying the medicine and helping the girls to start their small businesses.

The meaning of this platform clearly describes its features of donating anything, which is the basic need of the low-income family. People will spend 5 % on achieving the required goal, while not achieving the required goal, users have to spend 9% on each transaction.

It is described as the Trump Charity Foundation. This charity campaign is promoted every week to get the maximum donations by sharing it on different social media platforms like Twitter and Trump Tweets about its foundation every week to get followers.


  • Fundraising Campaign
  • Track and Promote Campaign
  • Flexible Funding Platform
  • Fund Any Thing


  • Limited Funding Opportunity
  • Funded without Achieving Goal
  • Charity Organization
  • Fraud Secured


  • Outdated Interface
  • Higher Processing Fee
  • Limited Help Sources

9. Fundable

Fundable is an online platform for funding to increase the capital amount. Investors have to create a platform, enter the details of the investment amount, and get an overview of the project with successful outcomes. This platform is used to find investors.

It is a strong platform for sharing fundraising details with friends, family, colleagues, and social media. Sharing the details helps build the trust value with the investors and increases the visibility for finding new channels for support.

Suppose the user has completed his fundraising target on the targeted date. In that case, no additional fee is deducted and free for the user who has not successfully completed the target. The charges of this platform for the fundraising campaign are free for one-month registration.


  • Online Fundraising Platform
  • Experts Support
  • Advanced Design Tools
  • Email Marketing
  • Strong Customer Service


  • Reward and Equity Funding
  • Low Fees for Successful Campaign
  • Prescreening of Campaign


  • Expensive for Unsuccessful Campaigners
  • No Funds Provided without Target
  • No Prescreened Approval

10. Razoo

Razoo is a San-Francisco-based crowdfunding platform. This platform is based on fundraising and donor management for nonprofit charitable organizations to support the needy and poor people. It includes the investors who are willing to raise their money.

It is the platform used to motivate the people by an online fundraising campaign to raise the donation amount; the name of the campaign is “Giving Days,” which is based on gaming principles. By using this platform, people can contribute individually.

It is the platform that claims to help poor people by spending the amount of more than $ 200 million in donations. The interesting thing about this platform is that it allows the management tools for managing the funds and admin page. It also allows Peer-to-Peer funding for donors satisfaction.


  • Peer-to-Peer Funding
  • Online Fundraising Platform
  • Simple and Effective
  • Advanced Fundraising Tools


  • Good Fund Tracking System
  • Used to Help Organization
  • High-Level Donors


  • Confusing Platform
  • Nonprofit Organization
  • Difficult to Find Fundraisers
  • Limited Customized Reports

11. CircleUp

CircleUp is the platform that is used to help the creators and entrepreneurs by providing them resources and capital amount for completing their projects. The platform is built to give new ideas just by signing in for a live conversation with investors.

At the starting of this website, it only contributes to decision-making. After some time, it starts attracting the entrepreneurs and brands and giving them opportunities to develop the growth of this platform to attract the investors for completing entrepreneurs’ ideas.


  • Crowdfunding Platform
  • Opportunity for Entrepreneurs
  • Support of Experienced People
  • Best for Small Businesses


  • Low-Cost Business Ideas
  • Work At Home Businesses
  • High Calibrated Engineering Tools
  • Smart and Hardworking Team


  • Low-Level CXO
  • Limited Market Place
  • Early Stage Company

12. Pozible

Pozible is the platform used to help the creators and entrepreneurs express their ideas any success stories on their platform to attract the investors to provide them financial support for completing their projects on or before the deadline. It offers different tools for managing the admin page.

The creators’ ideas are displayed on the world level to get more financial support. The team also helps the inventors with advanced digital tools to solve any problem the inventors are facing. It is the best platform for others as it offers a user a low processing fee.

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When the project is completed on the deadline date, it is beneficial for the investors to raise their money, and inventors are also appreciated with a significant amount in reward. It is also the platform for thinkers to develop new ideas for inspirational projects.


  • Highest Funding Platform
  • Crowdfunding Platform
  • Opportunity for Inventors
  • Beneficial for Investors


  • Great Alternative to Banks
  • Choice for Investors
  • Accessibility to Funds
  • Test Marketability
  • Reduced Financial Risks


  • Theft Campaign Ideas
  • Chances of Fraud
  • Expensive Processing Fee

13. SeedInvest

SeedInvest is the online fundraising platform for connecting creators and investors to start their businesses. The platform allows users to register themselves to get huge investments to return. And it is beneficial for both the creators and investors too.

The registration takes time to complete; it involves only the successful people and projects with positive outcomes at the end. Once the account is created, it is dispersed all the information regarding the project to the world level.

Entrepreneurs will take the trust of investors on this platform. The minimum amount to invest is $ 500, which is doubled when the project is completed at the deadline date. At that stage, the investors show their interest to invest in raising their money.


  • Easy to Use
  • Auto Investment Options
  • Low Tolerance Risk
  • Includes Non-Accredited Investors


  • Startup Potential
  • Connected with Accredited Investors
  • Allows Non-Accredited to Invest


  • Comparatively Pricing Fees
  • Expensive Processing Fee
  • Low Approving Applicants Rate

14. FundedByMe

FundedByMe is the platform of equity funding, and it provides a beneficial opportunity for both investors and inventors. This platform involves more than 470 private companies from 25 countries that have successfully completed their projects to raise money.

It provides links for inventors to display their quality projects and minimum risk level to attract investors from different countries to invest in their desired projects. It is the platform that offers various tools for assisting the inventors in preventing them from other issues.

It aims to grow the company business by maintaining investors’ trust; it also provides the complete guideline step-by-step for the entrepreneurs and investors by collecting the funds and expressing their projects on social media to get the maximum amount of funds.


  • Simplified Process
  • Access to Statistics
  • Access to Funding
  • Global Participation


  • Entrepreneurial Environment
  • Good Starting Culture
  • Advanced Diligence Process
  • High Success Rate


  • Limited Investment Functions
  • No Early Exit Option
  • Expensive Processing Fee

15. EquityNet

EquityNet is an equity crowdfunding platform that is used to connect investors and businesses. It is the platform where the creators share different business ideas to attract investors worldwide to raise the capital amount for completing the project.

Users can also display their existing business idea on their website and connect the link with other social media platforms to increase the traffic on their page and get investors’ interest to optimize their existing business and raise the money of investors.

It also provides an opportunity for investors to select their interesting field to invest money in by checking their target, exploring startups, overviewing the investment plans of the project, and attaining the amount. Almost every project on this platform has already succeeded.


  • Crowdfunding Education
  • Startup Risk Calculator
  • Valuation Calculator
  • Customer Support


  • No Transaction Fee
  • Debt Crowdfunding
  • Fundraising Platform


  • Expensive Subscription Charges
  • Inconvenient Offline Funding


In this article, the crowdfunding platform is discussed thoroughly. Crowdfunding platforms nowadays become handy to help needy persons, optimize existing businesses, start new businesses, and proven helpful to the investors for finding successful inventors.

It is also used to provide complete guidelines for the starter and successful inventors that are completing the projects. It also provides guidelines on creating your website to display your project and attract investors from worldwide to raise their money and complete the inventor’s project.

Many alternatives are available in the market. After discussing all the mentioned above alternatives in this article, the best two among the 15 alternatives are FundedByMe and Fundable as they offer less processing fee and optimize the business skills.