15 Best Boxing Games


Boxing Games are the ones in which you have to be a part of a boxing arena that lets you beat the opponents in the ultimate fighting and keeps you busy in action. There are hundreds of players around the world that may judge your gaming abilities and give you the greatest challenges as well.

Thousands of fighting games are developed after regular intervals that you may play thoroughly. Indulge in the battles against the brutal players, move towards the destinations, and also play various types of tournaments, make sure to build the squad to play online multiplayer battles.

A variety of wrestling arenas, hundreds of real-world fighters from the streets of America, and other continents are taking part in this edition. The job would be to get the maximum points, make purchasing to get new accessories and get into the practice mode as well as become the best boxer in the world.


What are Boxing Games?

Boxing games are the games that let you face an opponent in the ring with the challenge to outcast him with tricks of punches. Grab the opportunity to beat the friends in online gaming mode, customization of different avatars is also made possible while simulating the life of a boxer.

Get unique boxing editions in which there are hundreds of challenging situations that will urge you to have practice, make changes in the great number of competitions. Also, dozens of real-world fighters are added to it. Also, make sure to get the best time while playing, introduce new moves, creativity in fighting, and develop the plans to kick the enemies hard.


15 Best Boxing Games

Here are some of the boxing games that are available over several platforms in which you can satisfy the cravings of fighting, indulge in arena-based dogfights, and try to get as maximum points as you want.

Throughout the given editions, there are a huge number of classic games as well as an animated version that lets you kill time, maintain fame, and help you make a new identity through online streaming.

Various types of action leagues including real-world tournaments, and hundreds of legal players, licensed wrestlers, and UFC fighters are also available over here, by choosing them you will be able to defeat the rivals and try to unlock the challenges, stages, new missions, and the models.

1. Kick Boxing Gym Fighting Game

Kick Boxing Gym Fighting Game is an Action-Adventure, Fighting, Boxing Simulation, Single-player, and Multiplayer video game offered by fighting sports. The theme of this edition is as same as the other boxing games wherein you must be the one to oppose virtual fighters around the world and get them beat in the battle. There are hundreds of real-world fighters, ultimate pros, and easy to simulate characters, including the Kung Fu masters and bodybuilders.

In the long run, you must keep calm during the boss fights, make sure to win each and every arena, and partake in the ultimate leagues. Hundreds of street fighters are also available to get challenges, in the league mode, you may change the tactics and win the battles as well.

Via this edition, play classical mode, a knockout mode that lets you fight and eliminate the opponents, and in infinite battle mode, there are no limitations available.


  • Women Fighter Along with Men Fighters
  • 3D Animation
  • Amazing Sounding System
  • Unlimited Battles
  • Time-Trials

Download: Kick Boxing Gym Fighting Game for Android

2. Punch Boxing 3D

Punch Boxing 3D is a Fighting, Action-Adventure, Brawler, Single-player, and Multiplayer video game introduced by CanaryDroid. The storyline sets you in the life of a fighter who has to start the punching career and indulge in boxing as well, meet the greatest warriors, and beat them hard.

During the gameplay, you must be the one to survive throughout the gameplay, manage to learn the tactics, and skills to thwart the enemy attacks, and learn to counter-attack as well.

In the long run, there are over 120 uniforms, and a great number of tools are available to customize the fighters, change their model, and prove to be the best brawler. Earn the level-up bonus, gain ultimate rank in the leaderboard, and unlock new characters, locations, and arenas.

Enjoy the stay in the fight clubs, and launch your combos in the PVP battles, complete up to three rounds and move to the next challenges.

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  • PVP Battle
  • PVE Battles
  • Unlockable Challenges
  • Level Up Bonus
  • Naive Controls
  • Multiple Clubs

Download: Punch Boxing 3D for Android


EA SPORTS UFC® is a Sports, Action-Adventure, Brawler, Single-player, and Multiplayer video game published by Electronic Arts. The gameplay sets you in the field of fighting and brawl where you have to become one of the most brutal characters, change the nature of combat, and take all of the enemies down to their knees.

The gameplay has been included with more than a dozen fighters from real-world, skillful boxers that may eliminate you in no time, and a couple of events are also featured over here.

Earn the in-game rank, currency, and rank after winning the battles against the real-world fighters, and choose the best time to the hearts of the people, partake in the tournaments, finish it by winning the title, indulge in the players vs player battles, and choose the glory and fame by beating your opponents.

Throughout the gameplay, you must have the awards after each victory but first, there is a need to have won two out of three rounds against the same rivals. The features to discuss are inclusive of the online playthrough, easy-to-learn theme, realistic effects, and modern touch of rules along with great tracks.


  • Real-Time graphics
  • Ultimate Rewards
  • PVP Battles
  • Modern Fighters
  • Online Gameplay

Download: EA SPORTS UFC® for Android | iOS

4. Gym Trainer Fight Arena

Gym Trainer Fight Arena is an Action-Adventure, Sports, Fighting, Single-player, and Multiplayer video game by Toucan Games. In the line of context, you are to play the role of a gym trainer who has to get in the number of competitions and change the situations in his favor by winning the contests. While playing, block the punches and kicks of the opponents in a count, choose the strategy and outclass the brawlers.

There are hundreds of fighters, and modes in which you can beat the opponents, and secure victories as well, play ultimate challenges against the best rivals and proceed further. With each competition, your rank is raised, and with the passage of time hundreds of levels are unlocked, get regular updates and play against the pro rivals of the game.


  • 3D Models
  • Alluring Graphics
  • Unlimited Battles
  • Tournaments to Partake
  • Leaderboard Progress

Download: Gym Trainer Fight Arena for Android

5. Boxing Star

Boxing Star is a Sports, Action-Adventure, Fighting, Single-player, and Multiplayer video game arranged by Four Thirty Three Inc. The theme of this edition is similar to the Ea Sports UFC wherein you must opt for one of the fighters, make strategies, and earn victory by beating him hard.

Throughout the play, manage to survive against the arch-rivals, count your experience and outsmart the opponents by thwarting their attacks, make sure to counter-attack and get the in-game currency.


Different game modes such as training mode to let you practice, and the campaign mode is also available, customization option is also a plus in this edition. There are unique challenges such as squad battles that let you choose the team of best characters and go on fighting in opposition to the other street fighters, become a professional boxer by joining the clubs, train hard, and complete all the stages.


  • Easy-to-Play Controls
  • In-game Purchases
  • Customization
  • Unlimited Rewards
  • Soundtracks
  • 3D Graphics

Download: Boxing Star for Android | iOS

6. Real Boxing

Real Boxing is an Action-Adventure, Fighting, Sports, Single-player, and Multiplayer video game published by Vivid Games. This edition makes it possible to play the role of a boxer who is to meet opponents from the world, confront the dangerous rivals, and defeat them in the competitions. In the long run, there are dozens of boxers to beat you, and the objective is to remain survived while controlling the various characters.

Also, make sure to be a part of squad battles, arrange some dogfights between real-world players, and choose the best strategies to earn points. Customize the boxers with their outfits, manage their skills, and also train them, confront arena bosses and defeat them as well to get ultimate points.

The core features training mode, PVP battles, PVE combat, and thrilling soundtracks are shaped here along with real-time effects, gym training sessions, vivid online fighting, unlockable challenging stages, and easy-to-play controls.


  • Player vs Player Combat
  • Gym Training Sessions
  • Unlockable Challenges
  • Online Competitions
  • Vivid Graphics

Download: Real Boxing for Android | iOS

7. Creed: Rise to Glory™

Creed Rise to Glory is an Action-Adventure, Fighting, Single-player, and Multiplayer video game developed by Electronic Arts. Throughout the play, you must choose the best fighters from the list, keep a count over the skills, and introduce new ways to beat the opponents.

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There are hundreds of real-world boxers available but there is also an option to customize the fighter as well. During the fights, manage to beat the opponents, indulge in online gaming scenarios, and defeat the online friends as well as get ultimate rewards.

In the line of adventure, there are unique features like new animation while punching, blocking the attacks, and kicking the rival is available along with new changes in the models of wrestlers.

Variety of tournaments, real-time graphics, crowd cheering arenas, and real-world locations are available, also get the joy of first-person perspective, and change the fate by winning multiple competitions.


  • Realistic Animation
  • Online Multiplayer Tournaments
  • New Locations
  • Real-life Records

Download: Creed Rise to Glory for Windows

8. World Boxing Challenge

World Boxing Challenge is a Fighting, Sports, Boxing Simulation, Single-player, and Multiplayer video game created by Reludo Srl. The gameplay makes it possible for you to indulge in the dogfights of the boxers, and defeat the opponents to get proceedings.

During the gameplay, choose the fighters, make sure to train them in the training mode, get ultimate challenges against the rivals, and earn maximum points throughout the play.

Start the career earn money, fame, and glory, as well as introduce new tactics in the fighting, partake in plenty of tournaments, attend the gym sessions to increase the potential and stamina, get a number of trophies by defeating the rivals, and become the notorious fighter of the modern wrestling.

Play knockout leagues, and also take over the variety of championships, customize the outfits, and change your equipment like shoes, gloves, arm tattoos, and shorts as well.


  • Heavyweight Championships
  • Hundreds of Mini-games
  • Regular Updates
  • Unlimited Rewards
  • PVP challenges, PVE competitions

Download: World Boxing Challenge for Android | iOS

9. eSports Boxing Club

eSports Boxing Club is an Action-Adventure, Fighting, Boxing Simulation, Sports, Single-player, and Multiplayer video game developed by Steel City Interactive. The main theme of this version is to build up the body, train hard to fight against the brutal boxers, and try to defeat them in the dogfight.

During the gameplay, you must be looking to get a chance to get new skills, grow up the stamina, and change the strategies to make sure that you are all set to win the arena.

The gameplay has multiple options such as player vs player mode in which it’s a job to beat the opponents in open battle, follow the rules and control the fighter in the ring. Also, play the knock-out tournaments, and partake in various types of championships from the real world such as UFC, wrestling championships, street fighting clubs, and make new records.


  • 3D Animation
  • Different Camera Angles
  • Naive Controls
  • Thrilling Soundtracks

Download: eSports Boxing Club for Windows

10. Real Punch Boxing Champions

Real Punch Boxing Champions is a Boxing Simulation, Fighting, Sports, Single-player, and Multiplayer video game published by Okna Games. The theme of this edition is to fight against the brutal players and change the tactics as well to win the battles. Vis the long run, you have to choose one player from the list of fighters, customize their outfits, shoes, and outlooks.

While playing, manage to have the best time by launching the combos, earning the maximum number of points, and changing the fate. Indulge into the campaign mode and start a dogfight against each rival coming in the way, partake in the tournaments, and shape your journey throughout the game.

Also, play the story mode, get yourself into the character of real-world players like roman reign, and get victories as well. There are also unique features such as 3-dimensional graphics with realistic animation, new and old players, real-world fighters, an alluring atmosphere including the cheerleaders, live commentary, and easy-to-play controls.


  • Amazing Graphics System
  • Easy Controls
  • Live Commentary
  • Animated Characters
  • Realistic Battles

Download: Real Punch Boxing Champions for Android | iOS


FIGHT NIGHT CHAMPION is a Sports, Brawler Simulation, Action-Adventure, Single-player, and Multiplayer video game developed by Electronic Arts. The gameplay has a great plot wherein you must adopt the role of a fighter and try to flourish your career from the grass-roots level, meet various coaches, fighters, and brutal boxers, indulge in boxing battles, and earn fame as well.

In the meantime, manage to beat the opponents with a great margin to increase the rank, enjoy beating their ass, and break the facial bones to win the competitions.

Also, get to know about various tricks, indulge in championships, knock all of the players down, shape your model, and play against online friends as well. Encounter arena bosses, showcase the skills, and techniques that you possess, and try to experience the epic contests against them.


  • Real-Time Effects
  • New Models
  • Crowd Cheering
  • Intuitive Controls
  • 3D Graphics
  • Substitute Soundtracks
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12. Boxing Rush 3D

Boxing Rush 3D is a Fighting, Sports, Action-Adventure, Single-player, and Multiplayer video game arranged by Dats. Games. Here in this version, you are to pick up the role of a street fighter who has to beat the opponents in the street fights, introduce some unique punches in the boxing and earn the points as well as proceed next. While playing, there is a need to capture the opponent by surprise, hit him over the face, and try to launch the combos in the meantime.


There are different moves to perform such as dodging the attacks like punches, blocking the kicks, and also starting counter attacks to win the battles. Enjoy clearing hundreds of missions, regular updates, and win each and every battle, earn in-game currency, navigate into the open arenas like grounds, streets, and many more.


  • 3D Animation with great Camera Angles
  • Vivid Sounding System
  • Ultimate Rewards
  • In-game Purchases
  • Customization Tools

Download: Boxing Rush 3D for Android

13. Head Boxing

Head Boxing is a Sports, Action-Adventure, Fighting, Single-player, and Multiplayer video game by D&D Dreams. In the line of context, there are several animated characters that you need to opt for, indulge in the battles, and start boxing against the rivals.

During the gameplay, manage to beat the opponents by using special punches, hold the nerves, and start shielding the attacks from the enemies, block these conditions and counterattack them to finish the fight.

Also, complete several challenges including the Arcade mode challenges, Survival, Death mode, league challenges, and online multiplayer section to be against the rivals. Get up to 100 achievements that are regularly updated, and become the champions while playing the tournaments.


  • Regular Updates
  • Animated Boxers
  • Over a Dozen Fighters
  • Pet Boxing Characters
  • New Tournaments and Championships
  • Amazing Voiceovers
  • In-Game Purchases

Download: Head Boxing for Android | iOS

14. Arcade Archives PUNCH-OUT!!

Arcade Archives PUNCH-OUT!! is a Fighting, Action-Adventure, Sports, Single-player, and Multiplayer video game produced by Hampster. The gameplay takes you directly in the boxing arena in which your job would be to get the opponents down to their knees and win each battle while playing.

Use various types of combos, combatant skills, and fighting abilities to do so, meet the brutal bosses of the world and encounter great challenges as well.

During the fights, there are multiple moves such as dodging the attacks, punches and blocking the kicks of the rivals, making sure to attack to break their bones. With each victory, there are hundreds of challenges, unique players having multiple skills, and big names from the real world are also available.


  • Blazing Tracks
  • Alluring 3-Dimensional Graphics
  • Custom Tools
  • Realistic Sound Effects
  • New Tattoos
  • Variety of Outfits
  • online Gameplay
  • PVP Challenges

Download: Arcade Archives PUNCH-OUT!! for Switch

15. FaceBreaker

FaceBreaker is a Boxing Simulation, Action-Adventure, Sports, Single-player, and Multiplayer video game arranged by Electronic Arts. The gameplay has a similar theme as that of Real Boxing that lets you create a fighter and allows you to have multiple competitions as well.

Via this season, there are great opportunities to confront different challenges from friends, make sure to beat the opponents and try to discover new moves as well. This edition provides different classical missions that are having multiple fighters, new objectives, and various time trial versions.

While playing, get many primary fighters, and start fighting, choose to customize their models, and try to load them with multiple skills, enjoy several real-world tournaments, and partake in the street fights as well to earn fame.

Play different modes like the solo campaign to knock out all the opponents, and also indulge in squad battles, punch them hard on the face, break their bones and enjoy the real-time visual of plenty of moves.


  • 3D Camera Angles
  • Accessories to Customize the Boxers
  • Sizzling Soundtracks
  • Easy to Control Models

Download: FaceBreaker for Xbox


The Boxing Games are included with ultimate thrill, action, and adventure that let you be the famous player around the world, meet the gaming pros and defeat them in the counter battles. Take challenges and also provide you the best chance to know about your gaming abilities.

The gameplay provides the best scenes, great graphical representations, and lets you enjoy competing with the big names of the world while playing on online servers. Unique places, awful arenas, and cheering crowds are part of the above-mentioned games that may change your mood in no time.

Look for the best options like customization according to the will, perform many actions, and create the dream players as well. Promote yourself to the best ranks of the leaderboard by defeating the rivals and other online gamers while playing.