11 Best Websites to Convert CDR to PDF Online


Meaningful solutions to problems can be found on millions of websites working on thousands of servers. There are millions of work processes that require a different type of file formats to work, and there are multiple types of software to support those formats, but sometimes they are not compatible enough to run everything.

Here comes the conversion part, which allows you to convert the file format into another file format without changing the content and context of the file just to run it on a compatible software, so your work is not affected. You can find many websites and software that can convert the data into your required type.

Free, full of features, bulk conversion, images, audio, video, and many more conversion are carried out without any issue. Following is a list of top best websites that allows users to convert CDR to PDF and many other conversions for free.


1. Online-Convert.com

Online-Convert.com is a website dedicated to converting the CDR files to PDF files for free. You can transform not only CDR formats but any image or document into an extension of your choice. The method of converting the files is by uploading them to the website, entering the URL, assessing the Dropbox or Google Drive.

You can start saving the file by clicking the button, while the conversion shows interface options like progress, upload time, conversion time, and file size. After the conversion, it downloads the file and asks you to proceed to convert another file. Online-Convert’s interaction module is straightforward to use, and it offers various tools of conversion then just standard devices like CDR to PDF.


The means it contains are archive converter, audio converter, eBook converter, hash converter, video converter, image converter, and document converter.

Visit: Online-Convert.com

2. Office-Converter.com

Office-Converter.com is a fantastic website for the online conversion of any file, whether it is CDR to PDF or any other kind of data. The unique feature of the site allows the user to upload one or more than one file at a time. In the uploading module, the user uploads the documents, copying the URL of the file, or accessing it from cloud software.

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Office-Converter includes all types of conversions, and all of them are done free of a cost. The interface presents various features and options. The GUI structure provides all the opportunities on the main page of the website. This website is capable of converting files like audio, video, archive, images, etc.

Visit: Office-Converter.com

3. Zamzar

Zamzar is a conversion website whose main option in converting the files into different formats. It can easily convert CDR file to PDF format, which is very easy for a user who does not use Coral Draw and have difficulty opening the image. You can upload the file or paste the URL of the file you want to convert.

You will also provide the email where you want to receive the file to be sent, press the convert button and it will start working. The website does the conversing for free and is comparatively faster than other sites. With the simple interface of the website, it also gives many options for file conversion formats.

Visit: Zamzar

4. Aconvert.com

Aconvert.com is a free online file conversion website that easily converts CDR to PDF file format. This website shows all the details like the time taking in converting, the uploading time, and the size of the file. Users can convert one file at a time or bulk of files, but they cannot change different formats for the bulk files.

It not only covert CDF to PDF only but have a variety of forms to choose from. The unique feature of Aconvert.com is that it comes in various language conversions options. Files can be uploaded or linked by giving the URL of the file to be converted. The converted file is not moved to email but stays on the website, and you can view them in the ‘conversion result’ section.

Visit: Aconvert.com

5. PDFConvertOnline.com

PDFConvertOnline.com only convert Coral Draw files to many other formats. This website has a straightforward interface, and the options are minimal and to the point. There is no URL entering option on this website. The user has to upload the file directly on the site to convert it.

The conversion is free, and registration is not required. There are various options to save the file in the desired format. You can upload a program file, compressed file, the template file, and presentation exchange file.

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PDFConvertOnline is a necessary and broad platform for simple CDR to PDF file conversions and saves the file directly to your device.

Visit: PDFConvertOnline.com

6. Convertio.co

Convertio.co is an online conversion website that converts Coral Draw file to PDF files. A free online tool docked with many features and a straightforward interface. The website does not require any registration or any other sort of activity to use the conversion feature.

A special feature of this website is that it allows you to view the converted file and let you share the file via email or download it to your device. Convertio.co can also convert CDR, CDX, CMX, and CDT FILES to PDF.

With the simple and easy guiding interface, the website also offers online PDF tools like join, split, extract, and protect. These are available for free on Convertio.

Visit: Convertio.co

7. CloudConvert.com

CloudConvert.com is a website that offers features like converting the Coral Draw file to PDF format. Not only Coral Draw, but it supports 218 more conversion formats. It includes many types of documents, audio, image, video, archive, eBook, and other presentation formats. The quality of the conversion is good, and it directly downloads to your device, or you have the option to send the file to any email or cloud drive.

It offers many features and functions, but the core feature of this website is called ‘folder monitoring’ which lets you create triggers that permit to automatically convert a specific file format into another and save it in your cloud drive like Google Drive, iCloud or Dropbox. It also provides you with an app on Android and iOS, both devices and an extension that installs to your browser.

Visit: CloudConvert.com

8. reaConverter.com

reaConverter.com is an online converter of files and documents, which usually convert CDR to PDF files. Conversion is conducted on a single file or multiple files. reaConverter also provides software that only runs on Windows OS. Mainly only it is used to convert CDR to PDF files but includes more formats and options like converting bulk files.

You can upload the file on the website and chose the form you want to get the file in, then select the dowlas destination folder, so when you click the download button it goes directly into your folder. The list of formats is sorted in alphabetic order, which implies that the interface of the software and the website are easy to understand and user-friendly.

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Visit: reaConverter.com

9. NovaPDF.com

NovaPDF.com is a platform for file conversion and file conversion software provider. There are three different editions of this platform, which combine in a single setup to provide the user with a better, less time-consuming experience.

With the recent update, this website had launched a feature called PDF linearization, which provides a web view of the converted file before that it was uncomfortable to download the file and then view the converted file. It comes handy when you want to load PDF online on your website and want to deliver it to your viewers as fast as possible.

Other features of NovaPDF include creating a pdf/A-1a file, extended pdf view option, driver certification for Windows OS, predefined SMPT servers, new image watermarks, and much more.

Visit: NovaPDF.com

10. Go2Convert.com

Go2Convert.com is an online file format conversion website. It has an attractive interface and works fast. You upload the file in the site, choose the format, and start the conversion. The website is not limited to only converting CDR to PDF files but includes many other conversion options.

Go2Convert does not require an email to send the file to and download the converted file directly to the computer. It also provided system software to be download and used offline. With a fantastic interface, it offers various features such as free conversion, more than 200 formats, and support bulk conversion up to a total of 50 MB space, and much more.

Visit: Go2Convert.com

11. File-Converter-Online.com

File-Converter-Online.comis an online conversion website that uploads the files directly to the site, provides the option of formats to convert the file into, and starts the process. The downloading will automatically begin and saved straight to your device.

It focuses on the privacy feature and takes care of your files from leaking out. Not only the documented records but files like audio, video, image, and may more be converted on this website.

File-Converter-Online.com provided software for windows OS to be download and used free of cost, and offline. The interface contains over 200 file formats conversions, and the website also offers a language change option.

Visit: File-Converter-Online.com

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