15 Best Browsershots Alternatives

Browsershots is an online websites testing platform that is mostly used by developers and designers to see how a website looks. To find the compatibility of new websites, they are tested in different browsers to find the website’s resolutions. It helps designers to find the basic criteria of website under one platform.

Designers and developers open websites on different operating systems such as Mac, Linux, and window to see color resolution depth, enable or disable JavaScript, enable and disable Flash, and many more. It takes screenshots of your web outline in different working frameworks and programs.

It is a free, open-source online service to testify your website in different parameters. There are many key features of Browsershots such as built-in screen capture, Search engine optimization (SEO) audit, marketing automation, social media marketing, cross-browser testing, and python.

Why do Users want Browsershots alternatives?

Browsershots is a good website testing tool as it has many advantages. It can test new functionality of websites, highlights errors before ruling out new functionality. Users can save many hours as it monitors and fixes production errors faster. It can discover U.I. regression during pipeline testing.

But there are some areas where Browsershots is lacking, like it offers a bad initial training platform that annoys users, and it is not user-friendly at all. It has limited cypress configuration and takes time for completion of the test due to slow process speed and not supporting internet explorer.

15 Best Browsershots Alternatives

Browsershots has some good features but not good enough to meet all user’s needs. This article will provide everything that is necessary for users to know about which alternatives will perform well. Here you will read the top 15 best alternatives of Browsershots with their exclusive features, including pros and cons.

1. Browserling

Browserling is an online website testing utility that assists web developer and designer to check their website performance by its appearance. It can easily integrate with all leading browsers such as Firefox, google, chrome, internet explorer, opera, and safari.

It is simple to use, and users just have to go to their official website and select a browser for testing. It is easily extensional and installed and allows users to test the recent websites they are browsing. Browserling supports many windows and android operating systems such as Windows and Android O.S.


  • Get Live Interactive Sessions
  • Try Responsive Testing
  • Ensure Secure
  • Anonymous Browsing


  • Ease of Use
  • Interface is Clean


  • Less Updated Browser Versions
  • Under Perform on Slow Network
  • No Developer Support

2. Litmus

Litmus is a leading email management app that is used to check marketing teams. It is designed for small and medium-sized businesses to test and verify emails. It can track their I.P. address and scores to ISP and other organizational channels to ensure your messages reach inboxes.

Litmus is a web application and compatible with all leading email providers. Users can send the messages the way they want, and it is planned to support customers regulate their messages to help them. It offers complete spam testing and then monitors the verification.

This tool is widely used by many developers to see that how their website appearance on all leading web browsers and how easy to use under the website. It provides a user-friendly interface to handle all the tasks diligently. It offers both free and paid versions as users desire.


  • AB Testing
  • Alerts and Notification
  • Click Tracking
  • Customizable Templates


  • Email Tracking
  • Event-Triggered Actions
  • Geolocation Tools
  • Spam Blocker


  • Template Management
  • Mobile Optimized Emails
  • Heat Maps
  • Image Library

3. IETester

IETester is a leading cloud-based cross-browser testing tool used by primary developers to perform cross browsing for web applications before launching. It is compatible with more than 2000 browsers and operating systems. It is highly customizable and can perform both manual and automated testing.

The resolution and pixel test tell the website’s appearance and how it looks on the different operating systems. Users do not have to run the website manually on all the browsers. It gives access to connect URLs on all other browsers with just one click.

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It takes minimum time to detect and neutralize all the errors in a low time. It enhances the website interface and the content to increase traffic. Users can create their own custom plans and test localhost URLs without any additions or tunnels.


  • Third-Party Integration
  • Software Testing Management
  • Test Script Reviews
  • Configurable Workflow


  • Circle CI Orb
  • Remotely Work
  • Helpful Support Team
  • Affordable Price


  • No Bug Capture
  • Compliance Tracking
  • Slower than Premise Setup

4. Sauce Labs

Sauce Labs is an excellent browsing solution that helps developers to detect errors by selenium web driver. This method is largely used as a web browsing driving standard. It helps many organizations and can easily detect and rectify all the problems in web properties.

It is an automated tool and testifies the website in many operating browsers such as Internet Explorer, Google, Firefox, and many more. Sauce Labs can track both real defects in codes and problems in test code and provides a simple and understandable configuration to the browser.

Without this platform, users have to write their own test that needs integration and taking govern of the browser that is being tested, which is time-consuming. It is paid browser with great features offers that can considerable among its alternatives.


  • Single Platform for 360 Degree
  • Enterprise Security
  • Comprehensive Coverage
  • Scalable for CI/CD


  • Automated Testing Detects Bugs
  • Speed Up Software Development
  • Improve Application Quality
  • Instant Cost Saving


  • No API Integration
  • Limited Can-Spam Compliance
  • AB Testing
  • Audience Targeting

5. Sizzy

Sizzy is an all-in-on browser solution specially designed for developers that can design and test any website. It can provide compatibility with all top browsers that allow developers to preview their websites before launching. It offers users to select any of one operating system where they can see the website.

It provides complete customization by this user can change the URLs of all the devices with just one click, and other remaining devices will follow the change in a second. It does not require any refreshing page service to make changes effective, which makes it users friendly.


  • Simulate Network Speed
  • Disable Cache
  • Inspect All the Devices


  • Good Landing Page
  • Easy to Use
  • Perform many Tests in One Place


  • No Free Trial
  • Expensive Subscription Model
  • Limited Team Management

6. MultiBrowser

MultiBrowser is a browser and testing platform that most developers and designers use to check the different parameters of a website. It provides its services for both iOS and Windows users. It is compatible with any operating system to judge that how its website seems on different browsers.

The best part of this solution is that it does not require any internet connection for their proceeding. It can easily test multiple websites at once without consuming a minimum of time. These website tests tell users about website resolution, pixel density, images query, and device orientation.


  • Desktop Browser
  • Mobile Browser Emulators
  • Automated Functionality Tester
  • Built-in Video Recorder


  • Good Syncing Across Devices
  • Native Integration of Pocket App
  • Parallel Testing Capability
  • Slack Integration


  • Slightly Slower than Rivals
  • Landing Page Ads and Links
  • No Microsoft Test Device

7. CrossBrowserTesting

CrossBrowserTestin is one of the leading test labs that can check live websites and many operating system combinations. It is one of the best platforms to check the functionality of websites and their design that includes HTML forms, JavaScript, and Flash. This tool easily verifies websites designs that contain resolutions test.

Users can check website layout on the different operating systems and can capture screenshots automatically. It is featured with a comparison tool that helps developers to find differences easily. The best part of this test service is that it offers selenium tests that take the website’s test to the next level.


  • Live Testing
  • Test Response Layout
  • Automated Testing
  • Run Selenium


  • Find Layout Errors
  • Testing Multiple Browsers
  • Screenshots of the Problem
  • Full API


  • Mobile Debugger
  • Testing of each Mobile is Slow
  • Limited Team Management
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8. BrowseEmAll

BrowseEmAll is an online automated browser testing platform that is specially designed for web developers. It is easily integrated with all major operating systems. Website testing on different operating systems is always a time-consuming process. So, BrowseEmAll comes into the market to overcome such issues.

It offers to check a single URL on a maximum of 20 different browsers at the same time. It helps users by not installing all the remaining browsers they can see their website. It can track your website legitimacy by checking HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and users can check its site to ensure that site must be coded.

Testing a website help users to verify any issues that arise that should resolve before launching. It offers screenshot options for all the devices, and users can view them later. This software has both free and paid plans for having local and advanced features.


  • Campaign Management
  • Customizable Management
  • Real-Time Analysis
  • Automatic Testing


  • Find Layout Error
  • Testing Multiple Browser
  • Remove Cache Error
  • Save Time


  • Not Support Internet Explorer
  • Not Create Pdf Documents
  • Hard to Cancel Plans

9. Testize

Testize is a tool specially designed for web developers to evaluate the website and find the issues that can affect your website execution, such as SEO handling issues, W3C consistency, and many more. It helps users by getting expertise from experts for any website issue.

This tool can detect all lapses in the website and offers suggestions. This tool works for getting maximum traffic for your websites and generating more revenue as well as enhancing more interaction with their followers. This tool comes with an easy interface that makes it users friendly.

This tool can check the layout of any website give reports to experts for any changes. This is completely customizable that operates automatically and manually both for website detection. This tool gives you access to capture video and take screenshots of different sites.


  • Website Testing
  • Browser Testing
  • Automated Testing


  • Good Cross Compatibility
  • Syncing across Devices
  • Responsive Testing
  • Real-Time Cloud Testing


  • Still Slightly Slower than Rivals
  • Loading Page has ads and links
  • Lacks Basic Collaboration Tools

10. BrowserStack

BrowserStack is an excellent website checking suite that is commonly used by web designers to check the different parameters of the website, such as resolution test, pixel test, website layout, and many more. It helps users to check everything about the website before launching.

It is easily compatible with all main operating systems such as Firefox, Google, and more. Website is always a time taking process, but after having this tool, users can use single URLs and connect to another major browser with just one click. It is user-friendly and comes with customer support.


  • Network Simulation
  • Google Pay New
  • Push Notification
  • Geolocation Testing


  • Slow Loading of Website
  • Location Specific Testing
  • Automated Test Cases


  • Hard to Cancel
  • High Subscription Cost
  • Natural Mobile Experience

11. Ghostlab

Ghostlab is an all-in-one website testing software that offers users to test any website with the minimum time taken and run this website on different browsers. It is compatible with pc and mobile both. This tool is easy to use and can integrate with many other operating systems like Google and Firefox.

It allows users to install browsers within Ghostlab and connect mobile devices with Q.R. code scan. It is highly customer supported and continuously tracks any changes that happen in local files to refresh them and ensure connectivity with clients.

The best part of this software is that it allows users to synchronize with other browsers to increase the connectivity speed. This tool can be operated remotely and gives synced examination reports to classify any CSS difficulty for any associated customer.


  • Screenshots
  • Inspect CSS
  • Debug JavaScript
  • Auto-Refresh


  • Automatic Form Filling
  • One-Click Workspaces
  • Presentation Mode
  • A/B Testing


  • Scrolling is not Easy
  • Devices Sometimes Remove
  • Slow Speed during Test

12. is one of the best website checking software that is helpful for any developer to test any website before launch. It provides complete reports about the web site’s performance, appearance, and many more. It facilitates users by offering all the vital information about the site, such as hosting location, pages speed.

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This tool is easy to use and compatible with all browsers like Firefox, opera, and google. It offers SEO tools reports for understanding code to text ratio, page titles, and description. Users can operate a single website on all leading browsers and connect URLs with these browsers with just one click.



  • Support for Http
  • View the Structure of Site
  • Find Outdated Pages
  • Find New Pages


  • Website Scanner
  • Screenshots
  • Website Test
  • CSS Optimize


  • V.M.s can be Slow
  • No Live Support
  • Unstructured Scrolling

13. L.T. Browser

L.T. Browser is an all-in-one mobile web development software that is generally used by web designers to check the website’s flaws before launching. It can be used as a website developer and website checker. It does not require any internet connection for their proceeding, and its supports mobile and desktop devices.

This software is compatible with all operating systems and does not require any installation for running a website simultaneously. It gives users a 3D view to see the website how does it look when users run it on V.R. headsets like Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear V.R., etc.


  • Network Throttling
  • Instant Error Reports
  • Record Video and Screenshots


  • One-Click Performance Report
  • Built-in Feedback Board
  • Test Log in Media Tab
  • Fast Track Development Website


  • No Grid of View Ports
  • No Options to Mobile Browser
  • Not Download Performance Reports

14. Browser Sandbox

Browser Sandbox is a platform that isolates any web browser or any code within a safe environment. It offers users to run any application to ensure browser-based malware must be eliminated before it enters the system. It allows users to test any website on Firefox, chrome, and another main browser on the P.C.

Browser Sandbox is featured with many tools for each browser, such as Flash, Java Runtime, Microsoft, and block adult content. It allows users to select or unselect anyone of them and creates a virtual environment that executes your internet browser within this virtual environment inside your P.C.


  • View the Structure of Site
  • Find Outdated Pages
  • Find New Pages


  • No Unauthorized data Access to Host System
  • No Complexity Between Programs
  • Secure Online Browsing Data


  • Complex to Handle
  • Bit Costly
  • Require Resources

15. Browsera

Browsera is the most popular website testing service that is especially architect for web designers and developers. It helps users to check their website in different parameters such as testing its layout, checking its resolution, and many more.

It comprises a list of all the major issues that arise during the test. It enables users to not check all the screenshots one by one because it generates a report that tells the name of buggy pages. It can detect all scripting errors on a website and shows a result after the testing phase.

This tool can comfortably process the entire site at a time and making this service one of the best in the market. It helps users by inputting URLs of several pages of the website in the low time. The basic tools are free but having advanced tools takes money.


  • Cross Browser Layout
  • JavaScript Errors
  • Easily Test Entire Sites
  • Test Pages Requiring Login
  • Test Dynamic Pages


  • No Installation is Needed
  • Ensure Secure
  • Anonymous Browsing
  • Demo


  • Can-Spam Compliance
  • No AB Testing
  • Limited Audience Targeting


In this article, you have read about Browsershots alternatives with complete detail, including their features, pros, and cons. Browsershots provide absolute security to a computer by eliminating all the errors regarding website resolution, pixels, layout, and many more.

There are many key features Browsershots contains, such as built-in screen capture, SEO audit, marketing automation, social media marketing, cross-browser testing, and python. It helps designers to find all the basic criteria of website testing under one platform.

All these are some excellent software, but it also contains some technical lapses that cannot meet the client’s needs, such it offers a bad initial training platform that annoys users, simple to say it’s not user friendly. It is lacking in cypress configuration and takes time for completion of the test due to slow process speed.