14 ChemDraw Alternatives

ChemDraw is a computer software through which scientists track their performance, analyze the data, and make professional, scientific reports. It was introduced in 1985 by David A. Evans and Stewart Rubenstein.

Chem3D and ChemFinder are attached with the ChemDraw suite of programs. This software is available in Macintosh and Microsoft Windows. It is popular among chemists, biologists because they can make publications and scientific drawings.

Users can download it on their computers and it draws molecules and write reactions on the documents and electronic notebooks for finding databases and creating correct names of the structures. Properties of the molecules can also be observed through this software.

Moreover, scientists can easily share their research, work, and experiences through this application. It is a difficult task to identify the properties of a chemical, but ChemDraw performs this task automatically to facilitate its users. Different chemical compounds in chemistry are also present in it.

If the features of this software are discussed, it has the ability to arrange chemical structure into its real name, transform the chemical name into its structure, mass spectrum simulation, structure clean up, export to SVG, and a few others.

Why Users want ChemDraw Alternatives?

Although ChemDraw provides the best services, yet it has some drawbacks. Clean up structure option of this software is proper for fine-tuning organic molecules, but it is only suitable for inorganic molecules. Similarly, some other issues also persist that cause hurdles in the work.

Also, a single software cannot complete the needs of an organization; therefore, there is a need for some other relevant software. ChemDraw alternatives provide advanced features to facilitate the workers with a simple user interface. Comparatively, they are offering better services and features at lower prices.

14 ChemDraw Alternatives

There are many alternatives for ChemDraw software, for example, Gnome Chemistry Utils, MolView, Avogadro, MedChem Designer, and BKchem and they have different features and benefits. So, here onwards some of the most feasible alternatives of ChemDraw are discussed with their features, pros, and cons.

1. Gnome Chemistry Utils

Gnome Chemistry Utils is a software that provides some programs and a library, consisting of GTK widgets, and C++ coaching of chemistry. It can operate on Goffice, GtkGLExt, and OpenBabel. Developments of Gnome Chemistry Utils can be followed on a website;

GChem paint option of this software works like a chemical structure editor. Moreover, electronic documentation is also available to guide about its efficient use. Before the start of this software, a person has to provide some personal information to register on their platform.

A user of this software can perform multiple tasks, for example, coding, mentioning documentation, translating, and a few others. If there is a persistent issue during its usage, an email can be sent to the company and there will be a timely response to all queries.


  • Manuals
  • GChem 3D
  • 2D Chemical Editor
  • Tool Box Library


  • Picture Library
  • Proper Registration
  • Chemical Structure Recognization


  • No New Atom Submission
  • Connection Problems

2. ACD/ChemSketch

ACD/ChemSketch is advanced software that facilitates scientists in making new chemical structures. It displays the molecules in two or three dimensions to present the structure of chemical bonds and the type of functional group.

This software provides coaching in educational institutes, laboratories, and other related places of research and education. ACD/ChemSketch conveniently processes, explains analytical data, and increases the duration of the experiment.

If the prediction tool is used, then insights, the best explanation of data, and the best research will be acquired. When the research work is completed, it can be shared with other fellows through this software. A user can contact the management through the official website on any issue, and there will be a timely response.


  • Structure Drawing
  • Chemical Nomenclature
  • Analytical Data Processing


  • Sharing of Research Work
  • Online References
  • Proper Help Center
  • 30 Days Trial Version
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  • Installation Issues in Browser
  • Problems in Editing
  • No Demo Activation Key

3. Marvin

Marvin is a software like ChemDraw that allows its users to make, edit, share, import, and export the chemical structure. It can also merge different chemical and graphical file formats. This software can be used free for personal and official purposes.

A demo about the use of this software is available on their official website and it can be downloaded directly from the main page. Marvin translates the chemistry through online ways, and it supports chemical file formats that are according to the standard of chemical industries.

Its best features enable the users for the quick and correct drawing of chemical elements, reactions, and other related tasks. The built-in structure provides timely updates for the guidance of users. and an integrated calculator gives the results of working.


  • Library Tools
  • Support Tickets
  • Create and Design
  • Integrated Property Calculators


  • Proper Documentation of Software
  • 24 Hours Support System
  • Easy to Use
  • Safeguard Information


  • Expensive Paid Versions
  • Complex Integration

4. ChemDoodle

ChemDoodle is software that draws sketches of chemicals and shares them with others. A user must watch a demo about the use of this software before using it because of its advanced tools. Moreover, a free trial is also available to test this software, but it will have limited services.

While on the other hand, the paid version can be purchased on a monthly, yearly, and lifetime basis on different pricing plans. 3D visuals for molecules of chemistry are made easily through ChemDoodle. These best structures will help the users in working.

If there is an issue during the use of this software, then a user can contact through the support section that is available on the website. It provides mobile support whose activation is similar to the computer. ChemDoodle Web components is an open-source JavaScript library that has many graphics for the assistance of users.


  • 2D Graphics
  • Vector Art
  • Spectroscopy
  • Rebuilt Chemical Drawings
  • Chemical Image Recovery


  • Advanced Labels
  • Full Unicode Support
  • Best Structures


  • Problematic Chemical Formula Integration
  • Difficult to Use
  • Manual Drawing

5. MolView

MolView is a software that allows students and teachers to check the structure and other features of a molecule. It has JavaScript libraries to present these structures. Structural formula image, 3D model image, MOL file, and information cards are the tools of this software through which all functions are performed.

The background color of the images is set on the choice of the users whose clear option is available in the settings portion. There is no need for expertise in the usage of this software because this method is mentioned on the official website.

GLmol and Jmol are the advance engines of MolView. If there is a need for any help, then a user can contact the management through the official website. When all the research is completed, it can be traced and shared with other people.


  • 3D Modelling
  • Technologies like WebGL
  • View Spectra


  • Easy to Use
  • Reliability
  • Multiple Format Input


  • Only Supports Window Operating Systems
  • Slightly Expensive
  • Lacks Important Functionalities

6. Avogadro

Avogadro is a software that is a molecular editor and visualizer that is made for multi-purposes in the fields of computing chemistry, molecular modeling, bioinformatics, material sciences, and other relevant fields.

If a plug-in architecture is used, this software can be extensible. It can operate on Windows, Linux, UNIX, and macOS. Avogadro is a multilinguistic software that supports eight different languages. It is a flexible software through which research work can be shared easily with others.

There is no need to visit another app for the download of this software because it can be downloaded from the official website easily. Advanced researches help the students in their subject. Multi-threaded rendering and computation make its quick system.


  • Open Source Platform
  • Intuitive
  • Extensible
  • User Support


  • Advanced Molecule Editor
  • Excellent Layout
  • Progress Follow-up


  • Conversion Problems in Chemistry
  • Issues in Molecular Modeling

7. MedChem Designer

MedChem Designer is a software that is used to make the structures of chemical structures. CSK, MOL, SDF, SMILES, and RXN file types can be easily opened on this software. You can simultaneously manifest 32 compounds in a single window.


When the structures are completed, they can be shared with other people in JPG, PNG, and other similar formats. Similarly, images can be exported in Excel format. Through this software, multiple features like logP, logD, TPSA are computed comprehensively. A user can also post a smile SMILES string after copying it from Wikipedia and other websites.

Moreover, completed chemical reactions are turned into SMIRKS strings and saved as RXN files in order to use them in another program. Besides this, optical structure recognition tools of MedChem Designer enable the users to copy any picture and use it anyplace.


  • Regulatory and Scientific Writing
  • PBPK Modeling
  • Runs Simulation
  • Pharmacometrics Data Assembly


  • Training and Workshops
  • Analysis Reports
  • 24 Hours Support System


  • Vague Interface
  • No Live Training

8. BKchem

BKchem is a software like ChemDraw that makes pictures of chemical compounds. This software is written in Python; therefore, it can operate on any forum having this language. In the latest versions of BKChem, this language can be changed because its option is obvious on the web page.

Its download is an easy task to perform because all the directions are given on the official website. A demo about the use of this software is available for the guidance of the users.

Moreover, screenshots of the different functions of this application also guide the users about its attributes. “OASA” is a Library that is present in Python, which makes different formats of chemical structures. Besides this, when the work of making chemical structures is completed, the report is shared with other people in PDF and SVG formats.


  • Developed Archives
  • Atom Coordination Making
  • InChl Support


  • Easy Installation
  • Proper Support System
  • Easy Editing of Structures
  • XML Based Formats


  • No Documentation
  • Absence of Full Stereochemistry Support

9. TrueChem

TrueChem is a software that is helpful in making the structures of chemical compounds. It is also used in the formation of difficult chemistry analysis and their calculations. The process of chemistry analysis can also be done through automation.

All functions through this software are completed online. Previously described alternatives of Chemdraw can be log-in after putting personal information, but this process is done automatically in this software.

This facility is only for the users; an irrelevant person cannot do it. If another person accesses this software, the main user will be informed due to the facilities of traceability and accountability. You can share the completed drawings with other people through this software.


  • Sample Screens
  • Controller Monitor


  • Contact Support
  • A Free Demo
  • Easy to Learn


  • Slow and Glitchy
  • Disorganized Interface

10. Speciolab

Speciolab is a software like Chemdraw that makes the drawings of chemical products. It can be downloaded for Mac and Windows. A free trial about the use of this software is available, but there will be limited features.

The simple user interface of this software makes it easy usage. Students and other users can easily calculate molar mass and sum formulas through this application. For this purpose, multiple reactions and equilibrium are available.

Mouse clicks or nifty keyboard shortcuts are helpful in making drawings of chemical compounds. Like other alternatives of Chemdraw, it can also share the completed pictures in PNG and SVG formats. If there is a need for the previously completed task, it can be accessed easily with a single click.


  • Intuitive Drawing
  • Export and Share Options


  • Fast Search
  • Easy Downloading


  • No Proper Support System
  • Only Basic Features

11. Chemjuice Grande

Chemjuice Grande is a software like Chemdraw for molecular drawing. You can make a database of molecules on your mobile phones. Molecular drawing can be made by dragging the finger on the system. When there is a need for deleting or changing the mark of atom or bond type, it is done by taping on that atom or bond. Moreover, atoms are also shifted from one place to another place through fingers.

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Like other alternatives of ChemDraw, it has the ability to share the completed task through e-mail. Besides this, it has a gallery of multiple molecules and chemical reactions, and a user can complete the task by choosing one of them. Documentation about the use of this software is available on the official website. Similarly, a demo can be accessed on YouTube for this purpose.


  • Notes Structures
  • Molecular Weight Calculation
  • Interactive Periodic Table


  • Easy to Use
  • Sharing System
  • Arrangement through Tagging


  • Structural Issues
  • No Reliability

12. XDrawChem

XDrawChem is a software like ChemDraw that is used for the making and analyses of chemical structures and reactions. Its functioning also has a resemblance with ChemDraw. This software works with GNU GPL. You can set the measurements of your drawing through this application.

When there is a need for the placing of pictures, it can be done manually and automatically.

The built-in library has all the standards of amino acids and nucleic acids that are fruitful for the users. A user can save CAS numbers, formulas, and names of the structure that can be accessed anytime. Moreover, this application supports a sharing system of the completed task.


  • 3D Structure Generation
  • Easy Spectra Prediction
  • Simple Estimation


  • Easy Structure Editing
  • Resources
  • Privacy Policy


  • No Customization
  • No laboratory Information Management

13. MollyCule

MollyCule is a software that makes drawings of the molecules of chemistry. It can run on Windows, macOS, and Linux. This software is an easy program that also assists the users in learning chemistry. The Control panel makes sure easy access to the menu and you have the choice of adding different colors to the chemical structures.

It can be downloaded free, and complete features will be provided to the users. Automatically created animations of MollyCule are used in the PowerPoint presentation for educational and official purposes.

Built-in Drifter mode is used as a screensaver. It includes images in the reports of completed work, but these images support PNG or JPG formats. There is no need to know about the tough terminologies of chemistry because a beginner can easily use it.



  • Plug-in Attribute
  • Visualization Program
  • Open Support Visualization


  • Free Availability
  • Simple Interface
  • E-mail Support


  • No Mobile Support
  • Complex Interface

14. JChemPaint

JChemPaint is a software similar to ChemDraw that is used for the making and editing of 2D chemical structures with the help of the Chemistry Development Kit. It is available in Java Application and Java Applet forms.

This software can be downloaded from the official website. It can run on Windows, macOS, Linux, and UNIX. When chemical structures are completed, then the options of editing and sharing are also available.

A user can add documentation, source codes, and suggestions for the better services of this software. It is a multilinguistic software and User Interface translate the English language into other local languages of the user. JChemPaint is used with proper terms and conditions whose abidance is vital for both users and the company.


  • Ring Templates
  • Template Library
  • Automated Structure Layout


  • Editing Options
  • Normalization of Structures
  • Free Availability
  • Impact Mapping


  • No Bond Restriction


ChemDraw is described as a computer application that is helpful in making chemical structures and maintaining this work. The process of drawing making can be completed manually and digitally. This software has multiple features, but a single one cannot complete the needs of an organization; therefore, its alternatives can be selected.

These are categorized as Marvin, JChemPaint, MollyCule, XDrawChem, Chemjuice Grande, and a few others. Usually, every software can run on Windows, macOS, and Linux.

If the overall features of these software are discussed, these are ring templates, template library, automatic structure layout, 3D structure generation, easy spectra prediction, notes structure, and a few others. Users can gain some advantages like easy usage, free availability, normalization of structures, editing options, sharing of completed work, and many others.